List of Anti-Asian Male TV Shows

**Please note that the criteria for this list [173 items] is not as well-defined or stringent as that of the movies list.**


Gap Year (2017- ) – Whites and an Asian girl take a trip to China (of course there’s no Asian male). They all go to a bar. Asian girl is treated unfairly by evil Asian-male bartender. When the Asian girl gets a banana-drink, they all think it’s an insult of the girl being a “banana” even though jokes about this were made prior; in reality it was drink for another client. White girl, who made a “banana” joke, comes to the rescue; this angers another evil misogynistic Asian male. Another case of Evil Asian Male Misogyny. 
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
(2015- ) – Ki Hong Lee as accented “Dong Nyuen” who’s good at math. Also they have the audacity to shit on organizations that ask for better portrayal of Asians, and depict Asian men as overly insensitive. Fuck Tina Fey.
Difficult People (2015- ) – Casts straight John Cho as gay male. Erasure of Straight Asian Male Identity.
The Last Man on Earth (2015- ) – Amateur Asian pilot “Lewis” dies during his maiden voyage. Asian guy always dies.
Red Oaks (2015- ) – Shits on Asian men through stereotyping. Read more at Kulture. Brought to you by Amazon, who also produced the adaptation of Man in the High Castle (2015- ).
Dr. Ken (2015- ) – One of the worst Uncle Chans in existence plays a doctor (stereotype).
Silicon Valley (2014- ) – Jimmy O. Yang plays “Jian Yang” (Perpetual Foreigner) who is unable to socially function and is extremely clueless all the time. Basically inhuman object for making jokes.
How to Get Away with Murder (2014- ) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013- ) – This entry does not add to the list count, as it is a developing story. Will be updated. An Asian-Male Extra was allegedly refused food on set; all the others got food and they mocked him. Better source. Lawsuit pending.
2 Broke Girls (2011- ) – Asian man depicted as extremely unmanly and undesirable (emasculation, asexualization). This show is famous for this amongst Asian men.
Workaholics (2011- ) – Waymond Lee as “Waymond.”
Making it in America (2010- ) – Title sequence features stereotypical Old Asian Cook.
The Middle (2009- ) – Matthew Moy as incredibly stereotypical foreign exchange student “Takayuki.”
The Big Bang Theory (2007- )- “Chen” is a stingy waiter at a Chinese restaurant in one episode. In another, Sheldon believes the restaurant’s tangerine chicken is deceptively being presented as orange chicken (stereotype of Chinese messing with food; knock-off stereotype). Sheldon also speaks Mandarin to him and Chen can’t understand him.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005- ) – In “Flowers for Charlie,” the Asian man (Jimmy O. Yang) “Tang-See” is more or a less a prop for comedy. He’s a scientist (stereotype) with a thick Chinese accent. The actor in real life has no such accent. Charlie Day speaks gibberish Chinese to this man.
Mock the Week (2005- ) – One of the performers says Korean meatballs are the “dog’s bollocks.” Wildly clever, but still relies on stereotypes. At least it was clever.

Arrested Development (2003- )

Ahn-Young” is over-used as the butt-end of a joke. Treats him like an accessory.

Also features William Hung. ”

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000- )

The title of the episode “The Korean Bookie” is, no doubt, a racist callback to the film “The Killing of a Chinese Bookie” (1976).

In the episode Bobby Lee plays an accented Asian man who is suspected of eating a dog, which causes trouble for the protagonist.

In another episode, the show makes fun of Japanese cooks. Larry David then goes on to otherize an awkward Japanese guy by making a big deal about bowing and how people “in this country” don’t do so anymore.

He also makes a reference to a “big penis“; his reasons for doing so are obvious in this context.

The man also becomes extremely shifty and nervous as soon as Larry David prods further into the Japanese man’s grandfather being a kamikaze pilot (of course he was). Larry also calls the Japanese grandfather “chicken” for failing to die as kamikaze pilot.

SNL (1975- ) – Asian jokes to this day. Oh, and several instances of white-washing. Bonus: This skit involving parents touring Harvard only includes whites, African-Americans, and South Asians, but doesn’t include East Asians. lol.
Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas (2017) – Chappelle (married to a Filipino), excludes Asians from the racial “hot seat.” Essentially implying our racial plights are not worthy of mentioning, as they don’t even exist. Brought to you by Netflix. 
Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
(2016) – Asian woman tells the world that she fucked white men before marrying her Asian husband. Even a homeless one. Basically, outing herself as bananarang (an Asian woman who only has sex with white men in her youth, then settles down with a financially secure Asian man). Brought to you by Netflix.
Mad TV (1995-2016) – Bobby Lee is the proto-Ken Jeong. Sometimes he brings along his brother into this mess.
Make Happy
(2016) – Bo Burnham rhymes “Mandarin” with “Mandolin.” An intelligent wordsmith like Bo Burnham would have known that he was doing (implied lallation). He also uses trope of the Chinese otherization (because the farthest thing from Western civilization is China). Brought to you by Netflix. 
(2009-2015) – Sr. Chang and his Channerisms.
Glee (2009-2015) – Asian obstetrician (associating him with the feminine) “Dr. Wu” (Chinese) is stereotypical irritable and serious that sometimes gets threatened with malpractice lawsuits and tends to his bonsai tree (Japanese) to relax. He is played by Kenneth Choi (Korean).
Suburgatory (2011-2014) – “Mr. Wolfe.” Erasure of Straight-Asian-Male Identity.
How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) – Ted Mosby does quasi-Yellowface.

The Office (2005-2013)

What white “creators” do not seem to get that is, even if you preface a joke with an understanding that it’s racist, if you make the joke at the expense of Asian men, it is still racist against Asian men.

In this knock-off of the British original, the main lead is inspired by Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961).

And in another scene, all kinds of subliminal Asian emasculation rears its ugly head (plus “ironic driving joke”).

“Ironic” racist jokes are racist jokes. If you stab me ironically, I am still bleeding as I would if I were stabbed.

Chuck (2007-2012) – “Harry Tang” is generally just a bad human being. Easily manipulated, blames others, is a worry-wart, and is smug after he gets promoted. Tang is promoted by an black-male character because he and Tang’s wife had an affair. Of course, Tang doesn’t know, and unidirectionally loves his wife as the cuck he is. He antagonizes one of the main characters.
Scrubs (2001-2010) – Asian man of very small stature plays “Trang.” He is a stereotypical Asian medical student. The fact that he slept with an attractive white woman is meant to be funny to audiences.
Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes (2009) – Asian L-R joke.
Jeff Ross: No Offense (2008) – This entry does not add to the list count. Watch the excerpt here.
Mind of Mencia (2005-2008) – In one episode (S4E8, 2008), Asian man (Matthew Moy) is literally credited as “short man.”

Friends (1994-2004)

“Hoshi” is a UFC trainer. When Pete reveals that Hoshi was an assassin, he berates him in Chinese.

Hoshi, a la other Asian men in media, are used as a foil against sexuality. When Pete and Monica imply they’re going to have sex, Hoshi says, “No! No boom-boom before big fight!

Just Shoot Me
(1997-2003) – Making out with an Asian man is “having Chinese” (source).
The Nanny (1993-1999) – Asian eye joke about Asians at a fucking funeral (source).

Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Kramer drops coins in front of a Chinese restaurant, as pointed out by hapa redditor. Sickening attempt at slyly (they are master at this) recreating the “How do Chinese parents name their children? They throw their pots down the stairs-‘Ching,’ ‘chang,’ ‘chong.'”

In another episode, a whole subplot is dedicated to mocking the antics of Kramer and some Japanese tourists (perpetual foreigner). It’s no surprise when the Asian men are objectified as objects of comedy (example).

Additinally, Opium is called “Chinaman’s cap” (source).

The Weird Al Show (1997) – The Asian actor who played “Long Duk Dong” here plays a stereotypical martial artist. With an overblown accent… even though the actor speaks perfect English.
Gilligan’s Island
(1964-1967) – Man in Yellowface beat up by white woman (source).


American Crime Story (TBA) – This show does not add to the list count. Season 3 will be dedicated to the story of a half-Asian Filipino serial killer. As if the Yellow Peril garbage in media wasn’t already enough.
13 Reasons Why (2017- ) – Asiatic guy “Zach Dempsey” is an antagonistic bully on the show; in one episode, he emotionally abuses the white female lead “Hannah” for refusing to go out with him (this episode was directed by a Chan. I wonder if the cruel bastards made him do this). It was one of the reasons she killed herself. Was pretty funny how Asian guys thought this was going to a be good role. 
Tomorrow, When the War Began
(2016- ) – More detailed blurb coming soon. Aussie show masturbates to fantasies of the Asian Invasion for the continent’s natural resources necessary to feed their growing population. *Dies from too much irony.* Token Asian man treated like shit.
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016- ) – Gives a hapa male a good role (cus at least he has some white in him), while perpetuating Asian-male stereotypes. Thanks, CBS. (See: Criminal Minds [2005- ]). 
Pure Genius
(2016- ) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity.
Young Pope (2016-) – Main character talks about how much he hates tourists. Sees Asian boy and immediately closes door.
The Five (2016- ) – Erasure of Straight-Asian-male identity.
Blindspot (2015- ) – White female lead beats up dehumanized, evil Asian men. Again. Asian symbols are also ominous, as it was in Manhunter (1986) and Sherlock (2010- ). Brought to you by NBC, who doesn’t believe “chink” is a racial slur.
Quantico (2015- ) – White man beats up Asian man.
Madam Secretary (2014- ) – White woman punches President of the Philippines when he expresses his heterosexuality and makes his nose bleed.
True Detective (2014- ) – Asian man (Geldof) is a corrupt man running for a governorship.
Blacklist (2013- ) – “Wujing” is an assassin working for the Chinese. He is the second son in his family (the show’s “fuck you” to the oppressive One-Child-Policy law). The white male lead convinces him to not kill a white woman protagonist after she kills Asian man “Jin Sun” (emasculation). Wujing is arrested.
Bates Motel (2013- ) – Asian man incompetent and enforces stereotype.
Elementary (2012- ) – Show about WMAF that features Asian male criminals (source).

Sherlock (2010- )

“The Sign of Three” is one of the better episodes, but it devolves into portraying Asian men as the perpetual foreigners/tourists, while also shitting on little people.

This is relatively mild, however. The show is simply a bastion of anti-Asian-male racism:

“The Blind Banker” is probably the worst offender. It portrays Asian men as being misogynistic, cruel, inhumane, of small stature, having “small feet,” weak, unfair, corrupt, servile, tourists, alien, having accents, emotionally sterile, willing to kill family, easily influenced, and, as usual, being violence fodder.

Like several Western works, they have a fixation with the Asian male eye (3 counts), and this episode also manages to evoke The (literally!) Yellow (spray paint) Peril.

Ancillary to all this, on “The Great Game,” an Indian man is killed off for committing the crime (or at least that’s what is to the white writers) of dating a white woman.

In “The Hounds of Baskerville,” a hapa male is nothing but gullible (such an unoriginal anti-Asian-male trope), while in “Many Happy Returns,” Asians are just mystical monks and Indian men get the credit for a white man’s work (lol!). Additionally, in “The Empty Hearse,” Asian men are portrayed as conventionally unattractive criminals/”rats.”

Should I even bother watching the fourth season after this?

Hawaii-Five-O (2010- ) – “Wo Fat” is based on Fu Manchu. Additionally, features Tagawa as “Noshimuri,” a businessman with Yakuza ties.

Criminal Minds (2005- )

Asian-male serial killer and stalker “Justin Leu” who is demented kills people in horrific ways with religious undertones. When he was younger, his dad drank and locked him up, and beat him if he didn’t got less than an A.

He is assisted by a mentally-ill college student and former student “Nathan Chow.”

Asians all hang out with each other… and kill people.

Hand of God (2014-2017) – Only Asian man an accountant (stereotype) who embezzles (villainization). He uses a prostitute (because how else would an Asian man get laid?) and gets punched in the face by her (emasculation).
One Child (2016) – Westernized Asian woman protagonist. Asian men are all perverts and immoral. Brought to you by the BBC (See: Sherlock [2010- ]).
CSI: Cyber (2015-2016) – Asian man stalks daughter.
Banshee (2013-2016) I am not anti-LGBT. I support them. However, what does transgender depiction of the Asian ma here say? It says that straight Asian men are intolerable by society. The straight-Asian-male-identity must be erased (see: Mr. Robot [2015-]).
Hell on Wheels (2011-2016) – Asian man runs brothels and opium dens.
Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-2015) – Shannon Kook as “Zane Park.” Erasure of the Straight Asian Male identity. Because straight Asian men are intolerable.
Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014) – Asian men are Triads. As per usual.
Dexter (2006-2013) – Asian man “Vince Masuka” is a semi-side kick and pervert. Has low EQ and makes inappropriate jokes, causing people to dislike him, and unsuccessfully shows slight interest in white woman.
Serangoon Road (2003) – Australian man is the protagonist in a show about Singapore. Poor white guy was a child when he was in a Japanese internment camp.
House M.D. (2004-2012) – White male protagonist decides to become doctor because of how racist the Japs are (source).
Lie to Me (2009-2011) – Asian man shot at wedding and a problem with gambling.
Entourage (2004-2011) – “Lloyd Lee.” Erasure of Asian-male identity.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001-2011) – Reference to Asian man who uses prostitutes.
Lost (2004-2010) – Daniel Dae Kim as “Jin-Soo Kwon” (Perpetual Foreigner). Also, perpetuates stereotype of “Asian Male Misogyny.”
The Pacific (2010) – Muricans kill Japs. The finer points of the capacity of cruelty of all humans is lost. Seriously, go check the audience response to seeing Japs getting killed yourself. HBO mini-series. Apparently they’ve ridden the Yellow Peril train too; the focus groups have given a thumbs up to this, which is why more studios are investing in them.
Law & Order (1990-2010) – In one episode, white woman kills Asian boss because he forced her into prostitution, and abused her. In another episode, Asian men are shown to racist against African Americans.
The Unit (2006-2009) – Male Asian danger to society killed.
ER (1994-2009) – The man who played “Long Duk Dong” plays a gay male nurse (Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity, emasculation) “Yosh Takata.” “Yosh Takata” is literally as believable as “Long Duk Dong.”
Cashmere Mafia (2008) – Asian woman dates Asian man to make her white ex-boyfriend jealous. Features other moments of Desexualization.
Las Vegas (2003-2008) – Hapa male gets sexually humiliated.
The Shield (2002-2008) – Four Asian men have sex with and pimp 12-year-old Asian girl.
Alias (2001-2006)Ric Young as “Zhang Lee.” Combination of Chinese and Korean names. Zhang Lee is a torturer. Only job.
JAG (1995-2005) – Asian man under suspicion of human trafficking.
New York Undercover (1994-1999) – Asian criminal killed by woman.
Pointman (1995) – Grotesque perpetuation of “Asian Male Misogyny.”

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

White woman wears Yellowface to pose as a Japanese businessman named “Tojamura.” They give him glasses (stereotype) and long hair (emasculation). Another pic.

But don’t worry! A real Asian man is cast as… “Asian man.” He is shot in the head by a–you guessed it–Asian woman who is married to an old white man.  I mean, he also does have a name: “Mr. Jonathan Kumagai.”

Hawaii Five-O (1968-1980) – “Wo Fat” is based upon Fu Manchu.
Bonanza (1959-1973) – Chinese are killers and misogynistic.


Westworld (2016- ) – Asian tourists. And, Asian male character gets shit on/berated/scolded way too many times.
The Good Place (2016- ) – Asian man can’t get a real woman. He gets a robot instead. See, there’s always a catch. (See: Bionic Woman [2007].)
Stranger Things (2016- ) – Weak, but tired and critical offense. White female asks, “Am I speaking Chinese” to denote others’ incomprehension. Implication: Asianness is the farthest thing from Western Civilization.
Shadowhunters (2016- ) – Cross-dressing Asian man. Erasure of Straight-Asian-male identity.
Shannara Chronicles (2016- ) – Asian male elf killed.
Limitless (2016- ) – White man out-musicians an Asian man.
Man in the High Castle (2015- ) – Adaptation. An Amazon Original that explores the question: ‘What if the Allied Powers lost WWII?’ Japanese are amoral antagonists, and they’ve taken over the West Coast (Yellow Peril). Very sly way of peddling Yellow Peril, as this is an adaptation of 60’s novel. But why adapt it? Now? Because focus groups ate up Yellow Peril.
Sense8 (2015- ) – Features a misogynistic Asian man who don’t value his daughter as much as his son and commits suicide, an emasculated Asian men getting beat up by his sister, and is lazy and also embezzles money, and the Asian sister who falls for the sins of the father and brother. Read more at Kulture. Brought to you by Netflix.
The Expanse (2015- ) – Evil Asian father who indirectly causes her daughter to die. Inhuman in every way and develops dangerous virus.
Mr. Robot (2015- ) – B. D. Wong plays transgender (I am not anti-trans) woman who pisses on grave. Part of a systemic attempt to erase the straight-Asian-male identity. (See: Banshee [2013]).
Supergirl (2015- ) – Asian men work under white female boss.
Zoo (2015- ) – Asian male animal hunter.
Z Nation (2014- ) – Asian men are all idiots or foreign. Asian women are humanized. Typical disparty.
The Originals (2013- ) – Asian men either attack white woman, are killed by white men, killed by white woman, manipulated, or evil (source). Show has a weird fascination with shitting on Asian men.

Black Mirror (2011- )

“Black Mirror: White Christmas”? More like “Yellow Peril.” White man gets “his” woman stolen by a lying Asian man.

This is not the only Yellow Peril episode. See “The Entire History of You” (according to these writers, millionaire perverts had to be Chinese) and “Playtest.” Along with shitty portrayals in “Nosedive” and “Hated in the Nation.”

Lmao. 6/13 eps, basically half the show.

Seriously, fuck this show.

Teen Wolf 
(2011- ) – White man “Chris Argent,” while doing a deal with the Yakuza, manages to save an Asian man (“Silverfinger”), as an “Oni” kills a bunch of Asian men. (The episode also feature an Asian man with monstrous looking silver teeth and weird white eyes; the silver teeth remind me of the men that get killed by Scarjo in GITS [2017].) Silverfinger also pulls a gun on Chris.
Lost Girl (2010-2016) – Horrific-looking Asian man, referred to as “it,” tries to eat 2 women.
Hemlock Grove (2013-2015) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity.
The Neighbors (2012-2014) – Asian male character is actually an alien and embodies several stereotypes. Tremendous effort is used to make this character as feminine as possible (emasculation).

Fringe (2008-2013)

Asian man “Dashiell Kim” gets kidnapped, goes crazy, and kills his wife.

In another episode, Asian MIT Professor “Neil Chung” goes crazy, focusing on strange equations, and kills people. He shoots his gun at the white female protagonist, but is killed by her. It turns out he let her do this because he wanted to become an angel via non-suicidal death. His father and brother died in a car accident, and his mother doesn’t like him.

Bionic Woman (2007) – Asian man gets a (white) woman but she is a bionic woman called “Sarah Corvus.” (See: The Good Place [2016- ].)
Brimstone (1998-1999) – Emasculation & Yellow Peril (source).


Pacific Heat (2016- ) – Aussie Yellow Peril is fucking sickening.
American Dad! (2005- ) – Two white protagonists get preferential treatment by sushi chef “Haruki.” His son, “Hisashi” (an Asian-eye gag is made), is pissed since he was never afforded the culinary secrets given to the white amateurs; the white men eventually take over the restaurant and Hisashi is fired. Brought to you by Seth McFarlane (See: Family Guy [1999- ] and Ted [2012]).
Robot Chicken (2005- ) – Asian man kills himself. Ha ha!

Venture Bros. (2003- )

Evil Asian scientist “Dr. Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril, and has been transferred over from the show 60’s cartoon Johnny Quest. 

Steve Park voices another evil Asian scientist “Mike Sorayama.” He holds a grudge against several characters (including the lead) because they played pranks on him and mocked his love of Leslie, a white woman. Obsessed, he made robotic copies of her and himself before his death. The robotic version of Sorayama, as revenge against several characters (including the lead) for their interference with his pursuit of Leslie, kidnaps them. The robot is ultimately destroyed and vanquished. Note that Steve Park plays another character who fumbles with a white woman in a major way in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo (1996).

Family Guy (1999- )

Seth McFarlane’s career is built on shitting on Asian men. Zero satire.

You have to be mentally deficient to not see that when Seth McFarlane shits on non-Asian-male minorities, he pokes fun at racists and racism. Whereas for Asian men, he is racist and participates in racism. It is quite clear that he believes that Asian men to be a subspecies of humans.

The single most insulted group (sans satire) of people on this show are Asian men.

South Park (1997-)

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s career is built on shitting on Asian men. Zero satire.

You have to be mentally deficient to not see that when Matt Stone and Trey Parker shits on non-Asian-male minorities, he pokes fun at racists and racism. Whereas for Asian men, they are racist and participate in racism. It is quite clear that they believe that Asian men to be a subspecies of humans.

The single most insulted (sans satire) group of people on this show are Asian men.

King of the Hill (1997-2010) – Kahn (Laotian) is a main antagonist of the show. Voiced by a white male. Stereotypes (Perpetual Foreigner, Yellow Peril) abound in the depiction. Also, don’t forget about the Wassanasong’s (another group of antagonists).

The Awesomes (2013-2015) – Bobby Lee plays a Sumo.
Futurama (1999-2013) – Americanized Amy Wong (who is romantically paired with a green Alien) has an accented, irritable father who often takes on the role and antagonistic character.
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000-2007) – “Dr. Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril, and has been transferred over from the show 60’s cartoon Johnny Quest. 

[Children’s/Teen Shows]

Samurai Jack (2001-2017) – This entry does not add to the list count. When Jack and the Scotsman meet for the first time, the latter makes a joke about how his sword is bigger (phallic joke). Additionally, one episode features a grotesque caricaturization of a Japanese man. Stereotypes about the Japanese abound.  
Make it Pop
(2015- ) – Just in terms of production, this is the scum that are behind the scenes. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
(2012- ) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
SpongeBob SquarePants (1999- ) – Really?
Kickin’ It (2011-2015) – In a show steeped in appropriation, Asian man plays one of the worst Asian-male roles in Disney history. Brought to you by Disney.
Big Time Rush (2009-2013) – Asian man plays overly stereotypical character “Deke.” He is a blogger that is antagonistic. He is noted for his small stature. Brought to you by Nickelodeon.
iCarly (2007-2012) – Asian man plays the role of a mathlete (“Shawn”) who desperately asks Carly to be his girlfriend (in the show, he does this either because he likes her or because his overbearing mother keeps questioning Shawn if he might be gay). Of course she rejects him. Brought to you by Nickelodeon.
Chowder (2007-2010) – Asian man voices “Lo Mein,” a short old Asian man (emasculation).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2009) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
Zoey 101 (2005-2008) – The best role they could give to Rex Lee is the maitre d’.
Codename: Kids Next Door (2002-2008) – Yellow Peril via “Cheese Shogun Roquefort.” The way the Cheese ninjas are drawn is disconcerting.
Jake Long: American Dragon (2005-2007) – Stereotypes.
Kim Possible (2002-2007) – Asian-male scientist “Bob Chen” (stereotype) gets captured and needs rescuing (emasculation).
Teen Titans (2003-2006) – Professor Chang is a stereotypical Chinese-scientist supervillain.
Xaolin Showdown (2003-2006) – Asian kid is literally a tiny yellow humanoid, while Asian girl and other protagonists are normal human beings. 
Ben 10
(2005-2008) – Sterotypes. Conditions children.
Proud Family (2001-2005) – Stereotypes. Conditions children.

Batman Beyond (1999-2001)

Scientist “Dr. Suzuki” tries to make money off of a technology he and a non-Asian-male scientist created (stereotype). He thinks the scientist won’t comply so he forges his signature to develop the weapon. He then becomes a mercenary called “The Repeller” (villification). He then works for a terrorist group.

After fighting off Batman, he tries to kill the scientist and a person that could be an Asian woman. Batman comes back and wins.

There’s also Principal Nakamura who acts like a weakling and takes orders from both the school board and white-woman Barbara Gordon (emasculation).

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (1997-1998) – Live-action makes it much worse. Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987-1996) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
The Super 6 (1966-1969) – Stereotypes (source). Conditions children.
Johnny Quest (1964-1965) – “Dr. Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril. He has made appearances in Harvey Birdman (2000-2007), Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015), and Venture Bros. (2003- ).


MacGyver (2016- ) – Minor Asian male antagonist.
Rush Hour (2016) – Main antagonist is an Old Asian man. Partial Asian actor cast because full Asian faces are unmarketable.
Baywatch (1989-2001) – Asian-male-antagonist “Sato” vs. Hasselhoff (lead protagonist). Asian man harasses protagonist and threatens protagonist’s son. Asian man on parole also stabs his ex-wife. Takes people hostage. Loses fight with protagonist and goes back to jail.
Vanishing Son (1995) – Asian criminal has white fetish.
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993-1997) – Stereotypes (source).
Noble House (1988) – Yellowface of a villain called “Four Finger Wu.”
Kung Fu (1972-1975) – Stereotypes (source).
Mission: Impossible (1966-1973) – Leonard Nimoy dons Yellowface (source).


Iron Fist (2017- ) – White savior/white man vs. Asian men. Asian-male antagonist. And to make the Asian male more palatable, they of course use a hapa. Brought to you by Netflix and Marvel. Read more at Kulture.
Legends of Tomorrow (2016- ) – In the episode entitled “Shogun,” two white guys pull a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and go back to past to Samurai times. One of these has sexual tension with an Oppressed Asian Woman betrothed to the shogun. White man must save her from this Evil Asian Man. More non-Asian men show up and they defend a village from the shogun’s Evil Asian Men. As per happy endings, white guys vanquish the Evil Asian Man in a way that highlights his stupidity. Brought to you by DC.
Luke Cage (2016- ) – Helpless old Asian man must be saved by an African-American man. However, will note that Asian man is shown in a sympathetic light, unlike hundreds of other depictions in modern media. But he still must be saved and is desexualized via geriatrification. Brought to you by Netflix and Marvel. 
(2015- ) – White man beats up countless ninjas. Thanks, Marvel. Also, check this out. Brought to by Netflix and Marvel.
Gotham (2014- ) – Asian man plays Dr. Hugo Strange. (3 stereotypes in 1!) Brought to you by DC.

(2012- )

Show uses Asian man “Yao Fei Gulong” to bash China. China used him as a scapegoat to slaughter innocents and because he was too much to handle to keep locked up, they put the man on an extremely dangerous island. He of course is a character that dies. Brought to you by DC.

Another Asian man Maseo “Yamashiro” dies. Along with his very young son “Akio.”

The Green Hornet (1966-1967) – Bruce Lee… is a white man’s sidekick… What?

[Talk/Talent/Reality Shows]

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2015- ) – Asian joke every 5 minutes.
Late Night: Seth Meyers (2014- ) – Too many Asian jokes.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014- ) – Way too many Asian jokes. Also featured Asian male con artist. They also had a whole episode dedicated to perpetuating Yellow Peril.
@midnight with Chris Hardwick (2013- ) – Show invites people to be racist with #JapanAMovie.
The Steve Harvey Show (2012- ) – Says Asian men are undesirable by black and white women. Audience members, featuring Asian women, laugh along with him.
The Eric Andre Show (2012- ) – Asian man (as hulk) used as object of comedy on account of race. It’s even more funny because of his race.
Conan (2010- ) – Way too many Asian jokes. Featured Triumph the Insult Comic, talking about tiny Asian penises in front of foreign Asians.
Tosh.0 (2009- ) – Pretty sad and amazing how people think these shit-tier Asian jokes are funny.
Holland’s Got Talent (2008- ) – White man displays one of the most unplanned racist moments on Television against Asian man.
Real Time with Bill Maher (2003- ) – Bill Maher claims that the racism of Oscars is the the fault of Asians.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003- )

He airs a clip on his show of a kid saying we should kill all the Chinese, which he thinks is funny. Not surprised considering his gf Sarah Silverman doesn’t think “chink” is a real slur.

He and his audience also think the Chinese man being beaten and dragged off the plan is funny. In fact, it was so funny, they made a parody United ad where Matt Damon plays Dr. Dao (sorta). I kid you not, the white savior quasi-white-washes Dr. Dao; I found it disturbing that they actually used an audio clip of Dr. Dao screaming near the end. They would have never done this if the passenger wasn’t an Asian man. The video, btw, was on the YouTube top-trending list.

It was also problematic how he asked Randall Park where he was from (Perpetual Foreigner stereotype).

The Amazing Race (2001- ) – Stereotypical Asian man Vanck Zhu is selected because showrunners know that stereotypes of Asian men sell well (season 29, 2017). For example, he studies in the car during the show. It’s working; people love bashing this guy.

The O’ Reilly Factor (1996- )

In 2016, a segment on the show called “Watters’ World” shits on the Chinese with outdated stereotypical jokes and cutaway gags from movies like Karate Kid. You can clearly tell that, like all Westerners, Watters doesn’t see Asian men as human beings.

In 2017, you got O’ Reilly laughing about a Chinese man that was unfairly targeted and bloodied. Would he have laughed if the man was white or black? He’s anti-black, but he would have at least maintained his composure and would have verbally said that the whole thing was funny due to its absurdity.

Australia’s Got Talent (2007-2016) – Aussies shit on Leon Lee.
American Idol (2002-2016) – William Hung. It’s crazy how whites still think this is funny.
Chelsea Lately (2007-2014) – Implies Asian penises are small (source).
Colbert Report (2005-2014) – Colbert pretends to be Asian man. Several anti-Asian jokes.
Late Night with Conan O’ Brien (1993-2009) – In an episode from 2001, the network asked Sarah Silverman to change a joke using the word “nigger” to “chink” instead. This bit was aired.
Ruth Jones’ Easter Treat (2011) – Tim Minchin feminizes China (which has been going on since the time of the ancient Greeks) in an “ironic” joke. Elements of Yellow Peril also included.
Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (1993-2002) – Bill Maher doesn’t think using the word “chink” is a big deal.

[Awards Shows]

89th Academy Awards (2017) – Jimmy Kimmel shits on Matt Damon for working with the Chinese. Mentions bit about “Chinese ponytail[s],” ignorant behind the discrimination involved with queues.
88th Academy Awards (2016) – Chris Rock mocks Asian children, while Sacha Baron Cohen makes a joke about Minions being Asians because they’re tiny, work hard, and have small “dongs.” For the Chris Rock joke, the Oscars issued a non-apology (aka insult).
ESPY Awards (2015) – Ken Jeong tells everyone he has no body hair and has a small dick. Brought to you by ABC.
MTV Movie Awards Reloaded 2003 – You are expected to scoff at the Asian man (Key Master) for showing heterosexual interest in women.

[Cooking Shows]

The Pioneer Woman (2011- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. White woman presents Asian wings to everyone, prompting someone to say, “I don’t trust ’em.” She says she was just kidding and presents the “real” (Murican) wings, and says that she would never dish out the punishment of feeding everyone Asian wings. 
Good Eats
(1999-2012) – Read the excellent reporting on Kulture. It’s not yellowface as they claim, but it is anti-Asian-male. Fuck Alton Brown.

List of Anti-Asian Male Video Games

*This list [83 items] is incomplete*

*Please note that the criteria for this list is not as well-defined or stringent as that of the movies list.*


Horizon Zero Dawn 2017

In the first side mission, and one of the first things you do in the game, what I encounter is an incapacitated Asian man (“Thok”) on the ground whose incompetence led to his daughter being lost. His wife is dead. Turns out he is an overbearing father who, by his daughter’s account, yells too much. This is your introduction to the open world. 

The second Asian man I see is “Jom.” He explains how defenseless he is, and how he’s one of the outcasts and not one of the “braves.” His backstory: He got shunned because he was lazy and picked fights with everyone. He exudes a lack of self-confidence; his defining actions is to ask for forgiveness and permission. A lot of characters ask for favors in this game, but this character asks for permission. He is by far the most pathetic character encountered in the game.

The third Asian-male character I spoke to was worse than the preceding two. This “Greatrun Keeper” speaks like Goofy, and is just odd overall. No other character speaks like this. He also does a weird lip animation and smiles weirdly every time he talks. The white female antagonist literally says that he is “awfully friendly.” He reveals that people don’t like him due to his incessant chattering and because he stinks like fish. That is just over-the-top stereotypical. At least the protagonist says he smells more like wet fur… When the female protagonist is about to leave, he creepily smiles and says, “You could keep me company; your choiiice.” Greatrun Keeper also has a partner, an Asian-male merchant (stereotype) whom he dislikes because he doesn’t talk much (stereotype). Even in this post-apocalyptic future, Asians hang out with other Asians. Oh, and by the way, they copied and pasted this exact same merchant to another location (at the Sun Furrows hunting grounds).

The fourth Asian male I spoke to was “Tituk,” a shaman (Mystical Old Asian Man stereotype). He says a Confucianism near the end of his dealings with the protagonist. A while later, you meet “Ligan,” another Asian-male character who seems to be benign.

The next Asian male (“Ahsis”) I spoke to was racist and xenophobic to the “savage” Nora tribe from which the protagonist originates (racist Asian man myth). There are also misogynistic undertones, as his organizations just started allowing women to participate, and as he calls both the white female protagonist and an Asian female colleague “Talanah” “trash” (Asian male misogyny myth). Talanah stops short of calling Ahsis an “ass-[hole],” and her raison d’etre is to make Ahsis’ “blood boil.” You find out her father and brother are dead. Later in the game, he hires men to kill Talanah so that he can reap the rewards of killing a T-Rex robot because of his “vanity” and his desire to not “share the credit.” Ahsis eventually gets killed by the robot; following it is a comedic quip from the white female protagonist. As he dies, he mentions that he should have used the Talanah to weaken the robot. The game clarifies that he is remembered for his “treachery” while the two women will be remembered for defeating the beasts that he could not kill (feminism vs. Asian men). There is also “evidence of bowel failure” aka Ahsis shat his pants. 

The next Asian male (“Ranaman”) I spoke to is as bad as the Ahsis. Ranaman, at the behest of his father, pleads the white female protagonist to help clear out killer robots in his father’s large estate. It turns out that he planted a machine that caused the machines to attack the estate in the first place, causing his father to die and his sister to be trapped. His plan was to take over the estate after his father died by having him killed. He did this as revenge for his being disowned by his father (stereotype). He was disowned because of all his gambling, stealing, and extortion (stereotype). He sent the protagonist to clear out the grounds before he takes over. His sister is shown to have a lot of hatred for him, as she calls him “that murderous snake” and “scum.” Ranaman also reveals his plan like a cheesy evil villain, just before he gets killed by a flying bird-robot midway through his talking about how easier it was to have the machines try to kill the sister. No other character is this villainous. Seriously, play the game.

The next Asian male I encounter is one of the henchman of the secondary antagonist (“Dervahl”) in the game (villainization). The next Asian male I saw was a very weird case. He is 100% an Asian-male geneticist, yet he speaks in some kind of European (comparable to German) accent and his name is “Patrick Bochard-Klein.” Don’t know what to make of this. You find out later he was suffocated to death. After this, I saw another Asian henchman, this time to the main human antagonist (“Helis”). Another was a spectator at a gladiator style game run by the antagonists. Another is another henchman, this time, to an evil priest. Another Asian male I saw was a mostly silent-accomplice to a bird-robot predator infestation, who did what he did to to pay off a loan. There is another Asian-male accomplice (unfortunately I did not write down the details for this one). The last Asian man I saw was one who captured a man named “Gavan.”

So many familiar stereotypes in an unrecognizable sci-fi future. In short, Asian men are replaceable; comically evil or weird; and every Asian woman has a dysfunctional relationship with Asian men (while I saw an implied WMAF and a married BMAF couple [“Gera” and “Kendert”]). They are the most villainous. They are the most one-dimensionally portrayed antagonists in the game. Don’t believe me? Play it.

It also doesn’t help that there’s a region called the “Savage East” which the “people of the Sun” have fought off. The “people of the sun” connection is obviously a coincidence (“Savage East” probably is not), but was Richard Spencer (who called white people “The children of the sun”) involved with this game lmao?

You also learn from Cpl. Sarai’s log about how, in the lore, China uses manual labor while the U.S. has moved on to automation (what lol?).

Fuck Hideo “White-Worship” Kojima and Sony for kissing up to this Western bullshit. Fuck Guerilla Games.

Other notes: Some characters I saw could have been Asian. “Brin” is a character that really creeps the protagonist out. He asks her if he could sniff her fingers. He drinks the blood of robots. He is an inscrutable man who sees visions after drinking blood. He was cast out of his own tribe and left to die. “Ghaliv” is a “healer” that doesn’t help unless he get paid and is extremely callous to suffering.

For Honor 2017 – Game features Samurai, Vikings, and Knights. Protagonists of Vikings and Knights are white men. For Samurai, it’s an Asian woman who speaks un-accented English. She kills Asian men who speak in accents with the help of white allies.  White people cannot tolerate Asian men.
Agents of Mayhem 2017 – Set in futuristic Seoul. The main trailer opens with an Asian man (“Oni” [Japanese word]) yelling, “For my family!” in an accent. Then, you see him doing a traditional Asian bow.
Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions 2017 – DLC. “Jordin Chin” makes a reappearance. In the first Watch Dogs, “Jordin Chin” has no morals. White protagonist says his “principles change with the amount of money involved.” Also see Watch Dogs 2 (2016).
Ni-Oh 2017 – Setting is in feudal Japan. Protagonist is a white male. Video game version of The Great Wall (2016) basically.
Mass Effect Andromeda 2017 – This game does not add to the list count. Only two Asian men I’ve seen in gameplay footage are two bald (negative trait that is rare in Asians), identical(?)-looking Asian men. I’ve also read about an Asian-male scientist that is accused of being greedy and of having created an addictive drug on purpose, not by accident as he relays.
Prey 2 2017 – This game does not add to the list count. We’ll see how Morgan and Alex Yu (both hapas), as well as other Asian male characters if any exist, are portrayed. The decision to make Alex Yu do physically unfit (and bespectacled), however, is disconcerting.
Europa Universalis IV – Mandate of Heaven 2017 – In trailer, poems written by Asian man narrated by Asian woman. Promotional materials also show a regal woman/queen-like figure because white people cannot tolerate Asian men.
Call of Duty: World War II TBD – This entry does not add to the list count. We’ll see if they release any DLC involving killing Japs, and how they treat them.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2016

White woman, his white male superior, and everyone else complains “Peter Chang” the computer genius is so paranoid and needs to see a psychiatrist. One white woman who keeps shitting on Peter Chang says it’s good having an actual field agent like the white male main character and that she feels glad that he’s there.

In other dialogue, Chinese are “vultures.” Chinese are relentlessly shit on. I was laughing at how many times in-game story texts kept on talking about how China failed at this or China against that.

Also features obligatory irritable Asian man speaking Chinese in a slum.

See: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) featuring Chinese gangs that harvest organs and get told “You lackeys all look the same” by the white male protagonist, and Deus Ex (2000) featuring a Chinese guy that tries to end the world.

Watch Dogs 2 2016

The Auntie Shu Boys is a gang made up of Chinese and Vietnamese members (villification). It is led by a woman (emasculation) because a male leader is unfathomable (reminiscent of the Asian assassins in Sherlock [2010- ]). They engage in human trafficking (stereotype), and commit a wide variety of crimes. The most prominent underling is “Victor Cheung,” who is thwarted and can be killed by the African-American player character.

Additionally, one of the protagonists, “Josh Sauchak,” who seems to be a WMAF hapa, has Asperger’s syndrome.

See: Watch Dogs (2014).

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2016 – Asian guy always dies first (“Louis Chang”). It’s literally the first thing that happens in the game. Meanwhile, the female Asian protagonist “Faye Lau” survives and is given characterization/back story.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The majority of Asian men in this game are part of an antagonist, extremist faction: “Sang Yup Kim” who lived under a patriarch “Col. Young Kim” (Asian patriarchy stereotype) is killed. Young Kim is also killed by the white-male player character. “Khoa Le” is also killed bu the same player character.

And as usual, the good Asian guy (“Bryant Ling”) just has to die.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 2016 – Weird Asian seems desperate to have his son get under the tutelage of white woman.
Overwatch 2016 – Female Asian has no accent. Asian male character “Hanzo” does. Asian woman are acceptable to white people, but not Asian men.
Dishonored 2 2016 – “Yul Khulan” is killed and his corpse is hung up in a humiliating manner, adorned with charms insulting his faith. He hails from “Wei-Ghon.”
Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies 2016 – The DLC’s feature “Takeo Masaki.” He used to be in the Imperial Japanese army. He find an alternate version of himself heavily mutated (Asian Male Body Horror). The young Takeo was betrayed by the Emperor for petty reasons. Young Takeo commits seppuku (stereotype). This character in the DLC’s he’s appeared in has said things like “Oh, no honor for you!” and “You kill me? Nooo, I kill you!” His player indicator color is also yellow. :/.  Additionally, “Division 9” makes an appearance in this game. They are HQ’d in the “Rising Sun facility” and worked with the Germans to develop bioweapons during WWII. Takeo and Division 9 have appeared in the DLC’s of other COD games, but is only discussed here. 
 2016 – “Dopechan”noodles (in Chinese takeout container) easter egg. Portmanteau of Maruchan ramen (Japanese) and Dopefish. Eerie parallels between Dopefish’s appearance and that of stereotypical Asian caricatures.
Fallout 4: Far Harbor 2016- Possible racist dialogue. When protagonist talks to DiMA, he says, “If I squint really hard, I look like someone else.” While that expression exists, you have to be careful.


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China 2015

You play as an Asian woman “Shao Jun.” You must atone for the incompetence of the Chinese Brotherhood who were all killed off. It is all for “vengeance,” as she says. The whole point of the game is to kill Asian men, whether they’re guards, torturers, slavers, or politicians; the main objective is to kill the Eight Tigers, a group of eunuchs who deceitfully control Imperial China and are looking for world domination. They came into power after the impotent/heir-less (emasculation) Emperor died. After you kill the final boss (a eunuch who planned to help the Mongol horde; what is this Mulan shit?), you re-establish the Brotherhood (because Asian men are all too incompetent) and plan the assassination of a male brothel-visiting Emperor. Hey, but at least she saves (emasculation) one lowly eunuch /s.

Out of all the opponents the developers could choose from the vast pantheon of Chinese historical figures, they went with eight deceitful (stereotype) eunuchs (emasculation). They also take advantage of an Empress who, predictably, is in alliance with the female player character (Asian Male Patriarchy angle). Note that the player character was an ex-concubine

Predictably, in the other two Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games, the player protagonists are male; Indian and Russian male player characters are O.K., but when it comes to Asian men, it’s unfathomable. In Assassin’s Creed III, the player character was a Native American male. The only time the Asian story is “graced” by Assassin’s Creed, it has to be some shitty 2-D game unlike most of the other games in the franchise, and the protagonist just has to be a female. Additionally, the Asian woman was trained by an Italian white man (as shown by a 22 minute short, Assassin’s Creed: Embers [2011]).

In fact, let’s do a recap. The number of games where you play as a male player character: 16 (I, Altaïr’s Chronicles, Bloodlines, II, II: Discovery, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, IV: Black Flag, Rogue, Pirates, Identity, Unity, Chronicles: India, Chronicles: Russia, Syndicate [main male player character]). In all of this, they refused to fit in even one Asian-male player character. Compare that with the number of games where you play as a female player character:  3 (Syndicate [secondary female player character], III: Liberation, Chronicles: China). They had to squeeze in an Asian woman somehow. Lol, what happened to never doing an Asian-themed game, btw?

In short, Middle Eastern, white, Native American, and Indian men as well as white, black, and Asian women are fine. But even one Asian man? Unfathomable.

You have to be blind not to see the agenda here. You, an Asian woman (an ex-concubine at that), killing a group of evil Asian men with literally no balls (eunuchs). Whites at Ubisoft strike again.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III 2015

Features the faction “54 Immortals” (54i), a long-standing criminal organization in Singapore led by ethnic Chinese siblings “Goh Min” (male) and “Goh Xiulan.” They engage in the drug trade and, you guessed it, human trafficking. After a biochemical disaster that killed 300,000 natives, the 54i began trafficking survivors of the disaster (overkill, guys) and bribed the Singaporean military to having access lawless quarantine zone and looted and profited from it.

Most known members are killed. “Goh Min” (male) is killed before his sister (Asian guy always dies first). Many nameless are also killed. After they are devastated by the Muricans, they resort to in-fighting. “Danny Li” (armsdealer), however, is spared by female 54i member “He Zhen-Zhen” (emasculation).

Sidenote: In a short prequel story for the game released by Activision, called “V.E.R.S.I.O.N.,” one of the two main characters is “Gurmit,” living in Singapore, 2037. He is told by a man named “Lim” to stop a woman running around, suffering PTSD (Asian Male Low-EQ/Misogyny myth). He physically assaults her; she is taken to the hospital. He then goes back home to his abusive parents. Wtf is the point of this?

Battlefield Hardline 2015 – You take out Korean gangsters. But of course the Asian girl is one of the good guys. 

Fallout 4
 2015 – Asian Male Body Horror with Captain Zao. Fallout backstory involves China invading Alaska and being vanquished. In this game, you play as a robot that is still programmed to attack the Chinese.


Watch Dogs 2014 – “Jordin Chin” has no morals. White protagonists says his “principles change with the amount of money involved.”
Far Cry 4 2014 – You just kill Asian (basically Himalayan) men. That’s it.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2014 – The opening portion of the game involves the deaths of Asian men.
Battlefield 4: Final Stand 2014 – Sets up events of Battlefield 2142. Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.
Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth 2014 – Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 2014 – Features “Covetous Shen” (see: Diablo III [2012]). Expansion pack.


Battlefield 4 2013 – Chinese general goes crazy and tries to take over Murica. One of the protagonists in an Asian woman. Her husband gets shot, is cowardly (pretends to be another person to hide from danger), and has his eye bandaged up. Like Hollywood, EA revels in in-joke about Asian eyes.
Battlefield 4: China Rising
  2013 – This is what they mean when they say games are escapist fantasies. Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.

Beyond Two Souls 2013

In Dragon’s Hideout mission, you go to a secret base in China. You must stop China from trying to use a weapon of incalculable destruction against Murica (Yellow Peril).

There, small, conventionally unattractive, and heartless Chinese man gets ready to torture you.

White male character berates Asian man working for him when he shows trepidation (emasculation).

Grand Theft Auto V
 2013 – In one mission, Trevor Phillips shoves two Chinese men into a freezer (whom he plans on making drug-related deals with). One of them is a translator; the other is a perpetuation of the Perpetual Foreigner stereotype. The game also features Korean gangsters.
Fuse 2013 – Concept art had protagonist fighting Asian gangsters.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II 2012

Let’s talk about “Tian Zhao” and the major element of Yellow Peril in this game. He used to be an ally of the protagonists. But several years later, he becomes a one of the most prominent antagonists in the game and is depicted as being hungry for power. He is the commander of the Strategic Defense Coalition (SDC), an East Asian military alliance that is headed by the Chinese. Zhao is desperate to have the Russians joins the SDC and become the greatest military force on earth. The SDC also gets in to a Cold War with NATO (what is this, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat [2005]?). What is with whites’ obsession of creating stories based on the Asian Invasion (Fallout lore, several Battlefield games, etc.)? He eventually tries to invade Russia. This shit is hilarious; has China invaded any one in recent times? Whether it be in the Middle East, Crimea, or otherwise? The irony is unbearable.

The player has the option to have Zhao killed. If this occurs, his men try to defend him, but are thwarted; in this death, Zhao stumbles out of his downed craft and is shot in the chest by a Navy SEAL.

Mass Effect 3 2012

In-game story text shit on Chinese. For example, some bit about the New York Giants beating the Beijing Dragons.

Let’s also not forget the stereotypical ninja, Kai Leng. He has slits for eyes for fuck’s sake.

Diablo III 2012 – Features “Covetous Shen.” Very talkative character; annoys people. Old Asian jeweler. Extremely greedy (stereotype).
007 Legends 2012 – “Zao” (the character from the anti-Asian-male film Die Another Day [2002]) is in this game and you kill him.
Sleeping Dogs 2012 – Protagonist is Asian only to have him kill other Asians as game depicts all Asians as gangsters and criminals. Extremely stereotypical writing.


Homefront 2011 – A unified Korea rules over the U.S. and you must fight back as part of The Resistance. Ridiculous Yellow Peril bullshit.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2011

One of the primary antagonist factions is the Tong gang that harvests organs.

Main white protagonist tells one Asian man, “You lackeys all look the same.”

See: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016) and Deus Ex (2000).

Heavy Rain 2011 – Main antagonist is Origami Killer. Uses a katana at one point as well. Associated psychopathic killer with Asians (men). They did a similar thing in the film Manhunter (1986). Note that that particular film does not count towards the list count for the movies list. The movies list has a steeper criteria. Also note that they similar associate Asian objects with criminals (e.g. the new Sherlock [2010- ]). Also see: Murder on the Orient Express. Note that that too does not count towards the list count of the movies list.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2010 – Portions of the game involve killing more Viets. 
Battlefield 2: Bad Company: Vietnam
2010 – Expansion pack.

Red Dead Redemption 2010

This game features a good amount of Asian-male characters. Good on them for placing the Chinese within American history as they should be, but they did it quite tactlessly. For instance, “Zhou” is an indentured servant for a Hispanic man, and needs the help of the white player character. He regrets coming to America (subtle anti-Asian-male-immigration message) and is has an opium addiction. He is part of the mission called “Love is the Opiate.” “Chu Fook” is a similar kind of character; he is a Chinese male that speaks in broken English (Perpetual Foreigner) who needs to get saved by a white man. He says shit like, “You good man. My name Chu Fook. Very grateful!”

There are others. “Sam Wah” is a Chinese immigrant who plays poker (approximates gambling stereotype). He also operates a laundromat (Korean stereotype; despite it being historically accurate, it is still an unnecessary and most likely malicious inclusion). A white policeman “Eli Tucker” also finds him suspicious. “Chow Hoy” is another Chinese immigrant. He plays poker, smokes opium, and speaks in broken English (Perpetual Foreigner). “Jung Fook-Sing” and “Lee Siu-Lung” similarly speak in broken English and plays poker.  He usually flees in the face of danger. “Wong Bing” is another Chinese immigrant with glasses (stereotype) who plays poker. He says the white player character should help him get better at it. “Kwok Seng” is an NPC who only lightly shows discomfort when you attack him (stereotype). “Thao Long” is a coach driver that is extremely irritable and rude.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 2010 – “Chu Fook” makes a return in this expansion pack. He gets rescued by the white player character and sits behind him on the horse back to safety (Asian-male emasculation).
Alpha Protocol
 2010 – For a portion of the game, it’s the white-male player character vs. the Chinese Secret Police’s Omen Deng. You fight the man himself eventually. You are given the choice to either kill him or not.
James Bond 007: Blood Stone 2010 – Asian man Colonel Ping killed by an assassin. Asian guys always die.


Battlefield 1943 2009 – Great way for neckbeards to kill Japs. Or weebs to play as the Japanese. 
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
 2009 – Asian gangs (again) and loads upon loads of negative stereotypes.
Pacific Liberator 2009 – You save what are likely Filipinos from an evil ruler by… killing them.
Dexter: The Game 2009 – Features Vince Masuka, a racist depiction of Asian men in the TV show.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 2009 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Tenzin” (Tibetan) is the only character in the franchise unable to speak English.


Crysis Warhead 2008 – You kill aliens and Asian men, the two greatest threats to humanity. See: Crysis (2007).
Call of Duty: World at War 2008- You play as an American killing Japs.
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008 – In one mission, the player character must harass a stereotypical Old Asian man (asexualization via geriatrification, Perpetual Foreigner). The Korean Mob also makes an appearance in this game.


Crysis 2007 – You kill aliens and Asian men.
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 2007 – Indonesian pirate gang is an antagonistic force in the game. Six out of seven voice actors for the pirates were East Asiatic men.
Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike 2007 – EU takes back land stolen by the Pan Asian Coalition. The irony. Booster pack.
Mass Effect 2007 – Shanxi attacked by aliens. Salarians are stand-ins for Japanese – technologically advanced, asexual, and devious. Batarians are stand-ins for Chinese – they are barbaric, doesn’t speak proper English unlike other aliens, and hated by all.
Def Jam: Icon 2007 – Dr. Chang is a stereotypical Old Asian Man (desexualization via geriatrification) who runs a shoddy medical practice (stereotype).
F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate 2007 – Asian guy (“Steve Chen”) always dies (he meets a violent death). He returns all twisted up and missing a limb (Asian Male Body Horror).


Battlefield 2142 2006 – Pan Asian Coalition launches invasion of Europe and North Africa. Lmfao. What is with Battlefield and their Yellow Paranoia?
Gears of War 2006 – The good Asian guy “Minh Young Kim” always dies. He is very strict. “Minh” also does not exist in the Korean naming system. The character was also meant to be female originally (they probably changed this decision since he had to be killed). He is voiced by a white man. 
Battlefield 2: Euro Force 2006 – You kill Chinese as EU soldiers. Booster pack.
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury 2006 – Portion includes USMC vs. China. Booster pack. 
 2006 – “Mr. Oh” is a stereotypical Asian grocer (manager of the “Yum Yum Market”) who is no-nonsense, and shows signs of being an over-bearing father figure. He wears glasses, and sometimes, he has an accent and other times, he doesn’t. He is the frequent target of pranks and is threatened to get beaten up by a white student (emasculation) and needs to get saved by the white student player character. Meanwhile, the Asian female character is one of the students and is sociable.


Vietcong 2 2005 – Let’s kill more evil Viets! Part 2.
Battlefield 2 2005 – Sino-American War. Lmfao. What is this? Fallout?
Battlefield Vietnam 2005 – Great way for neckbeards to kill Viets.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat 2005 – War between NATO and China. Lmfao.
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction 2005 – A white man, an Asian girl, and a African-American man vs. Asian men. You kill a specified group of Asian men. That’s literally the whole point of the game.
True Crime: New York City 2005 – The player character (an African-American man) must deal with the duplicitous members the Triad for a portion of the game.
Predator: Concrete Jungle 2005 – Asian guys from Yutani as evil corporate elites.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2004 – Chinese and Viet men are gang members.
Goldeneye: Rogue Agent 2004 – Player character’s mission is to eliminate Dr. No (Eurasian) from the Yellow Peril film Dr. No (1962). Dr. No is electrocuted to death. The player character must also elimiante “Oddjob,” an Asian-male villain from Goldfinger (1964).


True Crime: Streets of LA 2003 – A game which follows the same movie trope of having white people and a half-Asian lead kill full Asian men. Western creators like to explore these kinds of stories because it sends the message that having more white genes makes you better as a person. 
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
 2003 – You play as an American soldier in the Pacific theater.
Vietcong 2003 – Let’s kill more evil Viets!
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu 2003 – Bruce Wayne vs. quasi-Fu Manchu. Shame that an Asian man created “Sin Tzu.”
Enter the Matrix 2003 – Key-master is a steretypically inscrutable Old Asian man (desexualization via geriatrification).
James Bond 007: Nightfire 2003 – Bond deals with the main antagonist’s Japanese henchman. The game also features a ninja assassin. Predictably, the Japanese woman is given a name and some characterization.


Battlefield 1942 2002 – Portion of the game involves taking down Japs.


Deus Ex 2000 – Chinese man tries to bring the Dark Ages back. Other Chinese men depicted as being racist (lmao).


Fallout 1997 – China invades Alaska, starting the Sino-American War. Lmfao.
Blade Runner
 1997 –  Features “Dr. Chew” from the anti-Asian-male film of the same name.

List of Anti-Asian Male Music Videos


“Still Feel Like Your Man” John Mayer (2017) – John Mayer, who has been criticized for his racism in the past attacks Asian men in this video. Once it hit the top-trending videos list, YouTube even gave it a dedicated blurb. In the work, like everything created by whites, the scowling Asian man is the main antagonist. The Asian male crime boss (stereotype, villification), surrounded by subservient women (Asian Male Misogyny myth), is a significant figure in the work. He continually gives disapproving glances throughout the entire video, and seems especially disgusted by the white man’s ability to self-express (stereotype). The video also is soaked in cultural appropriation, confusing Chinese and Japanese referents.
“Wherever I Go”One Republic (2016) – In this video, Korean businessman leads a purposeless life. Seen sniffing an Asian woman he finds attractive. He breaks free from his mental constraints and starts dancing, only to receive disapproving glances from scowling Asian-male coworkers. Then every one starts dancing. A stereotypical Asian man is seen protecting his neko charm from the protagonist’s reckless dancing. Lead singer puts his hand together and bows to the protagonist. Stereotypical Asian guy also plays with yo-yos. Asian men dancing is meant to be weird and funny. Anime art (Japanese) used for a Korean setting. In the end, it turns out everything was a dream and the Asian woman angrily rebukes him. Directed by Joseph Kahn. Over 63 million views.
“Chinese Food”Alison Gold (2013) – In the beginning, the Chinese man is both a stereotypes and an object of foreignness. 
“Graduation (Friends Forever)”
 – Vitamin C (2000) – Asian nerd is a) shown to be clumsy/metaphorically beat up, and b) is not receptive to female attention, while Asian female students are shown to be social.


“Your Best American Girl”Mitski (2016) – Self-hating Asian woman basically says she’d fuck her own hand rather than fuck a non-white male. Disclaimer: This MV isn’t explicitly anti-AM.
“Let’s Go”Stuck in the Sound (2012) – French band. In the MV, a Chinese child is drawn extremely stereotypically. Asian men in general here are drawn extremely grotesquely compared to Asian women. There’s even the obligatory nose hair. Said child grows up and cruelly rejects advances from a woman and only cares about work (stereotypes). He eventually becomes an astronaut and plants a Chinese flag on the moon only to have the earth explode on him. He rages because he knows he’ll never get to fuck; however, he sees a blonde white woman on a monitor, obsesses over her, and goes through obstacles to get to her at the ISS, intent on having a child with her. Turns out the woman is actually an American man; the Chinese man rages and punches him. Asians are also drawn magenta (when their faces are shown) while white men are drawn normally. 13.7 million views on YouTube. 


“DNA.” – Kendrick Lamar (2017) – Nothing really offensive about this. Him wearing the traditional Chinese dress wasn’t very problematic. But would a mainstream Chinese rapper (probably won’t ever happen for racial reasons) ever be allowed to do something like this, but with traditional African garb?
“Party” – Chris Brown
(2016) – In the beginning of this video, the first and the main antagonistic character is set up to be an Asian child. Not only is having an Asian-male be the main antagonist a trope, but this is also an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Westerners cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Think Short Round, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, Up, etc.) They also manage to squeeze a joke about Asian neoteny, which is especially damaging for Asian men.
“In the Night”
The Weeknd (2015) – The Weeknd shits on Asian men. TL;DR: (Sexual) Yellow Peril.
“Bonfire” Childish Gambino (2011) – Childish Gambino cucks Asian man. He is known to have an Asian girl fetish.
“We Made You”
Eminem (2009) – Blurb coming soon.
“All Falls Down”Kanye West (2004) – Kanye West shits on Asian men. (Desexualization via infantilization and geriatrification).

Anti-Asian-Male Web Series & Videos

[This list is incomplete.]

**Please note, the criteria for this list is not as stringent as those of the Films list**

Honest Trailers (2012- )

A series created by the Screen Junkies channel on YouTube. Extremely popular.

In their video on the anti-Asian-male film Inception (2010) which has over 11 million views, they shit on Ken Watanabe for his accent.

The speaker than alludes to an Asian-eye joke, while explicitly making the L-R joke (“Reonardo Dicaprio“) in an Asian accent.

The speaker then, of course, makes a “joke,” referring to Ken Watanabe as “George Takei.”

Wow, all this in a fuckin’ 3-minute video.

Oh, and the channel’s video on the Mortal Kombat movies is hilarious. The white butthurt is real. Just watch it.

Epic Rap Battles of History (2010- )

This series has a massive audience; they are currently sitting on way over 2 billion views. Most of the lyrics here have been written by Peter Shukoff. Lloyd Ahlquist is also a performative accomplice.

“Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin” (2016) – In this video, they (semi-)white-wash Ash. ERB has a lot of issues with semi- and fully white-washing their Asian characters, all the while featuring full Asian characters in demeaning videos like “Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers” and “Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim Jong-il.”

“Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers” (2015) – White men (Peter, Lloyd , Zach Sherwin) vs. a gaggle of Uncle Chans. I am not even going to talk about the racial implications in the video, much less all the stereotypical jokes. Watch it for yourself.

“Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters” (2014) – Disclaimer: This video is not explicitly anti-Asian-male. However, predictably enough, the Asian man, out of 9 men, gets the least lines and the least screen time.

“Goku vs Superman” (2014) – In this video, they use a non-Asian-man (Ray William Johnson) to play Goku (just like they did for the Dragon Ball Z film adaptation). And of course, they couldn’t stop themselves from making a Hiroshima “joke.” They also make a small-dick “joke.” the Somehow when the white guy (Lloyd) talks about Goku’s “measly species,” I don’t think he’s talking about Saiyans.

“Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood” (2012) – Did you expect this video to not be on the list? In this video, white guy (Lloyd) tells Bruce Lee to go work in a sweatshop. Then, after calling marial arts “little dances,” the white guy tells Bruce Lee that he squints better than Bruce. And of course, the white guy can’t forget to make a small dick “joke.” The actor for Bruce Lee also does not look as Asian as Bruce Lee.

“Columbus vs Captain Kirk” (2011) – Right after referring to the Wrath of Khan, whereby Khan is an outgrowth of Yellow Peril, the white guy (Peter) simply smacks a non-Asian-male actor, but stabs the (part-?)Asian-male actor playing Spock (Spock in Star Trek, is an approximation to Asian men). They are always willing to be more violent with Asian men than with any one else.

“Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny” (2011) – In this video, a white man (Lloyd) dons Yellow-Face. Very reminiscent of John Wayne’s The Conqueror (1956).

“Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim Jong-il” (2011) – White men (Peter and Lloyd) vs. an Uncle Chan. Too many Asian jokes to count. Watch it yourself.

Looper – “Movies Hollywood Was Forced to Change For China” – Apr 17, 2017. White liberals at it again; this time, they shit on China and do the whole “Hurr durr China so sensitive and oppressive” shtick. Comments section is carcinogenic. Also note that Looper (2012) was very racist towards Chinese men. 
The Young Turks
– “Guy Explains Why He Won’t Date Hot Women” – Apr 13, 2017.  Liberal (anti-Asian-male) commentators talk about how racist Korean men are to darker woman. Colorism is fine to talk about but to then immediately talk about how accepting Israeli men are is disingenuous, unwoke, and/or ignorant. 
Good Mythical Morning
– “Can You Guess Where They Are Now?” – Mar 27, 2017. One of Youtube’s top trending videos. The channel made a video talking about and poking light fun at William Hung.
MysticGotJokes – “RICEGUM DM’d MY GIRL!” – Jun 21, 2016. Mystic’s (influential YouTuber) girlfriend postulates that Asian-male YouTuber Ricegum has a small dick, while Mystic himself concern trolls. Also features obligatory token Uncle Chan to deflect criticisms of racism.
h3h3Productions – “Alison Gold – Chinese Food — h3h3 reaction video” – Jan 3, 2015. Host says Asian cook in the beginning of Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” uses “big sticks.” Subliminal irony regarding Asian penises. Host also has a bit where he talks in Gold’s hypothetical voice in the video; through the voice he describes the Asian man as “little Chinese cook” and as a rapist. There’s definitely some subconscious racism, in terms of how the white (Jewish) male host sees the Asian man, at display here.
Tested – “Adam Savage’s Samurai Armor Costume!” – Oct 1, 2014. Lmao.
Collegehumor – “Diet Racism” – Aug 28, 2014. Video tries to address anti-Asian-male racism, but just fails by airing out dirty laundry and using stereotypical Asian actor and shits on him. Note that the same actor was the target of anti-Asian-male comedic ojectification in The Big Short (2015).
Baby Mentalist (2013) – The fourth episode features Japanese drug lords (villification) who speak Japanese (Perpetual Foreigner), and all get killed by a white man. In the fifth episode, an Asian man does a white actor’s makeup and is told to leave. Episode 2, which deals with neo-nazis, got taken down on YouTube.
ThinkTank – “‘Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts’ Signs Rock UCLA!” – Dec 7, 2012. The Young Turks off-shoot online news channel with over 1.3 million subscribers talks about UCLA incident where Asian women were demeaned for their white-worship via message written on a stall wall. White man concludes that it was done by an Asian man, despite having no proof. Stupid white man doesn’t know his boss’ (Cenk Uygur) son is half-Asian. Liberals are worse than Conservatives when it comes to Asian men.
Squatters (2010) – Small Asian man cast as “Hung.”

IKEA Heights (2009-2010)

Series uploaded to the YouTube channels “ThisIsChannel101” and “IKEA Heights.”

In the series, Asian-male protagonist “James Melville” (Randall Park) has issues with his wife. She cheats on him with a white man. The white man says it’s because he’s more well-endowed and sexy, and she says it’s because the white man’s more manly. This occurs after they make out right in front of James. She tells him that she still loves him, but just doesn’t want to make love to him. She in fact, has an orgy as well in another episode. In episode 4, as James goes into the room, he says, “please don’t be bed with somebody, please.”

Despite his wife cheating on him, he still loves her and tries to win her back by finding a treasure (stereotype as the Asian-male beta provider).

In episode 5, he is directed to be super awkward around women, as he searches for a new partner due to his wife’s death; he fails.

James also has an Asian brother, who suffers from amnesia. He gets caught by criminals, and so James must get the help of a white man to save his brother. James’ brother has a white girlfriend who is taller than both brothers; this is obviously a point of comedy. James’ brother has also slept with James’ wife.

Considering the whiteness of the name “James Melville,” it’s wholly possible that the casting director for this series is more responsible for the anti-Asian-male racism than the writers.

The series continues on a different channel. In episode 6, Jame is told to get back to work, and it is revealed that all prior events were in his mind; he has no wife.

In episode 7, the actor who portrayed James (Randall Park) plays a different character in the same universe; even in a different role, he has a wife that has sex with another man. She tells him that the child is not his but he is ecstatic.

Anti-Asian-Male Ads

Mar 27, 2017Monster (jobs) commercial on Hulu. Asian man explains policy of ABW (Always Be Working [reference to Glengarry Glen Ross] to white woman who is unsettled by it. Asian man working in the background revealed to be son (over-bearing Asian father).

Feb 16, 2017 – Not anti-gay. However, I am against the systemic erasure of the straight-Asian-male identity. Example by Apple.

Feb 5, 2017Tide ad says Asian men are the furthest thing away from Western civilization. That’s why we are always used to show how far away something is, but how far-reaching something is-just show that even Asian men know about it. Also, old (asexualization via geriatrification) Asian men cast, and speak Japanese (otherization). Also, insert Terikyaki joke. Fuck Tide.

Jan 22, 2017Ad says Asian men are a nuisance and a “problem.” They’re also really good at DDR. Fuck Australia.

Jan 12, 2017 – Aussie ad celebrating diversity uses Fu Manchu to shit on Chinese men. Chinese are also lumped together with whites as colonizers…

Jan 10, 2017Orbit gum ad tells Asian women to leave Asian men. Must be because of muh liberation from the Asian patriarchy. Boycott Orbit our of principle.

Nov 27, 2016 – A short film for H&M by Wes Anderson. Conventionally unattractive, small, and old Asian actor was cast (desexualization). He is depicted to be absolutely clueless, and the only one who has this depiction. Only there for comedic effect.

Sep 21, 2016 – In this Listerine ad, the two principal characters are an extremely short Asian guy and a very tall white man. It’s very clear what they’re trying to do here. The Asian man is also the “Boss” and the white man is the “New Guy”; we are expected to root for the underdog (New Guy) while disliking the Boss as he is the Oppressive Professional Asian Man. When they start dancing, the woman thrusts her papers to the short Asian man, and starts dancing with the white man (desexualization, emasculation). It’s eerily reminiscent of what happens in Wes Anderson’s short for H&M, “Come Together” (2016).

Mar 31, 2016Listerine ad features a shot which puts the Asian man (predictably) in the way back, and as the only individual to wear business clothes out of 6 others (stereotype). Predictably Asian woman is treated very differently.

Mar 14, 2016 Taco Bell uses George Takei’s Asian-maleness as an object of comedy. Read more at Kulture.

Nov 23, 2015 – In this AdBlock ad, viewed by over a million people, an Asian kid uses stereotypical martial arts to protect a white man from ads (Asian-male subservience). He is essentially an analog to the adblocker; he is an object. He is also an object in the sense that he is an object of comedy here.

The boy is an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, The Goonies, Up, School of Rock, Kicking & Screaming, Tropic Thunder, etc.)

Sep 7, 2015AARP ad. Read more at Kulture.

2013BMW ad features stereotypical Oppressive Asian Father vs. WMAF.

May 25, 2011Heinekin ad features a white male (with an Asian female) antagonized by stereotypical Asian men. Commercial stresses that the reverse (AMWF) cannot work (emasculation).

Jan 13, 2011Heinekin ad uses stereotypical martial artists as Asian-male archetype. Attractive white man sparses with him.

Anti-Asian-Male News Media & Articles

*This list is incomplete.*

Apr 26, 2017 – Liberal mouthpiece Vox spreading Yellow Peril again. One of YouTube’s top trending.

Apr 9, 2017 – ABC News gets an Uncle Chan to smear China, accusing them of Islamophobia. At least China doesn’t kill thousands of brown kids everyday.

Apr 6, 2017 – Anti-Asian-male WaPo uses a picture of an Asian man (subtle programming) to talk about unnamed government employee who got in trouble for using a prostitute. Pointed out by a redditor.

Mar 31, 2017 – Anti-Asian-male NYT brings you the beautiful story of a bananarang (an Asian woman who only has sex with white men in her youth, then settles down with a financially secure Asian man) who portrays her husband as the most pathetic and dense loser imaginable.

Mar 30, 2017Quartz aims to sow seeds of division amongst Asian men and POC. Heavy editorializing visible. No surprise, written by an Asian woman.

Mar 30, 2017 – Quartz, this time, through analysis of a documentary, aims to sow seeds of division amongst Asian men and POC. Heavy editorializing visible. No surprise, written by an Asian woman.

Mar 30, 2017Quartz hypes up a band inaccurately. This article advertises the erosion of masculinity in Asia. Celebrating different identities is great, but not at the expense of others.

Mar 27, 2017USA Today demonizes Chinese and breaches objectivity in reporting. They love adding fuel to the fire.

Mar 27, 2017 – The Brits always love to use selective reporting to shit on the “Chinese horde” and stereotypically faulty engineering.

Mar 8, 2017 – Uncle Tong co-opted to bash on China’s uncoolness.

Feb 17, 2017 – Vox, like all Liberal mouthpieces, are even more effective than Conservatives in spreading Yellow Peril.

Jan 10, 2017The Wrap article talks about how Rogue One failed in China. “[T]he film looks like it will far short its underperforming predecessor in China,” says the author [italics mine].” Author does “L”-“R” joke, replacing ‘fall short’ with “far short.” Very, very subtle. They’re getting very good at this.

Jan 6, 2017 – The Outline does a hit-piece on Faraday Futures, due to Sinophobia.

Oct 26, 2016 – Chan just Channing it up.

Sep 20, 2016 – CNN shits on Asian men for being virgins.

July 1, 2016 – WaPo tries to perpetuate Model Minority Myth. Uses faulty data (you can’t compare 100 self-selected doctors to 3,000 farmers.

Apr 4, 2014Reuters reports on an evil Asian guy breaking down and crying in court. With the guise of objectivity, whites publish story on an evil and effeminate Asian man and sensationalize a living stereotype. Check the movies list for full details for the film The Big Short (2015), that shits on Asian men a lot.

Sep 5, 2013 – This shit is not even satire. Wow.

Dec 7, 2012The Young Turks off-shoot online news channel with over 1.3 million subscribers talks about UCLA incident where Asian women were demeaned for their white-worship via message written on a stall wall. White man concludes that it was done by an Asian man, despite having no proof. Stupid white man doesn’t know his boss’ (Cenk Uygur) son is half-Asian. Liberals are worse than Conservatives when it comes to Asian men.

Jul 18, 2012Hit-piece on Jeremy Lin from Forbes loser.

Feb 16, 2012 – “MSG airs Jeremy Lin fortune cookie sign.” CBS, you’re supposed to Madison Square Garden at least once. Nice MSG joke.

Jun 13, 2011 – Piece by Australian (anti-Chinese) author. Notice anything?

Things You Might Have Missed

Just random stuff I come across online. 

Apr 23, 2017 – “This [Asiatic] Actor Found That Omitting His Race Got Him More Auditions.” No shit.

Apr 18, 2017 (archived) – Scientific evidence that Asians who show dominance are hated more than those who don’t.

Apr 18, 2017 – White man so heroic!!!

Apr 12, 2017 – Anti-Asian-male veteran Esther Ku says “Thank you United Airlines.”

Apr 10-14, 2017 – Developing story. Will be updated.

UPDATE. Old Asian doctor selected to be removed from plane (process wasn’t random; they’d never choose a child with his parents or a non-Asian-male POC in fear of the media; even a former Continetal CEO knows it ain’t random); when he showed resistance (he had patients to treat), security men bloodied him up and forcibly removed him. According to witnesses, the Asian man was specifically targeted, even though he wasn’t the first to resist. His Asian wife was also selected to be removed. ***3 out of 4 passengers kicked off might have been Asian; will update as more information becomes available.*** 

Current CEO of United says that security men were in the right and that it was all the Old Asian man’s fault.”

Bill O’ Reilly thinks the whole thing’s kinda funny however. Jimmy Kimmel and his audience also think it’s funny. Not surprised.

“Media outlets smear victim of United Airlines brutality incident” involving the Asian man that was unfairly targeted and bloodied. And of course anti-Asian-male Daily Mail joins in on the bashing. Random white female “reporter” also tries to join in on the bashing.

Redditor uses this situation to bash on the Chinese. Another redditor says the whole thing was the Asian man’s fault. Same this redditor. Seriously, fuck this guy. They just keep going.

This whole situation is funny to whites; they made a The Dark Knight Rises joke (the opening plane scene) about the situation on reddit and it ended up being the second highest entry on the front page. (Btw, a shit ton of Batman works are anti-Asian-male.) Update: The highest entry on the front page is now a Fight Club reference-joke. (Btw, that films is anti-Asian-male.) Update: The new second highest entry on the front page is now a comedic post denying that race had something to do with the situation. Update: Joke about the situation on r/jokes on the front page. Update: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia subreddit makes light of the situation. (Btw, that show is anti-Asian-male.) Update: Fourth highest post on the front-page is a Star Wars joke. (Btw, that franchise is anti-Asian-male.) Update: SpongeBob joke. Front page. Update: South Park joke. Front page. (Btw, that show is anti-Asian-male.) Update: Jokes, jokes, and more jokes on the front page. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another oneAnother one. They take this one even further. All on the front page. They’re meming a tragedy. Even Emirates Airlines is getting on the action. They made a whole joke out of Asian Lives Matter here.

And look at the comments section. This is some new levels of unwokeness right here.

Even Return of Kings did a piece, saying the Asian man was being a little bitch.

Apr 13, 2017 (archived) – Remember the 442d Infantry Regiment. Unit of virtually all Japanese men. Unit of almost 4,000 replaced 2.5 times. Most decorated military unit in Murican history. Sent on suicide missions while family were in internment camps. Almost 9,500 Purple Hearts rewarded.

Apr 13, 2017 (archived) – The origin of the phrase “Chinaman’s Chance” (none at all); derived from survival rate of Chinese human canaries who went into gaseous mines with explosives strapped to them to see if it was safe.

Apr 11, 2017 Developing story. Will be updated. An Asian-Male Extra on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013- ) was allegedly refused food on set; all the others got food and they mocked him. More reputable source.

Apr 11, 2017 (archived) – Asian Lives Matter subreddits like r/AsianLivesMatter and r/YellowLivesMatter have been hijacked by white trolls.

Apr 11, 2017 – Redditor upvote this to the second entry on the front page. They’re using every one’s favorite honorary white pawn in Asia (Taiwan) to implicitly shit on Chinese and Koreans. Except they forgot the Swiss eat cats too. Redditors love this shit; they do with this whale-hunting in Japan, for example, while conveniently forgetting Iceland and Norway hunt more.

Apr 11, 2017 (archived) – r/MURICA‘s upvote button is the Murican flag, and the downvote button is an Asian man. It’s almost poetic.

Apr 11, 2017 – White male model uses Filipino man as a weight to lift in a work-out video. He calls the Filipino man “something,” “that,” and “my weight.” In the video, he chases the Filipino man because “he may get scared and start running.” Asian men may be the most objectified group of people on the planet. We are always objects of comedy, never real people, and this occurs in the workplace and in social interactions.

Apr 11, 2017 – Front page at it again.

Apr 10, 2017 – Chinese man has his face permanently damaged in acid attack; his Chinese wife and child also slightly injured.

Apr 10, 2017Redditor says all Japanese men are super feminine.

Apr 10, 2017 – “Luxembourg Consulate Staff Threatens to “F**k Up” Shanghai Man” (video).

Apr 10, 2017 – TIL there’s a band made up of 3 white dudes called “Chinese Man.” One of their members is called “High Ku.” Facepalm.

Apr 9, 2017 – Look at these whites massively downvoting the Fung Bros’ AMA. Sickening.

Apr 7, 2017Redditors, once again, pushes the idea that Chinese = conformists. Found on the frontpage.

Apr 7, 2017 (Archived) – Wikipedia, as they have done before, spreads false narratives of Asia and its “problem” of misogyny when China out-ranks the U.S. in gender equality (look it up yourself). Pointed out by an Asian redditor.

Apr 5, 2017 – “Discrimination Complaint by Asian American Student against Idaho State University Moves Forward.”

Mar 30, 2017 – “Man Facing Deportation After Bad Legal Advice Makes Case to Supreme Court.”

Mar 30, 2017 – Redditors spread Yellow Peril.

Mar 28, 2017 – Chinese man killed in front of family by French cops dressed in plain clothing. He allegedly had scissors; the cops were allegedly laughing when he died according to some reports. NYT did a piece on it.

Mar 28, 2017 – Redditor shits on the Japanese.

Mar 28, 2017 – Redditor mocks Chinese products.

Mar 23, 2017 – Of course, Wikipedia lists Ludi Lin last in the cast list of Power Rangers.

Mar 23, 2017 – Of course, Ludi Lin is seated furthest away from the interviewer.

Mar 18, 2017 – “A teacher in Spain says all Chinese males are ugly in front a class full of Chinese students. Guess what? He had a Chinese girlfriend.” Chinese students were not allowed to film for proof because that would result in expulsion from the country.

Mar 12, 2017 (video uploaded) – Amy Schumer says Asian men are unfuckable, after talking about an attractive African American man. A couple seconds later, she talks about anti-semitism. Lol. Btw, you guys remember this?

Mar 11, 2017 – “Fury in Cambodia as US asks to be paid back hundreds of millions in war debts.”

Mar 9, 2017 – Chinese students targeted at Columbia University in racist vandalism attacks; pretty sad considering the some of the Ivies were founded on Opium money (no really, look it up).

Mar 5, 2017 – Redditor belittles Asian men.

Mar 5, 2017 – Reddit loves to emasculate Asian men.

Mar 1, 2017 – Good example of the dangers of the Model Minority Myth.

Mar 2017Wikipedia spreads false information on stability of interracial marriages involving Asian men.

Mar 2017 – A piece on historical, heroic figures that Murican history education conveniently ignores and omits.

Mar 2017 – A piece on Bill Maher’s racism against Asian men.

Mar 2017 – A piece on how The Lion King (1994) was plagiarized from the Japanese work Kimba the White Lion (1965-1967).

Mar 2017 – Losers at r/marvelstudios concern-troll for and hate on a half-Asian man in defense of the racist show Iron Fist (2017- ).

Feb 2017 – Steven Yeun (star from The Walking Dead) needs to audition for 5-line roles.

Feb 23, 2017 – They say they hate us because we don’t assimilate. Yet whether we have an Anglo first name or not, we are almost 30% less likely to get hired than Anglos.

Feb 10, 2017 – “Cambodians Face Deportations to Homeland They’ve Never Known.”

Feb 2, 2017 – Old Chinese man killed by the very same security guard hired to protect members of that residential community including the old man. He was playing Pokemon Go to connect with this grandkid; he was in a car and had no weapons but was shot 5 times. 

Jan 24, 2017 – Uninformed white guy tries to provoke calm Chinese official. Shit’s hilarious. Shit’s hilarious.

Jan 17, 2017 – Steve Harvey shits on Asian men. He gives a fake apology screenshot from his iPhone notes application.

Dec 29, 2016 – “Professor says UIC forced him to teach statistics because he is Asian.” But that’s not all. Read the article.

Dec 13, 2016 – “ESPN Commentator with Racist dig at Jeremy Lin.”

Dec 5, 2016 – A must-see film about neo-imperalist Murican actions against China and Japan, and Murican crimes against humanity, specifically, in the intentional nuclear testing in Bikini Atoll (people used as guinea pigs) and other encroachments upon the Marshall Islands.

Oct 28, 2016 – Unfunny pile of shit Amy Schumer dissuades Asian women from dating Asian men, and says all Asians look the same.

Oct 14, 2016 – Rapper YG promotes violence against Asians.

Sep 12, 2016 – Only one bank faced charges for the 2008 Financial Crisis; of course it’s the Asian-owned one. (Also see: extremely, extremely, anti-Asian-male film The Big Short [2015].)

Sep 2, 2016 – Child molester Lena Dunham uses “self-aware” racism against Asian men.

Aug 5, 2016 – There was a Facebook group called “Ban all Asians from EDM festivals.”

Jun 27, 2016 – Interesting look at the not-so-innocent racial motivations behind dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Jun 4, 2016 – Compilation of Asian women talking about their dislike of Asian men for racist reasons.

Jun 1, 2016Phoenix Program during the Nam War. Crimes against Viet humanity.

May 31, 2016 – There’s a new social media trend about “chink eyes.”

Apr 13, 2016 – Peter Liang is the scapegoat and must take the fall for all the innocent African Americans killed by white police.

Apr 5, 2016 – Compilation of Jeremy Lin being unfairly targeted by refs and players here.

Mar 25, 2016 – “Jeremy Lin says he’s still asked to show ID at opposing NBA arenas.”

Mar 15, 2016 – Oscars shit on Asians and then Oscars give fake apology.

Feb 29, 2016People did a snapchat story on their favorite moments from the Oscars; one of these was of the anti-Asian joke from Chris Rock.

Feb 28, 2016 – Chris Rock uses children as comedic objects to make Asian math jokes while a room full of white people laugh, and Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) make a small Asian dick joke comparing Asian men to minions while white people like Louis C.K. and other laugh their asses off.

Feb 4, 2016Jarred Ha expelled from university for defending himself against white attackers of both sexes and charged.

Jan 22, 2016 – Oscars are racist because Asian hate black people according to Bill Maher.

2016 – The first Bachelorette contender of Asian-descent tells the world that Asians have small penises.

Dec 11, 2015 – Anti-Asian male veteran Esther Ku calls Asian men “animals.

July 24, 2015 – “Ho Feng Shan: The ‘Chinese Schindler’ who saved thousands of Jews.” In return, we get Hollywood and the Israeli company that forbids sexual contact between Chinese men and natives.

Jul 23, 2015 – “Facebook REFUSES to shut down ‘racist’ ‘Humans of Sunnybank’ group which cruelly mimics Asian accents and labels the Brisbane community ‘dog meat eaters.'”

Jul 22, 2015 – Just found this 92-minute compilation of one of my favorite comedians bashing Asians.

May 1, 2015 – Ivy League bankrolled by Muricans who exploited Chinese with Opium; How do they repay us? Affirmative Action and “holistic” (anti-Asian-male) selection processes.

Mar 29, 2015 – Rapper Dumbfoundead is bashed with a barrage of anti-Asian-male insults. This happens in all of Dumbfoundead’s rap battles, not just this one.

Feb 5, 2015 – Female Argentinian President aka “El Coño” tweets an Asian L-R joke while meeting with China on trade matters. A new level of disrespect there. She is the Alfonso Cuaron of Presidents.

2015 – TV producer for Make It Pop (2015- ) says he would never have Asian guys in his show in board meeting. No wonder Hollywood looks the way it does.

Dec 12, 2014 – Did you know Marky Mark beat up a Viet man and blinded an older one in one eye while calling them “gooks“?

Jul 2014 – I was disgusted by the amount of people on tumblr that bashed and demonized Jeremy Lin for wearing the “I can’t breathe” shirt in solidarity with Eric Garner (the man who was murdered for selling cigs; ruled as a homicide but no justice).

May 20, 2014 – Adam Carolla implies Asians are somehow neck to neck with whites (false), except in the field comedy because Asians aren’t funny. Asians being neck to neck with whites bothers him (even though it’s not true). He points to Asians not being well-known in the comedic sphere; he forgets that the people in charge of putting talent out into the world are racists just like him.

Dec 6, 2013 – Tyler, The Creator, shits on Asian men.

Nov 9, 2013 – Jimmy Kimmel decides to air bit about a kid saying we should kill all the Chinese, which Kimmel found funny. Makes sense considering his gf doesn’t think “chink” is a real slur, and that he mocks Damon for working with the Chinese at the 89th Academy Awards.

Jul 12, 2015 – The infamous “Sum Ting Wong” incident where white people show how funny they think Asian dying on a plane is.

Jun 5, 2013 – Asian-male accents are so funny in 2013!

Feb 5, 2013 – Duke University frat hosts Asian-themed party.

Aug 31, 2012 – The self-hating Asian female’s anthem: “I Refuse to Ever Date an Asian Man.” Nothing but stereotypes, lies, and unsound post hoc rationalization.

Aug 31, 2012 – Anti-Asian-male white comedian punched by Asian man.

Feb 18, 2012 – “ESPN Refers to Jeremy Lin as a ‘Chink’ Twice.” The author knew exactly what he was doing. Author uses the “I can’t be racist, I have an Asian wife” trick to derail accusation.

Feb 16, 2012 – “MSG airs Jeremy Lin fortune cookie sign.” CBS, you’re supposed to Madison Square Garden at least once. Nice MSG joke.

Dec 8, 2010 – Rapper A-Class is bashed with a barrage of anti-Asian-male insults. This happens in all of Dumbfoundead’s rap battles, not just this one.

Sep 3, 2010 – Morrissey calls Chinese “sub-species.”

Jun 30, 2010 – Anti-Asian-male veteran says she won’t marry an Asian man because they have small dicks and aren’t real people.

Jan 6, 2007Yellow Peril.

Dec 24, 2003 – “Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract.” That and Hollywood. And Palestine. Jfc.

Aug 23, 2001 – On anti-Asian-male Bill Maher‘s show Politically Incorrect, Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher say that “chink” is not a real slur. In fact, NBC asked Silverman was asked to replace the n word with “chink” in a nationally broadcast bit on Conan’s show.

Jun 1982 – Chinese-American man Vincent Chin killed because white men thought he was Japanese; they were angry about Japs “stealing” their jobs.

Anti-Asian-Male Radio Shows & Podcasts

The Adam Carolla Show (2009- )

Adam Carolla says Pacquiao, because he’s Filipino, is getting preferential treatment over white and black fighters (lol). He says Pacquiao “prays to chicken bones.” He then goes on to bash the Filipino people in general.

And of anti-Asian-male The Young Turks (see: News & Articles list) defends Carolla, using selective evidence.

And this is currently the #1 podcast of all time (according to Guinness World Records).

The Howard Stern Show (1979- )

Amy Schumer attacks Asian men again (last time she mocked Asians on twitter).

This time, Amy Schumer says Asian men are unfuckable, after talking about an attractive African American man. A couple seconds later, she talks about anti-semitism.

Anti-Asian-Male Books

[This list is incomplete, and needs heavy editing]

**Please note that the critera for this list is not as well-defined or stringent as that of the movies list.**


Everything I Never Told You (2013) – Blurb coming soon. 
Eleanor & Park
(2013) – Blurb coming soon.


Infinite Jest (1996) – Talks about a man with a yellow face.
The Other Side of Dawn (1999) – Blurb coming soon.
The Night is for Hunting (1999) – Blurb coming soon.
Burning for Revenge (1997) – Blurb coming soon.
Darkness, Be My Friend (1996) – Blurb coming soon.
The Third Day, The Frost (1995) – Blurb coming soon.
The Dead of the Night (1994) – Blurb coming soon.
Tomorrow, When the War Began (1993) – Blurb coming soon.


The Joy Luck Club (1989) – Blurb coming soon.