List of Anti-Asian-Male TV Shows

This list contains [231] items. Check out the lists for movies and games too. 


American Crime Story (TBA) – This entry does not add to the list count. Season 3 will be dedicated to the story of a half-Asian Filipino serial killer (r/hapas). As if the Yellow Peril garbage in media wasn’t already enough.
13 Reasons Why
(2017- ) – Asian guy “Zach Dempsey” is an antagonistic bully on the show; in one episode, he emotionally abuses the white female lead “Hannah” for refusing to go out with him (this episode was directed by a Chan. I wonder if the cruel bastards made him do this). It was one of the reasons she killed herself (source). Was pretty funny how Asian guys thought this was going to a be good role. Thanks, Netflix.
Riverdale (2017- ) – Asian guy “Reggie” is the white lead’s rival. Of course he is.
The Sinner (2017) – “East Asian male on dating site, likes European female, who doesn’t like how he looks but goes on a date with him to steal his money” – Ethnic Muse
Tomorrow, When the War Began
(2016- ) – Aussie show masturbates to fantasies of the Asian Invasion for the continent’s natural resources necessary to feed their growing population. *Dies from too much irony.* Token Asian man treated like shit.
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016- ) – Gives a hapa male a good role (cus at least he has some white in him), while perpetuating Asian-male stereotypes. Thanks, CBS. (See: Criminal Minds [2005- ]). 
Pure Genius
(2016- ) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Five (2016- ) – Erasure of Straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
American Gothic (2016- ) – “Asian male police officer sleeps while tasked with guarding a family” – Ethnic Muse
Young Pope
(2016-) – Main character talks about how much he hates tourists. Sees Asian boy and immediately closes door.
Blindspot (2015- ) – White female lead beats up dehumanized, evil Asian men. Again. Asian symbols are also ominous, as it was in Manhunter (1986) and Sherlock (2010- ). Brought to you by NBC, who doesn’t believe “chink” is a racial slur.
Quantico (2015- ) – White man beats up Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse). Also features Asian-male hacker and Asian-male henchman (source: Ethnic Muse).
Madam Secretary (2014- ) – White woman punches President of the Philippines when he expresses his heterosexuality and makes his nose bleed (from r/asianamerican).
True Detective (2014- ) – Asian man (Geldof) is a corrupt man running for a governorship (source).
House of Cards (2013- ) – “Xander Feng” is an antagonistic figure that is implied to have been executed at the end (Asian guy always dies). He does everything at the behest of a white man. They also add a nice little detail about Feng’s grandfather having fought for, gulp, Mao (America vs. China fear-stoking). China is a Yellow Peril state on the show. Thanks, Netflix.
Blacklist (2013- ) – “Wujing” is an assassin working for the Chinese. He is the second son in his family (the show’s “fuck you” to the oppressive One-Child-Policy law). The white male lead convinces him to not kill a white woman protagonist after she kills Asian man “Jin Sun” (emasculation). Wujing is arrested. An Asian man also plays the role of a coroner (because Asian men are creepy).
Bates Motel (2013- ) – Asian man incompetent and enforces stereotype (source: Ethnic Muse).
Elementary (2012- ) – Show about WMAF that features Asian male criminals (source: Ethnic Muse).

Sherlock (2010- )

“The Blind Banker” is probably the worst offender. It portrays Asian men as being misogynistic, cruel, inhumane, of small stature, having “small feet,” weak, unfair, corrupt, servile, tourists, alien, having accents, emotionally sterile, easily brainwashed and, as usual, being violence fodder. They even have an Asian man kill his sister. The sister is someone we’re supposed to identify with since the first parts of the episode fixate on her. They also have a fixation with the Asian-male eye (which is the case throughout the show). The Asian henchman are also lead by an Asian woman, since an Asian-male leader is unfathomable (see other examples, such as the show Z-Nation or the game Watch Dogs 2.

In “The Hounds of Baskerville,” a hapa male is nothing but gullible (such an unoriginal anti-Asian-male trope), while in “Many Happy Returns,” Asians are just mystical monks. Additionally, in “The Empty Hearse,” Asian men are portrayed as conventionally unattractive criminals/”rats.”

“The Sign of Three” is one of the better episodes, but it devolves into portraying Asian men as the perpetual foreigners/tourists, while also insulting little people.

A note about the “Blind Baker” in which an Asian brother kills his sister: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Criminal MindsSense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Castle, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

In Between Men (2010- ) – Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity and very negative depiction of said Asian male. Read more at Kulture.
(2010- ) – “Wo Fat” is based on Fu Manchu (source). Additionally, features Tagawa as “Noshimuri,” a businessman with Yakuza ties. And have you heard about how the Asian actors were given less pay than than the white ones?

Criminal Minds (2005- )

Asian-male serial killer and stalker “Justin Leu” who is demented kills people in horrific ways with religious undertones. When he was younger, his dad drank and locked him up, and beat him if he didn’t got less than an A.

He is assisted by a mentally-ill college student and former student “Nathan Chow.” Asians all hang out with each other… and kill people.

A note about Leu and his father: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Criminal MindsBaywatch, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Hand of God (2014-2017) – Only Asian man an accountant (stereotype) who embezzles (villainization). He uses a prostitute (because how else would an Asian man get laid?) and gets punched in the face by her (emasculation). Thanks, Amazon.
One Child (2016) – Westernized Asian woman protagonist. Asian men are all perverts and immoral. Brought to you by the BBC (See: Sherlock [2010- ]).
CSI: Cyber (2015-2016) – Asian man stalks daughter (source: Ethnic Muse).
Banshee (2013-2016) I am not anti-LGBT. I support them. However, what does transgender depiction of the Asian man here say? Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity.
Hell on Wheels (2011-2016) – Asian man runs brothels and opium dens.

Castle (2009-2016)

Asians are drug-dealing gangsters in the show. “Ben Lee” falls in love with a white woman “Jane.” She is killed. I’ve noticed death always gets in the way of AMWF couples (see: The Fast and the Furious franchise, Grave Encounters 2, Bioshock Infinite, etc.)

Ben’s brother, “Philip Lee” is a drug-dealing gangster. He killed “Jane” to prevent Ben from essentially eloping with Jane. Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media (usually due to the men): see the entry for Criminal Minds for some examples.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Shannon Kook as “Zane Park” (source: r/hapas). Erasure of the Straight Asian Male identity. Because straight Asian men are intolerable.

(See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Entourage, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)

Sons of Anarchy
(2008-2014) – Asian men are Triads. As per usual.
Dexter (2006-2013) – Asian man “Vince Masuka” is a semi-side kick and pervert. Has low EQ and makes inappropriate jokes, causing people to dislike him, and unsuccessfully shows slight interest in white woman (source).
Serangoon Road (2003) – Australian man is the protagonist in a show about Singapore. Poor white guy was a child when he was in a Japanese internment camp (source).
House M.D. (2004-2012) – White male protagonist decides to become doctor because of how racist the Japs are (source: Ethnic Muse).
Lie to Me (2009-2011) – Asian man shot at wedding and a problem with (source: Ethnic Muse).
Entourage (2004-2011) – “Lloyd Lee.” Erasure of Asian-male identity. (See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001-2011) – Reference to Asian man who uses prostitutes (source: Ethnic Muse).
Lost (2004-2010) – Daniel Dae Kim as “Jin-Soo Kwon” (Perpetual Foreigner). Also, perpetuates stereotype of “Asian Male Misogyny” (source: Ethnic Muse) and trope of the Dysfunctional Asian Family. Asian man dies trope (source: r/hapas).
The Pacific (2010) – Americans kill Japs. The finer points of the capacity of cruelty of all humans is lost. Seriously, go check the audience response to seeing Japs getting killed yourself. HBO mini-series. Apparently they’ve ridden the Yellow Peril train too; the focus groups have given a thumbs up to this, which is why more studios are investing in them.
Law & Order (1990-2010) – In one episode, white woman kills Asian boss because he forced her into prostitution, and abused her. In another episode, Asian men are shown to racist against African Americans (source: Ethnic Muse). Bonus: S18E1 deals with the stereotype of China making shitty products (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Unit (2006-2009) – Male Asian danger to society killed (source: Ethnic Muse).
ER (1994-2009) – The man who played “Long Duk Dong” plays a gay male nurse (Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity, emasculation) “Yosh Takata.” “Yosh Takata” is literally as believable as “Long Duk Dong.” (See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation, Entourage, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)
Cashmere Mafia (2008) – Asian woman dates Asian man to make her white ex-boyfriend jealous. Features other scenes of Desexualization (source: Ethnic Muse).
Las Vegas (2003-2008) – Hapa male gets sexually humiliated (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Shield (2002-2008) – Four Asian men have sex with and pimp 12-year-old Asian girl (source: Ethnic Muse).
Alias (2001-2006)Ric Young as “Zhang Lee.” Combination of Chinese and Korean names. Zhang Lee is a torturer. Only job.
JAG (1995-2005) – Asian man under suspicion of human trafficking (source: Ethnic Muse).
New York Undercover (1994-1999) – Asian criminal killed by woman (source: Ethnic Muse).
Pointman (1995) – Grotesque perpetuation of “Asian Male Misogyny (source: Ethnic Muse).

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

White woman wears Yellowface to pose as a Japanese businessman named “Tojamura” (source). They give him glasses (stereotype) and long hair (emasculation). Another pic.(S.O. to Asian male redditor who showed me this example of Yellowface.)

But don’t worry! A real Asian man is cast as… “Asian man.” He is shot in the head by a–you guessed it–Asian woman who is married to an old white man.  I mean, he also does have a name: “Jonathan Kumagai.”

21 Jump Street (1987-1991) – Vietnamese man cast as “Harry Truman Ioki.” Writers thought it was sooo funny to name the Japanese character after the guy who dropped the atomic bomb. Classy.
Tenko (1981-1985) – White women of various nationalities captured by evil Japanese men and put into a fictional concentration camp (source). Produced by the BBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (source). Series created by a white woman (source). 
Hawaii Five-O
(1968-1980) – “Wo Fat” is based upon Fu Manchu (source).
Bonanza (1959-1973) – Chinese are killers and misogynistic (source: Ethnic Muse).


Gap Year (2017- ) – Whites and an Asian girl take a trip to China (of course there’s no Asian male). They all go to a bar. Asian girl is treated unfairly by evil Asian-male bartender. When the Asian girl gets a banana-drink, they all think it’s an insult of the girl being a “banana” even though jokes about this were made prior; in reality it was drink for another client. White girl, who made a “banana” joke, comes to the rescue; this angers another evil misogynistic Asian male. Another case of Evil Asian Male Misogyny. All info from reddit post by Asian redditor dalt0kk1 (who has deleted her account).

Dear White People (2017- )

The show has noble and necessary goals, but it’s still hilariously unwoke. In ep. 3, stud “Troy” runs for student body president, and convinces Asian students, mostly male, to vote for him by making dumplings. In ep. 2, the show talks about how the rich white students of the ivy “Winchester” had racially insensitive parties, such as the “Injun,” “wetback,” and “Dear Black People” (blackface) parties. Predictably, there was no Yellowface party. Did the writers forget about Duke’s Asian-themed party? This oversight, intentional or not, is pretty pathetic. The inclusion of “James Lee,” who may or may not be Asian, as one of the participants of the “Dear Black People” party is also disconcerting.

In ep. 10, the Af-Am protagonists stage a protest against the school. In the first shot in which cops appear in this episode, one of two is an Asian male. He is the only one shown in another scene. In another shot, he is the only whose face you can make out clearly. He is in almost every shot involving policemen in this episode (what is this Black-ish/Peter Liang bullshit?). Asian men are always unnecessarily lumped in with the real oppressors.

In that same episode, there is also an Asian male student counter protesting the Af-Am protest. He is part of the mostly white anti-binge-drinking protest, protesting in memory of “Thane,” a white student who died after jumping while intoxicated.

In ep. 5, they introduce a token Asian female character “Ikumi” who is clearly an “ally” to the black cause. Why can’t Asian men be allies? She also promotes the film adaptation of the Joy Luck Club as being good for Asian representation, which is an extremely self-hating and disgusting anti-Asian-male film. The show says white women, white men, and Asian women can be allies, but not Asian men. That’s hilarious, considering those three are the three most privileged members of Western society. Another minor protagonist (Af-Am) makes a Chinese child labor joke. Ep. 7 features another Asian-female ally (“Annie”). Lmao. Ep. 8 briefly mentions the fetishization and racism gay Asian men face. Of course, they ignore the racist treatment of straight Asian men.

Generally speaking, I’ve noticed a sore lack of Asian men in general on campus. Winchester must be one of those ivies with a relatively high anti-Asian affirmative action standards. And no, I do not take solace in the fact that a Chan directed ep. 6.

Louis C.K.: 2017 (2017)

At one point, Louis C.K. squints his eyes, puts his hands together, and bows while donning a stereotypical Chinese accent. This was in a bit about how widespread the Gregorian calendar is. It’s so widespread, that even the Chinese use it. Because Asian men are furthest thing from Western civilization (see: 2017 Tide Superbowl adLimitless [2011], Minority Report [2002], The Truman Show [1998], Rosemary’s Baby [1968], Spectre [2015], etc.).

Way later, after talking in what is clearly a Southern accent, he apologizes for speaking in a Chinese accent (punchline). He then continues about how he is from Beijing and Shanghai, and uses chopsticks. He says doing “voices” are offensive, but funny. I guess he doesn’t know that ironic racism is racism, as an ironic slap is a slap. Thanks Netflix.

I’m not surprised, though. He did laugh at Sacha Baron Cohen’s joke about how Asian men are like Minions because they’re yellow, work hard, and have tiny “dongs” at the 2016 Oscars.

Also see: Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater (2011).

(2016- ) – Asian man called referred to as “Jackie Chan” is rejected for a non-Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse). Asian man also assigned traditionally feminine occupation (Emasculation) (source: Ethnic Muse). Thanks, HBO. 
Lady Dynamite (2016- ) – Asian male cast as “Giant Penis” (source). Yes, we get the joke, and it’s not funny. 
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
(2015- ) – Ki Hong Lee as accented “Dong Nyuen” who’s good at math. Also they have the audacity to mock organizations that ask for better portrayal of Asians, and depict Asian men as overly insensitive. Read more at Kulture. And fuck Tina Fey.
Difficult People (2015- ) – Casts straight John Cho as gay male. Erasure of Straight Asian Male Identity.
The Last Man on Earth (2015- ) – Amateur Asian pilot “Lewis” dies during his maiden voyage (Asian guy always dies). He is also depicted as being gay (Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity). (Source.)
iZombie (2015- ) – “East Asian male feminization (dead gangster, another states he is into ‘white girls’, physically assaults European female, gets beaten by European female, said female states ‘… you got your ass kicked by a girl, get over it’, Daniel Lim credited as ‘Whimpering Asian Skell’, Andy Yu credited as ‘Humorless Clerk’)” – Ethnic Muse.
Superstore (2015- ) – Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity via a prominent character (source: r/aznidentity).
Red Oaks (2015- ) – Mocks Asian men through stereotyping. Read more at Kulture. Brought to you by Amazon, who also produced the adaptation of Man in the High Castle (2015- ).
Dr. Ken (2015- ) – One of the worst Uncle Chans in existence plays a doctor (stereotype). Read more at Kulture.
Black-ish (2014- ) – In the episode about police brutality, an Asian man was used to represent it. He is the only “antagonist” in this episode, and says that the black victim was “no angel.” Asian men are always used as scapegoats for white society’s ills, when in fact, Asian have zero power when it comes to setting up social institutions. Once again, African-American media is showing its strong anti-Asian-male racism. And white media loved it. Pathetic.
Silicon Valley (2014- ) – “Jian Yang” (Perpetual Foreigner) is unable to socially function and is extremely clueless all the time. Basically inhuman object for making jokes.  According to a fellow activist, there is another Asian male on the show called “Ed Chen.” Predictably, he plays an antagonistic character and is devoid of sexuality. Typical Hollywood and their pathetic base… And not surprising that T.J. Miller thinks ‘ironic racism’ is a thing (according to IGN interview about the anti-Asian-male Deadpool). Update: Kulture’s take on the show can be found here. Bonus: Miller actually said “Hey, look, Asians aren’t supposed to be this entitled in the United States.”
Fargo (2014- ) – Asian man is an henchman to a white man (source). He kills several people, and is ultimately killed himself by a white male (source). His odd name, “Meemo,” is also an attempt at otherizing the character. Another Asian-male character is an ex-con. (See Fargo [1996], an extremely anti-Asian-male film, on the films list.)
How to Get Away with Murder (2014- ) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
Nathan For You (2013- ) – One of the most racist moments on TV (source: r/aznidentity). The Asian man is the only group of people you can be racist against with no consequence.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. An Asian-Male Extra was allegedly refused food on set; all the others got food and they mocked him (from r/asianamerican). Better source. Lawsuit pending.
Veep (2012- ) – Asian man is used as but a vehicle for a joke about white men with yellow fever (source: r/hapas). He explains how the word “Chinaman” is considered inappropriate, but the final joke is about white men with yellow fever, not a commentary on the usage of “Chinaman’s chance.”
Making it in America (2010- ) – Title sequence features stereotypical Old Asian Cook.
The Middle (2009- ) – Matthew Moy as incredibly stereotypical foreign exchange student “Takayuki” (source).
The Big Bang Theory (2007- ) – “Chen” is a stingy waiter at a Chinese restaurant in one episode. In another, Sheldon believes the restaurant’s tangerine chicken is deceptively being presented as orange chicken (stereotype of Chinese messing with food; knock-off stereotype). Sheldon also speaks Mandarin to him and Chen can’t understand him.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005- ) – In “Flowers for Charlie,” the Asian man “Tang-See” is more or a less a prop for comedy. He’s a scientist (stereotype) with a thick Chinese accent. The actor in real life has no such accent. Charlie Day speaks gibberish Chinese to this man.
Arrested Development (2003- ) “Ahn-Young” is over-used as the butt-end of a joke. Treats him like an accessory. Also features William Hung.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000- )

The title of the episode “The Korean Bookie” is, no doubt, a racist callback to the film “The Killing of a Chinese Bookie” (1976). In the episode Bobby Lee plays an accented Asian man who is suspected of eating a dog, which causes trouble for the protagonist.

In another episode, the show makes fun of Japanese cooks. Larry David then goes on to otherize an awkward Japanese guy by making a big deal about bowing and how people “in this country” don’t do so anymore. He also makes a reference to a “big penis“; his reasons for doing so are obvious in this context. The man also becomes extremely shifty and nervous as soon as Larry David prods further into the Japanese man’s grandfather being a kamikaze pilot (of course he was). Larry also calls the Japanese grandfather “chicken” for failing to die as kamikaze pilot. (S.O. to the r/hapas user who showed me this scene).

Update: Asian male comedian also talks about the anti-Asian (male) racism in this show.

SNL (1975- ) – Asian jokes, and gags revolving around Asian men to this day. Here are a couple of examples of anti-Asian-maleness I’ve come across randomly from mid-2017 onward. Note that some of these transgressions are pretty mild in comparison to other entries on this list. 1) Oh, and several instances of white-washing. 2) This skit involving parents touring Harvard only includes whites, African-Americans, and South Asians, but doesn’t include East Asians. 3) Asian man objectified for his Asianness for comedic effect. 4) Old (asexualization via geriatrification) Asian man objectified for his Asianness. Read more at YOMYOMF. 5) Of course they make one of the evil scientists an Asian male. 6) White kid is warned that he will be raped by a “freaky Chinese dude” in prison.
2 Broke Girls (2011-2017) – Asian man depicted as extremely unmanly and undesirable (emasculation, asexualization). This show is famous for this amongst Asian men. Bonus.
Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas (2017) – Chappelle (married to a Filipino), excludes Asians from the racial “hot seat.” Essentially implying our racial plights are not worthy of mentioning, as they don’t even exist. Brought to you by Netflix.
Workaholics (2011-2017) – Waymond Lee as “Waymond.” However, I did appreciate the atypical casting of three Asian men as the “Neo-Greasers,” but it’s unfortunate that as always they were the antagonists in that episode.
Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
(2016) – Asian woman tells the world that she fucked white men before marrying her Asian husband. Even a homeless one. Basically, outing herself as bananarang (an Asian woman who only has sex with white men in her youth, then settles down with a financially secure Asian man). Brought to you by Netflix.
Kev & Gad: Tout Est Possible (2016) – Yellowface of Asian men and mocking Asians by white French comedians (source: r/aznidentity). Article about the act.
Mad TV (1995-2016) – Bobby Lee is the proto-Ken Jeong. Sometimes he brings along his brother into this mess.
(2009-2015) – “Sr. Chang” and his Channerisms.
Glee (2009-2015) – Asian obstetrician (associating him with the feminine) “Dr. Wu” (Chinese) is stereotypical irritable and serious that sometimes gets threatened with malpractice lawsuits and tends to his bonsai tree (Japanese) to relax. He is played by Kenneth Choi (Korean). “Mike Chang, Sr.” plays a stereotypical, repressive Asian father who talks about honor, rejecting childish dreams and focusing on studying (Dysfunctional Asian Family trope).

Peep Show (2003-2015)

Popular British sitcom. In the first episode, the protagonists “Mark” and “Jez” talk about a “Chinese doctor.” Jokingly, Jez refers to the doctor as “Doctor Ying Fu Yip… Wang Shong… Pang Fang Wang… Dang Dong Ning Po Ku” (source).

In another episode, Mark overlooks the fact that his new friend talks about his dislike for “chink food.” In two separate episodes, Mark makes sinophobic jokes about Chinese industrial pollution and the invading Chinese army (that last part involving the army, which is mostly of men is what qualifies this entry for the list count).

Neal Brennan: Women and Black Dudes (2014) – Insecure white male bashes Asian men and makes Asian jokes (source: r/hapas). His hatred of Asian men is palpable
(2011-2014) – “Mr. Wolfe.” Erasure of Straight-Asian-Male Identity.
How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) – Ted Mosby does quasi-Yellowface.
Animal Practice (2012-2013) – Emasculation of Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
The It Crowd (2006-2013) – Japanese businessmen called “Japs” and compared to Godzilla (source: Ethnic Muse).

The Office (2005-2013)

In this knock-off of the British original, the main lead is inspired by Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961).

And in another scene, all kinds of subliminal Asian emasculation rears its ugly head (plus “ironic driving joke”).

What white “creators” do not seem to get that is, even if you preface a joke with an understanding that it’s racist, if you make the joke at the expense of Asian men, it is still racist against Asian men. “Ironic” racist jokes are racist jokes. If you stab me ironically, I am still bleeding as I would if I were stabbed.

Bonus: “Hidetoshi Hasagawa” is a Yakuza, Perpetual Foreigner (male), and surgeon (stereotypes) (saw this character on this thread).

Chuck (2007-2012) – “Harry Tang” is generally just a bad human being. Easily manipulated, blames others, is a worry-wart, and is smug after he gets promoted. Tang is promoted by an black-male character because he and Tang’s wife had an affair. Of course, Tang doesn’t know, and unidirectionally loves his wife as the cuck he is. He antagonizes one of the main characters.

Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater (2011)

This entry does not add to the list count. Louis considers being Chinese a deformity in this joke (source: Anglophobia967). I guess he doesn’t know that ironic racism is racism, as an ironic slap is a slap.

The same impulse that made him associate Asianness with deformity has been noticed elsewhere. For example, let’s remember how the “Nazis ‘handpicked Asian-looking prisoners and wanted to exhibit them … they called them untermenschen and hoped that once the Dutch saw what the Soviets looked like, they would join the Germans’” (source from r/hapas). Let’s also not forget the usage of the word “mongoloid,” and how it was synonymous with having Down’s syndrome. (Note that there is nothing wrong with Down Syndrome; I simply recognize that it is used as an insult in our society.)

Bonus: Joe Rogan makes the same “joke” (source: r/hapas).

Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen (2011) – A joke about “Charlies” during the Vietnam War is made (source). The term should not be thrown around that lightly.
Trevor Noah: Daywalker 2.0 (2010) – Noah makes several anti-Asian male jokes (source: r/aznidentity). DVD release. (See: Crazy Normal.)
Scrubs (2001-2010) – Asian man of very small stature plays “Trang.” He is a stereotypical Asian medical student. The fact that he slept with an attractive white woman is meant to be funny to audiences.

Pushing Daisies

Fambing Woo” is a fictional, Chinese male who stole a white man’s name, stole a Confederate soldier’s uniform, and became a Confederate war hero. His descendants admire the Confederate man. This is just another piece of Hollywood propaganda that tries to pit Asian men against African Americans and deflect white guilt onto Asian men. In reality, we know that the vast majority of Asian men who fought in the Civil War were Union soldiers (source). The propaganda also tries to erase anti-Asian male racism in America by having him become a “hero.”

“Woodruff IV,” a descendant of Woo, accidentally causes a white man to die and tries to frame the white male protagonist (source). Woodruff is arrested. Woodruff seems to either revere the Confederate sword or values it for its monetary worth. The character of “Woodruff” may also seem to be a jab against Asian male attempts at assimilation. (Found this show on r/asianamerican.)

Live at Gotham (2006-2009) – The Asian-male dating situation is not a joke.
Mind of Mencia (2005-2008) – In one episode (S4E8, 2008), Asian man (Matthew Moy) is literally credited as “short man.”
The Andy Milnonakis Show (2005-2007) – Asian deliveryman’s Asianness/foreignness used to render him an object of comedy. Sad, cos Asian deliverymen get the brunt of anti-Asian-male violence.
Pablo Francisco: Ouch! Live from San Jose (2006) – A barrage of pathetic, stale jokes about Asian men.
Friends (1994-2004) – “Hoshi” is a UFC trainer. When Pete reveals that Hoshi was an assassin, he berates him in Chinese (source). Hoshi, a la other Asian men in media, are used as a foil against sexuality. When Pete and Monica imply they’re going to have sex, Hoshi says, “No! No boom-boom before big fight!” (source). 
Just Shoot Me (1997-2003) – Making out with an Asian man is “having Chinese” (source: Ethnic Muse).
Popular (1999-2001) – Asian male nerd (source: asamnews).
The Nanny (1993-1999) – Asian eye joke about Asians at a fucking funeral (source: Ethnic Muse).

Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Asian male redditor gives example of how Asian male “Ping” (Male Perpetual Foreigner) is an antagonist towards white female protagonist Elaine. Compare that to the Americanized “Cheryl.” He also points out how an Asian male extra has an accent/speaks in Chinese while “Cheryl” does not.

Kramer drops coins in front of a Chinese restaurant, as pointed out by hapa redditor. Disgusting attempt at slyly (they are master at this) recreating the “How do Chinese parents name their children? They throw their pots down the stairs-‘Ching,’ ‘chang,’ ‘chong.'”

In another episode, a whole subplot is dedicated to mocking the antics of Kramer and some Japanese tourists (perpetual foreigner). It’s no surprise when the Asian men are objectified as objects of comedy (example).

Additinally, Opium is called “Chinaman’s cap” (source: Ethnic Muse).

The Weird Al Show (1997) – The Asian actor who played “Long Duk Dong” here plays a stereotypical martial artist. With an overblown accent… even though the actor speaks perfect English.
Gilligan’s Island
(1964-1967) – Man in Yellowface beat up by white woman (source: Ethnic Muse).


Westworld (2016- ) – Asian tourists (source). And, Asian male character gets harshly berated and scolded way too many times (source).
The Good Place (2016- ) – Asian man can’t get a real woman. He gets a robot instead. See, there’s always a catch. (See: Bionic Woman [2007].)
Shadowhunters (2016- ) – Erasure of Straight-Asian-male identity (“Magnus Bane”).
Shannara Chronicles (2016- ) – Asian male elf killed (source: Ethnic Muse).
Limitless (2016- ) – White man out-musicians an Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
Man in the High Castle (2015- ) – Adaptation. An Amazon Original that explores the question: ‘What if the Allied Powers lost WWII?’ Japanese are amoral antagonists, and they’ve taken over the West Coast (Yellow Peril). Very sly way of peddling Yellow Peril, as this is an adaptation of 60’s novel. But why adapt it? Now? Because focus groups ate up Yellow Peril. The source material itself reeks of white fragility. Why would the Japanese ever wastes resources maintaining an American colony. Pathetic.

Sense8 (2015- )

Features a misogynistic Asian man who don’t value his daughter as much as his son and commits suicide, an emasculated Asian men getting beat up by his sister, and is lazy and also embezzles money, and the Asian sister who falls for the sins of the father and brother. Very reminiscent of the family dynamic of Heroes and the games XCOM 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Read more at Kulture. Brought to you by Netflix.

Sidenote about the Asian family in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpThe Joy Luck ClubPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal MindsHeroes, Castle, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Fringe, Futurama, The Expanse, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

The Expanse (2015- )

Evil Asian father who indirectly causes her daughter to die. Inhuman in every way and develops dangerous virus. Found this show on this thread.

Side note about the Asian family in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpThe Joy Luck ClubPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Castle, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Mr. Robot (2015- ) – B. D. Wong plays transgender (I am not anti-trans) woman who pisses on grave (source). Part of a systemic erasure the straight-Asian-male identity. (See: Banshee [2013]). (See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Entourage, Degrassi: The Next Generation, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Superstore [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)
Supergirl (2015- ) – Asian men work under white female boss (cross-racial emasculation). (Source: Ethnic Muse.)
Zoo (2015- ) – Asian male animal hunter (source: Ethnic Muse). IRL, Asian men aren’t the ones killing animals for fun.
Z Nation (2014- ) – Stereotypical, one-dimensional Asian army guys are killed off. For example, “Lt. Mong” is stabbed and then turned into a zombie, only to be killed off by an Asian woman. The trope of Asian men being led by an Asian woman also makes an appearance (see other examples of this in the media such as Sherlock [2010- ] and Watch Dogs 2). Because Asian men cannot be leaders. There’s even a scene Lt. Mong bows down and subserviently presents an object of interest to a white woman (emasculation). Read more at Kulture.
The Originals (2013- ) – Asian men either attack white woman, are killed by white men, killed by white woman, manipulated, or evil (source: Ethnic Muse). Other Asian men are henchmen. Update: Another Asian male (witch) killed. Show has a weird fascination with hating on Asian men.

Black Mirror (2011- )

“Black Mirror: White Christmas”? More like “Yellow Peril.” White man gets “his” woman stolen by a lying Asian man.

This is not the only Yellow Peril episode. See “The Entire History of You” (according to these writers, millionaire perverts had to be Chinese) and “Playtest.” Along with negative portrayals in “Nosedive” (Asian male otaku mocked) and “Hated in the Nation.”

Lmao. 6/13 eps, basically half the show.

Seriously, fuck this show.

Teen Wolf 
(2011- ) – White man “Chris Argent,” while doing a deal with the Yakuza, manages to save an Asian man (“Silverfinger“), as an “Oni” kills a bunch of Asian men. (The episode also feature an Asian man with monstrous looking silver teeth and weird white eyes; the silver teeth remind me of the men that get killed by Scarjo in GITS [2017].) Silverfinger also pulls a gun on Chris.
The Walking Dead (2010- ) – A white male protagonist called “Daryl Dixon” tells “Glen Rhee” that he’s “got some balls for a Chinaman.” Glen corrects him by saying he’s Korean. You might think this is some pro-Asian-male scene, especially since Daryl corrects a man in a later episode when the man also assumes Glen is Chinese. But what’s really going on is that the general audience identifies with a overt racist like Daryl. And Glen doesn’t make a big deal out of it, contributing to the stereotype of the docile Asian man. Later on, Glen is brutally killed by white man. Asian guy always dies. Idgaf if it’s an adaptation. Alterations are still possible. AMWF never works out either (Castle, Grave Encounters 2, Bioshock Infinite, etc.). Trivia: “Rhee” is also extremely outdated, but this likely L-R joke is more of the author’s doing than anyone else’s.
Dark Matter (2015-2017) – According to Ethnic Muse, 2 seperate Asian men are killed in one episode. Not surprised, since this show was produced in Canada.
Lost Girl (2010-2016) – Horrific-looking Asian man, referred to as “it,” tries to eat 2 women (source: Ethnic Muse).
Hemlock Grove (2013-2015) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Neighbors (2012-2014) – Asian male character is actually an alien and embodies several stereotypes. Tremendous effort is used to make this character as feminine as possible (emasculation).

Fringe (2008-2013)

Asian man “Dashiell Kim” gets kidnapped, goes crazy, and kills his wife.

In another episode, Asian MIT Professor “Neil Chung” goes crazy (cause even established normies can turn crazy if they’re Asian-male), focusing on strange equations, and kills people. He shoots his gun at the white female protagonist, but is killed by her. It turns out he let her do this because he wanted to become an angel via non-suicidal death. His father and brother died in a car accident, and his mother doesn’t like him (source).

Side note about the Asian families in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Castle, Futurama, The Expanse, Fringe, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Heroes (2006-2010)

Hiro Nakamura” is an extremely stereotypical depiction of Asian men. He has a thick accent (Perpetual Foreigner) for a portion of the show, is a comic nerd, and has glasses. He gets cockblocked by his own time-travelling abilities (de-sexualization) when he tries to kiss a white female. Later on however, he is allowed to kiss “Yaeko,” perhaps implying a latent disapproval of race-mixing. He has a number of reductive nicknames as well, such as “Pikachu,” “Sulu,” “Chinese Guy,” “Littleman” (emasculation), “Samurai Warrior” and others. He also has issues with his sister and father, reminiscent of games like XCOM2 and Horizon Zero Dawn, and shows like Sense8. Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media.

Other Asian-male characters and stereotypes populate the show. Hiro’s good friend “Ando” is a similar embodiment of the Perpetual Foreigner, as are others. “Kaito,” Hiro’s father, is killed (too many Asian men is unacceptable). “Tadashi” tries to kill himself (stereotype) and succeeds in one instance and has severe issues with his family. “Ren Shimosawa” is a gamer (stereotype). “Hachiro Otomo” is a video game designer. Takezo Kensei’s double is a coward. Other Asian-male principal extras also are stereotypical.

Side note about the Asian families in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpThe Joy Luck ClubPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Fringe, Castle, Futurama, The Expanse, etc.; like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Flash Gordon (2007-2008) – This entry does not add to the list count. Remake of extremely anti-Asian-male show. “Ming” has been recast as a white man because “Ming the Merciless” is even too anti-Asian-male for Canadians. Should not have been remade, especially when “Ming” still rules “Mongo,” a reference to “Mongoloids.”
Bionic Woman
(2007) – Asian man gets a (white) woman but she is a bionic woman called “Sarah Corvus” (source). (See: The Good Place [2016- ].)
Brimstone (1998-1999) – Emasculation & Yellow Peril (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Tomorrow People (1973-1979) – “Lee Wan” (source). Asian guy always dies and Incompetent Asian man tropes.

[Adult Animation]

Pacific Heat (2016- ) – Aussie Yellow Peril is fucking sickening. Just watch the fucking trailer. Look at the thumbnail Netflix used to sell the trailer. The trailer doesn’t even begin to touch the full extent of its anti-Asian-male racist content. Thanks, Netflix.

BoJack Horseman (2014- )

One of the protagonists “Diane Nguyen,” who has dated a non-Asian man (unsurprisingly)… and is engaged to blonde dog bro, doesn’t care at all that her dad dies in S1E5 (Asian guy always dies). According to her, it’s because her dad was old and was “the worst.” She calls him a “mean, sadistic alcoholic who never supported anything I did and actively delighted in seeing me fail.” When she goes to the funeral home because her lazy brothers tell her to take care of the whole thing, she gets her dad the “piece-of-shit-dad-package-would-be-too-good-for-him package.” Asian Male Body Horror also rears its head when there’s a sight gag of Diane’s father’s corpse on the couch. It has dicks drawn all over its face. Diane’s brothers don’t even show up to the funeral. They went out drinking. They made him into fish food (chum). After BoJack tells Diane that her father can’t hurt anyone anymore, the barrel of chum rolls down a hill and knocks out an old goat lady.

In the same episode, Diane calls her brothers “narrow-minded, mean-spirited dirtbags.” They turn out to be extremely unattractive, socially inept, controlling, lazy (Diane says nothing would ever get done if she was like her brothers), uneducated (“we didn’t go to college, we’re not smart like you”), immature, and obnoxious. Even their voices are excruciating to hear. Their teeth are either missing or drawn weird, to make them look infantile and/or dumb. One of the brothers even asks Diane to get him a beer (Myth of Asian Misogyny). Another one complains about immigrants and says he and his brothers are “American as fuck.” Diane tries to talk some sense into her brother, saying that they themselves are immigrants. Hollywood always pushes this lie of the Racist Asian Man (yeah, that’s why most neo-nazis marry Asian women).

The brothers also emotionally bullied Diane for entertainment by posing as a fake pen pal when they were younger. They hired a homeless man to pretend to be the pen pal and take Diane to the school dance. They shot a video of Diane crying after learning the truth of her pen pal, and they watch it everyday (stereotype of sadistic Asian men). When the main protagonist “BoJack” visits them for the first time, he asks if any one speaks English (because Asian men are the Perpetual Foreigners while Asian women are not). One of the brothers replies in English, and BoJack asks the same question (so funny!). BoJack ends up being the one to cheer Diane back up when she’s had enough of her brothers. Diane, a protagonist, is humanized, unlike Asian men in white media.

The trope of Asian women having dysfunctional relationships with their Asian-male family members pops up in a lot of media like in Sherlock (2010- ), Horizon Zero Dawn, XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Heroes, Sense8 (Netflix), Fringe, The ExpanseHeroes, Lost, Baywatch, The Joy Luck Club, Picture Bride, Futurama, Fringe, Up, Y: The Last ManMr. Wu (1927), etc.

Sidenote: AMWF is harshly lampooned in the media, and it was pretty funny how Diane’s father’s new wife was a Jewish white woman. Reminds me of Real Steel (2011) whose whole purpose was to bash AM who work with WF. Also thought this white male with a hapa son was unsurprising in the ending shot of season 1. In the same shot, there is an XMAF couple.

In S1E11, Ken Jeong makes an appearance as “Dr. Hu,” whose name is used for an unfunny, extended joke. He deals and uses drugs. (See: Dallas Buyer’s Club and Dirty Pretty Things. Besides representation as civilian doctors who deal drugs, white media often associates Asian men as criminals who peddle drugs or uses opium.)

This guy from S1E7 also pissed me off. He’s also doing martial arts in S1E10.

Thanks, Netflix.

Review of more episodes coming soon. 

Rick and Morty (2013- )

Whites look for man who is 5′ 3″. They find an Asian man that fits this stereotypical description (source: r/aznidentity), replete with him putting his hair up to look taller and compensate. He also has glasses (stereotype). And he has no lines (source). He is called by his last name “Chang” to highlight his foreignness (idgaf about the Community homage). This is an example of an Asian man being comedically objectified.

Other observations: S1E3 deems China a threat to the world and makes fun of Asian food. In S3E1, The “Galactic Federation” (race of insects) could be stand-ins for Asian men. They took over earth (source) and are trying to steal advanced technology. One of them who wears a suit is seen enjoying sezchuan sauce from a Chinese takeout container. These aliens are eventually ousted from earth. Xenophobia runs through the episode: “No longer will the insects have domain over surface-world!” yells one man. “Oh my god, Nany says they’re drawing and quartering aliens in the school courtyard, and it technically counts as patriotism,” says one of the protagonists. In S1E4, you can see an Asian man frozen in time, drinking water from a water fountain (imagery for the possible Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity.) In S1E2, you can see an Asian man screams in a plane during at attack.

Archer (2009- )

Season 3 started off with a three-episode-long exploration of Archer’s antics as the king of a group of Malaysian pirates who immediately become antagonists (the antagonists in white media are always antagonists). In the beginning, many of the drunk pirates are killed, and they surrender to Archer, hailing him as King (racial emasculation).

Bucky” is a very important character for season 3. The old, weird-looking, bucktoothed Asian male is first seen singing in a funny Southeast Asian language during karaoke night. Archer comes in with his arms wrapped around a young Southeast Asian woman, and pushes him out of the way to get the mic (emasculation). Archer again, with the Southeast Asian girl in his arms, abuses Bucky by knocking a food plate out of Bucky’s hands. Later, Archer body slams Bucky during lacrosse and teabags him.

Archer says Bucky is “bucktoothed little shit [that] doesn’t even speak English.” Bucky does speak English, but always switches his L’s and R’s. The show at one point tries to paint “Bucky” as “racist” against whites (white fragility).

Bucky also has a “girlfriend.” The “girlfriend” is actually a man. In fact, none of the Malaysian pirates are seen with any women (asexual Asian male trope). Just like the game Just Cause 2, which took place in a Southeast Asian nation, homophobic writers try to insult Asian men by depicting them as being gay. The problem is not depicting characters as gay. Unlike the writers, I don’t belive being gay is bad. Therefore, depicting Asian men as being gay is not an insult. What I am detesting is the Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity in white media. Society tolerates gay Asian men, and that is why this depiction is heavily over-represented.

Emasculation and the Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity also rears its head in the scene when the a young Malaysian “twink” is shown giving a gay white male character a foot massage. The white male thought about buying him. The boy is said to have a “narrow twinkie ass.”

(See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Entourage, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)

Other stereotypes encountered in these episodes include one of the protagonists saying “Orientals” like fireworks, rice, and opium. The pirates are asked if they speak English (Asian men are Perpetual Foreigners in white media). An Asian character is also bribed (amoral Asian trope).

The above only reports on S3E1 and S3E2. Report on the S3E3 coming soon. 

In S1E3, antagonist “Conway” plans on selling secrets to the Chinese (Yellow Peril). He says he can’t to have “tiny little Chinese boots” stomp all over the protagonists (emasculation, Yellow Peril). In the same episode, “Agent Pak” is killed (Good Asian Guy Always Dies trope). “Sterling Archer” makes a possibly racist joke at him. In the scene featuring Agent Pak, Asian men are stereotypical military antagonists.

In S1E4, Archer is shown having killed a bunch of Viet men in a game of Russian Roulette. Archer is shown wearing blood-red headband in reference to anti-Asian-male Deerhunter. They fell for his simple trick which even Archer didn’t know would work (Incompetent Asian Men). A similar Deer Hunter-style occurrence is depicted in S2E9, but this time, Archer did it for fun. In S1E9, Archer’s mother, “Malory,” also plays Russian Roulette with Asian men in a seedy room Deerhunter-style. She calls the men “yellow sons-of-bitches.” Would this show ever have said “black sons-of-bitches”? Nope.

In S2E4, Archer says “Chinese alligators are smaller,” which is true but did they have to write this? No. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Side note: In S2E6, a white-male character is worried that the Chinese restaurant may have served “chicken toes.” Chinese banks are “stupid” and aren’t “real bank[s].”

Some of the racism in this show tries to be “ironic,” and others are just subconsious spillage (pure). None of it is okay at the end of the day.

Review of more episodes coming soon. I also heard S6E1 is about a Japanese WWII solider who still thinks the war’s going on. Sigh. 

American Dad!
(2005- )

In one episode, two white protagonists get preferential treatment by sushi chef “Haruki.” His son, “Hisashi” (an Asian-eye gag is made), is pissed since he was never afforded the culinary secrets given to the white amateurs; the white men eventually take over the restaurant and Hisashi is fired (source). Brought to you by Seth McFarlane (See: Family Guy [1999- ] and Ted [2012]).

There is also an Asian character called “Chad” who is dead for no apparent narrative reason (Asian guy always dies trope).

Vince Chung” is another problematic character. He is an antagonistic character (as always for Asian men) in many episodes. The writers thought it was funny to have an Asian male be a jock (because we could never be). One character even says, “Yeah, he’s so cool and popular, you forget he’s Asian” (source). Chung’s debut in the show is in an episode where he grows an interest in white protagonist Steve’s developing breasts. It is revealed that he was molested (source). He also appears in an episode called “1600 candles” (as a bully), which is a reference to the film Sixteen Candles that introduced us to “Long Duk Dong.”

Side note about the “Haruki” and “Hisashi”: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, Baywatch, Fringe, Futurama, The Expanse, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Robot Chicken (2005- ) – Asian man kills himself. Ha ha!

Venture Bros. (2003- )

Evil Asian scientist “Dr. Z/Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril, and has been transferred over from the show 60’s cartoon Johnny Quest. 

Steve Park voices another evil Asian scientist “Mike Sorayama.” He holds a grudge against several characters (including the lead) because they played pranks on him and mocked his love of Leslie, a white woman. Obsessed, he made robotic copies of her and himself before his death. The robotic version of Sorayama, as revenge against several characters (including the lead) for their interference with his pursuit of Leslie, kidnaps them. The robot is ultimately destroyed and vanquished. Note that Steve Park plays another character who fumbles with a white woman in a major way in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo (1996).

Family Guy (1999- )

Seth McFarlane’s career is built on hating on Asian men. Zero satire.

You have to be mentally deficient to not see that when Seth McFarlane makes jokes about non-Asian-male minorities, he pokes fun at racists and racism. Whereas for Asian men, he is racist and participates in racism. It is quite clear that he believes that Asian men to be a subspecies of humans.

The single most insulted group (sans satire) of people on this show are Asian men.

South Park (1997-)

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s career is built on hating on Asian men. Zero satire.

You have to be mentally deficient to not see that when Matt Stone and Trey Parker makes jokes about non-Asian-male minorities, he pokes fun at racists and racism. Whereas for Asian men, they are racist and participate in racism. It is quite clear that they believe that Asian men to be a subspecies of humans.

The single most insulted (sans satire) group of people on this show are Asian men.

The Simpsons (1989- ) – Asian man “Akira” is drawn and written stereotypically (source). Japanese gangs (stereotype) also make an appearance
The Boondocks (2005-2014) – The episode called “The Red Ball” is Yellow Peril. The show humanizes an Asian female character but not the other Asian male antagonists. The episode also features a Tibetan man as one of the good guys and participates in the white liberalist exploitation of the Tibet crisis for its evocation of Yellow Peril. There is also another episode with a stereotypical Asian martial artist. 
King of the Hill
(1997-2010) – “Kahn” (Laotian) is a main antagonist of the show. Voiced by a white male. Stereotypes (Perpetual Foreigner, Yellow Peril) abound in the depiction. Also, don’t forget about the “Ted” and “Chane Wassanasong” (another group of antagonists). Look at what one viewer had to say about the Wassanasongs. The hatred isn’t for just the characters. It’s for real Asian men. Clear as day.
The Awesomes (2013-2015) – Bobby Lee plays a Sumo (stereotype).
Black Dynamite (2012-2015) – Protagonist beats up Asian men. Show had lots of Chan involvement. The movie which is about Fu Manchus working with Nixon to shrink Black men’s dicks is way worse, however.

Futurama (1999-2013)

Americanized Amy Wong (who is romantically paired with a green Alien) has an accented, irritable father who often takes on the role and antagonistic character (Dysfunctional Asian Family trope).

Drawn Together (2004-2007) – Asians have slanted eyes, and Asian men look alike. There’s also this scene, which depicts Asian men negatively. Show tries way to be edgy but ends up being racist garbage.
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000-2007) – “Dr. Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril, and has been transferred over from the show 60’s cartoon Johnny Quest.
The Flintstones (1960-1966) – “Mr. Hashimoto.”

[Cartoons & Children’s Shows]

Andi Mack (2017- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. AMWF hapa actress plays the role of WMAF lead (WMAF-washing) (source: r/hapas). Lots of white worship on the show. Pathetic.
Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-2017) – “Mr. Negative” (“Martin Lee”) is one of the villains. In the comics, he operates a soup kitchen but is also a crime boss that smuggles Chinese people into the US. His goons are called the “Inner Demons.”
Regular Show (2009-2017) – “Chong” is the main antagonist of S3E1. He kills a character because he was about to lose a game of table hockey (dishonorable/cheating Asian stereotype) (source). The “Translator” is a stereotypical Asian male character with an accent and glasses. “Coffee Bean” is also implied to be an Asian male (otherization). 
Samurai Jack
(2001-2017) – When “Jack” and “The Scotsman” meet for the first time, the latter makes a joke about how his sword is bigger (phallic joke). Jack also gets mocked for wearing a “dress” (emasculation) by the other Scotsmen. Additionally, one episode features a grotesque caricaturization of a Japanese man. Another in season 5 features one of a Buddhist monk. Several stereotypes about the Japanese are perpetuated. Jack also seems to eschew females (stereotype). He does get the girl in 2017, but he is still quite awkward (it’s also implied that he’s a virgin). A lot of viewers were butthurt that his relationship with the female “Ashi” wasn’t more father-daughter. The idea of a hetero-romantic Asian man upsets them, I guess. Some people were hoping that Ashi died. This wish came true in the finale of the show. After Jack refuses an offering of one of the Scotsman’s daughters, Ashi literally disappears into nothingness during her and Jack’s wedding. Making Asian men seem like they’re unwilling to date “out” and be “foreveralone?” Nothing new there. This leaves Jack depressed for a while. Trivia: Jack is voiced by a non-Asian male.
Make it Pop (2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “TV Producer: ‘Asian guys in my show? Not gonna happen!'” Also see: “VP of ABC News ‘I get queasy in my stomach when I see an Asian male face’ but ‘feel comfortable with a Asian female face.’
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
(2012- ) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
SpongeBob SquarePants (1999- ) – Really?
Kickin’ It (2011-2015) – In a show steeped in appropriation, Asian man plays one of the worst Asian-male roles in Disney history. Brought to you by Disney.
Big Time Rush (2009-2013) – Asian man plays overly stereotypical character “Deke.” He is a blogger that is antagonistic. He is noted for his small stature. Brought to you by Nickelodeon.
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2009-2012) – “Mandarin” (source). The show features the stereotypical Asian family drama between the males (source). American and French co-production (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).

iCarly (2007-2012)

Asian man plays the role of a mathlete (“Shawn“) who desperately asks Carly to be his girlfriend (in the show, he does this either because he likes her or because his overbearing mother keeps questioning Shawn if he might be gay). Of course she rejects him. Brought to you by Nickelodeon.

Another Asian male character, “Yuki,” is an “evil” villain.

Chowder (2007-2010) – Asian man voices “Lo Mein,” a short old Asian man (emasculation).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2009) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
Zoey 101 (2005-2008) – The best role they could give to Rex Lee is the maitre d’ (source).
Jake Long: American Dragon (2005-2007) – Stereotypes.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (English dub) (2005-2007) – Japanese anime. In the first episode for the English dub, one of the “hair hunters” has a stereotypical Chinese accent, switching L’s and R’s. Another character, who was the main antagonist of this episode, is also given a stereotypical Chinese accent. Of course they give a Chinese accent to the male character with feminine eyelashes and painted nails (Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity). Amazing how Americans can’t even keep their anti-Asian-male sentiments out of an anime. Unreal.
Kim Possible (2002-2007) – Asian-male scientist “Bob Chen” (stereotype) gets captured and needs rescuing (emasculation).
Teen Titans (2003-2006) – Professor Chang is a stereotypical Chinese-scientist supervillain.
Xaolin Showdown (2003-2006) – Asian kid is literally a tiny yellow humanoid, while Asian girl and other protagonists are normal human beings. 
Ben 10
(2005-2008) – Sterotypes (source: Ethnic Muse). Conditions children.
Proud Family (2001-2005) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse). Conditions children.
Power Puff Girls (1998-2005) – The main antagonist, “Mojo Jojo” is undeniably represenative of Asian men. Watch this video if you need convincing. Dangerous message to children. Also, stereotypical Asian male monk.

Batman Beyond (1999-2001)

Scientist “Dr. Suzuki” tries to make money off of a technology he and a non-Asian-male scientist created (stereotype). He thinks the scientist won’t comply so he forges his signature to develop the weapon. He then becomes a mercenary called “The Repeller” (villification). He then works for a terrorist group.

After fighting off Batman, he tries to kill the scientist and a person that could be an Asian woman. Batman comes back and wins.

There’s also “Principal Nakamura” who acts like a weakling and takes orders from both the school board and white-woman Barbara Gordon (emasculation).

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (1997-1998) – Live-action makes it much worse. Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (1996-1997) – “Dr. Zin.”
Iron Man (1994-1996) – “Mandarin” is the main antagonist (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source). This show is still being broadcast (source).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987-1996) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
Flash Gordon (1996) – “Ming the Merciless.”
Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (1989-1990) – Various stereotypes about Asian men. Read more at Cracked, whose editor-in-chief is a white man in Yellowname who calls himself “David Wong.” I’ve also seen one of the characters wearing a conical hat and doing Asian gestures (I can’t confirm if it was from this particular show or not).
Defenders of the Earth (1986-1987) – “Ming the Merciless.”
The New Adventures of Johnny Quest (1986-1987) – “Dr. Zin.”
The New Adventures of Flash Gordon (1979) – “Ming the Merciless.” The planet “Mongo” refers to “Mongoloids.”
The Super 6 (1966-1969) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse). Conditions children.
The Marvel Super Heroes (1966) – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Johnny Quest (1964-1965) – “Dr. Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril. He has made appearances in Harvey Birdman (2000-2007), Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015), and Venture Bros. (2003- ).
The Dick Tracy Show (1961-1962) – “Joe Jitsu” (source: Ethnic Muse).


MacGyver (2016- ) – Minor Asian male antagonist (source: Ethnic Muse).
Rush Hour (2016) – Main antagonist is an Old Asian man. Partial Asian actor cast because full Asian faces are unmarketable.
Baywatch (1989-2001) – Asian-male-antagonist “Sato” vs. lead protagonist (Hasselhoff). Asian man harasses protagonist and threatens protagonist’s son. Asian man on parole also stabs his ex-wife (Dysfunctional Asian Family trope, Myth of Asian-Male Misogyny). Takes people hostage. Loses fight with protagonist and goes back to jail.
Vanishing Son (1995) – Asian male criminal has white fetish (source: Ethnic Muse).
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993-1997) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse).
Noble House (1988) – Yellowface of a villain called “Four Finger Wu” (source: Ethnic Muse).
Kung Fu (1972-1975) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse).
Mission: Impossible (1966-1973) – Leonard Nimoy dons Yellowface (source: Ethnic Muse).


Iron Fist (2017- ) – White savior/white man (and part-Asian woman) vs. Asian men. Asian-male antagonist. And to make the Asian male more palatable, they of course use a hapa. Brought to you by Netflix and Marvel. Read more at Kulture.
Inhumans (2017- ) – Marvel casts Ken Leung as karate expert “Karnak” (steretotype), and Mike Moh as a fucking fish-human hybrid (dehumanization). All this kinda makes sense. Americans do not see Asian men as humans. Newly released pic doesn’t looks promising. They’ve got a short, almost bald martial arts Asian man next to a tall Af-Am male, a comparison lauded by American men. Short and bald are qualities deemed negative by society. The Asian-male one is also the only member with facial markings (otherization). Update: The Asian fish-man says “We’re inhumans.” Yes, that is how white society sees us. The leader of the men pursuing the good guys is an Asian male.
The Defenders (2017- ) – Obligatory Asian-male henchman (at least one). He also has glasses (stereotype), a requirement for Asian men on screen. Update: At least one major villain is an Asian male (source: Bitch MediaAngry Asian Man).
Legends of Tomorrow (2016- ) – In the episode entitled “Shogun,” two white guys pull a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and go back to past to Samurai times. One of these has sexual tension with an Oppressed Asian Woman betrothed to the shogun. White man must save her from this Evil Asian Man. More non-Asian men show up and they defend a village from the shogun’s Evil Asian Men. As per happy endings, white guys vanquish the Evil Asian Man in a way that highlights his stupidity. Brought to you by DC.
(2015- ) – A show about white men fighting evil Asian men. Thanks, Marvel. Also, check this out. Brought to by Netflix and Marvel.

Gotham (2014- )

Asian man plays “Dr. Hugo Strange.” (3 stereotypes in 1!)

From Asian male redditor XenoSphereWarrior: In Season 2, Asian woman tries to pry info out from stereotypically evil and creepy Asian male who helps run an evil company. In S1E4, Catwoman beats up a bunch of Asian men. Thanks, DC.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013- ) – Asian guy (“Scorch”) always dies. Always. Thanks, Marvel. Meanwhile, part-Asian women are central to the show. Typical disparity.

(2012- )

Show uses Asian man “Yao Fei Gulong” to bash China. China used him as a scapegoat to slaughter innocents and because he was too much to handle to keep locked up, they put the man on an extremely dangerous island. He of course is a character that dies. Brought to you by DC.

Another Asian man Maseo “Yamashiro” dies. Along with his very young son “Akio.”

Wonder Woman (1975-1979) – Asian man is a villain (stereotype) and another is emasculated (by a white woman). Read more at YOMYOMF
The Green Hornet
(1966-1967) – Bruce Lee… is a white man’s sidekick… What? (Emasculation.)

[Talk/Talent/Reality Shows]

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014- ) – Way too many Asian (male) jokes. Also featured Asian male con artist. They also had a whole episode dedicated to perpetuating Yellow Peril.
The Steve Harvey Show (2012- ) – Says Asian men are undesirable by black and white women. Audience members, featuring Asian women, laugh along with him.
The Eric Andre Show (2012- ) – There are several anti-Asian-male moments: Asian man (as hulk) is used as object of comedy on account of race. It’s even more funny because of his race. Stereotypical Japanese swordsmen attack guest Mac Demarco (Perpetual Foreigner). Another Asian man is the subject of a random visual cutaway joke; it’s just the man, nothing else. Other cutaway extras actually do something funny. Once again, just the sight of an old Asian man is funny. The hosts also make Hadouken jokes when they had Harry Shum, Jr. on.

Conan (2010- )

Way too many Asian jokes. Here are two examples.

Triumph the Insult Comic talks about Black vs. Asian penises in front of foreign Asians.

Here’s a very good example of Conan making a racist, anti-Asian male small dick joke (just like Triumph the Insult Comic did on Conan’s show) (source: r/aznidentity).

Tosh.0 (2009- ) – Pretty sad and amazing how people think these shit-tier Asian (guy) jokes are funny.
Holland’s Got Talent (2008- ) – White man displays one of the most racist unplanned moments on television against an Asian man.
Bounce (2007- ) – Read more at YOMYOMF. This adds to the list count because an Asian male is being imitated.
Real Time with Bill Maher (2003- ) – Bill Maher claims that the racism of Oscars is the the fault of Asians.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003- )

He airs a clip on his show of a kid saying we should kill all the Chinese, which he thinks is funny. Not surprised considering his gf Sarah Silverman doesn’t think “chink” is a real slur.

He and his audience also think the Chinese man being beaten and dragged off the plan is funny. In fact, it was so funny, they made a parody United ad where Matt Damon plays Dr. Dao (sorta). I kid you not, the white savior quasi-white-washes Dr. Dao; I found it disturbing that they actually used an audio clip of Dr. Dao screaming near the end. They would have never done this if the passenger wasn’t an Asian man. The video, btw, was on the YouTube top-trending list.

It was also problematic how he asked Randall Park where he was from (Perpetual Foreigner stereotype).

The Amazing Race (2001- ) – Stereotypical Asian man Vanck Zhu is selected because showrunners know that stereotypes of Asian men sell well (season 29, 2017) (from r/asianamerican). For example, he studies in the car during the show. It’s working; people love bashing this guy.
WWE SmackDown (1999- ) – Read more here.

The O’ Reilly Factor (1996- )

In 2016, a segment on the show called “Watters’ World” mocks the Chinese with outdated stereotypical jokes and cutaway gags from movies like Karate Kid. You can clearly tell that, like all Westerners, Watters doesn’t see Asian men as human beings.

In 2017, you got O’ Reilly laughing about a Chinese man that was unfairly targeted and bloodied. Would he have laughed if the man was white or black? He’s anti-black, but he would have at least maintained his composure and would have verbally said that the whole thing was funny due to its absurdity.

WWE Raw (1993- ) – Read more here
Australia’s Got Talent
(2007-2016) – Aussies mock Leon Lee.
MythBusters (2003-2016) – This entry does not add to the list count. In one episode, they test a sniper scope myth based on a historical account of an American soldier hitting a VietCong by shooting a bullet through the latter’s sniper scope. For the target, they use a ballistics gel in the shape of Grant (Imahara). They shoot at it after Savage slaps it around for a bit. In “Which Is Faster: Weaving in Traffic or Staying in One Lane?” Imahara is the only one that is not driving while his two white colleagues do in the initial rounds.
American Idol (2002-2016) – William Hung. It’s crazy how whites still think this is funny. Bonus: Whites say young Asian male singer (source: r/aznidentity) is emotionless, a “copycat,” and doesn’t belong in the industry.
The Pete Holmes Show (2013-2014) – Asian man from Streetfighter is whitewashed by white male actor. But even these guys know whitewashing “Chun-Li” and “Dhalsim” would not be OK.
Chelsea Lately (2007-2014) – Implies Asian penises are small (source: Ethnic Muse). Bonus: OP uses strong and inappropriate language. Please focus on the content which talks about hypocritical, the show’s hypocritical, anti-Asian male piece of shit host.
Colbert Report (2005-2014) – Colbert pretends to be Asian man in one instance. Several anti-Asian jokes, e.g., “ching chong/dick” joke (source). Again, not “satire.”
Late Night with Conan O’ Brien (1993-2009) – In an episode from 2001, the network asked Sarah Silverman to change a joke using the word “nigger” to “chink” instead. This bit was aired.
Ruth Jones’ Easter Treat (2011) – Tim Minchin feminizes China (which has been going on since the time of the ancient Greeks) in an “ironic” joke. Elements of Yellow Peril also included.
Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (1993-2002) – Bill Maher doesn’t think using the word “chink” is a big deal.

[Awards Shows]

89th Academy Awards (2017) – Jimmy Kimmel mocks Matt Damon for working with the Chinese. Mentions bit about “Chinese ponytail[s],” ignorant behind the discrimination involved with queues.
88th Academy Awards (2016) – Chris Rock mocks Asian children, while Sacha Baron Cohen makes a joke about Minions being Asians because they’re tiny, work hard, and have small “dongs.” For the Chris Rock joke, the Oscars issued a non-apology (aka insult).
ESPY Awards (2015) – Ken Jeong tells everyone he has no body hair and has a small dick. Brought to you by ABC.
MTV Movie Awards Reloaded 2003 – You are expected to scoff at the Asian man (Key Master) for showing heterosexual interest in women.

[Cooking Shows]

Kitchen Nightmares (2007-2014) – In S1E3, Gordon Ramsay asks an old AMWF couple “What’s the connection?” When they tell him that their married, he incredulously parrots them saying “Are you married to each other?” (white male fragility). Credit to redditor MraBob for bringing to this to r/hapas’ attention. MraBob also correctly points out that Gordon Ramsay would have totally known about this, since the episode is about this couple. When I saw a clip of the episode, I and other viewers have also noticed that unnecessary subtitles were applied to the Asian male (Perpetual Foreigner Myth). 
Good Eats
(1999-2012) – Read more at Kulture. It’s not yellowface as they claim, but it is anti-Asian-male.


Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence (2017) – “History” Channel airs Yellow Peril claims with false evidence. Blogger calls them out and proves them wrong. Read more at YOMYOMF.

[Dishonorable Mentions]

The Joy Luck Club (TBA) – This entry does not add to the list count. The Joy Luck Club novel and film have a special place in the annals of Anti-Asian-male media.
Titans (2018- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “Teen Titan[s] casting call looking for ‘self deprecating’ Asian [male] actors” (source: r/aznidentity). I’m not surprised at the Asian guy is green and turns into animals.
RunawaysThis entry does not add to the list count. Likely Asian male villain (source: r/aznidentity). Thanks, Marvel.
DuckTales (2017- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Chinese male dragon is greedy for gold (stereotype). He is destroyed.
Luke Cage (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Helpless old Asian man must be saved by an African-American man. However, will note that Asian man is shown in a sympathetic light, unlike hundreds of other depictions in modern media. But he still must be saved and is desexualized via geriatrification. Brought to you by Netflix and Marvel.
Stranger Things (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Weak, but tired and critical offense. White female asks, “Am I speaking Chinese” to denote others’ incomprehension. Implication: Asianness is the farthest thing from Western Civilization.
United Shades of America (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. In a CNN show exploring the racial struggles of minorities, an Asian woman allegedly tried to brush off the horrific desexualization and emasculation of Asian men in the West.
The Family Law (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian-male lead is a nerd. Asian dad cheats.
The Crown (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. In S1E2, a Japanese broadcaster is used to show how far-reaching the news of the King’s death is (Perpetual Foreigner). In S1E3, the Queen says that the “situation in Korea” is something unimportant, a nuisance almost. Netflix original. Look at what she did IRL lol. Dat entitlement. She may be under the assumption that China forgot about Hong Kong and the Opium Wars. S1E8 includes a bit of semi-subliminal messaging, needlessly mentioning the Chinese supplying the Viets with weapons.
Bull (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “East Asian male juror intimidated by persons with upscale clothing.” Read more at Ethnic Muse.
Make Happy (2016) – This entry does not add to the list count. Bo Burnham rhymes “Mandarin” with “Mandolin.” An intelligent wordsmith like Bo Burnham would have known that he was doing (implied lallation). He also uses trope of the Chinese otherization (because the farthest thing from Western civilization is China). Brought to you by Netflix. 
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
(2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian joke every 5 minutes.
Younger (2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man “Roman” is “childish” (source). Of course the Wikipedia writer places him at the bottom. Reminds me of this. And this. Note that there “Roman” is also the name of a stereotypical Asian-male character from 21 Jump Street (2012). Possible in-joke?
Master of None
(2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. I won’t deny that this show has some noble goals in mind. Nonetheless, let’s look at season 2. I took some issue with the second-long scene of the nerdy Asian male being rejected on the dating app (why air out dirty laundry with no solution?), the joke about the Old Asian Man licking a lollipop (otherization), about half of all Asian men whose faces you can distinguish being culinary servants of some sort, the Patriarchal Asian Dad joke at the tapas restaurant, and Asians being unable to distinguish African-Americans. C’mon, Alan. Let’s also all admit that there’s something a little less revolutionary about giving Hollywood (metonym) giving a caucasoid his own show rather than to an Asian man.
Late Night: Seth Meyers (2014- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Too many Asian jokes.
@midnight with Chris Hardwick (2013- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Show invites people to be racist with #JapanAMovie.
The Pioneer Woman (2011- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. White woman presents Asian wings to everyone, prompting someone to say, “I don’t trust ’em.” She says she was just kidding and presents the “real” (American) wings, and says that she would never dish out the punishment of feeding everyone Asian wings (source).
Mock the Week (2005- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. One of the performers says Korean meatballs are the “dog’s bollocks.” Wildly clever, but still relies on stereotypes. At least it was clever.
The Bachlorette (2003- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Kulture talks about the poor representation of Asian men on this popular reality TV show.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “Larry Tang” in S3E8 has glasses (stereotype).
The Footy Show (1994- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Aussie assholes make a dog-eating joke in 2016. Read more at YOMYOMF.
Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (2017) – This entry does not add to the list count. Really powerful stuff here. Very moving. But his joke involving Mr. Miyagi, and another involving Korean exchange students was unfortunate. Overall, amazing performance. Now the real question is, will Ronny Chieng (co-host at The Daily Show) get his own Netflix comedy special? (Probably not.)
Game of Thrones (2011-2017) – This entry does not add to the list count.Varys” is obviously meant to be an Asian male-monk-type character. He is played by a white male. There is an Asian character, however. Predictably, the character is female.
Community (2009-2015) – Bonus
The Real Beauty and the Beast
(2014) – This entry does not add to the list count. When the narrator starts to talk about monsters, they show a shot of a sign that says “Chinese.”
Selfie (2014) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian male redditor presents interesting analysis of Selfie. (Excuse the homophobic-sounding language. Remember that there is a difference between actual homophobia and being against the systematic Erasure of the Asian Male Identity.)
Louis C.K.: Oh My God (2013) – This entry does not add to the list count. Much like slavery, the pain suffered by Chinese railroad workers and mine canaries is no subject for any joke by a racist white.
Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man plays stereotypical role of a martial arts “sensei.”
Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal (2011) – This entry does not add to the list count. Noah does one of those “ironic” racist jokes about the Chinese language (source: r/aznidentity). (See: Daywalker 2.0.)
Uncommon Courage: Breakout an Chosin (2010) – This entry does not add to the list count. Propaganda via a Mega-Chan (from r/aznidentity).
Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes (2009) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian L-R joke.
Jeff Ross: No Offense (2008) – This entry does not add to the list count. Watch the excerpt here.
Codename: Kids Next Door (2002-2008) – This entry does not add to the list count. Yellow Peril via “Cheese Shogun Roquefort.” The way the Cheese ninjas are drawn is disconcerting.
Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner 2006 – This entry does not add to the list count. Greg Giraldo makes L-R/Japanese internment joke for George Takei.
The View (1997- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Rosie O’ Donnell makes an ass out of herself. This happened in 2006.
The Chinese Puzzle (1974) – This entry does not add to the list count. Story about “kidnapping and blackmail” is associated with the Orient (source). Made for children (source). You have to start brainwashing them early. An Asian man is cast as “China” (source).
Danger Man (1960-1968) – This entry does not add to the list count. Possible Yellowface of an Asian man.
The River Flows East (1962) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man is cast as “Chinaman” (source).

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List of Anti-Asian-Male Video Games

This list contains [114] items. Check out the lists for movies and TV shows too.


Horizon Zero Dawn 2017

In the first side mission, and one of the first things you do in the game, what I encounter is an incapacitated Asian man (“Thok”) on the ground whose incompetence led to his daughter being lost. His wife is dead. Turns out he is an overbearing father who, by his daughter’s account, yells too much. This is your introduction to the open world. 

The second Asian man I see is “Jom.” He explains how defenseless he is, and how he’s one of the outcasts and not one of the “braves.” His backstory: He got shunned because he was lazy and picked fights with everyone. He exudes a lack of self-confidence; his defining actions is to ask for forgiveness and permission. A lot of characters ask for favors in this game, but this character asks for permission. He is by far the most pathetic character encountered in the game.

The third Asian-male character I spoke to was worse than the preceding two. This “Greatrun Keeper” speaks like Goofy, and is just odd overall. No other character speaks like this. He also does a weird lip animation and smiles weirdly every time he talks. The white female antagonist literally says that he is “awfully friendly.” He reveals that people don’t like him due to his incessant chattering and because he stinks like fish. That is just over-the-top stereotypical. At least the protagonist says he smells more like wet fur… When the female protagonist is about to leave, he creepily smiles and says, “You could keep me company; your choiiice.” Greatrun Keeper also has a partner, an Asian-male merchant (stereotype) whom he dislikes because he doesn’t talk much (stereotype). Even in this post-apocalyptic future, Asians hang out with other Asians. Oh, and by the way, they copied and pasted this exact same merchant to another location (at the Sun Furrows hunting grounds).

The fourth Asian male I spoke to was “Tituk,” a shaman (Mystical Old Asian Man stereotype). He says a Confucianism near the end of his dealings with the protagonist. A while later, you meet “Ligan,” another Asian-male character who seems to be benign.

The next Asian male (“Ahsis”) I spoke to was racist and xenophobic to the “savage” Nora tribe from which the protagonist originates (racist Asian man myth). There are also misogynistic undertones, as his organizations just started allowing women to participate, and as he calls both the white female protagonist and an Asian female colleague “Talanah” “trash” (Asian male misogyny myth). Talanah stops short of calling Ahsis an “ass-[hole],” and her raison d’etre is to make Ahsis’ “blood boil.” You find out her father and brother are dead. Later in the game, he hires men to kill Talanah so that he can reap the rewards of killing a T-Rex robot because of his “vanity” and his desire to not “share the credit.” Ahsis eventually gets killed by the robot; following it is a comedic quip from the white female protagonist. As he dies, he mentions that he should have used the Talanah to weaken the robot. The game clarifies that he is remembered for his “treachery” while the two women will be remembered for defeating the beasts that he could not kill (feminism vs. Asian men). There is also “evidence of bowel failure” aka Ahsis shat his pants. 

The next Asian male (“Ranaman”) I spoke to is as bad as the Ahsis. Ranaman, at the behest of his father, pleads the white female protagonist to help clear out killer robots in his father’s large estate. It turns out that he planted a machine that caused the machines to attack the estate in the first place, causing his father to die and his sister to be trapped. His plan was to take over the estate after his father died by having him killed. He did this as revenge for his being disowned by his father (stereotype). He was disowned because of all his gambling, stealing, and extortion (stereotype). He sent the protagonist to clear out the grounds before he takes over. His sister is shown to have a lot of hatred for him, as she calls him “that murderous snake” and “scum.” Ranaman also reveals his plan like a cheesy evil villain, just before he gets killed by a flying bird-robot midway through his talking about how easier it was to have the machines try to kill the sister. No other character is this villainous. Seriously, play the game. This Asian angel sister-brother-father dynamic also pops up in other games like XCOM 2 and shows like Sense8 and Heroes.

The next Asian male I encounter is one of the henchman of the secondary antagonist (“Dervahl”) in the game (villainization). The next Asian male I saw was a very weird case. He is 100% an Asian-male geneticist, yet he speaks in some kind of European (comparable to German) accent and his name is “Patrick Bochard-Klein.” Don’t know what to make of this. You find out later he was suffocated to death. After this, I saw another Asian henchman, this time to the main human antagonist (“Helis”). Another was a spectator at a gladiator style game run by the antagonists. Another is another henchman, this time, to an evil priest. Another Asian male I saw was a mostly silent-accomplice to a bird-robot predator infestation, who did what he did to to pay off a loan. There is another Asian-male accomplice (unfortunately I did not write down the details for this one). The last Asian man I saw was one who captured a man named “Gavan.”

So many familiar stereotypes in an unrecognizable sci-fi future. In short, Asian men are replaceable; comically evil or weird; and every Asian woman has a dysfunctional relationship with Asian men (while I saw an implied WMAF and a married BMAF couple [“Gera” and “Kendert”]). They are the most villainous. They are the most one-dimensionally portrayed antagonists in the game. Don’t believe me? Play it.

It also doesn’t help that there’s a region called the “Savage East” which the “people of the Sun” have fought off. The “people of the sun” connection is obviously a coincidence (“Savage East” probably is not), but was Richard Spencer (who called white people “The children of the sun”) involved with this game lmao?

You also learn from Cpl. Sarai’s log about how, in the lore, China uses manual labor while the U.S. has moved on to automation (what lol?).

Fuck Hideo “White-Worship” Kojima and Sony for kissing up to this Western bullshit. Fuck Guerilla Games.

Other notes: Some characters I saw could have been Asian. “Brin” is a character that really creeps the protagonist out. He asks her if he could sniff her fingers. He drinks the blood of robots. He is an inscrutable man who sees visions after drinking blood. He was cast out of his own tribe and left to die. “Ghaliv” is a “healer” that doesn’t help unless he get paid and is extremely callous to suffering.

Homefront: The Revolution – Beyond the Wall 2017 – In this DLC, NK continues to rule over America, and quell resistance movements. They also try to take over Europe as well. In response, NATO plans on working with the Americans to overtake the occupying gooks (source). (See what are essentially race wars in COD: Black Ops II, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, ARMA 3, etc.) Read about the other Yellow Peril propaganda Homefront games. too. 
For Honor
 2017 – Game features Samurai, Vikings, and Knights. Protagonists of Vikings and Knights are white men. For Samurai, it’s an Asian woman who speaks un-accented English. She kills Asian men who speak in accents with the help of white allies (source). White people cannot tolerate Asian men.
Agents of Mayhem 2017 – Set in futuristic Seoul. The main trailer opens with an Asian man (“Oni” [Japanese word]) yelling, “For my family!” in an accent. Then, you see him doing a traditional Asian bow.
Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions 2017 – DLC. “Jordin Chin” makes a reappearance. In the first Watch Dogs, “Jordin Chin” has no morals. White protagonist says his “principles change with the amount of money involved.” Also see Watch Dogs 2 (2016).

Hitman: Season 1 2016-2017

“Dr. Katashi Ito” is an extremely stereotypical-looking, bespectacled man who runs the morgue and is part of a human organ trafficking ring (it’s implied that the hospital allows this). To hide this, he holds captive one of the white protagonists “Carlton Smith.” He also has a bipolar disorder and has a chip in his brain to control his emotions (the Asian male robot). He can be driven to commit suicide (source).

Kong Tuo-Kwang” is a target. He is a stereotypical “neocolonizer” of China, hellbent on making money however he can and lies about his desire to actually improve the situation in developing countries. (Reminds me of when John Davis, film and TV producer for Fox and Sony said that Chinese companies are all driven by the profit motive”… unlike other companies? I bet NYT loves this game. They actually asked if China is the new colonial power. The hypocrisy is unbearable.) He is killed.

Taheiji Koyama” is a target. He is a war criminal. He is an withering old man now (asexualization via geriatrification), and is on life support. He is killed. He is extremely unattractive. Predictably, the Asian female targets “Yuki” and “Akane” (Elusive Targets) and “Lei,” who is  forced into prostitution by Asian men and saved by the white player character in 3 Hitman games are attractive.

Wen Ts’ai” is a rich (stereotype), food snob of epic proportions, berating people when everything isn’t absolutely perfect. For example, he attacked a restaurant for serving his special kind of water two degrees colder than he wanted, using a thermometer he trademarked, all of which he livestreamed (because Asian men are assholes). He caused one chef to kill himself. Ts’ai is killed.

“Tren Po” is the heir to “Jin Po” who is a ruthless dictator who made his people treat him as a god. Some scientists daydream about killing him (source). (Reminds me of Bryan Cranston saying he wanted to kill an Asian-male coworker.)

“Akira Nakamura” is a director of a hospital. He wears glasses and wears a wig. He may be part of the “Providence” criminal organization (source).

In a promotional cinematic video for this game, the first target that you see die is, of course, Hayamoto, choking on poisonous sushi (see: Hitman 2: Silent Assassins).

(See: Hitman: Codename 47 and Contracts).

Prey 2017

The principal characters are “Morgan” the player character and “Alex Yu” (both hapas, since full Asian men cannot be tolerated). The decision to make Alex Yu do physically unfit and bespectacled is disconcerting. He is also stereotypically devious and shifty. It turns out he is behind all the chaos, and he is the main human antagonist of the game, as Asian men usually are. He uses his own brother Morgan to conduct research for his company. The popular conception is that relations between Asian men and their family members are always strained (Horizon Zero Dawn, XCOM 2, Mafia II, Hitman: Codename 47Heroes, Sens8, etc.) Their father, “William Yu,” is your stereotypical Evil Asian CEO that puts profits over everything.

The ending sections are pretty problematic. You find out that Morgan is an alien, meant to learn how to be human and become an liaison between the two species. Depending on he actions the player took, Alex may destroy the alien Morgan or let him be. If Morgan passes the test and is let go, he can help the two species work together, or can join the other aliens and wipe out humanity (source). While I don’t think there was much conscious malicious intent behind adding this connection between the Asian characters and aliens, it is something to look out for, as other works of fiction have directly associated Asian-maleness with all that is alien (see: XCOM2, Star Wars: Force Awakens, Men in Black 3, The Day the Earth Stood Still [2008], Team America: World Police, Invasion [1966], etc.)

Sidenote: at least one of the corpses scattered among the space station is an Asian male “Jason Chang.” His corpse carries a banana (coincidence?) He is the “personal assistant” of Morgan Yu. The chances of a hapa male being a PA to another hapa male is unlikely; makes sense for a full Asian male to be under a half-white male, at least to anti-Asian-male developers.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 2017 – You have the option to play as American soldiers and kill gooks.
Spider-Man 2018 – This game does not add to the list count. In this gameplay trailer, the main antagonist was “Martin Li” or “Mr. Negative,” one of Spider-Man’s enemies. In the lore, he is a crime boss that smuggles people from China to the US (Yellow Peril). According to the trailer, his alter ego runs a “homeless shelter.” He is deceptive and grotesque-looking. Even when he is in normal human form, he is given iris-less eyes to make him seem less human (dehumanization). Spidey also beats up several of Mr. Negative’s Asian henchmen called “Inner Demons.” One of them beats a helpless white man (white fragility). As expected, an Asian woman is an ally of Spidey’s (“Capt. Watanabe”). This is what they use to sell the game.
Beyond Good & Evil 2 TBA – This game does not add to the list count. In the cinematic trailer, a gross-looking male pig with a fu manchu and Oriental tattoos is a stand-in for your prototypical Asian-male crime lord. He gets tricked by one of the protagonists and also seems somewhat misogynistic (Myth of the Asian Patriarchy). The creators seem to have forwent giving the pig an Asian accent in a thinly-veiled attempt to not piss off Asian-male audiences. The futuristic Hong-Kongesque setting is replete with corrupt policemen. As expected, the Asian man is represented by an inhuman monster while the Asian woman is represented as a human being. We’ll see how the actual game hates on Asian men and other stand-ins for Asian men.


Homefront: The Revolution 2016

Reboot of propaganda game Homefront (2011). In this game, the Bad Korea has the tech revolution in its Silicon River instead of America during the 70’s. It was spearheaded by “Joe Tae-se,” who had an American (white) father (only the paternally half-white man could’ve lifted the nation). The nation is now the leading world superpower. Afterwards, the US defaults in its debt to the country (we all know this is a reflection of the fear of owing debt to China). Under the influence of Joe’s son “John Tae-Se,” who is obsessed with his American lineage, the country then invades the US, pretending to do so for humanitarian reasons, but actually rules the US authoritatively with torture and all, and strips it of its resources.

The people of Philadelphia rebel (MURICA!), despite threats to have the entire city nerve gassed, as was done to Boston and Pittsburg (source). Philly is partially gassed by the Evil Asians.

Bonus: They worked with Crytek for the game. Remember that they made the engine for some of the Crysis games, in which all you did was kill Koreans and aliens.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2016

White woman, his white male superior, and everyone else complains “Peter Chang” the computer genius is so paranoid and needs to see a psychiatrist. One white woman who keeps insulting Peter Chang says it’s good having an actual field agent like the white male main character and that she feels glad that he’s there. There is also a white computer nerd, and he gets women.

In other dialogue, Chinese are “vultures.” Chinese are relentlessly hated on. I was laughing at how many times in-game story texts kept on talking about how China failed at this or China against that.

Also features obligatory irritable Asian man speaking Chinese in a slum.

See: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) featuring Chinese gangs that harvest organs and get told “You lackeys all look the same” by the white male protagonist, and Deus Ex (2000) featuring a Chinese guy that tries to end the world.

Anyone surprised that it was deveoped by Eidos Montreal? Canada is toxic.

XCOM 2 2016 – As usual, the Asian girl “Lily” is a protagonist, while her Asian father “Raymond Shen” is dead (Asian guy always dies). (See extremely anti-Asian-male game XCOM: Enemy Unknown [2012].)
XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift 2016 – An AI called “Julian” sees himself as the true heir of the deceased Raymond Shen, and hates his sister, protagonist “Lily.” He tries to kill her several times, and in the end tries to crawl back to her. He also hates humans and everyone in general. He has to be programmed to not kill everyone (source). To recap, the Asian guy is represented in the form of a literal AI/robot and is bitter and vengeful against his sister due to his father’s favoring of the sister. We see this trope all the time (e.g., Heroes, Sense8, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.)
Homefront: The Revolution – Aftermath 2016 – DLC. The white player character originally tries to kill a traitor, who works with the Asian men. He however finds out that the traitor was only working with the Asian men to prevent them from killing innocent civilians and to escape prolonged torture. There’s absolutely no way a white man could do something like this, unlike the evil Asian men for whom redemption is impossible. In the end, you escape with the American after killing all the Asian men (source).

Mafia III 2016

Within minutes of starting the demo, the African-American protagonist “Lincoln Clay” goes off about his ‘Nam experiences, and how he had to deal with “Charlies.” His white accomplice “Giorgi” talks about how he wanted to hear stories about “gooks” getting their “dick[s] blown off” (emasculation). Way later in the demo, Giorgi once more talks about how the “gooks” must have been “shitting themselves” when Clay arrived at Vietnam; Clay and Giorgi laugh about it.

You find out that Clay chose to go to Vietnam, and that his friends are very proud of him for it. He even bonds over a random white man who served in the Pacific (basically killed Asians). This white-black unity against Asian men is disgusting. This is some Platoon (1986) shit (they even show actual footage of Vietcong members being restrained and marched for whatever reason).

In the beginning of the demo, there’s a disclaimer saying how racism in the game is used to build the world, and that the developers are very against racism. This game is on the whole very pro-Black and anti-white-racism (great!). Racism against African-Americans is used to create sympathy for the protagonist, while the anti-Asian-male racism just floats there, used to bring the Black protagonist and the whites together…

(See: Mafia II [2010].)

Watch Dogs 2 2016

The Auntie Shu Boys” is a gang made up of Chinese and Vietnamese members (villification). It is led by a woman (emasculation) because a male leader is unfathomable (reminiscent of the Asian assassins in Sherlock [2010- ]). They engage in human trafficking (stereotype), and commit a wide variety of crimes. The most prominent underling is “Victor Cheung,” who is thwarted and can be killed by the African-American player character.

Additionally, one of the protagonists, “Josh Sauchak,” who seems to be a WMAF hapa, has Asperger’s syndrome.

See: Watch Dogs (2014).

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2016 – Asian guy always dies first (“Louis Chang”). It’s literally the first thing that happens in the game. Meanwhile, the female Asian protagonist “Faye Lau” survives and is given characterization/back story.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The majority of Asian men in this game are part of an antagonist, extremist faction: “Sang Yup Kim” who lived under a patriarch “Col. Young Kim” (Asian patriarchy stereotype) is killed. Young Kim is also killed by the white-male player character. “Khoa Le” is also killed bu the same player character.

And as usual, the good Asian guy (“Bryant Ling“) just has to die.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 2016 – Weird Asian seems desperate to have his son get under the tutelage of white woman.
Overwatch 2016 – Asian male characters “Hanzo” and “Genji” occasionally speak Japanese. They are also brothers who are in conflict with each other. In an audio clip, they talk about how their father would be disappointed in them (stereotype). When’s the last time you saw an Asian family with functional interrelationships in white media? Probably never (for examples, see movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu [1927], etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Fringe, Criminal MindsFuturama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Prey [2017], XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man). Bonus: Look at this animated short. Stereotypical Asian gangsters make an appearance. Bonus 2: Is the first guy out of various races to be beaten up in this animated short Asian?
Dishonored 2 2016 – “Yul Khulan” is killed and his corpse is hung up in a humiliating manner, adorned with charms insulting his faith. He hails from “Wei-Ghon.”
Homefront: The Revolution – The Voice of Freedom 2016 – DLC. You get to kill more gooks. Yay!
Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies 2016 – The DLC’s feature “Takeo Masaki.” He used to be in the Imperial Japanese army. He finds an alternate version of himself heavily mutated (Asian Male Body Horror). The young Takeo was betrayed by the Emperor for petty reasons. Young Takeo commits seppuku (stereotype). This character in the DLC’s he’s appeared in has said things like “Oh, no honor for you!” and “You kill me? Nooo, I kill you!” (source). His player indicator color is also yellow. :/.  Additionally, “Division 9” makes an appearance in this game. They are HQ’d in the “Rising Sun facility” and worked with the Germans to develop bioweapons during WWII. Takeo and Division 9 have appeared in the DLC’s of other COD games, but is only discussed here.
Shadow Warrior 2 2016 – Even in the sci-fi/fantasy setting, the Asian male is a ninja and has a Chinese accent.
Titanfall 2 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. Within seconds of the demo, the cinematic opening shows the main robot protagonist “BT-7274” fighting a “Ronin” class mech which is small so it can be agile with its sword. It moves like a samurai, and is colored in red and white (rising sun). Even among mecha, it’s white vs. Asian (male). 


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China 2015

You play as an Asian womanShao Jun.” You must atone for the incompetence of the “Chinese Brotherhood” who were all killed off. It is all for “vengeance,” as she says. The whole point of the game is to kill Asian men, whether they’re guards, torturers, slavers, or politicians; the main objective is to kill the “Eight Tigers,” a group of eunuchs who deceitfully control Imperial China and are looking for world domination (source). They came into power after the impotent (emasculation) Emperor died. After you kill the final boss (a eunuch who planned to help the Mongol horde; what is this Mulan shit?), you re-establish the Brotherhood (because Asian men are all too incompetent) and plan the assassination of a male brothel-visiting Emperor. Hey, but at least she saves (emasculation) one lowly eunuch /s (source).

Out of all the opponents the developers could choose from the vast pantheon of Chinese historical figures, they went with eight deceitful (stereotype) eunuchs (emasculation). They also take advantage of an Empress who, predictably, is in alliance with the female player character (Asian Male Patriarchy angle). Note that the player character was an ex-concubine

Predictably, in the other two Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games, the player protagonists are male; Indian and Russian male player characters are O.K., but when it comes to Asian men, it’s unfathomable (source). In Assassin’s Creed III, the player character was a partial-Native American male. The only time the Asian story is “graced” by Assassin’s Creed, it has to be some shitty 2-D game unlike most of the other games in the franchise, and the protagonist just has to be a female. Additionally, the Asian woman was trained by an Italian white man (as shown by a 22 minute short, Assassin’s Creed: Embers [2011]).

In fact, let’s do a recap. The number of games where you play as a male player character: 17 (I, Altaïr’s Chronicles, Bloodlines, II, II: Discovery, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, IV: Black Flag, Rogue, Pirates, Identity, Unity, Chronicles: India, Chronicles: Russia, Syndicate, Origins [main male-player character]). In all of this, they refused to fit in even one Asian-male player character. Compare that with the number of games where you play as a female player character:  3 (Syndicate [secondary female player character], III: Liberation, Chronicles: China). They had to squeeze in an Asian woman somehow. Lol, what happened to never doing an Asian-themed game, btw?

In short, Middle Eastern, African, Native American, Indian, and white men as well as white, black, and Asian women are fine. But even one Asian man? Unfathomable.

You have to be blind not to see the agenda here. You, an Asian woman (an ex-concubine at that), killing a group of evil Asian men with literally no balls (eunuchs).

Call of Duty: Black Ops III 2015

Features the faction “54 Immortals” (54i), a long-standing criminal organization in Singapore led by ethnic Chinese siblings “Goh Min” (male) and “Goh Xiulan.” They engage in the drug trade and, you guessed it, human trafficking. After a biochemical disaster that killed 300,000 natives, the 54i began trafficking survivors of the disaster (overkill, guys) and bribed the Singaporean military to having access lawless quarantine zone and looted and profited from it.

Most known members are killed. “Goh Min” (male) is killed before his sister (Asian guy always dies first). Many nameless are also killed. After they are devastated by the Americans, they resort to in-fighting. “Danny Li” (armsdealer), however, is spared by female 54i member “He Zhen-Zhen” (emasculation).

Sidenote: In a short prequel story for the game released by Activision, called “V.E.R.S.I.O.N.,” one of the two main characters is “Gurmit,” living in Singapore, 2037. He is told by a man named “Lim” to stop a woman running around, suffering PTSD (Asian Male Low-EQ/Misogyny myth). He physically assaults her; she is taken to the hospital. He then goes back home to his abusive parents. Wtf is the point of this?

Battlefield Hardline 2015 – You take out Korean gangsters. But of course the Asian girl is one of the good guys. 
Fallout 4
 2015 – Asian Male Body Horror with “Captain Zao.” Fallout backstory involves Communist China invading Alaska and being vanquished (source). In this game, you play as a robot called “Liberty Prime” that is still programmed to attack the Chinese. It was restored by Madison Li. Once again, the enemies are Asian men and the allies are Asian women.


Watch Dogs 2014 – “Jordin Chin” has no morals. White protagonists says his “principles change with the amount of money involved” (see: Hitman: Codename 47 where “Lee Hong” is known as “the man with no conscience”).
Far Cry 4 2014 – You just kill Asian (basically Himalayan) men. That’s it. That’s the whole game for you.
Dead Rising 3 2014 – Player character “Nick Ramos” must kill a stereotypical martial artist psychopath called “Harry ‘Zhi’ Wong.” See? It doesn’t matter what your first name is (the study is Canadian). Just another evil Asian man. Developed by Capcom Vancouver. Anyone surprised? Bonus: In Dead Rising 2, one of the protagonists was an Asian female. Even though DR2 was made by the Japanese, you must always have evil Asian men and good Asian women in order for something to be palatable to Western audiences.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2014 – The opening portion of the game involves the deaths of Asian men.
Battlefield 4: Final Stand 2014 – Sets up events of Battlefield 2142. Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.
Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth 2014 – Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.
Heroes of the Storm – Features stereotypical Asian male character “Genji” who has an accent and speaks Japanese.
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 2014 – Features “Covetous Shen” (see: Diablo III [2012]). Expansion pack.
Dreamfall: Chapters 2014 – “Mr. London was the leader of the Chinese mafia who was callus and brutal. You first see him beating up one of your friends. He spoke entirely in Cantonese and has his goons translate for him [Perpetual Foreigner]” (source). From this reddit post.


Battlefield 4 2013 – Chinese general goes crazy and tries to take over America. One of the protagonists in an Asian woman. Her husband gets shot, is cowardly (pretends to be another person to hide from danger), and has his eye bandaged up. Like Hollywood, EA revels in in-joke about Asian eyes.
Battlefield 4: China Rising
  2013 – This is what they mean when they say games are escapist fantasies. Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.

Beyond: Two Souls 2013

In “Dragon’s Hideout” mission, you go to a secret base in China. You must stop China from trying to use a weapon of incalculable destruction against America (Yellow Peril) (source).

There, a small, conventionally unattractive, and heartless Chinese man gets ready to torture you.

White male character also berates Asian man working for him when he shows trepidation (emasculation).

Bioshock Infinite
2013 – I give credit where credit is due. They included an Asian man as a fighter against racism. However, in one timeline, “Chen Lin” is killed (the good Asian guy always dies). In another timeline, Lin’s white wife uses her connections to prevent him from being killed, but he is stripped of all his tools (emasculation). In the last timeline, both Lin and his white wife are murdered (source). I guess that’s what they get for miscegenation (AMWF). But was it from the story’s antagonists or the developers? A Chinese character also calls the white-male protagonist “gweilo” (white fragility, Myth of Racist Asian Men) (source). 
Grand Theft Auto V
 2013 – In one mission, Trevor Phillips shoves two Chinese men into a freezer (whom he plans on making drug-related deals with). One of them is a translator; the other is a perpetuation of the Perpetual Foreigner stereotype. The game also features Korean gangsters (source). At least one of them speaks with an accent.
ARMA 3 2013 – NATO (the good guys in the game) vs. CSAT or the Canton-Protocol Strategic Treaty (surrogate for China) a collection of Asian nations (source). CSAT is very similar to the Strategic Defense Coalition led by the Chinese in COD: Black Ops II. Whites have an obsession with Asian nations attacking them; almost all franchises have explored this topic to death.
Shadow Warrior 2013 – Features several Asian-male stereotypes: the protagonist is accented (Chinese), a ninja, collects comics, and possibly misogynistic (source). There are also zombies in the game referred to as “Coolies” (source).
Rising Storm 2013 – You have the option of killing Japs (also see Rising Storm 2: Vietnam).
Marvel Heroes 2013 – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white male fragility) (source).
Fuse 2013 – This entry does not add to the list count. Concept art had protagonist fighting Asian gangsters (source).


XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2012

The “Thin Men” are aliens that try their best to look human. They are grotesque-looking, poison-spewing aliens. They are unmistakably Asian men. (See: games Crysis Warhead [2008] and Crysis [2007]; films Men in Black 3 [2012], Star Wars: Force Awakens [2015], Team America: World Police [2004], Invasion [1966].)

Dr. Raymond Shen” is an old Asian-male engineer (stereotype, desexualization via geriatrifican). “Hongou Marazuki” is an Asian-male scientist (stereotype) that you have to rescue (emasculation).

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Slingshot (Content Pack) 2012 – “Shaojie Zhang” is a Triad member (stereotype, villification). Furthermore, his nickname is “Chilong,” which means “Hornless Dragon” which is Chinese slang meaning “small dick, big mouth” (emasculation).

Call of Duty: Black Ops II 2012

Tian Zhao” used to be an ally of the protagonists. But several years later, he becomes a one of the most prominent antagonists in the game and is depicted as being hungry for power. He is the commander of the Strategic Defense Coalition (SDC), an East Asian military alliance that is headed by the Chinese. Zhao is desperate to have the Russians joins the SDC and become the greatest military force on earth. The SDC also gets in to a Cold War with NATO (what is this, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat [2005]?). What is with whites’ obsession of creating stories based on the Asian Invasion (Fallout lore, several Battlefield games, etc.)? He eventually tries to invade Russia. This shit is hilarious; has China invaded any one in recent times? Whether it be in the Middle East, Crimea, or otherwise? The irony is unbearable.

The player has the option to have Zhao killed. If this occurs, his men try to defend him, but are thwarted; in this death, Zhao stumbles out of his downed craft and is shot in the chest by a Navy SEAL.

Mass Effect 3 2012

In-game story text mocks Chinese. For example, some bit about the New York Giants beating the Beijing Dragons (source).

Let’s also not forget the stereotypical ninja, “Kai Leng.” He has slits for eyes for fuck’s sake.

Diablo III 2012 – Features “Covetous Shen.” Very talkative character; annoys people. Old Asian jeweler (source). Extremely greedy (stereotype).
007 Legends 2012 – “Zao” (the character from the anti-Asian-male film Die Another Day [2002]) is in this game and you kill him (source).
Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2012 – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Sleeping Dogs 2012 – Protagonist is Asian only to have him kill other Asians as game depicts all Asians as gangsters and criminals. Extremely stereotypical writing.


Homefront 2011

Propaganda game. In the story, NK takes over to form a united Korea or the GKR (Greater Korean Republic). Yeah… and America is devastated by the Asian bird flu. The GKR starts taking over other Asian countries (a callback to evil Japan). GKR soon becomes a superpower. They launch a satellite as a gesture of peace, but it is actually a weapon used to take down the American infrastructure. They then start their takeover of America (including Hawaii. The fucking irony). By the late 2020s, they now occupy half of America (source). (See: Homefront: The Revolution [2016].)

The GKR rules their new colony in a militaristic and authoritative way (e.g., they have “re-education camps”). The world is littered with mass graves and labor camps (when some resistors are theorized to be hiding in the graves, they shoot at the bodies). They radiate the air using the radiated Mississippi River (our sacred American landmark!) and keep doing it. Airplanes carry out attacks on entire towns for petty revenge. The Soldiers are especially violent. They even have mandatory conscription, which is ridiculous within the context of this new future setting. The soldiers also The occupying army also uses American equipment because they feel it’s the best. They also want to make its presence known to the whole world.

You are part of the Resistance and must fight back. In Korean America, Americas use guerrilla warfare on you!

At one point, the American army retakes San Fran. (They’re not even subtle about the racism.) The American army beings to retake the states, and EU declare war on the GKR and plan to remove all the Koreans from the US. This really is a white supremacist’s wet dream.

Bonus: Some of their advertising material was in the form of mock-news of the coming invasion. Asian men could have been killed in hate crimes. That is absolutely nothing to fuck with. Also, look at this promotional material where a Korean soldier is waving a burning American flag.

They also have a token/Chan named “Hopper Lee” lmao. There’s also a Viet named “Nguyen Huu Giap” who fights with the Resistance for America (LMFAO). He dies.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2011

One of the primary antagonist factions is the Tong gang that harvests organs. Main white protagonist tells one Asian man, “You lackeys all look the same” (source). Chinese characters also use “racist” terms against whites (white fragility) (source).

See: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016) and Deus Ex (2000).

Heavy Rain 2011 – Main antagonist is the “Origami Killer.” Uses a katana at one point as well. Associated psychopathic killer with Asians (men). They did a similar thing in the film Manhunter (1986). Note that that particular film does not count towards the list count for the movies list. The movies list has a steeper criteria. Also note that they similar associate Asian objects with criminals (e.g., the new Sherlock [2010- ]). Also see: Murder on the Orient Express. Note that that too does not count towards the list count of the movies list.
DC Universe Online 2011 – “Egg Fu.” Better presentation than the 60’s debut, but still.


Just Cause 2 2010

Non-Asian male “Rico Rodriguez” goes to “Panau,” a surrogate for the Philippines and Asia in general (source). It is ruled by an evil dictator “Pandak ‘Baby’ Panay” (Emasculation via Infantilization, “Pinoy” and “Panay” Islands reference). “Pandak” is the Filipino word for “short” (in media, little people are usually unjustly dehumanized as well). Panay fires missiles at several nations, including America. His clothes gets caught on one of them and flies off with them (so funny!) and is killed. They celebrate the future installation of a American-backed government (not even ironic).

It’s also implied that Pandak killed his own father, who used to be a relatively benevolent ruler because he was put in power by America. Yeah, that always works out. He is also a surrogate for the Japanese, as he has ninjas and his palace is of Japanese architecture. He pirates DVDs and tries to impress women by pretending to understand Western languages. He also loves receiving “vulgar” poems from Colonel “Virgilio.”

One of the three Panuan criminal factions in the game is called “The Roaches.” This faction is led by “Razak Razman” is a rich, bald, heavyset East-Asian man. He cuts people’s throats for entertainment, which earned him the moniker “The Razor.” He assassinates journalists and visits prostitutes. Another faction called “The Reapers” is clandestinely supported by China. “Zhang Sun” is the Chinese string-puller. He’s very old (asexualization via geriatrification) and is known for his cruelty. The third faction, “The Ular Boys,” are clandestinely supported by Japan (except neither would ever do such a thing.) “Masayo Washio” is the Japanese string-puller. He uses the battle cries he used when he was part of the Imperial Japanese Army (WWII Yellow Peril). The Ular Boys hate Panau because their tribe were oppressed by the Panauans (white hypocrisy) (source). The tribe one time killed and ate Japanese soldiers.

As usual, the Asian girl is one of the good guys, and dates a white man. Jade Tan” must be rescued before she can be torture and killed by the Evil Asian men. Also familiar, is how the whole game’s objective is to kill Asian men.

There’s also a mission called “Fry Me To the Moon.”

Let’s look at the targets: Colonel “Danyal Mail” tries hide his femininity, but has finally come out. He now goes by the name “Fe-Mail.” Colonel “Chaerul Tunko” rose to swiftly rose to power due to engaging in sexual activities with a General. Colonel “Bamert” was exiled to an outpost due to overhearing a “steamy conversation” between The Minister of State and his General. All this is an attempt at the Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male-Identity. When we speak out, they concern troll and yell Homophobia! trying to shut us up and make us out to be the bad guys when they’re the ones denoting femininity and homoeroticism as bad qualities to lampoon Asian men.

(See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007] or TV shows like Entourage, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Degrassi: The Next GenerationDifficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015].)

Colonel “Romel Naivaluruawent into the army to be more like his hero Erwin Rommel, a Nazi. Naivalurua feels as if he has a special “bond” with him, and hopes to look “as good in a leather coat” as Rommel did. Colonel “Siu” is a depressed man that kept trying to commit suicide in “Rajang” River. He failed many times, and the river is now called “Siu’s Failure.” General “‘Boom Boom’ Bohulano” is extremely violent and “disturbed” according to the white female spy who posed as his prostitute (Asian Male Misogyny Myth). Colonel “Lee Yu Wehn” is extremely cheap (stereotype), eats only bugs and rice (Asian Eat Weird Food stereotype), and wants to kill his Uncle. Colonel “Tunko Isnin” has daddy issues. His father wiped out the native population of Panau (white hypocrisy).

Colonel “Tunko Bin Hitam” is allowed by the military to go on with his hobby of dismembering bodies and making art with the pieces. He says that the bones turn into “delicious yellow.” Colonel “Rany Kiandee” smuggles in people for his sick hobby of skinning people alive and making them watch while he glues the skin onto another person. Colonel “Sutan” has a “passion” for killing for no reason and torturing. He entertains his dinner guests with acts of sadism. Colonel “Rajah Idispried the fillings in his mother’s teeth for money. Colonel “Zulkrnain” collects “cruel game shows” from all over the world and watches them and burns DVDs for Pandak. Colonel “Boon” kills people and collects skulls. Colonel “Itik” is a no-nonsense (stereotype) military trainer who kills those who fall behind, and leaves them to be eaten up by dogs. Colonel “Omar” engages in massacres.

Colonel “Ishak” flogs people for religious transgressions such as “breathing in an ungodly manner” and appearing “suspiciously non-religious.” Colonel “Ismaryanto” flogs any personnel engaging in leisure activity.

Colonel “Yoong” has an “unpleasant face” and smells extremely bad. He hates soap, water, women, and children. Colonel “Loo Won Fui” is disliked by the other military personnel due to his excessive body odor (except Asians don’t smell…) Colonel “Awang Deris” has a skin disease and is called “Old Hand Job.”

Colonels “Jegathesan” and “Perang Lee” sell opium (white hypocrisy). Colonel “Malaka” distributes heroin. Colonel “Dollah” does gambling and cocaine, and kills innocent civilians and steals their property. Colonel “Usop Yeop” is always bribed by the criminal factions with alcohol. Colonel “Adiputera” is a drug addict, and has lost all his money due to it. Colonel “Ruofan” is a “slave to alchohol.” Colonel “Yatim” is a sexual pervert and the prostitutes hate him. Colonel “Baba” uses prostitutes and loves to drink. Colonel “Hitam” uses the services of prostitutes. Colonel “Gupta” takes money from foreign visitors before allowing them in to the country.  Colonel “Jejomar Isko” steals money from his own country. Colonel “Baratham” sells military equipment to criminals. Colonel “Yuan” got rich by taking advantage of civilians. Colonel “Sivanathan” used to be a normal guy, but after he was given power, he was corrupted and became “depraved.” Colonel “Lee Seng Sen” has delusions of grandeur. Colonel “Relutzu” is incompetent.

But it’s not just military personnel that’s bad. “Little Guy” is a Korean hacker (emasculation). “Quinrun Theng” is a politician who takes bribes, along with basically all the others. “Lee Ho Fook” is a businessman who makes money off of drugs. “Ken Pang” has gambling problems (stereotype).

Just pure, abject hatred rendered from 1s and 0s. Of course the only complaint of racism it received was giving an Asian female character an accent. Everything else was completely fine and not worth a second though I guess.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Game is set in Shanghai (oh boy). Antagonists are Asian men (as always). The main antagonist is “Shang-Si.” He’s bald and has influence over the corrupt police and a part of the military. Even though his daughter was killed by Kane and Lynch, he still offers them a job when he is overtaken by them.

Another character is “Hsing” is a bald Chinese man that take part in running drug, prostitution, and sweatshop operations. He kills and rapes and tortures Lynch’s Asian girlfriend (Asian Male Misogyny Myth). He is killed. Let’s also not forget “Li ‘Brady’ Lung” is a bald informant who commits suicide after his girlfriend is shot. In the game, Chinese gangsters call white character with a word that’s “racist” against whites (white fragility) (source).

Another game where all you do is kill loads upon loads of Asian men.

Mafia II 2010 – Game features the “Empire Bay Triads” (stereotypical villification). “Mr. Wu” is an inmate there, who fixes fights. He is duplicated throughout Chinatown as passerby NPCs (source). Mr. Wu’s best fighter is unable to defeat the white player character (racial emasculation). Wu’s fighter, who looks like a Fu Manchu and does martial arts, also calls Vito “guai-lo” (stereotypes, white fragility) (source). “Zhe Yun Wong” is another Triad member who came to America on an opium ship. He killed his own cousin (see Hitman: Codename 47 where “Lee Hong” poisons his own uncle). The player character gets to kill him near the end.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2010 – Portions of the game involve killing more Viets (source).
Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy 2010 – “Eddie Fu” is a boss of the Empire Bay Triads. He wears traditional Chinese clothing despite being in America (Perpetual Foreigner), and he runs a martial arts tournament (stereotype). He sends two Chinese assassins to kill a white protagonist “Jimmy,” but they are killed. Jimmy also kills three Chinese captains. In the mission “Bang Bang Chicken,” Eddie and his men are killed (source). DLC.
Battlefield 2: Bad Company: Vietnam 2010 – Expansion pack.

Red Dead Redemption 2010

This game features a good amount of Asian-male characters. Good on them for placing the Chinese within American history as they should be, but they did it quite tactlessly. For instance, “Zhou” is an indentured servant for a Hispanic man, and needs the help of the white player character. He regrets coming to America (subtle anti-Asian-male-immigration message) and is has an opium addiction. He is part of the mission called “Love is the Opiate.” “Chu Fook” is a similar kind of character; he is a Chinese male that speaks in broken English (Perpetual Foreigner) who needs to get saved by a white man. He says shit like, “You good man. My name Chu Fook. Very grateful!”

There are others. “Sam Wah” is a Chinese immigrant who plays poker (approximates gambling stereotype). He also operates a laundromat (Korean stereotype; despite it being historically accurate, it is still an unnecessary and most likely malicious inclusion). A white policeman “Eli Tucker” also finds him suspicious. “Chow Hoy” is another Chinese immigrant. He plays poker, smokes opium, and speaks in broken English (Perpetual Foreigner). “Jung Fook-Sing” and “Lee Siu-Lung” similarly speak in broken English and plays poker.  He usually flees in the face of danger. “Wong Bing” is another Chinese immigrant with glasses (stereotype) who plays poker. He says the white player character should help him get better at it. “Kwok Seng” is an NPC who only lightly shows discomfort when you attack him (stereotype). “Thao Long” is a coach driver that is extremely irritable and rude.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 2010 – “Chu Fook” makes a return in this expansion pack. He gets rescued by the white player character and sits behind him on the horse back to safety (Asian-male emasculation).
Alpha Protocol
 2010 – For a portion of the game, it’s the white-male player character vs. the Chinese Secret Police’s Omen Deng. You fight the man himself eventually. You are given the choice to either kill him or not (source). Triad leader “Hong Shi” is also “racist” against white-male player character (source).
James Bond 007: Blood Stone 2010 – Asian man Colonel Ping killed by an assassin (source). Asian guys always die.


Battlefield 1943 2009 – Great way for neckbeards to kill Japs. Or weebs to play as the Japanese.
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 2009 – You (America) and the Russians must take down China who’s claiming an island for themselves and taking oil reserves from Russia (source). The same kind of bullshit peddled by the Fallout, Battlefield, COD, and other games.
Rogue Warrior 2009 – First half of the game is white male vs. Evil Asian men (source). 
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
 2009 – Asian gangs (again) and loads upon loads of negative stereotypes (source).
Pacific Liberator 2009 – You save what are likely Filipinos from an evil ruler by… killing them (source).
Dexter: The Game 2009 – Features “Vince Masuka,” a racist depiction of Asian men in the TV show (source).


Crysis Warhead 2008 – You kill aliens and Asian men, the two greatest threats to humanity. See: Crysis (2007).
Call of Duty: World at War 2008- You play as an American killing Japs.
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008 – In one mission, the player character must harass a stereotypical Old Asian man (asexualization via geriatrification, Perpetual Foreigner). The Korean Mob also makes an appearance in this game (source).


Crysis 2007 – You kill aliens and Asian men.
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 2007 – Indonesian pirate gang is an antagonistic force in the game. Six out of seven voice actors for the pirates were East Asian men (source).
Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike 2007 – EU takes back land stolen by the Pan Asian Coalition (source). The irony. Booster pack.
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men 2007 – Asian men are stereotypical gangsters. As always. Several are killed, including the boss “Retomoto” (source). “Rific,” who works with Kane, is also killed.
Def Jam: Icon 2007 – “Dr. Chang” is a stereotypical Old Asian Man (desexualization via geriatrification) who runs a shoddy medical practice (stereotype).
F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate 2007 – Asian guy (“Steve Chen“) always dies (he meets a violent death). He returns all twisted up and missing a limb (Asian Male Body Horror).
ARMA: Armed Assault 2007 – You (American) vs. “Sahranis” (Viet/Filipino surrogates) (source).


Battlefield 2142 2006 – Pan Asian Coalition launches invasion of Europe and North Africa (source). Lmfao. What is with Battlefield and their Yellow Paranoia?
Gears of War 2006 – The good Asian guy “Minh Young Kim” always dies. He is very strict. “Minh” also does not exist in the Korean naming system. The character was also meant to be female originally (they probably changed this decision since he had to be killed). He is voiced by a white man. 
Battlefield 2: Euro Force 2006 – You kill Chinese as EU soldiers (source). Booster pack.
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2006 – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury 2006 – Portion includes USMC vs. China. Booster pack. 
 2006 – “Mr. Oh” is a stereotypical Asian grocer (manager of the “Yum Yum Market”) who is no-nonsense, and shows signs of being an over-bearing father figure. He wears glasses, and sometimes, he has an accent and other times, he doesn’t. He is the frequent target of pranks and is threatened to get beaten up by a white student (emasculation) and needs to get saved by the white student player character. Meanwhile, the Asian female character is one of the students and is sociable (source).
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 2006 – Features stereotypical Asian henchman, a Fu Manchu-type character, an Asian man with love-life problems, an “annoying” Asian boy, and a stereotypical Asian-male scientist (source). From this reddit post.


Vietcong 2 2005 – Let’s kill more evil Viets! Part 2.
Battlefield 2 2005 – Sino-American War. Lmfao. What is this? Fallout?
Battlefield Vietnam 2005 – Great way for neckbeards to kill Viets.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat 2005 – War between NATO and China (source). Lmfao.
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction 2005 – A white man, an Asian girl, and a African-American man vs. Asian men. You kill a specified group of Asian men. That’s literally the whole point of the game (source).
True Crime: New York City 2005 – The player character (an African-American man) must deal with the duplicitous members the Triad for a portion of the game (source).
Predator: Concrete Jungle 2005 – Asian guys from Yutani as evil corporate elites (source).


Hitman: Contracts 2004 – This game is a remake of the extremely anti-Asian-male game Hitman: Codename 47, told through flashbacks. All the transgressions listed for that entry also is remade in the newer 2004 release. 
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2004 – Chinese and Viet men are gang members (source).
Goldeneye: Rogue Agent 2004 – Player character’s mission is to eliminate Dr. No (Eurasian) from the Yellow Peril film Dr. No (1962). Dr. No is electrocuted to death. The player character must also elimiante “Oddjob,” an Asian-male villain from Goldfinger (1964).


Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb 2003 – Main antagonist is Asian-male “Kai Ti Chang.” He teams up with the fuckin’ Nazis (lol). Then the white-male protagonist and the Asian girl must team up to defeat him (source). Kai’s goons call Indiana “gwai lo” cos they’re so “racist” (lol) (source). 
True Crime: Streets of LA
2003 – A game which follows the same movie trope of having white people and a half-Asian lead kill full Asian men. Western creators like to explore these kinds of stories because it sends the message that having more white genes makes you better as a person (source). 
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
 2003 – You play as an American soldier in the Pacific theater.
Vietcong 2003 – Let’s kill more evil Viets!
James Bond 007: Nightfire 2003 – Bond deals with the main antagonist’s Japanese henchman. The game also features a ninja assassin (source). Predictably, the Japanese woman is given a name and some characterization.
Enter the Matrix 2003 – Key-master is a steretypically inscrutable Old Asian man (desexualization via geriatrification) (source).
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu 2003 – Bruce Wayne vs. quasi-Fu Manchu. Shame that an Asian man created “Sin Tzu.”


Hitman 2: Silent Assassins 2002

The white player character kills “Brat Charliego Sidjan” (Malaysian). The player character thought that Brat was Brat’s twin brother, “Charlie Sidjan” (subtle Asians-look-alike joke). They both wear glasses (stereotype). They are both responsible for the potential existential threat to America.

Another target to kill is “Masahiro Hayamoto, Jr,” a Yakuza boss. He is depicted as a sexual pervert (stereotype). In a promotional cinematic video for Hitman (2016), the first target that you see die is, of course, Hayamoto, choking on poisonous sushi. You must also fight his gangsters and his ninjas. He also uses the service of a prostitute. Her name is “Lei Ling.”

Lei Ling” is in the first and third games where she is saved by misogynistic Asian men that forced her into prostitution. She is saved in this game again.

Battlefield 1942 2002 – Portion of the game involves taking down Japs.


Grand Theft Auto III – Asian men are gangsters (Yakuza). As always.


Hitman: Codename 47 2000

One target that the white player character must kill is the “Red Dragon Negotiator” and is the first target in the entire Hitman franchise (reminds me of how a lot of anti-Asian-male content comes in the beginning of individual films, or the start of franchises, like the Bond movies) (source). He has a Fu Manchu and wears traditional Chinese robes. Asian men are stereotypical gangsters (Triads).

Another target is “Lee Hong,” leader of the Red Dragon Triads, who has a Fu Manchu, poisoned his own Uncle (see: Mafia II, “Zhe Yun Wong” of the Triad kills his own cousin). He is known as “the man with no conscience” (see: Watch Dog where “Jordin Chin” whose “principles change with the amount of money involved”). He attacks with a sword, and he is eventually killed by the player character (source). You must also kill his bodyguard, who is a morbidly obese, bald Chinese man named “Tzun.” He uses escorts (source).

Lei Ling” is a Asian woman the white-male player character must save from the misogynistic Asian men that forced her into prostitution; this is a trope that’s overplayed in white media.

Another target to kill is the corrupt Hong Kong Chief of Police, who is secretly working with both Asian gang factions of the game. Another target that must be killed is the “Blue Lotus Emissary” (source).

Deus Ex 2000 – Chinese man tries to bring the Dark Ages back (source). Other Chinese men depicted as being racist to the white player character (white fragility) (source).


Fallout 1997 – China invades Alaska, starting the Sino-American War (source). Lmfao.
Blade Runner
 1997 –  Features “Dr. Chew” from the anti-Asian-male film of the same name (source).

[Dishonorable Mentions]

Anthem 2018 – This game does not add to the list count. In the scripted gameplay trailer, one real-life player says they should invite “Kim” to join them on an expedition. In response, a real-life white-male player scoffs and says, “Yeah, he could use the XP.” When he finally joins, he makes a remark showing his slight trepidation as diving into the storm. No one answers. (Looks like the marketing writers’ views on Asian men are leaking.) Note that “Kim” is usually a last name. Calling an Asian man “Kim” could be an emphasis on his status as the Perpetual Foreigner. If that is his first name, that could be Emasculation since “Kim” in the Anglosphere is usually a female name (“Kimberly”). Let’s look out for any anti-Asian-male racism in the actual game itself once it comes out.
Injustice 2
This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man is “Atom” (source). He says he has a “small advantage,” and white male “Robin” tells him to “quit embarassing yourself!” The whole character might be a sly small dick joke and a play on the sneaky Asian male stereotype. In the comics, predictably, the Asian male is killed off.
Dirty Chinese Restaurant 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. Canadian game studio (source: r/aznidentity, ignore jab at mentally disabled) develops extremely anti-Asian racist game about an Asian male character. This is the studio’s first game. Update: The game was cancelled. 
Mass Effect
 Andromeda 2017 – This game does not add to the list count. Only two Asian men I’ve seen in gameplay footage are two bald (negative trait that is rare in Asians), identical(?)-looking Asian men. I’ve also read about an Asian-male scientist that is accused of being greedy and of having created an addictive drug on purpose (source: r/EasternSunRising).
Europa Universalis IV – Mandate of Heaven 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. In trailer, poems written by Asian man narrated by Asian woman (source: r/aznidentity). Promotional materials also show a regal woman/queen-like figure because white people cannot tolerate Asian men.
Mahjong Journey (updated 2017) – This entry does not add to the list count since it is a mobile game. Asian male character is old (desexualization via geriatrification), has a long stereotypical mustache, and is wearing traditional Chinese clothing replete with the stereotypical hat (Perpetual Male Foreigner Myth). Predictably, the Asian female character is young and her clothes is “normal.”
Little Nightmares 2017 – This game does not add to the list count. Heavily implied that many of the antagonistic grotesque male humanoid monsters are Asian/Japanese. Meanwhile, the Asian female antagonist/leader looks like a normal human. Did the Swedes troll Bandai Namco?
Mafia III: Stones Unturned 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. Will the henchman of the main antagonist of this DLC be Asian men (in the tropical island setting)? We shall see. (See: Mafia III, Mafia II).
Call of Duty: World War II 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. We’ll see if they release any DLC involving killing Japs, and how they treat them.
Ni-Oh 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. Setting is in feudal Japan. Protagonist is a white male. Video game version of The Great Wall (2016), basically. The kicker is that it’s made by the Japanese.
Oriental Empires 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. See r/asianamerican thread and how the AMA tries to whitesplain the term “Oriental.”
Lego Marvel’s Avengers 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white male fragility) (source).
Doom 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Dopechan” noodles (in Chinese takeout container) easter egg. Portmanteau of Maruchan ramen (Japanese) and Dopefish. Eerie parallels between Dopefish’s appearance and that of stereotypical Asian caricatures.
Fallout 4: Far Harbor 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. Possible racist dialogue. When protagonist talks to DiMA, he says, “If I squint really hard, I look like someone else.” While that expression exists, you have to be careful.
Whore of the Orient (canceled 2016) – This entry does not add to the list count. This is the only canceled game on this list. Looks like it was going to be another anti-China game. And there are enough games where you kill a bunch of Asian men.
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2013 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white male fragility) (source).
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues 2009 – This entry does not add to the list count. At least one of the antagonists is an Asian male (source).
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures 2008 – This entry does not add to the list count. At least one of the antagonists is an Asian male (source).
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 2009 – This entry does not add to the list count.Tenzin” (Tibetan) is the only character in the franchise unable to speak English.
Fallout 3 2008 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Chinese stealth armor” (sneaky stereotype). Americans steal tech from China (satirical jab at stereotype of China stealing secrets). Backstory: China invades Alaska, starting the Sino-American War (source).
Mass Effect 2007 – This entry does not add to the list count. Shanxi attacked by aliens (source). Salarians are stand-ins for Japanese – technologically advanced, asexual, and devious (source). Batarians are stand-ins for Chinese – they are barbaric, doesn’t speak proper English unlike other aliens, and hated by all (source).
Dead Rising 2006 – This entry does not add to the list count. Japanese-developed game features two male Japanese tourists (stereotype). One of them has glasses. Looks like the stereotypes have been internalized.
Mr. Chin’s Gourmet Paradise 1990 – This entry does not add to the list count. Stereotype of Asian man (source: r/asianamerican).

Anti-Asian-Male Ads

Aug 2, 2017 – Hapa female redditor notices the sly Asian dick joke made by a company called “Jiftip.” Ignore her lookism and the rest of the comments section.
Mar 27, 2017Monster (jobs) commercial on Hulu. Asian man explains policy of ABW (Always Be Working, a reference to Glengarry Glen Ross, to white woman who is unsettled by it. Asian man working in the background revealed to be son (over-bearing Asian father).

Feb 16, 2017 – Not anti-gay. However, I am against the systemic erasure of the straight-Asian-male identity. Example by Apple (source: r/aznidentity).

Feb 5, 2017Tide Superbowl ad says Asian men are the furthest thing away from Western civilization. That’s why we are always used to show how far away something is, but how far-reaching something is-just show that even Asian men know about it. Also, old (asexualization via geriatrification) Asian men cast, and speak Japanese (otherization). Also, insert Terikyaki joke. Fuck Tide.

Jan 22, 2017Ad says Asian men are a nuisance and a “problem” (source: r/hapas). They’re also really good at DDR. Fuck Australia.
Jan 12, 2017 – Aussie ad celebrating diversity uses Fu Manchu to hate on Chinese men (source: r/hapas). Chinese are also lumped together with whites as colonizers…

Jan 10, 2017Orbit gum ad tells Asian women to leave Asian men (source: r/asianmasculinity). Must be because of the “Asian patriarchy.” Boycott Orbit out of principle. UPDATE: The assholes took it down. But here’s a mirror from Wrigley promoting Extra gum.

2017 (found) – Wonderful Pistachios makes ad emasculating Asian men in various, disgusting ways (source: r/aznidentity). And is anyone surprised that the purveyors of the Goldilocks Theory of Race also made this commercial?

Nov 27, 2016 – A short film for H&M by Wes Anderson. Conventionally unattractive, small, and old Asian actor was cast (desexualization). He is depicted to be absolutely clueless, and the only one who has this depiction. Only there for comedic effect.

Sep 21, 2016 – In this Listerine ad (source: Asian male redditsphere), the two principal characters are an extremely short Asian guy and a very tall white man. It’s very clear what they’re trying to do here. The Asian man is also the “Boss” and the white man is the “New Guy”; we are expected to root for the underdog (New Guy) while disliking the Boss as he is the Oppressive Professional Asian Man. When they start dancing, the woman thrusts her papers to the short Asian man, and starts dancing with the white man (desexualization, emasculation). It’s eerily reminiscent of what happens in Wes Anderson’s short for H&M, “Come Together” (2016).

Jul 4, 2016 – An Asian male redditor elucidates the sly, back-handed white liberalist anti-Asian male nature of this Ad Council propaganda PSA called “We Are America ft. John Cena.” While I don’t agree with the author’s claim about the mongoloid-Down Syndrome connection (even though it’s prevalent in “comedic” media), I still think that presenting a normal WMAF couple and an Asian boy-white girl with Down Syndrome was a cruel joke from the ad’s creators.

(I hope that you will be able to fully understand what is wrong with this picture and not claim that I am anti-people with Down Syndrome. I speak honestly when I tell you that I have cut off relations with people due to their negative and cruel views against those with Down Syndrome. I do mean it when I say I am a true advocate for those with condition, since I advocate for them online and have worked with them via volunteering. It’s simply that in this particular instance, cruel advertisers have used the two children for a sick joke. And like the OP, I too am not against real, racial diversity, not fake exclusive, white liberalist diversity based on historically-influenced sex appeal.)

Mar 31, 2016Listerine ad (source: Asian male redditsphere) features a shot which puts the Asian man (predictably) in the way back , and as the only individual to wear business clothes out of 6 others (stereotype). Predictably Asian woman is treated very differently.

Mar 14, 2016 Taco Bell uses George Takei’s Asian-maleness as an object of comedy. Read more at Kulture.

Feb 24, 2016 – In a promotional cinematic video for Hitman (2016), the first target that you see die is, of course, “Hayamoto,” choking on poisonous sushi. The franchise itself is extremely racist. In fact, the first person you kill in the entire franchise is an Asian man (source).

2016 (found) – Snickers ad (source: Asian male redditsphere). Perpetual Male Foreigner Myth.

Oct 14, 2015 – French Kinder ad (source: Asian male redditsphere) stereotypes Asian men as the Mystical Kung-Fu Teacher that references Pai Mei (from Kill Bill), Mr. Miyagi, among others. The white man defeats and over comes the Asian man. It has close to 1.6 million views. This is why Hollywood propaganda is so dangerous. Every country in the world consumes it. Fuck France.

Nov 23, 2015 – In this AdBlock ad, viewed by over a million people, an Asian kid uses stereotypical martial arts to protect a white man from ads (Asian-male subservience). He is essentially an analog to the adblocker; he is an object. He is also an object in the sense that he is an object of comedy here.

The boy is an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, The Goonies, Up, School of Rock, Kicking & Screaming, Tropic Thunder, etc.)

Sep 7, 2015AARP ad. Read more at Kulture.
Oct 4, 2014Snickers ad featuring “Mr. Bean.” Perpetual Male Foreigner Myth.

2013BMW ad features stereotypical Oppressive Asian Father vs. WMAF (source: Asian male redditsphere).

May 25, 2011Heinekin ad called “The Date” features a white male (with an Asian female) antagonized by stereotypical Asian men (from Ethnic Muse).

Jan 13, 2011Heinekin ad uses stereotypical martial artists as Asian-male archetype. Attractive white man sparses with him (from Ethnic Muse).

[Products & Trademarks]

Oct 16, 2017r/hapas user notices anti-Asian male racism/propaganda from Bumble website.

Aug 20, 2017 – An Asian male redditor notices the sickeningly sly anti-Asian male hate programming on the Tinder login screen. Think again if you thought only the users were anti-Asian male. Update: This propaganda may be region-specific to Hong Kong. Update: “Tinder is Now Running That ‘Asian Male Hating’ Video as an Ad on YouTube.”

Aug 20, 2017r/hapas user notices anti-Asian male racism from the Uncle Bills Wholesale Club logo. (Excuse OP’s lookism).

May 9, 2017 – The biggest chains don’t care about selling anti-Asian-male apparel (source: r/asianamerican).

Feb 27, 2012 – “Ben & Jerry’s Boston Apologizes For ‘Taste The Lin-Sanity’ Ice Cream With Fortune Cookies And Lychee.”

[Dishonorable Mentions]

May 26, 2017 (archived) This product is not strictly anti-Asian-male. You ever wanted to buy a “Fuck Chinks” T-shirt before?

Mar 13, 2017This product is not strictly anti-Asian-male. “‘Save A Dog, Eat A Chinese‘ T-Shirt Is A Disgusting Display Of Racism.”

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Anti-Asian(-Male) News Media & Articles

Starting July 28th, 2017, I stopped posting every single anti-Asian male or anti-Asian propaganda I came across. Just know that any news story on the subject of China from liberal American or Australian/Canadian “news” sources will be qualified to be on this list. I will now only post news stories that I thought were particularly bad. 

Sep 19, 2017 Slate columnist exploits small Asian dick stereotype to create a sensationalist article. She uses it as the hook.
Sep 3, 2017
– “BBC asks me, can you film something that reveals Chinese people’s miserable life?”
Aug 24, 2017
– “Trump Won’t Do Anything Concrete about US Opioid Problem, So, Blame China.”
Aug 24, 2017
– “Young Chinese are ‘too fat and masturbate too much to pass army fitness tests.'”
Aug 22, 2017 – Worthless tabloid thinks anti-Asian male joke directed at Tiger Woods is “hilarious.”

Aug 14, 2017 – “Canadians Have Worse Impression Of U.S. Government Than China: Abacus Poll.” So, why is China brought into this in the first place? Oh, because of anti-Asian white liberalist racism. No surprise there.

Aug 2, 2017 – Hapa male redditor posts ‘WM racist violently stabs young Asian [Male] to death; Article asks “Was it really a hate crime though?”‘ The sickening article from ’08 can be found here.

Aug 2, 2017 – White Liberalist propaganda source Quartz has an unhealthy obsession with Chinese fish

Aug 1, 2017 – Do you notice anything odd about this Express piece? Propaganda.

Jul 31, 2017 NYT: “A Chinese Threat to Australian Openness.” White Liberalism at it again.

Jul 27, 2017 – More propaganda from WaPo. Canadian Asian woman doesn’t know that there is more sexism in the West than China. She also pathetically tries to attack Jack Ma… the guy who said “Hire as many women as possible.”

Jul 27, 2017 – An Asian male redditor from r/sino explains why this Pew study could be propaganda.

Jul 22, 2017 – Let’s play “Spot the Asian(-looking) Man.” I wonder why the good folks over at CNN had to use this particular picture… hmmm… Note that this image is also the default thumbnail for “some” reason.

Jul 18, 2017 – AF from WaPo writes “An Audi commercial in China compared women to used cars. It didn’t go well.” Can’t she see the matriarchy of Asia this ad reflects? She also probably hasn’t seen this 2015 UN study stating how Korea, Japan and China are ranked 10th, 21st and 37th place in gender equality, respectively, while America lags behind at 43rd. Or she could’ve. I don’t know.

Jul 5, 2017 – Fragile Australians at SMH: “How China’s debt binge threatens Australia.” White liberal media really loves to capitalize on this fear-mongering, whether it’s the NYT, WSJ, or CNN. Funny since the only country to have caused a global recession is… America. Western news is fake news.

Jul 5, 2017NYT writes more Yellow Peril: “China Sees Opening Left by Trump in Europe, and Quietly Steps In.”
Jul 5, 2017Look at how heard Reuters is trying to make the relationship look bad.
Jul 2017 – AF from anti-Asian male Quartz writes “A graphic designer made a Scarlett Johansson robot using supplies he found in hardware stores.” Thanks for helping out our optics. From YOMYOMF.

Jun 29, 2017 Foreign Policy: “The next internment: Would Chinese in the U.S. be rounded up during a war?” Asian male redditor taizong14 explains quite nicely the piece is so hateful and/or dehumanizing in nature: “[The] article prefaces with scaremongering about an inevitable China-American war and coldly clinically outlines the possibility of Chinese internment.”

Jun 26, 2017 – AF from The New Yorker writes “China’s Mistress-Dispellers: How the economic boom and deep gender inequality have created a new industry.” She probably hasn’t seen this 2015 UN study stating how Korea, Japan and China are ranked 10th, 21st and 37th place in gender equality, respectively, while America lags behind at 43rd. Or she could’ve. I don’t know.

Jun 26, 2017 – Writing about an incident involving a white male sexually harassing three Asian female coworkers, a white female writer somehow brings an Evil Asian man into the discussion. Lmao. So pathetic.

Jun 22, 2017 – “Toothpick crossbow craze has China quivering.” “Quivering”? Really?

Jun 16, 2017Vancouver Sun publishes article advocating for white-invaded Canada to remain a white ethno-state. The picture they use is Asians. Fragile trash at Canada subreddit goes nuts over article in agreement.

Jun 6, 2017HuffPo: “This Is What A Feminist Dad Looks Like: I’ve had to recognize that Asian men have privileges Asian women just don’t.” One man couldn’t be more wrong. There is no such thing as “Asian male privilege.” Asian female privilege exists, but there is no such thing as “Asian male privilege.” Name one. Just try. I dare you. Whatever you say, it’s actually probably a disadvantage or something earned despite the discrimination (credit to another Asian male redditor “HenLiHai” for fleshing this truth out). Every single aspect of an Asian man’s life is at a disadvantage to others. Check some Things You Might Have Missed for more information.

2017 – The Sydney Morning Herald literally just wrote Yellow Peril propaganda. Literally.

May 26, 2017 – Yahoo News: “Beijing’s new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists.” Language is the most powerful weapon on earth and the west has mastered it.

May 26, 2017 – Liberal mouthpiece Vox is at it again with anti-Asian propaganda. This time, Japan. This redditor explains the bullshit behind the video.

May 25, 2017 – “People in China are claiming Taiwan’s same-sex marriage victory as their own.” Written by an Asian woman.

May 24, 2017 – “A viral video of a politician and his suitcase shows what’s wrong with male entitlement in Korea.” Written by an Asian woman.

May 24, 2017 – Dat editorialization from WaPo. So fucking unprofessional.

May 19, 2017 – Canadian article titles itself “Asian Heritage Month” and puts this phrase over a picture of a band consisting of a white male, a white female, and two Asian females. Ridiculous.  

May 8, 2017
– “Foreign students at UBC squeezing out domestic applicants, prof’s paper argues.” The foreign students they’re talking about are Chinese. We all know this. This is not about the professor. This is about Vancouver Sun blasting this out into the public and making it settle in the public’s mind. They’re just letting the professor do the talking.

May 4, 2017Reuters and U.N. go Yellow Peril mode: “The United States will shoot itself in the foot if it quits the Paris climate accord because China, India and Europe will snap up the best power sector jobs in future, U.N. Environment chief Erik Solheim said on Thursday.” Of course they list China first. Compare that with this WaPo article: “As U.S. backs away from climate pledges, India and China step up.” What China is doing is a good thing here so of course they list them not first. Sickening.

May 2, 2017 – “Is China the World’s New Colonial Power?” White from NYT says China is the colonizer! LMFAO. They need to stop using us as a scapegoat for their white guilt. Absolutely disgusting.

Apr 28, 2017 (archived) – “Here’s a garbage study [discussed on anti-AM WaPo] about the tech industry that ignores Asian identity, lumping data about Asians in with data about whites so they can’t be separately analyzed.”

Apr 28, 2017 (archived) – A tragic story of gang violence against Asians de-racialized.

Apr 26, 2017 – Liberal mouthpiece Vox spreading Yellow Peril again. One of YouTube’s top trending.
Apr 9, 2017 – ABC News gets an Uncle Chan to smear China, accusing them of Islamophobia. At least China doesn’t kill thousands of brown kids everyday.

Apr 6, 2017 – Anti-Asian-male WaPo uses a picture of an Asian man (subtle programming) to talk about unnamed government employee who got in trouble for using a prostitute. Pointed out by a redditor.

Mar 31, 2017 – Anti-Asian-male NYT brings you the beautiful story of a bananarang (an Asian woman who only has sex with white men in her youth, then settles down with a financially secure Asian man) who portrays her husband as the most pathetic and dense loser imaginable.

Mar 30, 2017Quartz aims to sow seeds of division amongst Asian men and POC. Heavy editorializing visible. No surprise, written by an Asian woman.

Mar 30, 2017 – Quartz, this time, through analysis of a documentary, aims to sow seeds of division amongst Asian men and POC. Heavy editorializing visible. No surprise, written by an Asian woman.

Mar 30, 2017Quartz hypes up a band inaccurately. This article advertises the erosion of masculinity in Asia. Celebrating different identities is great, but not at the expense of others.

Mar 27, 2017USA Today demonizes Chinese and breaches objectivity in reporting. They love adding fuel to the fire.

Mar 27, 2017 – The Brits always love to use selective reporting to hate on the “Chinese horde” and stereotypically faulty engineering.

Mar 27, 2017 – Oh, look a woman (from Forbesslanders Korean men! How unoriginal.

Mar 8, 2017 – Uncle Tong co-opted to bash on China’s uncoolness.

Feb 27, 2017Daily Mail mocking the Chinese as usual.

Feb 17, 2017 – Vox, like all Liberal mouthpieces, are even more effective than Conservatives in spreading Yellow Peril.

Jan 24, 2017 – “Yellow Journalism” was never more fitting a term.

Jan 10, 2017The Wrap article talks about how Rogue One failed in China. “[T]he film looks like it will far short its underperforming predecessor in China,” says the author [italics mine].” Author does “L”-“R” joke, replacing ‘fall short’ with “far short.” Very, very subtle. They’re getting very good at this.

Jan 6, 2017 – The Outline does a hit-piece on Faraday Futures, due to Sinophobia.

Jan 5, 2017 – News report on armed robbery of a Chinese restaurant uses picture of Asian-male robber when the suspects were non-Asian men. (Credit to redditor mongoloidposter for pointing that out.)

Dec 19, 2016 – “Are these ‘Rogue One’ characters gay? That’s entirely up to you.” There is nothing wrong with homosexuality in the Asian male community. But there is something wrong about the systematic erasure of the straight Asian male identity.

Dec 11, 2016 The LA Times: “Were the stories about Japanese internment during World War II unbalanced? Two letter writers think so.” I have no words.

Nov 24, 2016 – “Trade with China blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans.” That is the default headline for this news story. Fake news, Yellow Peril journalism. Update: Just a couple hours after that “study” was posted on r/aznidentity, an Asian male poster on r/sino has found a 2017 that debunks the propaganda: “Opioids and obesity, not ‘despair deaths,’ raising mortality rates for white Americans.”

Sep 28, 2016 – In this LA Times Yellow Peril article (reminder: LA Times asked its readers if the Japanese internment camps were justifiable and published pro-internment answers), we get gold like this: “said John Davis, a film and TV producer for Fox and Sony. ‘Chinese companies are all driven by the profit motive.'” And other companies aren’t? And how about this from Lloyd Greif: “Hollywood is not for sale as a propaganda tool for foreign interests.” LMFAO, yeah cos it’s your own propaganda machine, dipshit.

Sep 20, 2016 – CNN mocks Asian men for being virgins.

Jul 20, 2016 – AF author from Buzzfeed writes an article that is heavily laced with anti-China sentiments, backhanded compliments, and dick jokes.

July 1, 2016 – WaPo tries to perpetuate Model Minority Myth. Uses faulty data (you can’t compare 100 self-selected doctors to 3,000 farmers.

Dec 20, 2014 – I get the rage. I understand the frustration. I lost a friend due to our disagreements about the Eric Garner case (it was a homicide, obviously, and it was a disgusting example of the dangers of being an black male in America. The way the case was handled was one of the most egregious examples of white privilege and American racism against POC of the 2000’s. I could not keep a friend who tried to defend the police officer). But why must Asian men get caught in the crossfire? Why must Asian men like Officer Wenjian Lu (and Peter Liang) take the blame for white police brutality? RIP Officer Liu (and Officer Ramos).

July 3, 2014Variety writes a Yellow Peril piece: ‘”Transformers: Age of Extinction”: a very patriotic film – for China.’

Apr 28, 2014NY Post writes biased, one-sided garbage that tries to make Asian men look bad.

Apr 4, 2014Reuters reports on an evil Asian guy breaking down and crying in court. With the guise of objectivity, whites publish story on an evil and effeminate Asian man and sensationalize a living stereotype. Check the movies list for full details for the film The Big Short (2015), that hates on Asian men a lot.

Sep 5, 2013 – This shit is not even satire. Wow.

May 27, 2013 – “China is starting to get embarrassed about its tourists’ obnoxious behavior abroad.” We all know that Quartz is just racist trash at this point.

May 14, 2013 – “There’s a country that will pay $300,000 per rhino horn to cure cancer and hangovers, and it’s wiping out rhinos.” Quartz is just propaganda at this point.

Dec 7, 2012The Young Turks off-shoot online news channel with over 1.3 million subscribers talks about UCLA incident where Asian women were demeaned for their white-worship via message written on a stall wall. White man concludes that it was done by an Asian man, despite having no proof. Stupid white man doesn’t know his boss’ (Cenk Uygur) son is half-Asian. Liberals are worse than Conservatives when it comes to Asian men.

Jul 18, 2012Hit-piece on Jeremy Lin from Forbes loser.

Apr 11, 2012 – After two Asian USC students were shot for being in a car, hate-site The Daily Mail implied it was the students’ fault that they got shot.

Feb 16, 2012 – “MSG airs Jeremy Lin fortune cookie sign.” CBS, you’re supposed to Madison Square Garden at least once. Nice MSG joke.

Sep 25, 2011HuffPo unironically thinks Yellowface is actually funny.

Jun 13, 2011 – Piece by Australian (anti-Chinese) author. Notice anything?

May 26, 2011 – “Hangover co-stars in awe of Ken Jeong’s penis.”

Feb 7, 2011 – Hapa male tries to emasculate Asian men: “In China, alpha males carry designer purses.”

2010 – “Maclean‘s ‘Too Asian‘ controversy.” Oh, Canada. What a sick hive of scum.

Jul 18, 2008Daily Mail (very anti-Asian-male) piece about “How China’s taking over Africa, and why the West should be VERY worried.” This is a UK paper, btw. LOL.

Feb 23, 2006 – Harvard visiting scholar writes piece for the school newspaper, “The ‘Opium War’ that Wasn’t.” He even wrote a research “paper” on the matter called “China as ‘Victim’? The Opium War That Wasn’t.” It’s hilarious how low Harvard’s standards have become. Ironic since the Harvard was built on Opium money.

[News Related]

Sep 19, 2017 – ‘VP of ABC News “I get queasy in my stomach when I see an Asian male face” but “feel comfortable with a Asian female face.”‘ Also see: “TV Producer: ‘Asian guys in my show? Not gonna happen!'”
Aug 3, 2017 – Predictably, the liberal readership of the propaganda site NYT is extremely anti-Asian.

[Dishonorable Mentions]

Aug 19, 2017 – ‘Hapa Joey Gibson is organizing a new Alt-Right rally. Article refers to him as just “Asian.”‘ They did this with Elliot Rodger, too. These are stories of misplaced white fragility, not being Asian men.
Aug 18, 2017
– “The statistic places Japanese males 10th worldwide, behind — among others — France, Australia, Italy, even Thailand,” says the author of a PRI article. Why is that “even” necessary? What does it imply? And I’m wondering if the Tokyo Reporter was indeed “especially astonished” that their results for Japanese penises were larger than the Americans’. 
Jul 27, 2017The Young Turks at it again. The guy who made the joke has a hapa son. 
Jul 6, 2017
– Really? Is this the angle they’re going with?
Oct 26, 2016
– Chan just Channing it up.
Oct 14, 2016
Vox‘s piece on anti-Asian racism (there are several more severe instances of Vox‘s liberal, anti-Asian-male racism). Of course they use an Asian woman’s face. More clicks. An Asian man’s face would not garner any interest and it would lead to a visceral reaction of disgust.
Sep 8, 2015 – Liberal NYT: “A White Poet Borrows a Chinese Name and Sets Off Fireworks.” Lol, nice joke breh. 
Sep 2011
The Daily Beast writes article celebrating Platoon joke about “Charlies.”

A quick shoutout to all the Asian communities on reddit (r/aznidentity, r/hapas, r/asianmasculinity, r/sinor/asianamerican). Virtually all the material here were from those subreddits (and others). Without them, this concise but necessary and impactful list would have never existed. Disclaimer: I do not endorse everything that every user/member of these forums say. 

Anti-Asian-Male Music Videos


“Still Feel Like Your Man” (2017) – John Mayer – Mayer, who has been criticized for his racism in the past attacks Asian men in this video. Once it hit the top-trending videos list, YouTube even gave it a dedicated blurb. In the work, like everything created by whites, the scowling Asian man is the main antagonist. The Asian male crime boss (stereotype, villification), surrounded by subservient women (Asian Male Misogyny myth), is a significant figure in the work. He continually gives disapproving glances throughout the entire video, and seems especially disgusted by the white man’s ability to self-express (stereotype). The video also is soaked in cultural appropriation, confusing Chinese and Japanese referents.
“Drink Up” (2017) – Train  – Ken Jeong’s at it again, this time as an Asian man that women find unpleasant.
“Wherever I Go” (2016) – One Republic – In this video, Korean businessman leads a purposeless life. Seen sniffing an Asian woman he finds attractive. He breaks free from his mental constraints and starts dancing, only to receive disapproving glances from scowling Asian-male coworkers. Then every one starts dancing. A stereotypical Asian man is seen protecting his neko charm from the protagonist’s reckless dancing. Lead singer puts his hand together and bows to the protagonist. Stereotypical Asian guy also plays with yo-yos. Asian men dancing is meant to be weird and funny. Anime art (Japanese) used for a Korean setting. In the end, it turns out everything was a dream and the Asian woman angrily rebukes him. Directed by Joseph Kahn. Over 63 million views.
“Fine China” (2013) – Chris Brown – Brown makes an anti-Asian male MV about evil Asian Male Patriarchy featuring the obligatory Asian female ally/love interest (source).
“Chinese Food” (2013) – Alison Gold – In the beginning, the Chinese man is both a stereotypes and an object of foreignness.
“Love You Like a Love Song” (2011) – Selena Gomez & The Scene – MV opens with an Asian man being used as an object of emasculated comedy. Over 410 million views on YouTube.
“Graduation (Friends Forever)”
 (2000) – Vitamin C – Asian nerd is a) shown to be clumsy/metaphorically beat up, and b) is not receptive to female attention, while Asian female students are shown to be social.


“Your Best American Girl” (2016) – Mitski – Self-hating Asian woman basically says she’d fuck her own hand rather than fuck a non-white male. Disclaimer: This MV isn’t explicitly anti-AM.
“Let’s Go” (2012) – Stuck in the Sound – French band. In the MV, a Chinese child is drawn extremely stereotypically. Asian men in general here are drawn extremely grotesquely compared to Asian women. There’s even the obligatory nose hair. Said child grows up and cruelly rejects advances from a woman and only cares about work (stereotypes). He eventually becomes an astronaut and plants a Chinese flag on the moon only to have the earth explode on him. He rages because he knows he’ll never get to fuck; however, he sees a blonde white woman on a monitor, obsesses over her, and goes through obstacles to get to her at the ISS, intent on having a child with her. Turns out the woman is actually an American man; the Chinese man rages and punches him. Asians are also drawn magenta (when their faces are shown) while white men are drawn normally. 13.7 million views on YouTube. 


Hi Bich (2017) Bhad Babie – Asian male lawyer with glasses is aggressive towards POC woman. POC cop pulls him back. 
RiceGum Diss Track
(2017) – Woahh Vicky – “Rapper” says RiceGum has a small dick and makes anti-Asian jokes (from r/aznidentity). 
(2016) – Lil Yachty Weak offense. Bespectacled Asian man included in a number of shots to add humor to the video. He becomes an object of humor due to his Asian-maleness. (Credit to Asian male redditor “Anglophobia967” who suggested “1 NIGHT” for investigation.)
“Party” (2016) – Chris Brown – In the beginning of this video, the first and the main antagonistic character is set up to be an Asian child. Not only is having an Asian-male be the main antagonist a trope, but this is also an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Westerners cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Think Short Round, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, Up, etc.) They also manage to squeeze a joke about Asian neoteny, which is especially damaging for Asian men.
“In the Night”
(2015) – The Weeknd – The Weeknd hates on Asian men. TL;DR: (Sexual) Yellow Peril.
“All Falls Down” (2004) – Kanye West – West insults Asian men. (Desexualization via infantilization and geriatrification).

[Dishonorable Mentions]

“A L I E N S” (2017) – Coldplay – Speculation: Are they Asian?
“DNA.” (2017) – Kendrick Lamar Nothing really offensive about this. Him wearing the traditional Chinese dress wasn’t very problematic. But would a mainstream Chinese rapper (probably won’t ever happen for racial reasons) ever be allowed to do something like this, but with traditional African clothes?

Anti-Asian Male Web Series & Videos

This list is incomplete. I limit myself to not post every offense I see. The criteria for this list is not as stringent as those of the Films list. Music Videos and Ads have separate lists.


Quick D (2010- )

In “Quick D: The Magic of Will Tsai” (2017), white male “CaptainDisillusion” tries really hard to make an Asian man look bad. In no other video does he use three pictures of the same individual. Of course racist redditors went nuts, bringing this video to the frontpage.

The white male also made the “Quick D – The Method Robot” (2017).

Trollzous – “What RiceGum’s iDubbbz DissTrack Lyrics ACTUALLY Mean” – Oct 11, 2017. Racist thumbnail.
Pyrocynical – “Ricegum’s Response to iDubbbz: Good or Bad?” – Oct 9, 2017. “Rice is just a dumb little Vietnam boy.” 
No Bullshit
– “RiceGum’s Failed Response to iDubbbz Content Cop” – Oct 5, 2017. Commenter garethmagis summarizes the extreme anti-Asian and anti-Asian male racism from the video.


“Content Cop – Jake Paul” – Oct 3, 2017. iDubbbz”Niggerfaggot”TV gets a little help from some of the biggest whites on YouTube (Pewdie”NIGGER!”Pie, h3″niggerfaggot”h3, boyinaband, HowToBasic, and JacksFilms and others. It’s always never one-on-one with them) to create a half hour-long anti-Asian and emasculating anti-Asian male video.

The whole video makes Asian jokes and emphasizes RiceGum’s race. The most anti-Asian male content is reserved for the diss track “Asian Jake Paul” at the end.

This video was the most trending video on YouTube in the US and was on the top-trending list for several other countries.

Predictably, the video has unleashed a fury of racist hate against RiceGum. Just look at all the hate speech in the comments section of RiceGum’s response to the new “Content Cop” installment. *Please note that this is not an endorsement of RiceGum’s content or the way he treats people.*

LtCorbis – “THIS YELLOW TWINKIE MUST BE STOPPED???” – Jan 18, 2017. The thumbnail for the video is still “THIS CHINK MUST BE STOPPED” although the title was changed.
Saberspark – “Is Pixar FAILING? (Are They Making TOO Many Sequels?)” – Jun 30, 2016. Stereotype about Asian students using picture of an Asian boy.
h3h3 Productions – “Psychics, Mediums, and Gurus” – Apr 30, 2016. Ethan switches the L and the R on purpose while talking to an Asian man. Really scummy, sly move there.
CinemaSins – “Everything Wrong With Chappie In 16 Minutes Or Less” – Aug 4, 2015. Video shows still from Swordfish (2001) where Asian man restrains Hugh Jackman. Why was this specific still used?
h3h3Productions – “Alison Gold – Chinese Food — h3h3 reaction video” – Jan 3, 2015. Host says Asian cook in the beginning of Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” uses “big sticks.” Subliminal irony regarding Asian penises. Host also has a bit where he talks in Gold’s hypothetical voice in the video; through the voice he describes the Asian man as “little Chinese cook” and as a rapist. There’s definitely some subconscious racism, in terms of how the white male host sees the Asian man, at display here.
h3h3productions – “The Surprise Kiss” – Jun 29, 2014. Host emphasizes man’s being Asian. Host then calls Asian man in the background “little Asian dude,” which is a gut reaction of emasculation to seeing an Asian man, not the Asian man being far away from the camera. The “little Asian dude” is then juxtaposed to the Asian man from before because, well, they’re both Asian men.


Corridor – “ANIME FIDGET SPINNERS” – Jul 13, 2017. Video features Asian male main antagonist. Makes joke about how Asian (men) can’t drive. One of YouTube’s top-trending.
Michelle Khare – “Why I Left Buzzfeed” – May 16, 2017 – POC female’s cinematic video features stereotypical Asian henchman that work for a white man. They attack her (Asian Male Misogyny Myth) and get beat by her (emasculation). Looks like she’s trying to emulate white actresses by doing this. One of YouTube’s top trending videos.
Elite Daily – ‘If “The Leftovers” Was Just About Leftover Chinese Food‘ – Apr 16, 2017. Video shows how white liberalism is poison (source: r/aznidentity).
MysticGotJokes – “RICEGUM DM’d MY GIRL!” – Jun 21, 2016. Mystic’s (influential YouTuber) girlfriend postulates that Asian-male YouTuber Ricegum has a small dick, while Mystic himself concern trolls. Also features obligatory token Uncle Chan to deflect criticisms of racism.
Logan Paul – “Made in China” – May 2015. White male comedically objectifies Asian male who is most likely Vietnamese (source).
Collegehumor – “Diet Racism” – Aug 28, 2014. Video tries to address anti-Asian-male racism, but just fails by airing out dirty laundry and using a stereotypical Asian actor and mocking him. Note that the same actor was the target of anti-Asian-male comedic ojectification in The Big Short (2015).
The Onion – “Reporter Goes Undercover In Chinatown By Wearing Silk Robe” – Jun 22, 2012. Speechless.


NELK – “BUYING DRUGS FROM HARVARD STUDENTS” – Oct 10, 2017. Asian man used as comedic object in thumbnail. Another Asian man used as a joke.
Cherdleys – “HOW I APPROACH WOMEN” – Sep 19, 2017. White male mocks Asian man. He most likely uses this as a “hook” for the video because he knows mocking Asian men will grab people’s attention.  
hampton brandon
– “Live Pranking People | Hampton Brandon Live Stream” – Sep 9, 2017. Hapa male redditor points out a white male’s internalization of the Asian Male Perpetual Foreigner stereotype.
whatever – “SEX TOY DROP PRANK 2” – Mar 20, 2017. At 2:17, white male YouTuber makes small dick jokes while talking to Asian men who are helping him.
whatever – “ASKING 100 GUYS FOR SEX (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT)” – Apr 20, 2015. Ha ha, Asian men are asexual! So funny. The same joke is made again. Viewed by over 21 million people. They do this stuff again in another video as well; I am currently unable to find it.


Honest Trailers (2012- )

A series created by the Screen Junkies channel on YouTube. Extremely popular.

In their Honest Trailer for Dragonball Evolution ft. TeamFourStar, a white male who dons the persona of Vegeta calls the Asian male actor who plays Yamcha a “beta male.” Is “Vegeta” calling himself a beta male to Goku, or is it a racist commenting on what he thinks of Asian men? (Hint: it’s both).

The man who plays Vegeta then says the Asian male looks like he has Down’s Syndrome. This isn’t a new insult. Let’s also not forget the usage of the word how “mongoloid” was synonymous with having Down’s syndrome. People still make these “jokes”: Louis C.K. implied being Chinese was a deformity (source) and Joe Rogan did the same as well (source). (Note that there is nothing wrong with Down Syndrome; I simply recognize that it is used as an insult in our society.)

And add in obligatory Hiroshima “joke” for good measure.

In their video on the anti-Asian-male film Inception (2010) which has over 11 million views, they mock Ken Watanabe for his accent. The speaker than alludes to an Asian-eye joke, while explicitly making the L-R joke (“Reonardo Dicaprio“) in an Asian accent. The speaker then, of course, makes a “joke,” referring to Ken Watanabe as “George Takei.” Wow, all this in a fuckin’ 3-minute video.

In “Hulk (2003),” they can’t help but make an L-R joke against director Ang Lee.

Oh, and the channel’s video on the Mortal Kombat movies is hilarious. The white butthurt is real. Just watch it.


Epic Rap Battles of History (2010- )

This series has a massive audience; they are currently sitting on way over 2 billion views. Most of the lyrics here have been written by Peter Shukoff. Lloyd Ahlquist is also a performative accomplice.

“Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin” (2016) – In this video, they (semi-)white-wash Ash. ERB has a lot of issues with semi- and fully white-washing their Asian characters, all the while featuring full Asian characters in demeaning videos like “Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers” and “Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim.”

“Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers” (2015) – White men (Peter, Lloyd , Zach Sherwin) vs. a gaggle of Uncle Chans. I am not even going to talk about the racial implications in the video, much less all the stereotypical jokes. Watch it for yourself.

“Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters” (2014) – Disclaimer: This video is not explicitly anti-Asian-male. However, predictably enough, the Asian man, out of 9 men, gets the least lines and the least screen time.

“Goku vs Superman” (2014) – In this video, they use a non-Asian-man (Ray William Johnson) to play Goku (just like they did for the Dragon Ball Z film adaptation). And of course, they couldn’t stop themselves from making a Hiroshima “joke.” They also make a small-dick “joke.” the Somehow when the white guy (Lloyd) talks about Goku’s “measly species,” I don’t think he’s talking about Saiyans.

“Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood” (2012) – Did you expect this video to not be on the list? In this video, white guy (Lloyd) tells Bruce Lee to go work in a sweatshop. Then, after calling marial arts “little dances,” the white guy tells Bruce Lee that he squints better than Bruce. And of course, the white guy can’t forget to make a small dick “joke.” The actor for Bruce Lee also does not look as Asian as Bruce Lee.

“Columbus vs Captain Kirk” (2011) – Right after referring to the Wrath of Khan, whereby Khan is an outgrowth of Yellow Peril, the white guy (Peter) simply smacks a non-Asian-male actor, but stabs the (part-?)Asian-male actor playing Spock (Spock in Star Trek, is an approximation to Asian men). They are always willing to be more violent with Asian men than with any one else.

“Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny” (2011) – In this video, a white man (Lloyd) dons Yellow-Face. Very reminiscent of John Wayne’s The Conqueror (1956).

“Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim” (2011) – White men (Peter and Lloyd) vs. an Uncle Chan. Too many Asian jokes to count. Watch it yourself.

iBattleTV – “A-CLASS vs COMPLEX- iBattleTV/Bear Armz” – Jun 9, 2017. White male with disturbing haircut dresses up as Negan who killed Glenn in TWD to intimidate Asian man.


FragHero – “10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated” – May 9, 2017. Thumbnail is an Asian guy. They exploited a stereotype that Asian men are shifty cheaters to gain views. Millions of views.


Unbox Therapy – “The Newest Member of Unbox Therapy – Jul 5, 2017. Why does this grown white male still behave like a third grader?
TechfastLunch&Dinner – “Apple AirPods – 1 Month Later” – Jan 19, 2017. Asian man is comedically objectified. Asian man represents goofiness, compared to egotistical host. Hmmm


Hot Ones (2015- )

In First We Feast’s “James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings” (2016) installment of “Hot Ones,” Bryan Cranston talks about how despicable of a human being his coworker chef “Peter Wong” was,  how he said he wanted to slice him up and stir fry him in a wok, implies that he had a small dick, and laughs with two other whites about Wong actually being murdered by a hooker and her accomplice. Over 3 million views.

“Hasan Minhaj Has an Out-of-Body Experience Eating Spicy Wings” (2016) – This one isn’t that bad, but out of all the images they could have used, why use this one? Why use this one? Other POC already have a problem with us.

“Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings” (2017) – Show forgets to cite 2016 UN study proving Japan has better gender equality (21st) than America (43rd) while (study from r/aznidentity). Joji also mocks a male Korean rapper’s accent.

Good Mythical Morning – “Can You Guess Where They Are Now?” – Mar 27, 2017. One of Youtube’s top trending videos. The channel made a video talking about and poking light fun at William Hung.
RoomieOfficial – “It’s not just Autotune – how singers cheat today (Pop Theory)” – Jan 3, 2017 – Clip of Asian man included as a joke making fun of Asians.
Simple Programmer – “My Trip To China: First Impressions, Economy & The Future” – Aug 12, 2016. Yellowface of an Asian man in the thumbnail. (Credit to Anglophobia967 for finding this.)
PewDiePie – “YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE #4 (episode 200)” – Apr 26, 2016. Pewdiepie is the most subscribed YouTuber of all time. Just look at the thumbnail for this video. Not surprised. He did make a racist joke against Asian-male YouTuber RiceGum.
AWE me – “Green Destiny (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED” – Apr 18, 2016. White males add traditional Asian-male hair to dummy that they brutally destroy. Even if it was in reference to the movie, still extremely inappropriate.


The Infographics Channel – “American Behaviors Considered Rude In Other Countries”  – Sep 6, 2017. Vid (from u/Anglophobia967) makes a reference to stereotype of obnoxious Asian male tourist. Later on, Asian tourists are generalized
Be Amazed
– “10 More Foods You Eat That Are A Lie” – Jun 30, 2017. Out of all the humorous cinnamon challenge videos out there, of course he had to pick this video (emasculation). They think they’re so sly. Bonus: He uses a racist Fu Manchu emoji to represent Asian men.


zegodhand – “Eleven Reasons Why Berserk is Bad” – Dec 3, 2016. Completely needless joke about Asian man having a small dick
VEGA – “‘Sad Hoshi’ Game Grumps Animated” – Sep 23, 2013. Why do racists do this?
sWooZie – “Cheating in College” – Mar 27, 2012. “Tiny little Asian man” joke (from u/Anglophobia967), reference to Ocean’s Eleven.


Clevver Style – “Best & Worst Dressed Billboard Music Awards 2017 (Dirty Laundry)” – May 22, 2017. White female emasculates Asian men, calls them “little.” 
The Hollywood Reporter
– “John/Cho, Haley/Lu/Richardson, Parker/Posey, & Rory/Culkin Talk ‘Columbus’ | Sundance 2017” – Jan 23, 2017. Of course THR uses this image as the thumbnail for the video. Look at that body language. So sly.
GQ – “Matt Stonie Reveals What It’s Like to Eat for a Living” – Jan 31, 2016. Erasure of the Straight (Half-)Asian Male Identity. Might be as bad as the Ken Jeong photoshoot.
Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (2013) – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Squatters (2010) – Small Asian man cast as “Hung.”


The Young Turks – “Guy Explains Why He Won’t Date Hot Women” – Apr 13, 2017.  Liberal (anti-Asian-male) commentators talk about how racist Korean men are to darker woman. Colorism is fine to talk about but to then immediately talk about how accepting Israeli men are is disingenuous, unwoke, and/or ignorant.
ThinkTank – “‘Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts’ Signs Rock UCLA!” – Dec 7, 2012. The Young Turks off-shoot online news channel with over 1.3 million subscribers talks about UCLA incident where Asian women were demeaned for their white-worship via message written on a stall wall. White man concludes that it was done by an Asian man, despite having no proof. Stupid white man doesn’t know his boss’ (Cenk Uygur) son is half-Asian. Liberals are worse than Conservatives when it comes to Asian men.

Dishonorable Mentions

Overwatch Animated Shorts (2016- )

In “Dragons” (2016), Asian male characters “Hanzo” and “Genji” occasionally speak Japanese (Perpertual Foreigner). They are also brothers who are in conflict with each other.  When’s the last time you saw an Asian family with functional interrelationships in white media? Probably never (for examples, see movies like 21 & OverUpPicture BrideMr. Wu [1927], etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8HeroesBoJack HorsemanGleeLostAmerican Dad!, BaywatchFringeCriminal MindsFuturama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero DawnPrey [2017], XCOM 2: Shen’s Last GiftJust Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man). In an audio clip, they talk about how their father would be disappointed in them (stereotype).

Stereotypical Asian gangsters also make an appearance in this short.

Bonus: Is the first guy out of various races to be beaten up in “Alive” (2016) Asian?

iDubbbzTV – “Content Deputy – AJP” – Oct 11, 2017. After the very racist Content Cop on RiceGum, Carter makes a video with a possible Asian eye joke and very disturbing, violent and racially-charged imagery against what appears to be RiceGum himself. In the end, Carter brings in Post. You know, the culture-appropriating, NRA card-carrying white rapper?
– “Crowdfunding, explained by Exploding Kittens” – Sep 29, 2017. Wouldn’t be a Vox video without Asia/China-bashing
– “Why Marvel’s Inhumans Was Such A Flop” – Sep 12, 2017 – Asian male saying “we’re Inhumans” synced up with negative comment. 
– “Keith Controls His Friend’s Life In The Sims 4” – Aug 24, 2017. White male tries to make virtual representation of an Asian male into a “public enemy” and a serial misogynist. Making him into a public enemy was probably for making the video entertaining, but it’s still a stereotype for Asian men. I think making him into a serial misogynist could have been a result of subconscious stereotyping, however. 
Screen Junkies
– “What Movie Character Would Have the Best Instagram Account? – MOVIE FIGHTS!” – Aug 17, 2017 – A possible connection between Asians and aliens is made when the Men in Black franchise is being discussed (MIB 3 is one of the most anti-Asian male films of all time). This may also be a possible reference to Chinatown, which was also very anti-Asian male. “The Interview” is also lauded for some mysterious reason. 
“Little Boy (Official Music Video) – Aug 13, 2017. Uhm, wtf? It doesn’t matter even if it means something else. 
– “Steam Winner’s Collection” – Aug 4, 2017. “Ma-Chinko” is not how you say his name (I looked it up). It doesn’t help that the game he’s talking about is anti-Asian male? And it looks like he has a history of using the term (source).
Casually Explained
– “Video Games” – Jul 29, 2017. Stereotypical joke about Koreans. 
– “Splatoon 2” – Jul 27, 2017. Dunkey uses Asian man as comic relief.
The Young Turks – “WATCH Prisoners Escape From Jail” – Jul 27, 2017. TYT‘s at it again. The guy who made the joke has a hapa son. 
The Nostalgia Critic
– “Hulk (2003) – Nostalgia Critic” – Jul 19, 2017. The Nostalgia Critic uses ambiguous language in which “that” can be referring to success, Ang Lee’s directing or Ang Lee himself. Subconscious racism, perhaps? He jabs Ang Lee way too much. He fixates way too much on the Asian male. Stick to the fucking movie, dude.
Vox – “Japan’s rising right-wing nationalism” – May 26, 2017. – Liberal mouthpiece Vox is at it again with anti-Asian propaganda. This time, Japan. This redditor explains the bullshit behind the video.
Clickhole – “Heartbreaking: Hibachi Chef Tries To Make Meal On A Regular Table” – May 23, 2017. One of YouTube’s top trending videos. His silent, Asian-maleness contributed to the comedy.
Reaction Time – “Guess The Asian ft. My Cousin” – May 4, 2017. Asian sound effects.
Sernandoe – “kid spends $400 on dad’s credit card in GameStop!! MUST WATCH!!!” – Jan 27, 2017. Thumbnail uses picture of an Asian father and son, hyping up the dysfunctional Asian family trope to get views. The Asians aren’t even in the video. (See: FragHero’s “10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated.”)
Looper – “Movies Hollywood Was Forced to Change For China” – Apr 17, 2017. White liberals at it again; this time, they hate on China and do the whole “Hurr durr China so sensitive and oppressive” shtick. Comments section is carcinogenic.
iDubbbzTV – “Content Cop – AMATEUR FOOD REVIEWERS” – Dec 23, 2015. Edgy white male mentions an “Asian guy.” Video talks about subjects from various races, but only brings race into the picture when he’s talking about the Asian male (selective otherization).
BCC Trolling – “ASIAN MAN ROASTS RACIST on Call of Duty! (Voice Trolling)” – Aug 18, 2016. So dumb.
iDubbbzTV – “Kickstarter Crap – The Movie Box” – Jan 22, 2015. Apparently, Asian eye jokes are still funny to his audience. He has also shown racist attitudes towards other minorities, especially African Americans.
Tested – “Adam Savage’s Samurai Armor Costume!” – Oct 1, 2014. Lmao.
Phocuswright – “Ctrip Co-Founder James Liang on Strengths and Customer Loyalty in China” – Nov 24, 2014. Look at the thumbnail they chose.
Smithsonian Channel – “This Decorated War Hero Single-Handedly Saved 8,000 Men” – Mar 5, 2014 (source). Propaganda via a Mega-Chan.
Baby Mentalist (2013) – The fourth episode features Japanese drug lords (villification) who speak Japanese (Perpetual Foreigner), and all get killed by a white man. In the fifth episode, an Asian man does a white actor’s makeup and is told to leave. Episode 2, which deals with neo-nazis, got taken down on YouTube.
CollegeHumor – “Mythbusters: Does God Exist?” – Oct 16, 2012. Asian-male Imahara is hapa-washed.
videogamedunkey – “Puzzle Team Building Exercise” – May 14, 2012. White males calls Asian child a “little chink” (source). Five years later, he says this. That is not how you pronounce his name.
IKEA Heights (2009-2010) – This is a series uploaded to the YouTube channels “ThisIsChannel101” and “IKEA Heights.” In the series, Asian-male protagonist “James Melville” (Randall Park) has issues with his wife. She cheats on him with a white man. The white man says it’s because he’s more well-endowed and sexy, and she says it’s because the white man’s more manly. This occurs after they make out right in front of James. She tells him that she still loves him, but just doesn’t want to make love to him. She in fact, has an orgy as well in another episode. In episode 4, as James goes into the room, he says, “please don’t be bed with somebody, please.” Despite his wife cheating on him, he still loves her and tries to win her back by finding a treasure (stereotype as the Asian-male beta provider). In episode 5, he is directed to be super awkward around women, as he searches for a new partner due to his wife’s death; he fails. James also has an Asian brother, who suffers from amnesia. He gets caught by criminals, and so James must get the help of a white man to save his brother. James’ brother has a white girlfriend who is taller than both brothers; this is obviously a point of comedy. James’ brother has also slept with James’ wife. Considering the whiteness of the name “James Melville,” it’s wholly possible that the casting director for this series is more responsible for the anti-Asian-male racism than the writers. The series continues on a different channel. In episode 6, Jame is told to get back to work, and it is revealed that all prior events were in his mind; he has no wife. In episode 7, the actor who portrayed James (Randall Park) plays a different character in the same universe; even in a different role, he has a wife that has sex with another man. She tells him that the child is not his but he is ecstatic.

Things You Might Have Missed

Basically all of the material on this list were from the Asian communities of reddit (r/aznidentityr/hapasr/EasternSunRisingr/asianmasculinityr/sino, r/asianamericanr/asiantwox, and others). Without them, this list would have never existed. Note that I absolutely do not endorse everything that every user/member of these forums say. 


Sep 21, 2017 – “‘Asians don’t believe in bank accounts’: Witness describes alleged home invasion turned homicide.” 
Sep 15, 2017
– “Melbourne [Australia] Woman Goes on Bizarre Racist Tirade Against Asian [Male] Cashier in Convenience Store.” 
Sep 14, 2017
– “Man Caught on Camera Fighting Off Thieves Specifically Targeting Asians in Los Angeles.”
Sep 13, 2017
– “Chinese Student Captures Racist Assault on Video at New Zealand High School.”
Sep 8, 2017
– “Chinese-Americans call out Cary Moon for blaming foreign buyers.”
Aug 30, 2017 – Two white men and a white woman reported to have pushed Asian man onto train tracks in Glasgow.
Aug 29, 2017 – “Drunk New Zealand Police Officer Goes on Racist Rant Against Korean Security Guard.”

Aug 24, 2017 – “Vancouver man dinged with 15 percent tip at Quebec restaurant because he looks Asian.” Who wants to bet that the waiter did this because the Asian male dared to be in public with a woman? Textbook example of the Myth of the Perpetual Foreigner.

Aug 18, 2017
– “Vietnamese-American Family Finds Car Vandalized With Swastika in Texas.”
Aug 16, 2017
– “Cemetery Vandalized with Anti-Asian Graffiti.” Reminds me of this incident.
Aug 16, 2017 – “Racist Couple Caught on Camera Telling Filipino Man to Go Back to ‘Filipinoville.'”

Aug 14, 2017 – “Advocates See ‘Disturbing’ Rise in Hate Crimes Targeting Asian Americans.”

Aug 14, 2017 – “Chinese in Australia have setup their own safety networks due to lack of police response.”

Aug 10, 2017 – “Remembering Joseph Ileto” who was shot by a white supremacist. RIP.

Aug 8, 2017 – ‘Canadian Father Finds His SUV Graffitied With The Words “[CHINK] GO BACK TO CHINA.”‘ Typical Canadian news.

Aug 8, 2017 – “‘Killer’ cousins allegedly used dating app to lure [Asian male] victims.” I’m sure they were targeted because Asian men can’t get dates and are very desperate on these apps. Sick.

Aug 6, 2017 – “Daytime Robberies in Houston Chinatown Alarm Community.”

Aug 2, 2017 – Hapa male redditor posts ‘WM racist violently stabs young Asian [Male] to death; Article asks “Was it really a hate crime though?”‘ The sickening article from ’08 can be found here.

Aug 2, 2017 – “Racist ‘kill Chinese‘ graffiti emerges at University of Sydney.”

Aug 2, 2017 – “How an Abusive Woman Turned an Entire Crowd Against My Asian Husband for Defending Me.” Fuck this lynch mob mentality.

Jul 30, 2017 – “[Mentally Ill] Asian Australian Guy Shot Dead By Police For Attacking Them With Scissors” (AUS ’17). Asian men. Don’t carry scissors, you will be shot (FR ’17). Don’t carry pens, you will be shot (Tommy Le ’17). Just don’t ever carry school supplies. Just don’t go outside, you will be manhandled or beaten (’15) or killed (US, multiple ’17; UK ’17).

Jul 28, 2017 – “Racist Graffiti at Community Center Targets Chinese [in Canada].”

Jul 26, 2017 – “An L.A. firefighter choked and seriously injured a[n Asian] man giving out Halloween candy. His sentence? No jail.” WATCH THE VIDEO. Looks like a 1890’s ch*nk lynching. The man also sustained “brain damage.” Can you tell the difference?

Jul 24, 2017 – ‘“No Chinese Allowed” signs seen around universities in Melbourne.’ As others have pointed out, we know it’s not a false flag operation as faux liberals say since there were too many mistakes. 

Jul 20, 2017 – “Opioids and obesity, not ‘despair deaths,’ raising mortality rates for white Americans.” This was posted by an Asian male redditor on r/sino, a couple hours after this piece of fake news was posted on r/aznidentity. The “news” article claimed China’s growing economy was to blame for the deaths of white middle-aged Americans. #westernmythsdebunked.

Jul 17, 2017 – “No justice for dead Asian Man.”

Jul 10, 2017 – TIL about the police 1997 shooting of Kuanchung Kao: “The Tommy Le shooting reminds me of the Kuanchung Kao case. TLDR he was drunk and yelling loudly while swinging a stick around in his front yard, cops came and shot him within 30 seconds of arrival. The cop who shot him claimed that he was in fear for his life cause he thought Kao must’ve been a martial arts expert” (source).

Jul 10, 2017 – Asian man harassed by a racist white man in Seattle
Jul 10, 2017
– Stereotypical Anti-Asian-Male/Yellow Peril posters make an appearance in fragile Australia.
Jul 2, 2017 – “Asian VC Forced To Quit Because His White Partner Keeps Sexually Harassing Asian Women.”

Jun 28, 2017 – “‘Bubbly [Viet male] kid’ was fatally shot [THREE times] by King County deputy [of currently unknown race] hours before high-school graduation [for wielding a PEN].” This article talks about how no one talked about the victim while there was “community outrage” regarding another shooting of a non-Asian-male. Update: Victim Tommy Le was shot in the back two times.

Jun 28, 2017 – “KPMG pays $420K to settle Asian discrimination allegations.”
Jun 28, 2017The Daily Telegraph goes full Yellow Peril.

Jun 23, 2017 – “[Asian male] convenience store owner who shot & killed thief sentenced to 8 years in prison.” Read the story. And then look at this excellent comparison.

Jun 22, 2017 – “White Cop Caught on Camera Brutally Beating Laotian Man, Officer Walks Free.”

Jun 16, 2017
– “Philly Restauranteur Rushed to ER After Assault By Racists Yelling ‘Ching Chong’”
Jun 16, 2017
– “Man Caught on Camera Bullying Elderly Asian Man, Attacks Witness Trying to Stop Him” in Ontario, Canada.

Jun 13, 2017 – “‘I f***ed some ch**k up’: teenager strips and beats Chinese pensioner to death.”

May 27, 2017 – ‘Remember in Stockton 1989, a white supremacist shot up an elementary school, killing 5 Asian children and injured 28, because “believing that they took jobs from ‘native-born’ Americans”.’

May 26, 2017 – “Heritage Society Warns of Grave Robbers at Chinese Cemetery [in Canada].” Here’s an excerpt: “I went over and said, ‘you know, you realize this is a cemetery,’ ” Sterne said. “And they said, ‘well, but this is only the Chinese section.’ That was their response.”

May 24, 2017 – Philip Clay, a Korean-American adoptee who was unfairly deported, has apparently committed suicide. There are other stories like this.

May 23, 2017 – “Asian Man Brutally Beaten at OC Night Market After Refusing to Let a White Man Cut in Line.” Another source. Long story short, Asian man is told to go back to Asia and eat dog by a white woman and is hospitalized by a white man. Police do not consider it a hate crime.

May 22, 2017 – “‘The correct answer is: they are drunk or careless’: Outrage at Australian university for offensive exam that said Chinese officials only speak the truth when intoxicated.”

May 22, 2017 – “Hotel 50 Bowery is an Insult to Chinatown with its Insensitive ‘Opium Den’ Themed Club [OP-ED].”

May 19, 2017 – ‘Asians With “Very Familiar Profiles”: How Princeton’s Admissions Officers Talk About Race.’

May 17, 2017 – “The Stabbing That Tore Open the Debate Over Weapons, Race, and Retaliation.”

May 17, 2017
– “White Tourist Brutally Assaults 10-Year-Old Thai Boy Over 29 Cents.”

May 15, 2017
– “We Don’t Service Orientals” Says Restaurant Cleaner Who Shunned [2 Asian restaurants].”
May 12, 2017 – Asian man gets beaten by four non-Asian men and is in critical condition.

May 9, 2017 – The biggest chains don’t care about selling anti-Asian-male apparel.

May 8, 2017 – “Foreign students at UBC squeezing out domestic applicants, prof’s paper argues.” The foreign students they’re talking about are Chinese. We all know this. Fuck the professor. And fuck the Vancouver Sun for blasting this out into the public and making it settle in the public’s mind. They’re just letting the professor do the talking.

May 6, 2017 (archived) – LA riots of 1992. I support why they did the riots. But to target Asian businesses, when Asians have done nothing against African-Americans is simply unacceptable.

May 5, 2017 (archived) – The Murder of Yoshiro Hattori on Oct. 17, 1992. Killer not found guilty. Never forget.

May 2, 2017 – “Asian Man Beaten by [Wealthy Manhattanite] Man Shouting ‘We Are White Power‘ NYPD Says.” He got off on a $5,000 bail btw.

Apr 28, 2017Wow.

Apr 25, 2017 – “Asian” or “Asian-American”? Fucking be specific, ya shitstain. The articles about a company-wide anti-Asian discrimination lawsuit.

Apr 10-14, 2017

UPDATE. Old Asian doctor selected to be removed from plane (process wasn’t random; they’d never choose a child with his parents or a non-Asian-male POC in fear of the media; even a former Continetal CEO knows it ain’t random); when he showed resistance (he had patients to treat), security men bloodied him up and forcibly removed him. According to witnesses, the Asian man was specifically targeted, even though he wasn’t the first to resist. His Asian wife was also selected to be removed. ***3 out of 4 passengers kicked off might have been Asian; will update as more information becomes available.*** 

Current CEO of United says that security men were in the right and that it was all the Old Asian man’s fault.”

Bill O’ Reilly thinks the whole thing’s kinda funny however. Jimmy Kimmel and his audience also think it’s funny. Not surprised.

Jimmy Kimmel not only laughed along with his audience at Dr. Dao being dragged across the aisle, but even made a video where he had Matt “White Savior” Damon quasi-whitewash the role of Dr. Dao in a parodied United commercial. (Let’s not forget that he also laughed about a kid saying all the Chinese should be killed. And the time he mocked Matt Damon for working with the Chinese at the 89th Academy Awards. And the time he asked Randall Park where he’s from. Or that his ex-gf Sarah Silverman thinks “chink” isn’t a real slur.)

“Media outlets smear victim of United Airlines brutality incident” involving the Asian man that was unfairly targeted and bloodied. And of course anti-Asian-male Daily Mail joins in on the bashing. Random white female “reporter” also tries to join in on the bashing.

Constance Wu (whose anti-Asian-male attitude has been documented before) says that United should “be nice.” Wow. Look at what another Asian woman (comic) on Twitter had to say.

Even Return of Kings did a piece, saying the Asian man was being a little bitch.

Update: “United will not face fines after passenger dragging incident: U.S. official.”

Apr 5, 2017 – “Discrimination Complaint by Asian American Student against Idaho State University Moves Forward.”

Mar 30, 2017 – “Man Facing Deportation After Bad Legal Advice Makes Case to Supreme Court.”

Mar 28, 2017 – Chinese man killed in front of family by French cops dressed in plain clothing. He allegedly had scissors; the cops were allegedly laughing when he died according to some reports. NYT did a piece on it.

Mar 18, 2017 – “A teacher in Spain says all Chinese males are ugly in front a class full of Chinese students. Guess what? He had a Chinese girlfriend.” Chinese students were not allowed to film for proof because that would result in expulsion from the country.

Mar 15, 2017 – “NAACP confronts Asian [male] store owner for attacking black woman.” The thing is, he was protecting his property from theft; why does the NAACP target Asian men (like Black-ish)? Did they forget that institutional racism requires institutional power (which Asians don’t have)?
Mar 15, 2017 – “Chinatowns Across The Country Face Off With Gentrification.”

Mar 11, 2017 (archived) – In the June of 1982, Chinese-American man Vincent Chin is beat and killed by a baseball bat because white men thought he was Japanese. They were angry about Japs “stealing” their jobs. The white father and stepson served no jail time. The Michigan ACLU snubbed the case saying it wasn’t a civil rights issue (source). The white killer think he did nothing wrong (source).

Mar 9, 2017 – Chinese students targeted at Columbia University in racist vandalism attacks; pretty sad considering the some of the Ivies were founded on Opium money (no really, look it up).

Mar 8, 2017 – “Best-Selling [Asian Male] Author Calls Out Affluent High School Students For Unruly, Racist Behavior During His Appearance.”

Mar 7, 2017 – “Chinese reporter Ye Qinglin 叶青林 talks about how BBC hired him to smear China and how western media brainwashes people.”

Mar 3, 2017 – “Video of Vancouver [Asian-male] artist randomly attacked circulating online.”
Feb 21, 2017 – “Is it ethical for Canadian casinos to so aggressively target Asians? It’s hard to say — they’re not talking.”

Feb 10, 2017 – “Cambodians Face Deportations to Homeland They’ve Never Known.”

Feb 2, 2017 – Old Chinese man killed by the very same security guard hired to protect members of that residential community including the old man. He was playing Pokemon Go to connect with this grandkid; he was in a car and had no weapons but was shot 5 times.

Jan 27, 2017 – “After Trump Deemed China Foreign Enemy, Anti-Asian Hate Crimes In LA Surged: Expert.”

Jan 27, 2017 – “Robberies in South Sacramento Continue As Asian Americans Targeted.”

Jan 24, 2017 – Uninformed white guy tries to provoke calm Chinese official. Shit’s hilarious.

Jan 12, 2017 – “Korean restaurant’s menu goes viral for labelling its least spicy food ‘white’… but do YOU think it’s racist?” Firstly, “white” means “not spicy.” It has nothing to do with race. Secondly, reverse racism doesn’t exist. Both the Daily Mail and reddit is infested with racist trash. This is literal fake news.

Jan 6, 2017 – “Crime against Asians heads north in South Seattle.”

– Just type in “Chinese deliverymen killed” on Google. Happens way too often.  

Dec 29, 2016 – “Professor says UIC forced him to teach statistics because he is Asian.” But that’s not all. Read the article.

Dec 11, 2016 The LA Times: “Were the stories about Japanese internment during World War II unbalanced? Two letter writers think so.” I have no words.

Oct 30, 2016 – “Günther Oettinger [Germany’s EU Commissioner] defends calling Chinese ‘slant eyes’ [referring to Asian men].”

Oct 14, 2016 – “Readers share stories of racism toward the Asian-American community: ‘People see my race first.’” Absolutely disgusting.

Oct 9, 2016 – “An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family to Go Back to China.”

Nov 30, 2016 – “Student Who Was Called ‘Chink’ Accused Of Breaking Man’s Face, Cleared In Court.”

Sep 12, 2016 – Only one bank faced charges for the 2008 Financial Crisis; of course it’s the Asian-owned one. (Also see: extremely, extremely, anti-Asian-male film The Big Short [2015].)

Sep 2, 2016 – Child molester Lena Dunham uses “self-aware” racism against Asian men.

Sep 2016 – “Volkswagen chooses an Asian engineer to be the scapegoat for THEIR emissions cheating. Is there any point for an Asian man to work loyally for a white company?” Asian men are always the scapegoats. Update: “VW engineer sentenced to 40-month prison term in diesel case.”

Aug 26, 2016 – LA Gang responsible for 5,000 burglaries specifically targeted Asians.

Aug 25, 2016 – “Ghosts of White People Past: Witnessing White Flight From an Asian Ethnoburb. If diversity is so important to liberal whites, why do they keep fleeing ethnically diverse suburbia?”

Aug 17, 2016 – “Australian wild dogs should be killed and sent to China to be eaten, says wildlife expert.” People are mad about the idea of hunting dogs, not at the insanely racist statement about the Chinese.

Jun 21, 2016 – “Misguided [White Female] Protesters Target NYC’s Chinatown Over Dog Meat Festival in China.” How about instead of being ignorant hypocrites, you go protest dolphin hunting in the Faroe (Dutch) Islands, whale hunting by the Norwegians and Icelandics, performative bull torturing in Spain, livestock cruelty in American farms, American restaurants that serve force-fed duck livers, cat-eaters in Switzerland, dogfighting which even Western athletes seem to love, and the Westerners who go to their former colonies to kill animals for fun (no other group of people do this kind of heinous shit).

May 31, 2016 – There’s a new social media trend about “chink eyes.”

May 13, 2016 – “The Queen of England Says Chinese Officials were RUDE!” Dat entitlement. She may be under the assumption that China forgot about Hong Kong and the Opium Wars.
May 1, 2016 – “Sydney’s finest Asian Australian students still missing out on leadership roles.”

Apr 21, 2016 – “Chinese students at University of Melbourne targeted in crimewave.”

Apr 13, 2016 – Peter Liang is the scapegoat and must take the fall for all the innocent African Americans killed by white police.

Mar 30, 2016 – “Brutal assaults scaring Auckland’s Asian students.” Fuck New Zealand.

Mar 25, 2016 – “Jeremy Lin says he’s still asked to show ID at opposing NBA arenas.”

Feb 15, 2016 – “Japanese-American activist J. Sakai talks about … his activism against the Pekin, Illinois “Chinks” HS sports team.”

Feb 4, 2016Jarred Ha expelled from university for defending himself against white attackers of both sexes (and an Asian woman) acquitted.

Jan 22, 2016 – “[Asian male] Hong Kong student receives outpouring of support on Facebook after facing racist tirade from ‘ex marine’ on US train.”
Jan 8, 2016
– “The Time I Got Stabbed in the Neck.”
Dec 4, 2015 – “Horrifying moment [Asian male] student is knocked unconscious with single “sickening” kick to the head [in Australia]”

Jul 12, 2015 – The infamous “Sum Ting Wong” incident where white people show how funny they think Asian dying on a plane is.

Feb 24, 2015 – “Chinese, Japanese restaurants targeted in Miami.” Easy targets.

Dec 15, 2014 – Aaron Sorkin says “there aren’t any Asian movie stars.” Well, yeah, because you fucks don’t make any (I don’t remember where, but I saw this argument from somewhere else a while back. It’s a damn good rebuttal). People aren’t born famous actors, dipshit. Not that he was talking about Asian male movie stars.

Dec 12, 2014 – Did you know Marky Mark beat up a Viet man and blinded an older one in one eye while calling them “gooks“? He only apologized to get a pardon so he could expand his burger chain (credit to Asian male redditors for pointing this tidbit out).

Nov 17, 2014 – “At least 4 people pushed in front of subways in less than two years.” Three of them were old Asian men.

May 23, 2014 – Elliot Rodger, who saw his half-white self hierarchically above Asian men, was triggered by an AMWF couple, and went on to stab his Asian-male roommates dozens of times. One of them, George Chen, was afflicted with 94 stab wounds and 11 incision wounds. The other Asian men received a total of about 40 wounds each. R.I.P. Another one of Rodger’s Asian-male victims was arrested cos they thought he was Rodger. Wow.

May 7, 2014 – “Chinese police to be drafted in to Paris to help protect tourists.” Yeah, because the French police don’t give a shit. One of them in plainclothes shot a Chinese guy for carrying scissors.

Jun 19, 2013 – An mixed-Asian boy commits suicide due to anti-Asian bullying. This happened in the UK. In the US, “More Than Half of Asian American Teens Are Bullied In School.” Another study has different results, but finds that “Asian American Students Experience The Highest Percentage of Racial Harassment.”

Feb 5, 2013 – Duke University frat hosts Asian-themed party.

Feb 5, 2013 – Apparently, nip-tipping is a thing in Canada. “Nip” is a racist term for Japanese/Asians. One victim of nip-tipping now has “permanent brain damage” after being chased by the perpetrator in his car. Sickening. Another source.

Aug 20, 2012 – “[Asian] Boy robbed by four [white men] in Bourke Street” (Australia).

Apr 11, 2012 – After two Asian USC students were shot for being in a car, The Daily Mail implied it was the students’ fault that they got shot.

Feb 16, 2012 – “MSG airs Jeremy Lin fortune cookie sign.” CBS, you’re supposed to Madison Square Garden at least once. Nice MSG joke.

Jan 31, 2012 – “Marine Sentenced in Harry Lew Hazing Case.”

Oct 3, 2011 – “Sucide of Danny Chen.”

2010 – “Maclean‘s ‘Too Asian‘ controversy.” Oh, Canada.

Oct 22, 2010 – “Racial violence spurred Asian students to take a stand.”

Jun 10, 2009 – “Two Teens Targeting Asians Arraigned for Murder.” RIP Mr. Kao.

2009 – “#AsianLivesMatter Justice for Fong Lee.”

Apr 16, 2008 – Asian man finds out about a restaurant called “Chink’s Steak.”

2004 – “#AsianLivesMatter Justice for Jeffrey Reodica.” Oh, Canada.

Dec 24, 2003 – “Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract.

Feb 6, 1996 – Remember Viet male Thien Minh Ly who was killed in a hate crime in ’96.

[Business & Politics]

Aug 18, 2017 (posted) – This interesting (yet overgeneralizing) r/hapas post talks about the anti-Chinese sentiments of gamers who directed their hate against powerless Chinese gamers instead of the Westerners who arranged the WOW goldfarming operations. 
Jul 28, 2017
– Dat Canadian arrogance and hypocrisy.
Jul 27, 2017
– “Taiwan’s Foxconn is Planning to Build a Factory in Wisconsin That Could Create Up to 25,000 Jobs.” Note that I do not endorse the company.
Jul 26, 2017 – “Australia refuses to connect to undersea cable built by Chinese company.”

Jul 10, 2017 – ‘Australia’s [Asian male] RACE DISCRIMINATION COMMISSIONER Is Told To “GO BACK TO LAOS” By A Fragile White [male Editor of The Spectator Australia].’ The white man even says, “a country where Anglo-Celtics had died, given their lives, to create the peace loving culture that we have” (source shared here). Yeah… had died killing locals to create a peace-averse culture…

Jul 26, 2017 – “Dutch guy who allegedly killed his Chinese neighbor in Beijing sentenced to only 4 years in jail under pressure from the Dutch embassy.”

Jun 29, 2017 Foreign Policy: “The next internment: Would Chinese in the U.S. be rounded up during a war?” Asian male redditor taizong14 explains quite nicely the piece is so hateful and/or dehumanizing in nature: “[The] article prefaces with scaremongering about an inevitable China-American war and coldly clinically outlines the possibility of Chinese internment.”

Jun 22, 2017 – “Almost half of all Australians see China as military threat.” tmw when your entire colonizer country is white-fragile.

Jun 22, 2017 – “‘Hire as many women as possible’ – Jack Ma’s secret of Alibaba’s success.” So patriarchal!

Jun 8, 2017 – “Mandatory English on signs could be on the way in Richmond [Canada].” Disgusting.

Jun 2, 2017 – “I am not very happy with the idea that we might now work even more closely with China than we are able to do with the Americans,” [European Commission Chief] said. He literally just said that he wants a white man’s world.

Apr 10, 2017 – “Luxembourg Consulate Staff Threatens to “F**k Up” Shanghai Man” (video).

Mar 11, 2017 – “Fury in Cambodia as US asks to be paid back hundreds of millions in war debts.”

Mar 8, 2017 – “Asians, Latinos Make Up Majority Of California’s Population But Have Least Political Influence.” Whites also have all the power in Hawaii.

Mar 3, 2017 – “‘Save A Dog, Eat A Chinese‘ T-Shirt Is A Disgusting Display Of Racism.”

Feb 5, 2015 – Shistain Female Argentinian President tweets an Asian L-R joke while meeting with China on trade matters. A new level of disrespect there.

[Entertainment & Sports News]

Sep 19, 2017 – ‘VP of ABC News “I get queasy in my stomach when I see an Asian male face” but “feel comfortable with a Asian female face.”‘

Sep 17, 2017
– “HAPA Gennady Golovkin (GGG) fights Canelo Alvarez to a draw. Twitter is calling out robbery of GGG.”
Sep 16, 2017
– “Brazilian Tennis Player Pulls Racist Eye Gesture At Line Judge In Japan.” What makes them do this?

Sep 11, 2017 – “Fans not happy with The Chainsmokers after they make a racist joke [about Asians while an Asian male is interviewing them].”

Sep 5, 2017 – “Michael Lewis says a “Flash Boys” movie won’t happen because Hollywood can’t cast an Asian lead.”

Sep 1, 2017 – “Vine Star Logan Paul Keeps Targeting Asians With Extremely Racist Jokes.” The worst jokes have been against Asian men.

Aug 25, 2017 – Asian man reveals how the American court system treats Asian men. He illustrates his point with the real life events that The Wolf of Wall Street was based on.

Aug 22, 2017 – “ESPN Pulls Asian American Announcer ‘Cause His Name is Robert Lee.” Even from beyond the grave, a racist white man fucks over an Asian man.

Aug 7, 2017 – OP uses strong and inappropriate language. Please focus on the content which talks about hypocritical, anti-Asian male piece of shit Chelsea Handler. She hates Asian men. She even made a small Asian dick joke once. Fuck her. Absolute trash.

Jul 23, 2017 – “Kyle calls Guy Sebastian a ‘fat Asian’ and grills Jules on the night she lost her virginity to him.” His white fragility is leaking… 
Jul 22, 2017
– Another anti-Asian (male) soccer player.
Jul 22, 2017 – “[Australian] Mack Horton takes another Sun Yang doping swipe ahead of world swimming championships.”

Jul 17, 2017
– “KARD were guests on a popular Brazilian TV show … aaaaand the host was racist to them.”

Jul 2, 2017
– “Manny Pacquiao robbed in win versus Jeff Horn … Earlier this year Japanese boxer Murata also got robbed by a decision that got 2 judges suspended.”

Jun 30, 2017 – “Daniel Dae Kim & Grace Park Quit ‘Hawaii Five-0’ because they were paid 10-15% less than their white costars.”

Jun 16, 2017 (found) – Of course racist writers at Wikipedia use the most unflattering picture for the Filipino actor.

Jun 11, 2017 – “Jay Park on NBA Facebook.” Just the mere image of an Asian brings out these responses. This wouldn’t have happened if he was white or any other POC.

Jun 5, 2017
– “Under-20 World Cup: Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde denies making racist gesture.”

May 30, 2017 – “Serbian Volleyball Team Poses With Racist Slant-Eyes to Celebrate Going to Japan.” Yep. Another one of these. It gets old. Apparently not to them.

May 25, 2017 – “Journalist ‘Uncomfortable’ with Japanese Driver Winning Indy 500.” Others were as well.

May 22, 2017 – “People Are Upset BTS Won a Billboard Music Award Because They Are Asian.”

May 16, 2017 – “Former American Idol contestant Paul Kim, also known as P.Keys says music executives have actually told him if he wasn’t Asian he would have been signed to a major music label.”

May 14, 2017 – “Ezequiel Lavezzi slammed on Twitter after photo of him emerges of him making an alleged ‘racist’ gesture during Chinese Super League photo session.”

May 12, 2017 The New Yorker‘s cover art makes a disgusting reference to the Dr. Dao Incident.

May 10, 2017 – “Jeremy Lin Says He Was Targeted By More Racial Slurs In The Ivy League Than In The NBA.” Harvard, built on Opium money from FDR the Internment Guy’s grandfather.

May 10, 2017 (archived) – Film Sophie and the Rising Sun, an AMWF film deals with bullshit from investors (source for quotes).
May 2, 2017 – “Toronto artist explains “chink”  as being “for entertainment… purpose only.”

Apr 29, 2017 – ‘Burglars Say YG’s Song “Meet the Flockers” Inspired Them to Rob Homes in Los Angeles.’ The song says Asians are better targets for robberies.

Apr 27, 2017 (archived) – “Jeremy Lin: I think that to go to your point of being athletic, like me and John Wall were the fastest people in the draft but he was ‘athletic’ and I was ‘deceptively athletic.’ I’ve been deceptively ‘whatever’ my whole life.”

Apr 27, 2017 – “L.A. Mayor Declares May 2 ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Day.” The direction of the gesture is nice, but why not just call it, “Perpetual Foreigner” Day?

Apr 23, 2017 – “This [Asian Male] Actor Found That Omitting His Race Got Him More Auditions.” No shit.

Apr 11, 2017 – An Asian-Male Extra on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013- ) was allegedly refused food on set; all the others got food and they mocked him. More reputable source.

Apr 11, 2017 – White male model uses Filipino man as a weight to lift in a work-out video. He calls the Filipino man “something,” “that,” and “my weight.” In the video, he chases the Filipino man because “he may get scared and start running.” Asian men may be the most objectified group of people on the planet. We are always objects of comedy, never real people, and this occurs in the workplace and in social interactions.

Mar 22, 2017 – Why? “Asian Americans Saw More Movies Last Year Than Any Other Ethnic Group.” Fuck everything about this.

Mar 16, 2017 – “Korean Rapper Deported After Allegedly Being Called ‘Chink’ at Airport Going to SXSW.”

Mar 12, 2017 (video uploaded) – Amy Schumer says Asian men are unfuckable, after talking about an attractive African American man. A couple seconds later, she talks about anti-semitism. Lol. Btw, you guys remember this?

Feb 7, 2017 – “Gigi Hadid Appeared To Mock Asians On Instagram And People Are Outraged. ”

Feb 2017 – Steven Yeun of TWD needs to audition for 5-line roles. He also refused a racist role, angering his agent.

Jan 17, 2017 – Steve Harvey mocks Asian men. He gives a fake apology screenshot from his iPhone notes application.

Dec 13, 2016 – “ESPN Commentator with Racist dig at Jeremy Lin.”

Nov 7, 2016 – “Glamour Brasil Apologizes For Asian ‘Slanty-Eye’ Post On Social Media.”

Oct 14, 2016 – Rapper YG promotes violence against Asians.

Sep 22, 2016 – “Brad Pitt ‘lunged at Maddox when he tried to verbally defend his mother’ during mid-air argument that led to Angelina Jolie filing for divorce five days later.”

Apr 5, 2016 – Compilation of Jeremy Lin being unfairly targeted by refs and players here.

Mar 15, 2016 – Oscars mock Asians and then Oscars give fake apology.

Feb 28, 2016 – Chris Rock uses children as comedic objects to make Asian math jokes while a room full of white people laugh, and Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) make a small Asian dick joke comparing Asian men to minions while white people like Louis C.K. and other laugh their asses off.

Jan 22, 2016 – Oscars are racist because Asian hate black people according to Bill Maher.

2016 – The first Bachelorette contender of Asian-descent tells the world that Asians have small penises.

Jul 22, 2015 – 92-minute compilation of one of comedian Patrice O’Neal bashing Asians.

2015 – TV producer for Make It Pop (2015- ) says he would never have Asian guys in his show in board meeting. No wonder Hollywood looks the way it does.

Aug 20, 2014 – “Dr. Seuss Draws Anti-Japanese Cartoons During WWII, Then Atones with Horton Hears a Who!”

May 20, 2014 – Adam Carolla implies Asians are somehow neck to neck with whites (false), except in the field comedy because Asians aren’t funny. Asians being neck to neck with whites bothers him (even though it’s not true). He points to Asians not being well-known in the comedic sphere; he forgets that the people in charge of putting talent out into the world are racists just like him.

Dec 6, 2013 – Tyler, The Creator, mocks Asian men.

Nov 9, 2013 – Jimmy Kimmel decides to air bit about a kid saying we should kill all the Chinese, which Kimmel found funny. Makes sense considering his gf doesn’t think “chink” is a real slur, and that he mocks Damon for working with the Chinese at the 89th Academy Awards.

Apr 1, 2013 – “‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Brings Out the Anti-Asian-[Male] Slurs from Its Audience.”

Feb 27, 2012 – “Ben & Jerry’s Boston Apologizes For ‘Taste The Lin-Sanity’ Ice Cream With Fortune Cookies And Lychee.”

Feb 18, 2012 – “ESPN Refers to Jeremy Lin as a ‘Chink’ Twice.” The author knew exactly what he was doing. Author uses the “I can’t be racist, I have an Asian wife” trick to derail accusation.

Sep 3, 2010 – Morrissey calls Chinese “sub-species.”

Aug 4, 2008 – “Spanish basketball team sparks Olympic row as they are pictured making ‘slanty-eye‘ gesture.”

Dec 14, 2006 – Rosie O’ Donnell makes an ass out of herself. Video.
2003 – Shaq refers to Yao Ming as “ching chong” (source: r/asianamerican).

Aug 23, 2001 – On anti-Asian-male Bill Maher‘s show Politically Incorrect, Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher say that “chink” is not a real slur. In fact, NBC asked Silverman was asked to replace the n word with “chink” in a nationally broadcast bit on Conan’s show.

[Studies & Reports]

Sep 6, 2017 – “Donors of Chinese descent vastly increase philanthropy, mostly to higher education.”
Sep 4, 2017
– “Asian Americans Mostly Vote By Mail But Have The Highest Rejection Rate.”

Aug 28, 2017 – “Study: Race Bias Doubles Suicide Consideration by Chinese Elders in U.S.”

Aug 23, 2017 – “‘No evidence’ of vast pool of foreign-owned vacant apartments in Australia: experts.” 
Aug 18, 2017
– Asian man breaks down the insidious nature of the short-Asian male stereotype.
Aug 10, 2017 – “Let’s not forget-Asian women’s representation in STEM and how this gets ignored” (ignore comments section).

Aug 7, 2017 – “How American courts, police, and social service agencies emasculate, disempower, and discipline Asian immigrant men.”

Aug 7, 2017 – “World War II: Japanese-American Internment Entrenched Economic Inequality for 50 Years, Study Finds.”

Jul 31, 2017 – “Filipino Americans Tackle Issue Of ‘Educational Downward Mobility.'” Dat Asian privilege.

Jul 30, 2017 – “Why has the interracial marriage gender gap widened for U.S. born Asians?” Because Hollywood is doing its job.

Jul 30, 2017
“Rampant academic cheating in US schools.” But Asians are the ones that cheat? Lol.

Jul 28, 2017
– “New Yale Law study shows clear bamboo ceiling for Asian Americans in the law industry” and Asian female privilege over Asian men.
Jul 26, 2017
– “Asian-American Law School Enrollment Has Dropped More Than 40 Percent: Study.” The article also talks about anti-Asian discrimination in the legal field.
Jul 18, 2017 – “Law schools are filled with Asian Americans. So why aren’t there more Asian judges?”
Jul 4, 2017 – “Documents expose how Hollywood promotes war on behalf of [the government].” Unfortunately, the white male author’s privileged ignorance shows. This video is also illuminating.
Jul 2, 2017 – “According to these polls, Asian-American millennials hold economic views more liberal progressive than even African-Americans or Latinos.” Myth debunked.
Jun 28, 2017 – “Why Is Asian American Homeownership Below Average?”
Jun 9, 2017 – “Yes, President Trump, Asian Americans are Environmentalists” more than the average American.

May 31, 2017 – “Asian American seniors are often left out of the national conversation on poverty.”

May 27, 2017 – Asian Americans and immigrants are racially profiled as “spies.”

May 25, 2017 – “Research suggests that doctors are less likely to follow evidence-based guidelines and meet standards of care with their Asian American patients compared with other racial groups in preventing and managing chronic conditions.”

May 9, 2017 – “AZN myth buster: Asians can’t drive? Stop spreading lies.” According to the Dept. of Transportation. I knew it. So it’s very funny seeing things like this.

May 9, 2017 (archived) – Harvard test suggest people associate Asians with the Foreign. Same can’t be said for Europeans.

May 8, 2017 – “Azn myth buster: Are Asians “bad people” as portrayed in media? Think again.” To be more specific, “adjusted for population size white men are 4x more likely than Asian men to rape, 3.5x more likely than Asian men to commit crimes of aggravated assault, 4x higher compared to Asian men to commit sex offenses and 6.28x higher for offenses against their family and children” (source). But in Hollywood, all the criminals are Asian men…

May 8, 2017 – “According to AYI (Firstmet) Asian men like curvy women the most.” Myth busted.

Apr 18, 2017 (archived) – NCBI: Scientific evidence that Asians who show dominance are hated more than those who don’t. (Source.)

Apr 8, 2017 – “Studies show WMAF couples face less social hostility and familial opposition than AMWF couples.”

Apr 5, 2017 – Medscape polls say that Asian-American physicians make $20k less than white doctors, even though it is harder for Asian-American to even become doctors in the first place due to anti-Asian policies of academic institutions. Credit to Asian redditor devNoseQs for finding this.

Mar 1, 2017 – Good example of the dangers of the Model Minority Myth.

Mar 1, 2017 – Holy shit. Look at what the top dogs are cookin’ up.

Feb 23, 2017 – They say they hate us because we don’t assimilate. Yet whether we have an Anglo first name or not, we are almost 30% less likely to get hired than Anglos.

Dec 8, 2016 – “Do Whites Trust Asians?” Harvard and MIT studies.

Dec 6, 2016 – “Racism in Australia: Ethnic Chinese ‘face more discrimination than Aborigines’… with up to 90% claiming they are treated differently because they are Asian.”

Nov 30, 2016 – “Researchers may have ‘found’ many of China’s 30 million missing girls.” Oh, Western media, I thought those evil patriarchal Asian men killed and aborted them all! FYI, it’s Asian women who abort hapa sons. Asian women are the only group of women to oppose anti-sex-based abortion laws, and have disproportionate amounts of baby girls.

Nov 29, 2016 – Study says bilingual children have advanced empathy skills (source). Now compare that with this study from Toronto that suggests whites have zero sympathy for people of a different race (source).

Jun 15, 2016TIME: “Norway Kills More Whales than Japan and Iceland Combined, Report Finds.”

Apr 26, 2016 (uploaded) – The most important academic study of the 2000’s. Study confirms everything Asian men have been saying about Liberal women (as a group).

2016UN finds that America has worse gender inequality than Korea, Japan, or China. LOL.

Aug 21, 2015 – “The highest level of implicit racial preference revealed in the entire study was among whites being tested for bias against Asian Americans” (source). This study is about general preference. The actual study is here.

Jun 12, 2015 – According to this Pew Research Center… do ~20% of Asian men die alone in the U.S.?

Mar 5, 2015 – “Study finds students give lower ratings to Asian professors.”

Sep 9, 2014OKCupid finds out Asian men get shafted in online dating. No shit.

Mar 24, 2014 – “More Than Half Of Asian American Teens Are Bullied In School.” According to the Dept. of Justice and that of Education. But in this new study, Asians are the least bullied, but are bullied the most for racial reasons out of any other racial group. Either way, they’re fucked.

Mar 20, 2013 – “Stressful Experiences of Masculinity Among U.S.-Born and Immigrant Asian American Men.”

May 2, 2010 – “Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out.”

Mar 1, 2008 – University study cites Bureau of Justice report saying that unlike whites and African Americans, violence against Asians is not perpetrated by those of the same race. For Asians, most violence comes from non-Asians, mostly whites (p. 297).

Mar 5, 2006 – Study proves assimilation does not help Asian men get laid. No shit.

Feb 2003 – American Psychological Association: “In research comparing North American and East Asian self-assessments, Heine of the University of British Columbia finds that East Asians tend to underestimate their abilities, with an aim toward improving the self and getting along with others.”

Nov 1993 – Study confirms what we all know: that assimilation is only possible or white immigrants.

[History & Policies]

Sep 18, 2017 – “This painting by Picasso is called “Massacre in Korea“. It portrays a barbarious act of murder by the American invaders during the War.”
Sep 14, 2017
– “U.S. Stops Issuing Visas in Cambodia Because the Country Won’t Take Back Deportees.” 
Sep 4, 2017
– “Rare photos tell the incredible true story of the forgotten Chinese army which helped Britain win the First World War.”
Aug 31, 2017 – “Old U.S. Bomb From the Vietnam War Explodes, Kills 6 People.”

Aug 27, 2017 – “Remembering the American firebombing of Hankou, Wuhan in 1944″ (ignore comment about the “Japs).

Aug 24, 2017 – ‘Chicago’s Japantown: US Gov made it very clear to Japanese “Assimilate or else!” Was the same mandate given to German & Italians after WWII?’

Aug 21, 2017 – A white woman “writes her Navy boyfriend a thank-you-note for the Jap skull he sent her” (source).

Aug 18, 2017
– “On August 17, 1945, Indonesia declared its independence from the brutal 300 years of colonization by the Netherlands.”
Aug 17, 2017 – “The Surprisingly Important Role China Played in WWI.”

Aug 16, 2017 – “Why is the Chinese front during WW2 rarely ever acknowledged or talked about?”

Aug 13, 2017 – “Historic perspective: The day the ‘superior’ British race gets humiliated by an army of Asian men. Afterwards, the general that showed such martial wit gets executed out of pure [white male fragility].” Please focus on the article‘s content, not OP’s tone.

Aug 11, 2017 – History trivia: “Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War.”

Aug 8, 2017 – “Regina celebrates art piece for restaurant owner who fought racist, sexist law Clun fought ‘white women’s labour law’ in the 1920s.”

Aug 3, 2017
Foot binding was started by women.

Jul 31, 2017
– “How Profits From Opium Shaped 19th-Century Boston.”

Jul 29, 2017 – “American soldiers collected body parts from dead Japanese soldiers but never did it from Germans.” They did this in Nam too. And in the game Just Cause 2, Asian men are the ones who have a fascination with body parts. The hypocrisy.

Jul 26, 2017 (posted) – “Japanese American soldiers rescue 200+ lost Texan soldiers. End up with 800+ casualties doing so.”

Jul 24, 2017 (posted) – Asian male redditor finds info about how during WWII, Americans considered the Japanese to be animals instead of human beings. This book called The Waffen SS: Hitler’s Elite Guard at War, 1939-1945 discusses the differences in physical characteristics between whites and Asians that made the Japanese so easily dehumanized. Demonizing the Other: Antisemitism, Racism and Xenophobia talks about how Americans hated the Japanese more than the Nazis, humanized Nazis but painted all Japanese as evil, and saw the Japanese as animals.

Jul 24, 2017 – Asian male redditor brings up good point about how American history classes never taught the horrific Balangiga Massacre against the Philippines.

Jul 17, 2017 – “Feast of Lanterns, interesting history of a Chinatown burned down by locals in 1906, and today they dress up as Asians and play Chinese.”
Jul 13, 2017
– “Chinese Laborers Built Sonoma’s Wineries. Racist Neighbors Drove Them Out.”

Jul 8, 2017 – Turns out the concept of Universal Declaration of Human Rights was formed by Asian male P.C. Chang and not the West. Colonial powers heavily resisted Chang and couldn’t even understand his concepts of morality. This is why Western “history” is fake history. It always erases Asian male heroes. Credit to redditor MongolianCheese for introducing this figure to r/AsianMasculinity and analyzing his work for us.

Jun 22, 2017 – “Did You Know That Chinese Women Took On 2 Husbands During the 18th And 19th Century?” Even back then Asia was gender-progressive lol.

Jun 22, 2017 – TIL the Racial Equality Proposal was submitted by Japan in 1919 during the Paris Peace Conference. It was supported by many, but it was shot down primarily because of Australia and America. Figures.

Jun 22, 2017 – TIL that after WWII, European countries used the Japanese Surrendered Personnel to do their dirty work in Asia, reclaiming colonies. Disgusting shitstains exploited a loophole in the Geneva Convention to do so. But in one of the Crysis games, it’s the Asian men who break the Geneva Convention. Lol.

Jun 21, 2017 – “150 Years Ago, Chinese Railroad Workers Staged the Era’s Largest Labor Strike.”

Jun 20, 2017 – “During the First Indochina War (1946–1954), the Foreign Legion saw its numbers swell” (source). In the woke layman’s terms, at the thought of killing gooks, a shit load of non-French Europeans signed up.

May 27, 2017
– “The great tea robbery: how the British stole China’s secrets and seeds – and broke its monopoly on the brew.”

May 26, 2017 – TIL “Chung Ling Soo” was a white magician in Yellowface who stole the act of “Ching Ling Foo.” And they say Asians are the uncreative ones.

May 25, 2017 (archived) – The “Bud Dajo Massacre.” 
May 24, 2017
(archived) – “Attack on Squak Valley Chinese laborers, 1885.”
May 24, 2017
(archived) – Hells Canyon Massacre
May 23, 2017
(archived) – The Lambing Flat Riots in Australia during 1860-1861.

May 17, 2017 (archived) – “Mongoloid” was used as a term for someone with Down’s Syndrome. People like Louis C.K. and films like Birdman (2014) still evoke the connection between Asianness and deformity.

May 17, 2017 – “How a Chinese-American family challenged school segregation in 1920s Mississippi.”

May 16, 2017 (archived) – “In 1970, Otto Strasser, the former chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic,” had this to say: “I hold it incorrect that today the applicants play behind a screen … I continuously fought against it … Even a grotesque situation that played itself out after my retirement was not able to change the situation. An applicant qualified himself as the best, and as the screen was raised, there stood a Japanese before the stunned jury.” Asian redditors insightfully deduce that this is relevant to the Jabbawockeez wearing masks. (Source.)

May 15, 2017 (archived) – The largest mass lynching in U.S. history was of the Chinese in 1871.

May 13, 2017 (archived) – “Forgotten History: 1894 to 1924, D’Arcy Island, Canada, Chinese Men Afflicted With Leprosy Were Sent to Die on an Isolated Island.” (Source.)

May 12, 2017 (archived) – Why do war crimes committed during the Nam War always go unpunished?

May 10, 2017
(archived) – “A [dissertation from the University of Florida from] 2011 regarding The Japanese Concentration Camps during World War II; White husbands of Japanese wives were okay but White wives of Japanese husbands had to go to the camps.”

May 9, 2017 (archived) – Watsonville riots of Jan. 19-23, 1930. White men got angry at Filipinos for stealing “their” women. LOL.

May 9, 2017 – “Nazis ‘handpicked Asian-looking prisoners and wanted to exhibit them … they called them untermenschen … and hoped that once the Dutch saw what the Soviets looked like, they would join the Germans'” (selection from here). These guys really knew how to recruit.

May 9, 2017 – Some info about Formosa.

May 7, 2017 (archived) – “The Chinese Exclusion Policy of NASA.”

May 7, 2017 (archived) – The “Rock Springs Massacre” of Sep. 2, 1885.

May 7, 2017 (archived) – The “Chinese head tax in Canada” ca. 1885.

May 7, 2017 (archived) – Some background on the “White Australia Policy.”

Apr 28, 2017 – Wow! Just like Hollywood!

Apr 13, 2017 (archived) – Remember the 442d Infantry Regiment. Unit of virtually all Japanese men. Unit of almost 4,000 replaced 2.5 times. Most decorated military unit in American history. Sent on suicide missions while family were in internment camps. Almost 9,500 Purple Hearts rewarded.

Apr 13, 2017 (archived) – The origin of the phrase “Chinaman’s Chance” (none at all); derived from survival rate of Chinese human canaries who went into gaseous mines with explosives strapped to them to see if it was safe.

2017 (found) – Sessue Hayakawa was one of Hollywood’s first sex symbols. Now look at us.

2017 – History trivia: The Chinese Exclusion Act was the first law to ban a specific ethnic group (source). It was only repealed in 1943. It was signed by liberal president Chester A. Arthur.

2017 (found) – Kaiser Wilhelm II (German) is the father of the “Yellow Peril.”

2017 (found) – During the 70’s scholars Frank Chin and Jeffrey Paul Chan coined the term “Racist Love” in their titular, monumental work on Race Theory. It’s a disgrace that they’re not taught in school.

Dec 5, 2016 – A must-see film about neo-imperalist American actions against China and Japan, and American crimes against humanity, specifically, in the intentional nuclear testing in Bikini Atoll (people used as guinea pigs) and other encroachments upon the Marshall Islands.

Oct 31, 2016 – ““Blood is thicker than water!” An American Comes To The Rescue At The Taku Forts.”

Jun 27, 2016 – Interesting look at the not-so-innocent racial motivations behind dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Jun 1, 2016Phoenix Program during the Nam War. Crimes against Viet humanity.

July 24, 2015 – “Ho Feng Shan: The ‘Chinese Schindler’ who saved thousands of Jews.” In return, we get Hollywood and the Israeli company that forbids sexual contact between Chinese men and natives.

Jun 16, 2015 – “Coolies worked and lived no better than slaves, having insufficient food, lacking promised medical care, working long hours, and suffering physical torture.”

May 9, 2015 – “A forgotten history: tracing the ties between B.C.’s First Nations and Chinese workers.” This is the fundamental difference between Europeans and Asians/POC. Yet they call Asian men racist. LOL.

May 1, 2015 – Ivy League bankrolled by Americans who exploited Chinese with Opium; How do they repay us? Affirmative Action and “holistic” (anti-Asian-male) selection processes.

Jan 7, 2015 – The first prime minister of Canada “warned that, if the Chinese (who had been in British Columbia as long as Europeans) were allowed to vote … ‘Chinese representatives’ would foist ‘Asiatic principles,’ ‘immoralities’ and ‘eccentricities.'”

Dec 19, 2014 – “A Man of Character — First Asian American chancellor fell victim to US’ fear of China.”

Apr 19, 2011 – Don’t fall for Hollywood propaganda (like Pushing Daisies). The vast majority of Asian men who fought in the Civil War fought for the North.

[Social Media, Forums & Miscellaneous]

Sep 17, 2017 – “Interest in Chinese Penises.”
Sep 16, 2017
– “Eurasian girl posts pictures of her Korean boyfriend on IG and loses 600+ neckbeard followers.”
Sep 16, 2017r/HistoryPorn tries to create anti-Asian male propaganda. Gets voted to the front page. Pretends picture of white male misogyny is actually Asian male misogyny. Asian man points this out and is banned immediately.
Sep 16, 2017 – “White guy surprised by anti-Asian racism on Grindr.”
Sep 3, 2017
– “Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think.”
Aug 23, 2017
– “Unfiltered Vancouver racism.” Ignore the comments section. 
Aug 12, 2017
– FB refuses to take down anti-Asian hate group “Humans of Sunnybank.” YT takes down EurasianTiger‘s channel twice while allowing “This Chink [Male] Must Be Stopped” and other hate speech from actual white supremacists to stay up. Now Insta is taking down Jeremy Long (Asian male pornstar) and Asian Pride meme pages for NO LEGITIMATE REASON. Sickening. Update: Long’s Twitter account has been removed as well. Update: Keni Styles‘ (Asian male pornstar) social media are continually being taken down as well for NO LEGITIMATE REASON. 
Aug 7, 2017
– “No matter what heroic feats you do as an Asian, people will always devalue it with d*** jokes.”
Aug 3, 2017
– Asian male redditor points out the sickening hypocrisy of the faux liberal trash that read propaganda material like NYT. White liberalism and white conservativism are both cancer, but at least the latter is equal opportunity when it comes to bashing POC. 
Aug 2, 2017
– “Canadian racial diversity 150 year anniversary.”
Aug 1, 2017
– Some time ago, I decided not to post reddit offenses but this one was so sickening, I had to. 
Aug 1, 2017
– AF privilege in media and employment in general. 
Jul 28, 2017
The Onion tries to erase the Straight Asian Male Identity. Both fictional astronauts have “white” names, meaning that the culprit is the person who made graphics. (In case you forgot, they’re the racists who did this non-satire.)
Jul 28, 2017 – Just some thoughts on the anti-Asian male discrimination against Asian rappers.
Jul 25, 2017
– How Sports Competitions show Asian Men are Liked Less than Animals.
Jul 24, 2017
(posted) – “Richard Baumhammers.”
Jul 23, 2017
– ‘Singapore boy’s toy ball accidentally bumps into an expatriate couple’s son, then the mother of the boy throws the toy out of the pool and tells the parent, “Go and Fetch, DOG.”
Jul 23, 2017 – Not surprised this guy was rewarded for his sickening trick.
Jul 20, 2017 – Asian redditor exposes liberal Western propaganda regarding Japanese sexual habits. 
Jul 19, 2017
– WF beauty blogger says, “As you may have noticed, you discover a lot of funny stuff in the east, many of us don’t understand the ‘Ching Chongs‘ with the black hair and funny clothes.”
Jul 19, 2017 – “Ann Coulter Ranted Against Delta, But Wanted David Dao Deported After United Abuse.”
Jul 19, 2017 – Asian woman writes article about “Why Asian People Are Uncreative” (from r/aznidentity). 
Jul 18, 2017
– “Belligerent Woman Calls Asians ‘Foreign Dogs’ in NYC McDonald’s.” 
Jul 5, 2017
– Is this kid Asian?
May 31, 2017
– TIL there’s a band called “Fu Manchu” made up of white dudes. 
May 26, 2017
– White male student goes wild on an Asian-male teacher.
May 25, 2017
– Artist draws WM as a human, Hapa as half-human half-alien, and full AM as full alien. Swear to god you can’t make this shit up. 
May 21, 2017
– Notice anything odd about the IMDb page for the new Power Rangers movie? Exclusion is an artform for westerners. 
May 20, 2017
– A great piece on Bob Beckel and the hypocrisy of liberal whites (Dems). 
May 17, 2017
– Note: Starting today, regular every-day transgressions from forums, like front page material on reddit, will be collected in various subreddits, and will not be posted here anymore.
May 16, 2017
(archived) – And they always say Asians aren’t creative/thieves. 
May 14, 2017
– Surprise, surprise. Fake Western media lies about Chinese debt.
May 11, 2017 (archived) – Hapa redditor found a famous Asian actress using the “It would be like marrying my brother” line from 1937.
May 9, 2017 – Libs show love for a nativist (Bernie) and the Internment Guy (FDR). 
May 8, 2017
– Every Asian man knows that Canada hates Asian men the most, like all other Anglophonic countries. 
May 8, 2017
– “GO BACK TO THE F***ING CHINESE TAKEAWAY Yells An Australian Football Fan Towards A Team’s Trainer.” Keep it classy, Australia.
May 5, 2017 (archived) – Author Yang Erche Namu, another Asian woman who is dedicated to bashing Asian men.
Apr 28, 2017 Front page material.
Apr 21, 2017Reviewer from Roger Ebert site claims kids’ movie Born in China (2017), directed by an Asian man, would be “kiddie propaganda” if it wasn’t made by Disney (Pocahontas, Mulan, Andi Mack, Kickin’ It, etc.) This review is influenced by stereotypical views on the Chinese always making propaganda and the infallibility of American institutions. But the truth is, American propaganda is the one that is actually the most destructive. Its hate speech has even infected kids’ media in the form of cartoons with Asian men as the main villains such as Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015) and all the other Johnny Quest cartoons with Dr. Zin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Flash GordonPower Puff Girls, etc.
Apr 18, 2017 – White man so heroic!!!

April 10-14, 2017 – Social media and forums have a field day with Dr. Dao’s beating.

Redditor uses this situation to bash on the Chinese. Another redditor says the whole thing was the Asian man’s fault. Same this redditor. Seriously, fuck this guy. They just keep going.

This whole situation is funny to whites; they made a The Dark Knight Rises joke (the opening plane scene) about the situation on reddit and it ended up being the second highest entry on the front page. (Btw, a lot of Batman works are anti-Asian-male.) Update: The highest entry on the front page is now a Fight Club reference-joke. (Btw, that films is anti-Asian-male.) Update: The new second highest entry on the front page is now a comedic post denying that race had something to do with the situation. Update: Joke about the situation on r/jokes on the front page. Update: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia subreddit makes light of the situation. (Btw, that show is anti-Asian-male.) Update: Fourth highest post on the front-page is a Star Wars joke. (Btw, that franchise is anti-Asian-male.) Update: SpongeBob joke. Front page. Update: South Park joke. Front page. (Btw, that show is anti-Asian-male.) Update: Jokes, jokes, and more jokes on the front page. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another oneAnother one. They take this one even further. All on the front page. They’re meming a tragedy. Even Emirates Airlines is getting on the action. They made a whole joke out of Asian Lives Matter here.

And look at the comments section. This is some new levels of unwokeness right here.

Apr 12, 2017 – Anti-Asian-male veteran Esther Ku says “Thank you United Airlines.”
Apr 11, 2017 (archived) – Asian Lives Matter subreddits like r/AsianLivesMatter and r/YellowLivesMatter have been hijacked by white trolls.
Apr 11, 2017 – Redditor upvote this to the second entry on the front page. They’re using every one’s favorite honorary white pawn in Asia (Taiwan) to implicitly insult Chinese and Koreans. Except they forgot the Swiss eat cats too. Redditors love this shit; they do with this whale-hunting in Japan, for example, while conveniently forgetting Iceland and Norway hunt more.
Apr 11, 2017 (archived) – r/MURICA‘s upvote button is the American flag, and the downvote button is an Asian man. It’s almost poetic.
Apr 11, 2017 – Front page at it again.
Apr 10, 2017Redditor says all Japanese men are super feminine.
Apr 10, 2017 – TIL there’s a band made up of 3 white dudes called “Chinese Man.” One of their members is called “High Ku.” Facepalm.
Apr 9, 2017 – Look at these whites massively downvoting the Fung Bros’ AMA. Pathetic.
Apr 8, 2017 – “2 white women and 1 Asian woman publish a paper about why Asian males are unattractive. First two paragraphs discuss insane interracial imbalance. Conclusion is that the hapas who look less Asian have higher value as human beings.”
Apr 7, 2017 (Archived) – Wikipedia, as they have done before, spreads false narratives of Asia and its “problem” of misogyny when China out-ranks the U.S. in gender equality (look it up yourself). Pointed out by an Asian redditor.
Apr 7, 2017Redditors, once again, pushes the idea that Chinese = conformists. Found on the front page.
Apr 2, 2017 – Twitch chat uses anti-Asian-male emoticon.
Mar 30, 2017 – Redditors spread Yellow Peril.
Mar 28, 2017 – Redditor insults the Japanese.
Mar 28, 2017 – Redditor mocks Chinese products.
Mar 23, 2017 – Of course, Wikipedia lists Ludi Lin last in the cast list of Power Rangers.
Mar 23, 2017 – Of course, Ludi Lin is seated furthest away from the interviewer.
Mar 5, 2017 – Redditor belittles Asian men.
Mar 5, 2017 – Reddit loves to emasculate Asian men.
Mar 2017Wikipedia spreads false information on stability of interracial marriages involving Asian men.
Mar 2017 – Losers at r/marvelstudios concern-troll for and hate on a half-Asian man in defense of the racist show Iron Fist (2017- ).
2017 (noticed) – Of course they use the most unflattering picture for Batalon’s Wikipedia page.
2017 – Just realized this. The other languages tab on Wikipedia (which has had anti-Asian-male articles) mobile is in Chinese. Because the farthest thing from Western Civilization is Asia.
Oct 28, 2016 – Unfunny pile of shit Amy Schumer dissuades Asian women from dating Asian men, and says all Asians look the same.
Oct 7, 2016Picture with terrible body language used.
Sep 12, 2016 – “Meet The Asian-American Man Who Sacrificed Himself to Save Lives During 9/11.”
Aug 5, 2016 – There was a Facebook group called “Ban all Asians from EDM festivals.”
Jul 28, 2016 – Pewdiepie, YouTube’s greatest star with over 55 million subscribers, makes a racist joke about RiceGum.
Jun 13, 2016 – “As Ichiro closes in, Pete Rose chafes: ‘They’re trying to make me the Hit Queen.'”
Jun 4, 2016 – Compilation of Asian women talking about their dislike of Asian men for racist reasons.
2016This is what they think of our struggles.
Dec 11, 2015 – Anti-Asian-male veteran Esther Ku calls Asian men “animals.
Sep 7, 2015 – Even a white male understood the minor privilege of being an Asian female in the artistic world.
Jul 23, 2015 – “Facebook REFUSES to shut down ‘racist’ ‘Humans of Sunnybank’ group which cruelly mimics Asian accents and labels the Brisbane community ‘dog meat eaters.'” But they keep deleting a poem about racism by an Asian man. Anti-Asian-male fucks.
Mar 29, 2015 – Rapper Dumbfoundead is bashed with a barrage of anti-Asian-male insults. This happens in all of Dumbfoundead’s rap battles, not just this one.
Mar 24, 2015 – Another liberal spreading Yellow Peril. FYI I am anti-Republican.
Jun 29, 2014 – “What is New Zealand’s problem with the Chinese anyway?”
Jul 2014 – I was disgusted by the amount of people on tumblr that bashed and demonized Jeremy Lin for wearing the “I can’t breathe” shirt in solidarity with Eric Garner (the man who was murdered for selling cigs; ruled as a homicide but no justice).
2014 – “Is Tinder Racist?” Towards Asian men? No shit.
Jun 5, 2013 – Asian accents are so funny in 2013!
Jun 4, 2013The Onion writes “Asian Guy Has Separate Group Of Just Asian Friends.” It’s because of anti-Asian male social segregation. And of course they gave him glasses.
Feb 8, 2013 – Full Asian brother Wilkes “McDermid” commits suicide after personally quantifying the AMWF-WMAF disparity. This is his suicide note. It’s unfortunate that he was so into white women, but even if he had expanded his options, the results would’ve been the same. R.I.P.
2013 – “Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist).” He’s actually kind of woke when it comes to media portrayals.
Aug 31, 2012 – The self-hating Asian female’s anthem: “I Refuse to Ever Date an Asian Man.” Nothing but stereotypes, lies, and unsound post hoc rationalization.
Aug 31, 2012 – Anti-Asian-male white comedian punched by Asian man.
2011 – “Asians in the Library.”
Dec 8, 2010 – Rapper A-Class is bashed with a barrage of anti-Asian-male insults. This happens in all of Dumbfoundead’s rap battles, not just this one.
Jun 30, 2010 – Anti-Asian-male veteran says she won’t marry an Asian man because they have small dicks and aren’t real people.
Oct 21, 2009 – ‘”He’ll never be a real Canadian” | gunnarolla.’
Jan 6, 2007 Yellow Peril.

Anti-Asian-Male Radio Shows & Podcasts

Hollywood Unlocked (2016- ) – POC woman says “he’s built like an Asian” to talk about a certain football player’s allegedly small dick. Everyone in the room thinks it’s funny. The kicker: There’s an actual Asian dude in the same room.
The Joe Rogan Experience (2009- ) – Fuck him for having anti-Asian-male trash like this on the show. The hatred of Asian men from the two white men on either side of Rogan is palpable (source). But let’s not let Rogan off the hook. He, like other comedians, compares being Asian to having Down’s Syndrome (both should be respected) (source).

The Kyle and Jackie O Show
(2000- )

In 2017, “Kyle calls Guy Sebastian a ‘fat Asian’ and grills Jules [white female] on the night she lost her virginity to him.” His white male fragility is leaking…

The hosts have also shown some anti-Asian sadism in 2016. Read more at YOMYOMF.

The Howard Stern Show (1979- )

Amy Schumer attacks Asian men again (last time she mocked Asians on twitter).

This time, Amy Schumer says Asian men are unfuckable, after talking about an attractive African American man. A couple seconds later, she talks about anti-semitism.

The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon (1935) – “Ming the Merciless.”

[Dishonorable Mentions]

The Adam Carolla Show (2009- )

Adam Carolla says Pacquiao, because he’s Filipino, is getting preferential treatment over white and black fighters (lol). He says Pacquiao “prays to chicken bones.” He then goes on to bash the Filipino people in general. Unfortunately, this show is currently the #1 podcast of all time (according to Guinness World Records).

And of course anti-Asian-male The Young Turks (see: News & Articles list) defends Carolla, using selective evidence.

ABC Radio Melbourne Breakfast Slot – “‘What’s the deal with Asians?’ Red Symons under fire over controversial interview.” Jun 16, 2017.

Thank you to the many Asian communities on reddit. Much of the material of the Main and Dishonorable Mentions list has been posted on and discussed there. 

Anti-Asian-Male Books, Comics, Magazines & Publications

[This list is incomplete and needs heavy editing]

*Please note that the criteria for this list is not as well-defined as that of the movies list.*


The New Yorker (2017) – Disgusting cover (source: r/aznidentity).
(2017) – Asian man is objectified as but a prop in the form of a sumo.
Perry Bible Fellowship Comics (2017), “Guntron Alliance Force” – The asshole gives only the Asian male glasses and a whispy stash. Completely unnecessary. The Asian male’s also next in line to be killed. Disgusting.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (2017), “Neoliberal” – White male literally gives Genghis Khan a slit for eyes.
Blue Sky White Stars (2017) – Asian man given glasses (stereotype) (source; ignore the comments section). I blame this all on the artist, not the writer.
Springer (2016) – Read “Springer Complaint” by Ethnic Muse.
GQ“Matt Stonie Reveals What It’s Like to Eat for a Living” (2016) – Erasure of Straight (Half-)Asian Male Identity.
XCOM 2: Resurrection (2015) – Asian-male engineer goes into hiding, dies (source). Survived by daughter. (See extremely anti-Asian-male games XCOM: Uknown Enemies [2012] and XCOM 2 [2016].)
Everything I Never Told You (2014) – “‘Everything I Never Told You’ was a book based on the horrible tragedy of all [the Asian female author’s] WMAF friends. She wrote the story to involve an AMWF family.”
Wiley (2014) – Read “Peer Review Failure: Chinese Baby Penises” by Ethnic Muse
Eleanor & Park
(2013) – Blurb coming soon.
GQ, “Just the Two of Us (and Ken Jeong)” (2011) – Link here.
Homefront: The Voice of Freedom (2011) – Blurb coming soon.
The Invincible Iron Man (2008-2012) – Yellow Peril character “Mandarin,” archenemy of Iron Man.
The Walking Dead (2003- ) – “Glenn Rhee” brutally killed by white man (source). Asian guy always dies. “Rhee” is also outdated. Possibly a L-R joke.


B.P.R.D. (2002- ) – “Ben Daimio” has a grotesque facial scar (Asian Male Body Horror). Ben and his stereotypical Asian-male strictness and cold personality bring him at odds with a white female character (source). His lineage includes a Japanese war criminal (source). Ben is eventually killed off due to his jaguar form killing too many innocent people (source). He requested help from a streotypical mystic he called “The Chinaman.” This character is killed off as well (by Ben) (source). Ben Daimio will be played by a white male in an upcoming film adaptation (source: r/asianamerican). Update: Due to the backlash, Daimio will now be played by a full Asian man (source), since Daimio is a full Asian man. 
Batman: The Brave and Bold
(Vol. 1) (2009-2010) – “Egg Fu.”
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Novel (2008) – Junior novel (source) with extremely racist depictions of Asian men, “Kao Kan” and “Chen” (source).

Y: The Last Man

Graphic novel. Antagonist “Dr. Matsumori” is a Chinese male scientist who is the father to “Dr. Allison Mann” who presumably married a white man. They have a rivalry between them (trope of dysfunctional Asian man-Asian woman family relations like in the games Horizon Zero Dawn or XCOM 2, shows like Heroes or Sense8, etc.) When Matsumori tries to kill the white male protagonist and kill himself, Allison ends up killing him.

Matsumori’s primary interest was in cloning research (because all Chinese look alike). also tried to abort a female clone fetus of his daughter (reference to the myth of the Chinese aborting female babies). But he has made other clones of his daughter (Asian men are creeps). Matsumori’s lover “Ming” dies (lovers of Asian men always die like in the game Bioshock Infinite, movie Grave Encounters 2, etc.) (Source.)

Side note: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Criminal MindsBaywatch, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or novels like The Joy Luck Club.

The Amazing Spider-Man (debut 2008) –  “Mister Negative” or Martin Li operates a soup kitchen but is also a crime boss who smuggles Chinese people into the US. He is one of Spider-Man’s enemies.
52 (Vol. 1) (2006-2007) – “Egg Fu” returns as “Chang Tzu.” He appears in  Vol. 1, issue 6, “China Syndrome.”
John Dies at the End (2007) – White male protagonist’s name is “David Wong.” Despite it being based on a real life situation, in the film itself, an Asian man’s name is reduced to an accessory and quirk. The character’s odd name mirrors the white author’s adoption of the pseudonym of “David Wong” IRL. By using that name, he received racist hate mail (you can tell from this link that he associates Asian men with villains). For Asian men like us, we have to deal with this everyday, yet for this white male author it is but an experiment, a writing stunt, a mask he can take off at will. The white male in question, James Pargin, is now the editor-in-chief of Cracked.
DCU: Brave New World (2006) – Asian man is “Atom.” Has the power to shrink (probable small dick joke). Killed off (Asian man always dies trope).


The Other Side of Dawn (1999) – Blurb coming soon.
The Night is for Hunting (1999) – Blurb coming soon.
My Year of Meats (1998) – Familiar propaganda about evil, misogynistic, rapist Asian men; Asian women who escape Asian men and come to the utopia of America; and an Asian woman who falls in love with a non-Asian man because her Asian man is evil and misogynistic (source). Too bad even the UN understands Asian men are WAY less sexist than American men (source of 2016 data: r/aznidentity).
Burning for Revenge (1997) – Blurb coming soon.

Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs (1996)

Asian criminal boss “Lao Che” makes money through opium and white slavery (white projection).

I encourage you to read this character profile. Several different sources have taken the character of “Lao Che” and have tried to make his as evil and misogynistic as possible.

Infinite Jest
(1996) – Talks about a man with a yellow face.
Darkness, Be My Friend (1996) – Blurb coming soon.
The Third Day, The Frost (1995) – Blurb coming soon.
The Berenstain Bears’ New Neighbors (1994) – This entry is not strictly anti-Asian male. Asians were chosen to be the foreigners because Asia (China) is the farthest thing from Western civilization (from this r/aznidentity).
The Dead of the Night (1994) – Blurb coming soon.
Tomorrow, When the War Began (1993) – Blurb coming soon.
Spider-Man 2099 (1992- ) – Part-Latino Spider-Man rescues white woman from evil Asian man wearing traditional Asian clothes with lines for eyes (source). His throat is slit (source).


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) – Novel (source) with extremely racist depictions of Asian men.
Indians Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) – Comic (source) with extremely racist depictions of Asian men.


Wonder Woman (Vol. 1) (1942-1986) – “Egg Fu” debuted in 1965. “Egg Fu the Fifth” debuted a year later.
Metal Men (Vol. 1) (1963-1978) – “Dr. Yes.” (See: Dr. No [1962] on the films list.)


The Joy Luck Club (1989) – Blurb coming soon.
Strange Tales (1958-1988) – Yellow Peril villain “Yellow Claw.” Thanks, Marvel.


Captain America (1973) – Issues 164-167 featured Yellow Peril villain “Yellow Claw.” Thanks, Marvel.


Tales of Suspense (1958-1968) – Yellow Peril character “Mandarin,” archenemy of Iron Man. 
Yellow Claw
(1956) – The tagline for the titular Yellow Peril villain is “Who… or what is he…??!” Thanks, Marvel.


LIFE (1944) – “Picture of the Week” is a white woman writing “her Navy boyfriend a thank-you-note for the Jap skull he sent her” (source).


Flash Gordon (1934-2003) – “Ming the Merciless” is a Yellow Peril character. He rules planet “Mongo,” which is a reference to “Mongoloid.” His son, “Kang the Cruel,” has been the main antagonist for a bit.
Superman (1939-1986) – Superman vs. Hirohito in issue #17. 
Detective Comics
(DC) (1937) – Villain “Ching Lung.”

Anti-Asian-Male Musical/Theatrical Productions

[This list is incomplete.]

Miss Saigon (1989- ) – “That Vietnamese women are victims, Vietnamese men are villains, and Americans are well-meaning buffoons.” Redditor also mentions that the production features Asian Male Emasculation.
Turandot (1924- ) – Yellowface of Asian men (to this day); stereotypes (source). Recently featured in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015).
Golden Dragon (2017) – Yellowface and bullshit response (source: r/RacismAgainstAsians).

Anti-Asian-Male Songs

[This list is incomplete.]

“Alive” Sia (2015) – Song art tries (not the song itself) to emasculate an Asian man. This attempt is even more obvious when you realize that the music video version features a young girl (source). Asian man is also used for shock value. Once again, an Asian man is used as a means for an end, like an object. 
“Meet the Flockers” 
– YG ft. Teecee4800 (2014) – This is not stricty anti-Asian-male. Rapper promotes violence against Asians. Update: ‘Burglars Say YG’s Song “Meet the Flockers” Inspired Them to Rob Homes in Los Angeles’ (source: r/aznidentity).
“Bonfire” – Childish Gambino (2011) – Childish Gambino sings about cuckolding an Asian man. His lyrics often revolve around his love of Asian women as well.
“We’re All Asian” – Rucka Rucka Ali (2011) – The whole song is just Asian-bashing, including a line about small Asian dicks (from r/asianamerican). This man essentially built his career out of mocking Asians. He used his “DJ Not Nice” persona to just bash Asians in several songs (source).
“Backpackers” – Childish Gambino (2011) – Asian/Virginia Tech joke (web source).
“Love Me Long Time” (Jin Diss) – Dizaster (2009) – Rapper’s song written to diss Asian rapper MC Jin (source: r/hapas).

[Dishonorable Mentions]


“Get Right Witcha” Migos (2017) – “Goin’ to Chi-land with them chinks (chinks)” (source: aznidentity).
“Les Menottes” (Tching Tchang Tchong)
 – L’Algérino (2017) – Trending French song (from r/hapas).
“The Asian People Song”Z-FLO – (2016) – Over 7.1 million views.
“Gook”Denzel Curry – (2016) – “Gook” is not meant to be used as a slur here, but that still doesn’t mean it’s okay to use this word in such a carefree way. (source: r/aznidentity.)
“​untitled 03 | 05.28.2013.” – Kendrick Lamar – (2014) – This song (source: r/asianamerican) wasn’t really offensive. I also think Kendrick is doing something very necessary (bringing pro-minority racial conversations into rap.) However, I just think it’s a little unfortunate that the Asian man is comparatively desexualized and stereotyped. (It doesn’t matter if the Asian man is an “archetype.” See: Kick-Ass 2.)
“Bugatti” (Remix) (2013) – Ace Hood ft. DJ Khaled, Birdman, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. & Future (2013) – Wiz: “Get so high … Got my eyes like a Asian” (article source).
“Take It to the Head” (2012) – DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Lil Wayne: “Got my eyes closed like Asian persuasion” (article source).
“Kids” – Childish Gambino (2011) – “Finding you is like finding Asians” (article source).
“Burger” – Tyler, the Creator (2011) – “Still can’t tell the difference, just like Asians with their eyes shut” (article source).
“I’m the King” – The Game (2011) – “Eyes so low, they probably think I’m Asian” (article source).
“Marvin & Chardonnay” – Big Sean ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash (2011) –  Kanye: “When ya blazin’ … I swear you turn at least half-Asian” (article source).
“Back to the Topic” J. Cole (2011) – “Lost in my thoughts, so my eyes be Asian” (article source).


“Amazin” – Young Jeezy (2008) – “Eyes so low, yeah, I look Asian” (article source).
“Chingy Jackpot” – Chingy (2003) – “Why yo eyes so chinky” (article source).


“Yellow Fever”Bloodhound Gang (1996) – The guys behind the “ain’t nothing but mammals” song bring you a song that says “chinky” 57 times (source: r/asianamerican). The album art may possibly be an Asian male.
“Black Korea”Ice Cube (1991) – Inter-POC conflict is always unfortunate (source: r/EasternSunRising?)