Anti-Asian-Male Ads

Aug 2, 2017 – Hapa female redditor notices the sly Asian dick joke made by a company called “Jiftip.” Ignore her lookism and the rest of the comments section.
Mar 27, 2017Monster (jobs) commercial on Hulu. Asian man explains policy of ABW (Always Be Working, a reference to Glengarry Glen Ross, to white woman who is unsettled by it. Asian man working in the background revealed to be son (over-bearing Asian father).

Feb 16, 2017 – Not anti-gay. However, I am against the systemic erasure of the straight-Asian-male identity. Example by Apple (source: r/aznidentity).

Feb 5, 2017Tide Superbowl ad says Asian men are the furthest thing away from Western civilization. That’s why we are always used to show how far away something is, but how far-reaching something is-just show that even Asian men know about it. Also, old (asexualization via geriatrification) Asian men cast, and speak Japanese (otherization). Also, insert Terikyaki joke. Fuck Tide.

Jan 22, 2017Ad says Asian men are a nuisance and a “problem” (source: r/hapas). They’re also really good at DDR. Fuck Australia.
Jan 12, 2017 – Aussie ad celebrating diversity uses Fu Manchu to hate on Chinese men (source: r/hapas). Chinese are also lumped together with whites as colonizers…

Jan 10, 2017Orbit gum ad tells Asian women to leave Asian men (source: r/asianmasculinity). Must be because of the “Asian patriarchy.” Boycott Orbit out of principle. UPDATE: The assholes took it down. But here’s a mirror from Wrigley promoting Extra gum.

2017 (found) – Wonderful Pistachios makes ad emasculating Asian men in various, disgusting ways (source: r/aznidentity). And is anyone surprised that the purveyors of the Goldilocks Theory of Race also made this commercial?

Nov 27, 2016 – A short film for H&M by Wes Anderson. Conventionally unattractive, small, and old Asian actor was cast (desexualization). He is depicted to be absolutely clueless, and the only one who has this depiction. Only there for comedic effect.

Sep 21, 2016 – In this Listerine ad (source: Asian male redditsphere), the two principal characters are an extremely short Asian guy and a very tall white man. It’s very clear what they’re trying to do here. The Asian man is also the “Boss” and the white man is the “New Guy”; we are expected to root for the underdog (New Guy) while disliking the Boss as he is the Oppressive Professional Asian Man. When they start dancing, the woman thrusts her papers to the short Asian man, and starts dancing with the white man (desexualization, emasculation). It’s eerily reminiscent of what happens in Wes Anderson’s short for H&M, “Come Together” (2016).

Jul 4, 2016 – An Asian male redditor elucidates the sly, back-handed white liberalist anti-Asian male nature of this Ad Council propaganda PSA called “We Are America ft. John Cena.” While I don’t agree with the author’s claim about the mongoloid-Down Syndrome connection (even though it’s prevalent in “comedic” media), I still think that presenting a normal WMAF couple and an Asian boy-white girl with Down Syndrome was a cruel joke from the ad’s creators.

(I hope that you will be able to fully understand what is wrong with this picture and not claim that I am anti-people with Down Syndrome. I speak honestly when I tell you that I have cut off relations with people due to their negative and cruel views against those with Down Syndrome. I do mean it when I say I am a true advocate for those with condition, since I advocate for them online and have worked with them via volunteering. It’s simply that in this particular instance, cruel advertisers have used the two children for a sick joke. And like the OP, I too am not against real, racial diversity, not fake exclusive, white liberalist diversity based on historically-influenced sex appeal.)

Mar 31, 2016Listerine ad (source: Asian male redditsphere) features a shot which puts the Asian man (predictably) in the way back , and as the only individual to wear business clothes out of 6 others (stereotype). Predictably Asian woman is treated very differently.

Mar 14, 2016 Taco Bell uses George Takei’s Asian-maleness as an object of comedy. Read more at Kulture.

Feb 24, 2016 – In a promotional cinematic video for Hitman (2016), the first target that you see die is, of course, “Hayamoto,” choking on poisonous sushi. The franchise itself is extremely racist. In fact, the first person you kill in the entire franchise is an Asian man (source).

2016 (found) – Snickers ad (source: Asian male redditsphere). Perpetual Male Foreigner Myth.

Oct 14, 2015 – French Kinder ad (source: Asian male redditsphere) stereotypes Asian men as the Mystical Kung-Fu Teacher that references Pai Mei (from Kill Bill), Mr. Miyagi, among others. The white man defeats and over comes the Asian man. It has close to 1.6 million views. This is why Hollywood propaganda is so dangerous. Every country in the world consumes it. Fuck France.

Nov 23, 2015 – In this AdBlock ad, viewed by over a million people, an Asian kid uses stereotypical martial arts to protect a white man from ads (Asian-male subservience). He is essentially an analog to the adblocker; he is an object. He is also an object in the sense that he is an object of comedy here.

The boy is an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, The Goonies, Up, School of Rock, Kicking & Screaming, Tropic Thunder, etc.)

Sep 7, 2015AARP ad. Read more at Kulture.
Oct 4, 2014Snickers ad featuring “Mr. Bean.” Perpetual Male Foreigner Myth.

2013BMW ad features stereotypical Oppressive Asian Father vs. WMAF (source: Asian male redditsphere).

May 25, 2011Heinekin ad called “The Date” features a white male (with an Asian female) antagonized by stereotypical Asian men (from Ethnic Muse).

Jan 13, 2011Heinekin ad uses stereotypical martial artists as Asian-male archetype. Attractive white man sparses with him (from Ethnic Muse).

[Products & Trademarks]

Oct 16, 2017r/hapas user notices anti-Asian male racism/propaganda from Bumble website.

Aug 20, 2017 – An Asian male redditor notices the sickeningly sly anti-Asian male hate programming on the Tinder login screen. Think again if you thought only the users were anti-Asian male. Update: This propaganda may be region-specific to Hong Kong. Update: “Tinder is Now Running That ‘Asian Male Hating’ Video as an Ad on YouTube.”

Aug 20, 2017r/hapas user notices anti-Asian male racism from the Uncle Bills Wholesale Club logo. (Excuse OP’s lookism).

May 9, 2017 – The biggest chains don’t care about selling anti-Asian-male apparel (source: r/asianamerican).

Feb 27, 2012 – “Ben & Jerry’s Boston Apologizes For ‘Taste The Lin-Sanity’ Ice Cream With Fortune Cookies And Lychee.”

[Dishonorable Mentions]

May 26, 2017 (archived) This product is not strictly anti-Asian-male. You ever wanted to buy a “Fuck Chinks” T-shirt before?

Mar 13, 2017This product is not strictly anti-Asian-male. “‘Save A Dog, Eat A Chinese‘ T-Shirt Is A Disgusting Display Of Racism.”

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