I’m a (straight) Asian guy who likes to watch the occasional film. This is difficult, however, as anywhere from 75-85% of feature-length films created by Westerners are specifically and actively racist towards Asian Men. Recently, it’s about 90-95% of films (economic competition with Asia probably plays a huge role).

Hollywood (TV, and video games) seems to have a special fetish for either emasculating (via infantilization, desexualization, or anti-sexualization), mocking (their accent, behavior, or their looks), or mass-killing off (rendering them dehumanized and expendable) Asian men. At the end of the day, their portrayal is required to be negative. It’s disgusting. It’s also so widespread, I’m beginning to think it’s a fundamental rule of western film-making that’s taught in film schools, or that there is self-imposed or directed intentional quota in the industry. 

It’s disappointing that if a film wants to be famous or well-known, such racism against Asian men is a prerequisite. Anti-Asian male scenes and messages are as important as sound for modern day film. For Asian men who grew up watching this vile garbage, it must have destroyed their psyche.

That’s why all those foreign films I watch are a joy. (Short films, due to time constraints,  also tend to lack this anti-AM agenda with a few exceptions). In short, you would have to be mentally-challenged in some way to deny the conscious (by way of casting, directing, writing, reviewing, and editing) denigration and sexual/existential assault on Asian men by Western filmmakers.

I started this blog, as I was shadowbanned on Letterboxd for my views.

I focus on movies and TV since I believe that moving images, or motion pictures, have the greatest influence on people. It isn’t abstract like visual fine art or text. Each film is a “reality” that can subliminally affect people according to the creator’s agenda. Films are highly viral and are extremely easy to consume. They are essentially memes in which people place emotional investment. That’s why movies (and TV shows) impact culture more than anything else. And this is destroying Asian men in the West.

*Important notes: 

  1. What is my criteria for a film to be on the anti-Asian-male list? Consider these questions: Is the Asian man, who holds the Burden of Representation, represented negatively in any way and has he been cast solely for that reason?Is he white-washed, yellow-faced, or erased?Is he asexualized (through emasculation or infantilization)? Is the straight Asian man punished for expressing his straightness or excluded because his heterosexuality is unfathomable?Is he represented as a villain (without a (heroic) foil)? Is he there solely as a figure of Yellow Peril?Is he otherized? Is he inhuman or alien? Is he solely there for the purpose of perpetuating the stereotypes of him being a Model Minority, Perpetual Foreigner, a racist, a misogynist, or an untrustworthy criminal? Is he there just to mock his asexuality, worthlessness, robotic nature, evil, status as a butt-end of all jokes, slanted eyes, short stature, or his tiny dick?Is he made worthless as he is killed off along with the mass of his brothers?Is he used for the purposes of Body Horror, and does his Asianness contribute to that?If any of those questions are answered with a yes, it has failed the AMDb test, and is by definition, anti-Asian male.WMAF films do not make it onto the list just because they are WMAF, although that is a major problem for Asian men (straight-Asian-male erasure). WMAF fims only make it onto the list if they actively shit on Asian men. Additionally, starring hapas, while contributing to Asian-male erasure, does not get a film on this list, unless it shits on Asian men.
  2. Other margnialized groups are also shat on in films. These groups include Indian men (e.g., Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol), Black women (e.g., Awakenings), Native American men (e.g., Adaptation), Latino men, little people (Willy Wonka), the obese (Wall-E), and many more. However, for every movie they are attacked, there are about 75-100 times the amount of movies that shit on Asian men, the factor depending on the marginalized group (considering movies from 1950-present). Asian men are disproportionately mocked in films (and in TV, video games, music videos, etc.) compared to any other identity group, according to my numerical analyses. Such jabs and stabs in unprecedented numbers, destroys the (straight) Asian male psyche and makes him unable to function as a human being in society. Dripping water can create holes in rocks over time. Another difference between the racist portrayal of other groups and Asian men is that no other group is purposefully treated in such a manner. Asian men and other groups are victims of subconsious racism from film creators. But no other group is purposefully propagandized to be subhuman enemies as much as Asian men.
  3. Please note that I am not anti-gay. Please note that this database comes from the point-of-view of a straight Asian male. Thus, media that try to purposefully erase the Straight Asian Male Identity will be a part of the database. It is not saying gay Asian men are insignificant or aren’t “real” Asian men. They are my brothers, too.

I consider the work I’m doing as being of utmost social importance. I believe I have to shed light on the most ignored social issue today: The fact that Asian men are the most hated group of humans in the Western world. Another question the vastness of this list hopes to answer is: What does it all mean? There are only three possible answers: 1) Asian men are the most hated race by Western peoples due to our “alien” looks and rising economic influence; 2) The industry has a self-imposed rule on depicting us negatively or adheres to a quota applied by another entity; or 3) Both.

*Please note that this blog is in no way associated with IMDb.