List of Anti-Asian-Male Video Games

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Horizon Zero Dawn 2017

In the first side mission, and one of the first things you do in the game, what I encounter is an incapacitated Asian man (“Thok”) on the ground whose incompetence led to his daughter being lost. His wife is dead. Turns out he is an overbearing father who, by his daughter’s account, yells too much. This is your introduction to the open world. 

The second Asian man I see is “Jom.” He explains how defenseless he is, and how he’s one of the outcasts and not one of the “braves.” His backstory: He got shunned because he was lazy and picked fights with everyone. He exudes a lack of self-confidence; his defining actions is to ask for forgiveness and permission. A lot of characters ask for favors in this game, but this character asks for permission. He is by far the most pathetic character encountered in the game.

The third Asian-male character I spoke to was worse than the preceding two. This “Greatrun Keeper” speaks like Goofy, and is just odd overall. No other character speaks like this. He also does a weird lip animation and smiles weirdly every time he talks. The white female antagonist literally says that he is “awfully friendly.” He reveals that people don’t like him due to his incessant chattering and because he stinks like fish. That is just over-the-top stereotypical. At least the protagonist says he smells more like wet fur… When the female protagonist is about to leave, he creepily smiles and says, “You could keep me company; your choiiice.” Greatrun Keeper also has a partner, an Asian-male merchant (stereotype) whom he dislikes because he doesn’t talk much (stereotype). Even in this post-apocalyptic future, Asians hang out with other Asians. Oh, and by the way, they copied and pasted this exact same merchant to another location (at the Sun Furrows hunting grounds).

The fourth Asian male I spoke to was “Tituk,” a shaman (Mystical Old Asian Man stereotype). He says a Confucianism near the end of his dealings with the protagonist. A while later, you meet “Ligan,” another Asian-male character who seems to be benign.

The next Asian male (“Ahsis”) I spoke to was racist and xenophobic to the “savage” Nora tribe from which the protagonist originates (racist Asian man myth). There are also misogynistic undertones, as his organizations just started allowing women to participate, and as he calls both the white female protagonist and an Asian female colleague “Talanah” “trash” (Asian male misogyny myth). Talanah stops short of calling Ahsis an “ass-[hole],” and her raison d’etre is to make Ahsis’ “blood boil.” You find out her father and brother are dead. Later in the game, he hires men to kill Talanah so that he can reap the rewards of killing a T-Rex robot because of his “vanity” and his desire to not “share the credit.” Ahsis eventually gets killed by the robot; following it is a comedic quip from the white female protagonist. As he dies, he mentions that he should have used the Talanah to weaken the robot. The game clarifies that he is remembered for his “treachery” while the two women will be remembered for defeating the beasts that he could not kill (feminism vs. Asian men). There is also “evidence of bowel failure” aka Ahsis shat his pants. 

The next Asian male (“Ranaman”) I spoke to is as bad as the Ahsis. Ranaman, at the behest of his father, pleads the white female protagonist to help clear out killer robots in his father’s large estate. It turns out that he planted a machine that caused the machines to attack the estate in the first place, causing his father to die and his sister to be trapped. His plan was to take over the estate after his father died by having him killed. He did this as revenge for his being disowned by his father (stereotype). He was disowned because of all his gambling, stealing, and extortion (stereotype). He sent the protagonist to clear out the grounds before he takes over. His sister is shown to have a lot of hatred for him, as she calls him “that murderous snake” and “scum.” Ranaman also reveals his plan like a cheesy evil villain, just before he gets killed by a flying bird-robot midway through his talking about how easier it was to have the machines try to kill the sister. No other character is this villainous. Seriously, play the game. This Asian angel sister-brother-father dynamic also pops up in other games like XCOM 2 and shows like Sense8 and Heroes.

The next Asian male I encounter is one of the henchman of the secondary antagonist (“Dervahl”) in the game (villainization). The next Asian male I saw was a very weird case. He is 100% an Asian-male geneticist, yet he speaks in some kind of European (comparable to German) accent and his name is “Patrick Bochard-Klein.” Don’t know what to make of this. You find out later he was suffocated to death. After this, I saw another Asian henchman, this time to the main human antagonist (“Helis”). Another was a spectator at a gladiator style game run by the antagonists. Another is another henchman, this time, to an evil priest. Another Asian male I saw was a mostly silent-accomplice to a bird-robot predator infestation, who did what he did to to pay off a loan. There is another Asian-male accomplice (unfortunately I did not write down the details for this one). The last Asian man I saw was one who captured a man named “Gavan.”

So many familiar stereotypes in an unrecognizable sci-fi future. In short, Asian men are replaceable; comically evil or weird; and every Asian woman has a dysfunctional relationship with Asian men (while I saw an implied WMAF and a married BMAF couple [“Gera” and “Kendert”]). They are the most villainous. They are the most one-dimensionally portrayed antagonists in the game. Don’t believe me? Play it.

It also doesn’t help that there’s a region called the “Savage East” which the “people of the Sun” have fought off. The “people of the sun” connection is obviously a coincidence (“Savage East” probably is not), but was Richard Spencer (who called white people “The children of the sun”) involved with this game lmao?

You also learn from Cpl. Sarai’s log about how, in the lore, China uses manual labor while the U.S. has moved on to automation (what lol?).

Fuck Hideo “White-Worship” Kojima and Sony for kissing up to this Western bullshit. Fuck Guerilla Games.

Other notes: Some characters I saw could have been Asian. “Brin” is a character that really creeps the protagonist out. He asks her if he could sniff her fingers. He drinks the blood of robots. He is an inscrutable man who sees visions after drinking blood. He was cast out of his own tribe and left to die. “Ghaliv” is a “healer” that doesn’t help unless he get paid and is extremely callous to suffering.

Homefront: The Revolution – Beyond the Wall 2017 – In this DLC, NK continues to rule over America, and quell resistance movements. They also try to take over Europe as well. In response, NATO plans on working with the Americans to overtake the occupying gooks (source). (See what are essentially race wars in COD: Black Ops II, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, ARMA 3, etc.) Read about the other Yellow Peril propaganda Homefront games. too. 
For Honor
 2017 – Game features Samurai, Vikings, and Knights. Protagonists of Vikings and Knights are white men. For Samurai, it’s an Asian woman who speaks un-accented English. She kills Asian men who speak in accents with the help of white allies (source). White people cannot tolerate Asian men.
Agents of Mayhem 2017 – Set in futuristic Seoul. The main trailer opens with an Asian man (“Oni” [Japanese word]) yelling, “For my family!” in an accent. Then, you see him doing a traditional Asian bow.
Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions 2017 – DLC. “Jordin Chin” makes a reappearance. In the first Watch Dogs, “Jordin Chin” has no morals. White protagonist says his “principles change with the amount of money involved.” Also see Watch Dogs 2 (2016).

Hitman: Season 1 2016-2017

“Dr. Katashi Ito” is an extremely stereotypical-looking, bespectacled man who runs the morgue and is part of a human organ trafficking ring (it’s implied that the hospital allows this). To hide this, he holds captive one of the white protagonists “Carlton Smith.” He also has a bipolar disorder and has a chip in his brain to control his emotions (the Asian male robot). He can be driven to commit suicide (source).

Kong Tuo-Kwang” is a target. He is a stereotypical “neocolonizer” of China, hellbent on making money however he can and lies about his desire to actually improve the situation in developing countries. (Reminds me of when John Davis, film and TV producer for Fox and Sony said that Chinese companies are all driven by the profit motive”… unlike other companies? I bet NYT loves this game. They actually asked if China is the new colonial power. The hypocrisy is unbearable.) He is killed.

Taheiji Koyama” is a target. He is a war criminal. He is an withering old man now (asexualization via geriatrification), and is on life support. He is killed. He is extremely unattractive. Predictably, the Asian female targets “Yuki” and “Akane” (Elusive Targets) and “Lei,” who is  forced into prostitution by Asian men and saved by the white player character in 3 Hitman games are attractive.

Wen Ts’ai” is a rich (stereotype), food snob of epic proportions, berating people when everything isn’t absolutely perfect. For example, he attacked a restaurant for serving his special kind of water two degrees colder than he wanted, using a thermometer he trademarked, all of which he livestreamed (because Asian men are assholes). He caused one chef to kill himself. Ts’ai is killed.

“Tren Po” is the heir to “Jin Po” who is a ruthless dictator who made his people treat him as a god. Some scientists daydream about killing him (source). (Reminds me of Bryan Cranston saying he wanted to kill an Asian-male coworker.)

“Akira Nakamura” is a director of a hospital. He wears glasses and wears a wig. He may be part of the “Providence” criminal organization (source).

In a promotional cinematic video for this game, the first target that you see die is, of course, Hayamoto, choking on poisonous sushi (see: Hitman 2: Silent Assassins).

(See: Hitman: Codename 47 and Contracts).

Prey 2017

The principal characters are “Morgan” the player character and “Alex Yu” (both hapas, since full Asian men cannot be tolerated). The decision to make Alex Yu do physically unfit and bespectacled is disconcerting. He is also stereotypically devious and shifty. It turns out he is behind all the chaos, and he is the main human antagonist of the game, as Asian men usually are. He uses his own brother Morgan to conduct research for his company. The popular conception is that relations between Asian men and their family members are always strained (Horizon Zero Dawn, XCOM 2, Mafia II, Hitman: Codename 47Heroes, Sens8, etc.) Their father, “William Yu,” is your stereotypical Evil Asian CEO that puts profits over everything.

The ending sections are pretty problematic. You find out that Morgan is an alien, meant to learn how to be human and become an liaison between the two species. Depending on he actions the player took, Alex may destroy the alien Morgan or let him be. If Morgan passes the test and is let go, he can help the two species work together, or can join the other aliens and wipe out humanity (source). While I don’t think there was much conscious malicious intent behind adding this connection between the Asian characters and aliens, it is something to look out for, as other works of fiction have directly associated Asian-maleness with all that is alien (see: XCOM2, Star Wars: Force Awakens, Men in Black 3, The Day the Earth Stood Still [2008], Team America: World Police, Invasion [1966], etc.)

Sidenote: at least one of the corpses scattered among the space station is an Asian male “Jason Chang.” His corpse carries a banana (coincidence?) He is the “personal assistant” of Morgan Yu. The chances of a hapa male being a PA to another hapa male is unlikely; makes sense for a full Asian male to be under a half-white male, at least to anti-Asian-male developers.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 2017 – You have the option to play as American soldiers and kill gooks.
Spider-Man 2018 – This game does not add to the list count. In this gameplay trailer, the main antagonist was “Martin Li” or “Mr. Negative,” one of Spider-Man’s enemies. In the lore, he is a crime boss that smuggles people from China to the US (Yellow Peril). According to the trailer, his alter ego runs a “homeless shelter.” He is deceptive and grotesque-looking. Even when he is in normal human form, he is given iris-less eyes to make him seem less human (dehumanization). Spidey also beats up several of Mr. Negative’s Asian henchmen called “Inner Demons.” One of them beats a helpless white man (white fragility). As expected, an Asian woman is an ally of Spidey’s (“Capt. Watanabe”). This is what they use to sell the game.
Beyond Good & Evil 2 TBA – This game does not add to the list count. In the cinematic trailer, a gross-looking male pig with a fu manchu and Oriental tattoos is a stand-in for your prototypical Asian-male crime lord. He gets tricked by one of the protagonists and also seems somewhat misogynistic (Myth of the Asian Patriarchy). The creators seem to have forwent giving the pig an Asian accent in a thinly-veiled attempt to not piss off Asian-male audiences. The futuristic Hong-Kongesque setting is replete with corrupt policemen. As expected, the Asian man is represented by an inhuman monster while the Asian woman is represented as a human being. We’ll see how the actual game hates on Asian men and other stand-ins for Asian men.


Homefront: The Revolution 2016

Reboot of propaganda game Homefront (2011). In this game, the Bad Korea has the tech revolution in its Silicon River instead of America during the 70’s. It was spearheaded by “Joe Tae-se,” who had an American (white) father (only the paternally half-white man could’ve lifted the nation). The nation is now the leading world superpower. Afterwards, the US defaults in its debt to the country (we all know this is a reflection of the fear of owing debt to China). Under the influence of Joe’s son “John Tae-Se,” who is obsessed with his American lineage, the country then invades the US, pretending to do so for humanitarian reasons, but actually rules the US authoritatively with torture and all, and strips it of its resources.

The people of Philadelphia rebel (MURICA!), despite threats to have the entire city nerve gassed, as was done to Boston and Pittsburg (source). Philly is partially gassed by the Evil Asians.

Bonus: They worked with Crytek for the game. Remember that they made the engine for some of the Crysis games, in which all you did was kill Koreans and aliens.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2016

White woman, his white male superior, and everyone else complains “Peter Chang” the computer genius is so paranoid and needs to see a psychiatrist. One white woman who keeps insulting Peter Chang says it’s good having an actual field agent like the white male main character and that she feels glad that he’s there. There is also a white computer nerd, and he gets women.

In other dialogue, Chinese are “vultures.” Chinese are relentlessly hated on. I was laughing at how many times in-game story texts kept on talking about how China failed at this or China against that.

Also features obligatory irritable Asian man speaking Chinese in a slum.

See: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) featuring Chinese gangs that harvest organs and get told “You lackeys all look the same” by the white male protagonist, and Deus Ex (2000) featuring a Chinese guy that tries to end the world.

Anyone surprised that it was deveoped by Eidos Montreal? Canada is toxic.

XCOM 2 2016 – As usual, the Asian girl “Lily” is a protagonist, while her Asian father “Raymond Shen” is dead (Asian guy always dies). (See extremely anti-Asian-male game XCOM: Enemy Unknown [2012].)
XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift 2016 – An AI called “Julian” sees himself as the true heir of the deceased Raymond Shen, and hates his sister, protagonist “Lily.” He tries to kill her several times, and in the end tries to crawl back to her. He also hates humans and everyone in general. He has to be programmed to not kill everyone (source). To recap, the Asian guy is represented in the form of a literal AI/robot and is bitter and vengeful against his sister due to his father’s favoring of the sister. We see this trope all the time (e.g., Heroes, Sense8, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.)
Homefront: The Revolution – Aftermath 2016 – DLC. The white player character originally tries to kill a traitor, who works with the Asian men. He however finds out that the traitor was only working with the Asian men to prevent them from killing innocent civilians and to escape prolonged torture. There’s absolutely no way a white man could do something like this, unlike the evil Asian men for whom redemption is impossible. In the end, you escape with the American after killing all the Asian men (source).

Mafia III 2016

Within minutes of starting the demo, the African-American protagonist “Lincoln Clay” goes off about his ‘Nam experiences, and how he had to deal with “Charlies.” His white accomplice “Giorgi” talks about how he wanted to hear stories about “gooks” getting their “dick[s] blown off” (emasculation). Way later in the demo, Giorgi once more talks about how the “gooks” must have been “shitting themselves” when Clay arrived at Vietnam; Clay and Giorgi laugh about it.

You find out that Clay chose to go to Vietnam, and that his friends are very proud of him for it. He even bonds over a random white man who served in the Pacific (basically killed Asians). This white-black unity against Asian men is disgusting. This is some Platoon (1986) shit (they even show actual footage of Vietcong members being restrained and marched for whatever reason).

In the beginning of the demo, there’s a disclaimer saying how racism in the game is used to build the world, and that the developers are very against racism. This game is on the whole very pro-Black and anti-white-racism (great!). Racism against African-Americans is used to create sympathy for the protagonist, while the anti-Asian-male racism just floats there, used to bring the Black protagonist and the whites together…

(See: Mafia II [2010].)

Watch Dogs 2 2016

The Auntie Shu Boys” is a gang made up of Chinese and Vietnamese members (villification). It is led by a woman (emasculation) because a male leader is unfathomable (reminiscent of the Asian assassins in Sherlock [2010- ]). They engage in human trafficking (stereotype), and commit a wide variety of crimes. The most prominent underling is “Victor Cheung,” who is thwarted and can be killed by the African-American player character.

Additionally, one of the protagonists, “Josh Sauchak,” who seems to be a WMAF hapa, has Asperger’s syndrome.

See: Watch Dogs (2014).

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2016 – Asian guy always dies first (“Louis Chang”). It’s literally the first thing that happens in the game. Meanwhile, the female Asian protagonist “Faye Lau” survives and is given characterization/back story.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The majority of Asian men in this game are part of an antagonist, extremist faction: “Sang Yup Kim” who lived under a patriarch “Col. Young Kim” (Asian patriarchy stereotype) is killed. Young Kim is also killed by the white-male player character. “Khoa Le” is also killed bu the same player character.

And as usual, the good Asian guy (“Bryant Ling“) just has to die.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 2016 – Weird Asian seems desperate to have his son get under the tutelage of white woman.
Overwatch 2016 – Asian male characters “Hanzo” and “Genji” occasionally speak Japanese. They are also brothers who are in conflict with each other. In an audio clip, they talk about how their father would be disappointed in them (stereotype). When’s the last time you saw an Asian family with functional interrelationships in white media? Probably never (for examples, see movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu [1927], etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Fringe, Criminal MindsFuturama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Prey [2017], XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man). Bonus: Look at this animated short. Stereotypical Asian gangsters make an appearance. Bonus 2: Is the first guy out of various races to be beaten up in this animated short Asian?
Dishonored 2 2016 – “Yul Khulan” is killed and his corpse is hung up in a humiliating manner, adorned with charms insulting his faith. He hails from “Wei-Ghon.”
Homefront: The Revolution – The Voice of Freedom 2016 – DLC. You get to kill more gooks. Yay!
Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies 2016 – The DLC’s feature “Takeo Masaki.” He used to be in the Imperial Japanese army. He finds an alternate version of himself heavily mutated (Asian Male Body Horror). The young Takeo was betrayed by the Emperor for petty reasons. Young Takeo commits seppuku (stereotype). This character in the DLC’s he’s appeared in has said things like “Oh, no honor for you!” and “You kill me? Nooo, I kill you!” (source). His player indicator color is also yellow. :/.  Additionally, “Division 9” makes an appearance in this game. They are HQ’d in the “Rising Sun facility” and worked with the Germans to develop bioweapons during WWII. Takeo and Division 9 have appeared in the DLC’s of other COD games, but is only discussed here.
Shadow Warrior 2 2016 – Even in the sci-fi/fantasy setting, the Asian male is a ninja and has a Chinese accent.
Titanfall 2 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. Within seconds of the demo, the cinematic opening shows the main robot protagonist “BT-7274” fighting a “Ronin” class mech which is small so it can be agile with its sword. It moves like a samurai, and is colored in red and white (rising sun). Even among mecha, it’s white vs. Asian (male). 


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China 2015

You play as an Asian womanShao Jun.” You must atone for the incompetence of the “Chinese Brotherhood” who were all killed off. It is all for “vengeance,” as she says. The whole point of the game is to kill Asian men, whether they’re guards, torturers, slavers, or politicians; the main objective is to kill the “Eight Tigers,” a group of eunuchs who deceitfully control Imperial China and are looking for world domination (source). They came into power after the impotent (emasculation) Emperor died. After you kill the final boss (a eunuch who planned to help the Mongol horde; what is this Mulan shit?), you re-establish the Brotherhood (because Asian men are all too incompetent) and plan the assassination of a male brothel-visiting Emperor. Hey, but at least she saves (emasculation) one lowly eunuch /s (source).

Out of all the opponents the developers could choose from the vast pantheon of Chinese historical figures, they went with eight deceitful (stereotype) eunuchs (emasculation). They also take advantage of an Empress who, predictably, is in alliance with the female player character (Asian Male Patriarchy angle). Note that the player character was an ex-concubine

Predictably, in the other two Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games, the player protagonists are male; Indian and Russian male player characters are O.K., but when it comes to Asian men, it’s unfathomable (source). In Assassin’s Creed III, the player character was a partial-Native American male. The only time the Asian story is “graced” by Assassin’s Creed, it has to be some shitty 2-D game unlike most of the other games in the franchise, and the protagonist just has to be a female. Additionally, the Asian woman was trained by an Italian white man (as shown by a 22 minute short, Assassin’s Creed: Embers [2011]).

In fact, let’s do a recap. The number of games where you play as a male player character: 17 (I, Altaïr’s Chronicles, Bloodlines, II, II: Discovery, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, IV: Black Flag, Rogue, Pirates, Identity, Unity, Chronicles: India, Chronicles: Russia, Syndicate, Origins [main male-player character]). In all of this, they refused to fit in even one Asian-male player character. Compare that with the number of games where you play as a female player character:  3 (Syndicate [secondary female player character], III: Liberation, Chronicles: China). They had to squeeze in an Asian woman somehow. Lol, what happened to never doing an Asian-themed game, btw?

In short, Middle Eastern, African, Native American, Indian, and white men as well as white, black, and Asian women are fine. But even one Asian man? Unfathomable.

You have to be blind not to see the agenda here. You, an Asian woman (an ex-concubine at that), killing a group of evil Asian men with literally no balls (eunuchs).

Call of Duty: Black Ops III 2015

Features the faction “54 Immortals” (54i), a long-standing criminal organization in Singapore led by ethnic Chinese siblings “Goh Min” (male) and “Goh Xiulan.” They engage in the drug trade and, you guessed it, human trafficking. After a biochemical disaster that killed 300,000 natives, the 54i began trafficking survivors of the disaster (overkill, guys) and bribed the Singaporean military to having access lawless quarantine zone and looted and profited from it.

Most known members are killed. “Goh Min” (male) is killed before his sister (Asian guy always dies first). Many nameless are also killed. After they are devastated by the Americans, they resort to in-fighting. “Danny Li” (armsdealer), however, is spared by female 54i member “He Zhen-Zhen” (emasculation).

Sidenote: In a short prequel story for the game released by Activision, called “V.E.R.S.I.O.N.,” one of the two main characters is “Gurmit,” living in Singapore, 2037. He is told by a man named “Lim” to stop a woman running around, suffering PTSD (Asian Male Low-EQ/Misogyny myth). He physically assaults her; she is taken to the hospital. He then goes back home to his abusive parents. Wtf is the point of this?

Battlefield Hardline 2015 – You take out Korean gangsters. But of course the Asian girl is one of the good guys. 
Fallout 4
 2015 – Asian Male Body Horror with “Captain Zao.” Fallout backstory involves Communist China invading Alaska and being vanquished (source). In this game, you play as a robot called “Liberty Prime” that is still programmed to attack the Chinese. It was restored by Madison Li. Once again, the enemies are Asian men and the allies are Asian women.


Watch Dogs 2014 – “Jordin Chin” has no morals. White protagonists says his “principles change with the amount of money involved” (see: Hitman: Codename 47 where “Lee Hong” is known as “the man with no conscience”).
Far Cry 4 2014 – You just kill Asian (basically Himalayan) men. That’s it. That’s the whole game for you.
Dead Rising 3 2014 – Player character “Nick Ramos” must kill a stereotypical martial artist psychopath called “Harry ‘Zhi’ Wong.” See? It doesn’t matter what your first name is (the study is Canadian). Just another evil Asian man. Developed by Capcom Vancouver. Anyone surprised? Bonus: In Dead Rising 2, one of the protagonists was an Asian female. Even though DR2 was made by the Japanese, you must always have evil Asian men and good Asian women in order for something to be palatable to Western audiences.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2014 – The opening portion of the game involves the deaths of Asian men.
Battlefield 4: Final Stand 2014 – Sets up events of Battlefield 2142. Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.
Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth 2014 – Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.
Heroes of the Storm – Features stereotypical Asian male character “Genji” who has an accent and speaks Japanese.
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 2014 – Features “Covetous Shen” (see: Diablo III [2012]). Expansion pack.
Dreamfall: Chapters 2014 – “Mr. London was the leader of the Chinese mafia who was callus and brutal. You first see him beating up one of your friends. He spoke entirely in Cantonese and has his goons translate for him [Perpetual Foreigner]” (source). From this reddit post.


Battlefield 4 2013 – Chinese general goes crazy and tries to take over America. One of the protagonists in an Asian woman. Her husband gets shot, is cowardly (pretends to be another person to hide from danger), and has his eye bandaged up. Like Hollywood, EA revels in in-joke about Asian eyes.
Battlefield 4: China Rising
  2013 – This is what they mean when they say games are escapist fantasies. Expansion pack out of many for Battlefield 4.

Beyond: Two Souls 2013

In “Dragon’s Hideout” mission, you go to a secret base in China. You must stop China from trying to use a weapon of incalculable destruction against America (Yellow Peril) (source).

There, a small, conventionally unattractive, and heartless Chinese man gets ready to torture you.

White male character also berates Asian man working for him when he shows trepidation (emasculation).

Bioshock Infinite
2013 – I give credit where credit is due. They included an Asian man as a fighter against racism. However, in one timeline, “Chen Lin” is killed (the good Asian guy always dies). In another timeline, Lin’s white wife uses her connections to prevent him from being killed, but he is stripped of all his tools (emasculation). In the last timeline, both Lin and his white wife are murdered (source). I guess that’s what they get for miscegenation (AMWF). But was it from the story’s antagonists or the developers? A Chinese character also calls the white-male protagonist “gweilo” (white fragility, Myth of Racist Asian Men) (source). 
Grand Theft Auto V
 2013 – In one mission, Trevor Phillips shoves two Chinese men into a freezer (whom he plans on making drug-related deals with). One of them is a translator; the other is a perpetuation of the Perpetual Foreigner stereotype. The game also features Korean gangsters (source). At least one of them speaks with an accent.
ARMA 3 2013 – NATO (the good guys in the game) vs. CSAT or the Canton-Protocol Strategic Treaty (surrogate for China) a collection of Asian nations (source). CSAT is very similar to the Strategic Defense Coalition led by the Chinese in COD: Black Ops II. Whites have an obsession with Asian nations attacking them; almost all franchises have explored this topic to death.
Shadow Warrior 2013 – Features several Asian-male stereotypes: the protagonist is accented (Chinese), a ninja, collects comics, and possibly misogynistic (source). There are also zombies in the game referred to as “Coolies” (source).
Rising Storm 2013 – You have the option of killing Japs (also see Rising Storm 2: Vietnam).
Marvel Heroes 2013 – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white male fragility) (source).
Fuse 2013 – This entry does not add to the list count. Concept art had protagonist fighting Asian gangsters (source).


XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2012

The “Thin Men” are aliens that try their best to look human. They are grotesque-looking, poison-spewing aliens. They are unmistakably Asian men. (See: games Crysis Warhead [2008] and Crysis [2007]; films Men in Black 3 [2012], Star Wars: Force Awakens [2015], Team America: World Police [2004], Invasion [1966].)

Dr. Raymond Shen” is an old Asian-male engineer (stereotype, desexualization via geriatrifican). “Hongou Marazuki” is an Asian-male scientist (stereotype) that you have to rescue (emasculation).

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Slingshot (Content Pack) 2012 – “Shaojie Zhang” is a Triad member (stereotype, villification). Furthermore, his nickname is “Chilong,” which means “Hornless Dragon” which is Chinese slang meaning “small dick, big mouth” (emasculation).

Call of Duty: Black Ops II 2012

Tian Zhao” used to be an ally of the protagonists. But several years later, he becomes a one of the most prominent antagonists in the game and is depicted as being hungry for power. He is the commander of the Strategic Defense Coalition (SDC), an East Asian military alliance that is headed by the Chinese. Zhao is desperate to have the Russians joins the SDC and become the greatest military force on earth. The SDC also gets in to a Cold War with NATO (what is this, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat [2005]?). What is with whites’ obsession of creating stories based on the Asian Invasion (Fallout lore, several Battlefield games, etc.)? He eventually tries to invade Russia. This shit is hilarious; has China invaded any one in recent times? Whether it be in the Middle East, Crimea, or otherwise? The irony is unbearable.

The player has the option to have Zhao killed. If this occurs, his men try to defend him, but are thwarted; in this death, Zhao stumbles out of his downed craft and is shot in the chest by a Navy SEAL.

Mass Effect 3 2012

In-game story text mocks Chinese. For example, some bit about the New York Giants beating the Beijing Dragons (source).

Let’s also not forget the stereotypical ninja, “Kai Leng.” He has slits for eyes for fuck’s sake.

Diablo III 2012 – Features “Covetous Shen.” Very talkative character; annoys people. Old Asian jeweler (source). Extremely greedy (stereotype).
007 Legends 2012 – “Zao” (the character from the anti-Asian-male film Die Another Day [2002]) is in this game and you kill him (source).
Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2012 – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Sleeping Dogs 2012 – Protagonist is Asian only to have him kill other Asians as game depicts all Asians as gangsters and criminals. Extremely stereotypical writing.


Homefront 2011

Propaganda game. In the story, NK takes over to form a united Korea or the GKR (Greater Korean Republic). Yeah… and America is devastated by the Asian bird flu. The GKR starts taking over other Asian countries (a callback to evil Japan). GKR soon becomes a superpower. They launch a satellite as a gesture of peace, but it is actually a weapon used to take down the American infrastructure. They then start their takeover of America (including Hawaii. The fucking irony). By the late 2020s, they now occupy half of America (source). (See: Homefront: The Revolution [2016].)

The GKR rules their new colony in a militaristic and authoritative way (e.g., they have “re-education camps”). The world is littered with mass graves and labor camps (when some resistors are theorized to be hiding in the graves, they shoot at the bodies). They radiate the air using the radiated Mississippi River (our sacred American landmark!) and keep doing it. Airplanes carry out attacks on entire towns for petty revenge. The Soldiers are especially violent. They even have mandatory conscription, which is ridiculous within the context of this new future setting. The soldiers also The occupying army also uses American equipment because they feel it’s the best. They also want to make its presence known to the whole world.

You are part of the Resistance and must fight back. In Korean America, Americas use guerrilla warfare on you!

At one point, the American army retakes San Fran. (They’re not even subtle about the racism.) The American army beings to retake the states, and EU declare war on the GKR and plan to remove all the Koreans from the US. This really is a white supremacist’s wet dream.

Bonus: Some of their advertising material was in the form of mock-news of the coming invasion. Asian men could have been killed in hate crimes. That is absolutely nothing to fuck with. Also, look at this promotional material where a Korean soldier is waving a burning American flag.

They also have a token/Chan named “Hopper Lee” lmao. There’s also a Viet named “Nguyen Huu Giap” who fights with the Resistance for America (LMFAO). He dies.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2011

One of the primary antagonist factions is the Tong gang that harvests organs. Main white protagonist tells one Asian man, “You lackeys all look the same” (source). Chinese characters also use “racist” terms against whites (white fragility) (source).

See: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016) and Deus Ex (2000).

Heavy Rain 2011 – Main antagonist is the “Origami Killer.” Uses a katana at one point as well. Associated psychopathic killer with Asians (men). They did a similar thing in the film Manhunter (1986). Note that that particular film does not count towards the list count for the movies list. The movies list has a steeper criteria. Also note that they similar associate Asian objects with criminals (e.g., the new Sherlock [2010- ]). Also see: Murder on the Orient Express. Note that that too does not count towards the list count of the movies list.
DC Universe Online 2011 – “Egg Fu.” Better presentation than the 60’s debut, but still.


Just Cause 2 2010

Non-Asian male “Rico Rodriguez” goes to “Panau,” a surrogate for the Philippines and Asia in general (source). It is ruled by an evil dictator “Pandak ‘Baby’ Panay” (Emasculation via Infantilization, “Pinoy” and “Panay” Islands reference). “Pandak” is the Filipino word for “short” (in media, little people are usually unjustly dehumanized as well). Panay fires missiles at several nations, including America. His clothes gets caught on one of them and flies off with them (so funny!) and is killed. They celebrate the future installation of a American-backed government (not even ironic).

It’s also implied that Pandak killed his own father, who used to be a relatively benevolent ruler because he was put in power by America. Yeah, that always works out. He is also a surrogate for the Japanese, as he has ninjas and his palace is of Japanese architecture. He pirates DVDs and tries to impress women by pretending to understand Western languages. He also loves receiving “vulgar” poems from Colonel “Virgilio.”

One of the three Panuan criminal factions in the game is called “The Roaches.” This faction is led by “Razak Razman” is a rich, bald, heavyset East-Asian man. He cuts people’s throats for entertainment, which earned him the moniker “The Razor.” He assassinates journalists and visits prostitutes. Another faction called “The Reapers” is clandestinely supported by China. “Zhang Sun” is the Chinese string-puller. He’s very old (asexualization via geriatrification) and is known for his cruelty. The third faction, “The Ular Boys,” are clandestinely supported by Japan (except neither would ever do such a thing.) “Masayo Washio” is the Japanese string-puller. He uses the battle cries he used when he was part of the Imperial Japanese Army (WWII Yellow Peril). The Ular Boys hate Panau because their tribe were oppressed by the Panauans (white hypocrisy) (source). The tribe one time killed and ate Japanese soldiers.

As usual, the Asian girl is one of the good guys, and dates a white man. Jade Tan” must be rescued before she can be torture and killed by the Evil Asian men. Also familiar, is how the whole game’s objective is to kill Asian men.

There’s also a mission called “Fry Me To the Moon.”

Let’s look at the targets: Colonel “Danyal Mail” tries hide his femininity, but has finally come out. He now goes by the name “Fe-Mail.” Colonel “Chaerul Tunko” rose to swiftly rose to power due to engaging in sexual activities with a General. Colonel “Bamert” was exiled to an outpost due to overhearing a “steamy conversation” between The Minister of State and his General. All this is an attempt at the Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male-Identity. When we speak out, they concern troll and yell Homophobia! trying to shut us up and make us out to be the bad guys when they’re the ones denoting femininity and homoeroticism as bad qualities to lampoon Asian men.

(See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007] or TV shows like Entourage, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Degrassi: The Next GenerationDifficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015].)

Colonel “Romel Naivaluruawent into the army to be more like his hero Erwin Rommel, a Nazi. Naivalurua feels as if he has a special “bond” with him, and hopes to look “as good in a leather coat” as Rommel did. Colonel “Siu” is a depressed man that kept trying to commit suicide in “Rajang” River. He failed many times, and the river is now called “Siu’s Failure.” General “‘Boom Boom’ Bohulano” is extremely violent and “disturbed” according to the white female spy who posed as his prostitute (Asian Male Misogyny Myth). Colonel “Lee Yu Wehn” is extremely cheap (stereotype), eats only bugs and rice (Asian Eat Weird Food stereotype), and wants to kill his Uncle. Colonel “Tunko Isnin” has daddy issues. His father wiped out the native population of Panau (white hypocrisy).

Colonel “Tunko Bin Hitam” is allowed by the military to go on with his hobby of dismembering bodies and making art with the pieces. He says that the bones turn into “delicious yellow.” Colonel “Rany Kiandee” smuggles in people for his sick hobby of skinning people alive and making them watch while he glues the skin onto another person. Colonel “Sutan” has a “passion” for killing for no reason and torturing. He entertains his dinner guests with acts of sadism. Colonel “Rajah Idispried the fillings in his mother’s teeth for money. Colonel “Zulkrnain” collects “cruel game shows” from all over the world and watches them and burns DVDs for Pandak. Colonel “Boon” kills people and collects skulls. Colonel “Itik” is a no-nonsense (stereotype) military trainer who kills those who fall behind, and leaves them to be eaten up by dogs. Colonel “Omar” engages in massacres.

Colonel “Ishak” flogs people for religious transgressions such as “breathing in an ungodly manner” and appearing “suspiciously non-religious.” Colonel “Ismaryanto” flogs any personnel engaging in leisure activity.

Colonel “Yoong” has an “unpleasant face” and smells extremely bad. He hates soap, water, women, and children. Colonel “Loo Won Fui” is disliked by the other military personnel due to his excessive body odor (except Asians don’t smell…) Colonel “Awang Deris” has a skin disease and is called “Old Hand Job.”

Colonels “Jegathesan” and “Perang Lee” sell opium (white hypocrisy). Colonel “Malaka” distributes heroin. Colonel “Dollah” does gambling and cocaine, and kills innocent civilians and steals their property. Colonel “Usop Yeop” is always bribed by the criminal factions with alcohol. Colonel “Adiputera” is a drug addict, and has lost all his money due to it. Colonel “Ruofan” is a “slave to alchohol.” Colonel “Yatim” is a sexual pervert and the prostitutes hate him. Colonel “Baba” uses prostitutes and loves to drink. Colonel “Hitam” uses the services of prostitutes. Colonel “Gupta” takes money from foreign visitors before allowing them in to the country.  Colonel “Jejomar Isko” steals money from his own country. Colonel “Baratham” sells military equipment to criminals. Colonel “Yuan” got rich by taking advantage of civilians. Colonel “Sivanathan” used to be a normal guy, but after he was given power, he was corrupted and became “depraved.” Colonel “Lee Seng Sen” has delusions of grandeur. Colonel “Relutzu” is incompetent.

But it’s not just military personnel that’s bad. “Little Guy” is a Korean hacker (emasculation). “Quinrun Theng” is a politician who takes bribes, along with basically all the others. “Lee Ho Fook” is a businessman who makes money off of drugs. “Ken Pang” has gambling problems (stereotype).

Just pure, abject hatred rendered from 1s and 0s. Of course the only complaint of racism it received was giving an Asian female character an accent. Everything else was completely fine and not worth a second though I guess.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Game is set in Shanghai (oh boy). Antagonists are Asian men (as always). The main antagonist is “Shang-Si.” He’s bald and has influence over the corrupt police and a part of the military. Even though his daughter was killed by Kane and Lynch, he still offers them a job when he is overtaken by them.

Another character is “Hsing” is a bald Chinese man that take part in running drug, prostitution, and sweatshop operations. He kills and rapes and tortures Lynch’s Asian girlfriend (Asian Male Misogyny Myth). He is killed. Let’s also not forget “Li ‘Brady’ Lung” is a bald informant who commits suicide after his girlfriend is shot. In the game, Chinese gangsters call white character with a word that’s “racist” against whites (white fragility) (source).

Another game where all you do is kill loads upon loads of Asian men.

Mafia II 2010 – Game features the “Empire Bay Triads” (stereotypical villification). “Mr. Wu” is an inmate there, who fixes fights. He is duplicated throughout Chinatown as passerby NPCs (source). Mr. Wu’s best fighter is unable to defeat the white player character (racial emasculation). Wu’s fighter, who looks like a Fu Manchu and does martial arts, also calls Vito “guai-lo” (stereotypes, white fragility) (source). “Zhe Yun Wong” is another Triad member who came to America on an opium ship. He killed his own cousin (see Hitman: Codename 47 where “Lee Hong” poisons his own uncle). The player character gets to kill him near the end.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2010 – Portions of the game involve killing more Viets (source).
Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy 2010 – “Eddie Fu” is a boss of the Empire Bay Triads. He wears traditional Chinese clothing despite being in America (Perpetual Foreigner), and he runs a martial arts tournament (stereotype). He sends two Chinese assassins to kill a white protagonist “Jimmy,” but they are killed. Jimmy also kills three Chinese captains. In the mission “Bang Bang Chicken,” Eddie and his men are killed (source). DLC.
Battlefield 2: Bad Company: Vietnam 2010 – Expansion pack.

Red Dead Redemption 2010

This game features a good amount of Asian-male characters. Good on them for placing the Chinese within American history as they should be, but they did it quite tactlessly. For instance, “Zhou” is an indentured servant for a Hispanic man, and needs the help of the white player character. He regrets coming to America (subtle anti-Asian-male-immigration message) and is has an opium addiction. He is part of the mission called “Love is the Opiate.” “Chu Fook” is a similar kind of character; he is a Chinese male that speaks in broken English (Perpetual Foreigner) who needs to get saved by a white man. He says shit like, “You good man. My name Chu Fook. Very grateful!”

There are others. “Sam Wah” is a Chinese immigrant who plays poker (approximates gambling stereotype). He also operates a laundromat (Korean stereotype; despite it being historically accurate, it is still an unnecessary and most likely malicious inclusion). A white policeman “Eli Tucker” also finds him suspicious. “Chow Hoy” is another Chinese immigrant. He plays poker, smokes opium, and speaks in broken English (Perpetual Foreigner). “Jung Fook-Sing” and “Lee Siu-Lung” similarly speak in broken English and plays poker.  He usually flees in the face of danger. “Wong Bing” is another Chinese immigrant with glasses (stereotype) who plays poker. He says the white player character should help him get better at it. “Kwok Seng” is an NPC who only lightly shows discomfort when you attack him (stereotype). “Thao Long” is a coach driver that is extremely irritable and rude.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 2010 – “Chu Fook” makes a return in this expansion pack. He gets rescued by the white player character and sits behind him on the horse back to safety (Asian-male emasculation).
Alpha Protocol
 2010 – For a portion of the game, it’s the white-male player character vs. the Chinese Secret Police’s Omen Deng. You fight the man himself eventually. You are given the choice to either kill him or not (source). Triad leader “Hong Shi” is also “racist” against white-male player character (source).
James Bond 007: Blood Stone 2010 – Asian man Colonel Ping killed by an assassin (source). Asian guys always die.


Battlefield 1943 2009 – Great way for neckbeards to kill Japs. Or weebs to play as the Japanese.
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 2009 – You (America) and the Russians must take down China who’s claiming an island for themselves and taking oil reserves from Russia (source). The same kind of bullshit peddled by the Fallout, Battlefield, COD, and other games.
Rogue Warrior 2009 – First half of the game is white male vs. Evil Asian men (source). 
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
 2009 – Asian gangs (again) and loads upon loads of negative stereotypes (source).
Pacific Liberator 2009 – You save what are likely Filipinos from an evil ruler by… killing them (source).
Dexter: The Game 2009 – Features “Vince Masuka,” a racist depiction of Asian men in the TV show (source).


Crysis Warhead 2008 – You kill aliens and Asian men, the two greatest threats to humanity. See: Crysis (2007).
Call of Duty: World at War 2008- You play as an American killing Japs.
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008 – In one mission, the player character must harass a stereotypical Old Asian man (asexualization via geriatrification, Perpetual Foreigner). The Korean Mob also makes an appearance in this game (source).


Crysis 2007 – You kill aliens and Asian men.
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 2007 – Indonesian pirate gang is an antagonistic force in the game. Six out of seven voice actors for the pirates were East Asian men (source).
Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike 2007 – EU takes back land stolen by the Pan Asian Coalition (source). The irony. Booster pack.
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men 2007 – Asian men are stereotypical gangsters. As always. Several are killed, including the boss “Retomoto” (source). “Rific,” who works with Kane, is also killed.
Def Jam: Icon 2007 – “Dr. Chang” is a stereotypical Old Asian Man (desexualization via geriatrification) who runs a shoddy medical practice (stereotype).
F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate 2007 – Asian guy (“Steve Chen“) always dies (he meets a violent death). He returns all twisted up and missing a limb (Asian Male Body Horror).
ARMA: Armed Assault 2007 – You (American) vs. “Sahranis” (Viet/Filipino surrogates) (source).


Battlefield 2142 2006 – Pan Asian Coalition launches invasion of Europe and North Africa (source). Lmfao. What is with Battlefield and their Yellow Paranoia?
Gears of War 2006 – The good Asian guy “Minh Young Kim” always dies. He is very strict. “Minh” also does not exist in the Korean naming system. The character was also meant to be female originally (they probably changed this decision since he had to be killed). He is voiced by a white man. 
Battlefield 2: Euro Force 2006 – You kill Chinese as EU soldiers (source). Booster pack.
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2006 – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury 2006 – Portion includes USMC vs. China. Booster pack. 
 2006 – “Mr. Oh” is a stereotypical Asian grocer (manager of the “Yum Yum Market”) who is no-nonsense, and shows signs of being an over-bearing father figure. He wears glasses, and sometimes, he has an accent and other times, he doesn’t. He is the frequent target of pranks and is threatened to get beaten up by a white student (emasculation) and needs to get saved by the white student player character. Meanwhile, the Asian female character is one of the students and is sociable (source).
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 2006 – Features stereotypical Asian henchman, a Fu Manchu-type character, an Asian man with love-life problems, an “annoying” Asian boy, and a stereotypical Asian-male scientist (source). From this reddit post.


Vietcong 2 2005 – Let’s kill more evil Viets! Part 2.
Battlefield 2 2005 – Sino-American War. Lmfao. What is this? Fallout?
Battlefield Vietnam 2005 – Great way for neckbeards to kill Viets.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat 2005 – War between NATO and China (source). Lmfao.
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction 2005 – A white man, an Asian girl, and a African-American man vs. Asian men. You kill a specified group of Asian men. That’s literally the whole point of the game (source).
True Crime: New York City 2005 – The player character (an African-American man) must deal with the duplicitous members the Triad for a portion of the game (source).
Predator: Concrete Jungle 2005 – Asian guys from Yutani as evil corporate elites (source).


Hitman: Contracts 2004 – This game is a remake of the extremely anti-Asian-male game Hitman: Codename 47, told through flashbacks. All the transgressions listed for that entry also is remade in the newer 2004 release. 
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2004 – Chinese and Viet men are gang members (source).
Goldeneye: Rogue Agent 2004 – Player character’s mission is to eliminate Dr. No (Eurasian) from the Yellow Peril film Dr. No (1962). Dr. No is electrocuted to death. The player character must also elimiante “Oddjob,” an Asian-male villain from Goldfinger (1964).


Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb 2003 – Main antagonist is Asian-male “Kai Ti Chang.” He teams up with the fuckin’ Nazis (lol). Then the white-male protagonist and the Asian girl must team up to defeat him (source). Kai’s goons call Indiana “gwai lo” cos they’re so “racist” (lol) (source). 
True Crime: Streets of LA
2003 – A game which follows the same movie trope of having white people and a half-Asian lead kill full Asian men. Western creators like to explore these kinds of stories because it sends the message that having more white genes makes you better as a person (source). 
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
 2003 – You play as an American soldier in the Pacific theater.
Vietcong 2003 – Let’s kill more evil Viets!
James Bond 007: Nightfire 2003 – Bond deals with the main antagonist’s Japanese henchman. The game also features a ninja assassin (source). Predictably, the Japanese woman is given a name and some characterization.
Enter the Matrix 2003 – Key-master is a steretypically inscrutable Old Asian man (desexualization via geriatrification) (source).
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu 2003 – Bruce Wayne vs. quasi-Fu Manchu. Shame that an Asian man created “Sin Tzu.”


Hitman 2: Silent Assassins 2002

The white player character kills “Brat Charliego Sidjan” (Malaysian). The player character thought that Brat was Brat’s twin brother, “Charlie Sidjan” (subtle Asians-look-alike joke). They both wear glasses (stereotype). They are both responsible for the potential existential threat to America.

Another target to kill is “Masahiro Hayamoto, Jr,” a Yakuza boss. He is depicted as a sexual pervert (stereotype). In a promotional cinematic video for Hitman (2016), the first target that you see die is, of course, Hayamoto, choking on poisonous sushi. You must also fight his gangsters and his ninjas. He also uses the service of a prostitute. Her name is “Lei Ling.”

Lei Ling” is in the first and third games where she is saved by misogynistic Asian men that forced her into prostitution. She is saved in this game again.

Battlefield 1942 2002 – Portion of the game involves taking down Japs.


Grand Theft Auto III – Asian men are gangsters (Yakuza). As always.


Hitman: Codename 47 2000

One target that the white player character must kill is the “Red Dragon Negotiator” and is the first target in the entire Hitman franchise (reminds me of how a lot of anti-Asian-male content comes in the beginning of individual films, or the start of franchises, like the Bond movies) (source). He has a Fu Manchu and wears traditional Chinese robes. Asian men are stereotypical gangsters (Triads).

Another target is “Lee Hong,” leader of the Red Dragon Triads, who has a Fu Manchu, poisoned his own Uncle (see: Mafia II, “Zhe Yun Wong” of the Triad kills his own cousin). He is known as “the man with no conscience” (see: Watch Dog where “Jordin Chin” whose “principles change with the amount of money involved”). He attacks with a sword, and he is eventually killed by the player character (source). You must also kill his bodyguard, who is a morbidly obese, bald Chinese man named “Tzun.” He uses escorts (source).

Lei Ling” is a Asian woman the white-male player character must save from the misogynistic Asian men that forced her into prostitution; this is a trope that’s overplayed in white media.

Another target to kill is the corrupt Hong Kong Chief of Police, who is secretly working with both Asian gang factions of the game. Another target that must be killed is the “Blue Lotus Emissary” (source).

Deus Ex 2000 – Chinese man tries to bring the Dark Ages back (source). Other Chinese men depicted as being racist to the white player character (white fragility) (source).


Fallout 1997 – China invades Alaska, starting the Sino-American War (source). Lmfao.
Blade Runner
 1997 –  Features “Dr. Chew” from the anti-Asian-male film of the same name (source).

[Dishonorable Mentions]

Anthem 2018 – This game does not add to the list count. In the scripted gameplay trailer, one real-life player says they should invite “Kim” to join them on an expedition. In response, a real-life white-male player scoffs and says, “Yeah, he could use the XP.” When he finally joins, he makes a remark showing his slight trepidation as diving into the storm. No one answers. (Looks like the marketing writers’ views on Asian men are leaking.) Note that “Kim” is usually a last name. Calling an Asian man “Kim” could be an emphasis on his status as the Perpetual Foreigner. If that is his first name, that could be Emasculation since “Kim” in the Anglosphere is usually a female name (“Kimberly”). Let’s look out for any anti-Asian-male racism in the actual game itself once it comes out.
Injustice 2
This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man is “Atom” (source). He says he has a “small advantage,” and white male “Robin” tells him to “quit embarassing yourself!” The whole character might be a sly small dick joke and a play on the sneaky Asian male stereotype. In the comics, predictably, the Asian male is killed off.
Dirty Chinese Restaurant 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. Canadian game studio (source: r/aznidentity, ignore jab at mentally disabled) develops extremely anti-Asian racist game about an Asian male character. This is the studio’s first game. Update: The game was cancelled. 
Mass Effect
 Andromeda 2017 – This game does not add to the list count. Only two Asian men I’ve seen in gameplay footage are two bald (negative trait that is rare in Asians), identical(?)-looking Asian men. I’ve also read about an Asian-male scientist that is accused of being greedy and of having created an addictive drug on purpose (source: r/EasternSunRising).
Europa Universalis IV – Mandate of Heaven 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. In trailer, poems written by Asian man narrated by Asian woman (source: r/aznidentity). Promotional materials also show a regal woman/queen-like figure because white people cannot tolerate Asian men.
Mahjong Journey (updated 2017) – This entry does not add to the list count since it is a mobile game. Asian male character is old (desexualization via geriatrification), has a long stereotypical mustache, and is wearing traditional Chinese clothing replete with the stereotypical hat (Perpetual Male Foreigner Myth). Predictably, the Asian female character is young and her clothes is “normal.”
Little Nightmares 2017 – This game does not add to the list count. Heavily implied that many of the antagonistic grotesque male humanoid monsters are Asian/Japanese. Meanwhile, the Asian female antagonist/leader looks like a normal human. Did the Swedes troll Bandai Namco?
Mafia III: Stones Unturned 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. Will the henchman of the main antagonist of this DLC be Asian men (in the tropical island setting)? We shall see. (See: Mafia III, Mafia II).
Call of Duty: World War II 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. We’ll see if they release any DLC involving killing Japs, and how they treat them.
Ni-Oh 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. Setting is in feudal Japan. Protagonist is a white male. Video game version of The Great Wall (2016), basically. The kicker is that it’s made by the Japanese.
Oriental Empires 2017 – This entry does not add to the list count. See r/asianamerican thread and how the AMA tries to whitesplain the term “Oriental.”
Lego Marvel’s Avengers 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white male fragility) (source).
Doom 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Dopechan” noodles (in Chinese takeout container) easter egg. Portmanteau of Maruchan ramen (Japanese) and Dopefish. Eerie parallels between Dopefish’s appearance and that of stereotypical Asian caricatures.
Fallout 4: Far Harbor 2016 – This entry does not add to the list count. Possible racist dialogue. When protagonist talks to DiMA, he says, “If I squint really hard, I look like someone else.” While that expression exists, you have to be careful.
Whore of the Orient (canceled 2016) – This entry does not add to the list count. This is the only canceled game on this list. Looks like it was going to be another anti-China game. And there are enough games where you kill a bunch of Asian men.
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2013 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white male fragility) (source).
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues 2009 – This entry does not add to the list count. At least one of the antagonists is an Asian male (source).
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures 2008 – This entry does not add to the list count. At least one of the antagonists is an Asian male (source).
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 2009 – This entry does not add to the list count.Tenzin” (Tibetan) is the only character in the franchise unable to speak English.
Fallout 3 2008 – This entry does not add to the list count. “Chinese stealth armor” (sneaky stereotype). Americans steal tech from China (satirical jab at stereotype of China stealing secrets). Backstory: China invades Alaska, starting the Sino-American War (source).
Mass Effect 2007 – This entry does not add to the list count. Shanxi attacked by aliens (source). Salarians are stand-ins for Japanese – technologically advanced, asexual, and devious (source). Batarians are stand-ins for Chinese – they are barbaric, doesn’t speak proper English unlike other aliens, and hated by all (source).
Dead Rising 2006 – This entry does not add to the list count. Japanese-developed game features two male Japanese tourists (stereotype). One of them has glasses. Looks like the stereotypes have been internalized.
Mr. Chin’s Gourmet Paradise 1990 – This entry does not add to the list count. Stereotype of Asian man (source: r/asianamerican).


List of Anti-Asian-Male Video Games (Counted)

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn 
  2. Homefront: The Revolution – Beyond the Walls
  3. For Honor 
  4. Agents of Mayhem 
  5. Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions 
  6. Hitman
  7. Prey
  8. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
  9. Homefront: The Revolution
  10. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 
  11. XCOM 2 
  12. XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift 
  13. Homefront: The Revolution – The Aftermath
  14. Mafia III 
  15. Watch Dogs 2 
  16. Tom Clancy’s The Division 
  17. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 
  18. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 
  19. Overwatch 
  20. Dishonored 2 
  21. Homefront: The Revolution – The Voice of Freedom
  22. Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies 
  23. Shadow Warrior 2
  24. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China 
  25. Call of Duty: Black Ops III 
  26. Battlefield Hardline 
  27. Fallout 4 
  28. Watch Dogs 
  29. Dead Rising 3
  30. Far Cry 4 
  31. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 
  32. Battlefield 4: Final Stand 
  33. Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth 
  34. Heroes of the Storm 
  35. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 
  36. Dreamfall: Chapters
  37. Battlefield 4 
  38. Battlefield 4: China Rising 
  39. Beyond Two Souls 
  40. Bioshock Infinite 
  41. Grand Theft Auto V 
  42. ARMA 3 
  43. Rising Storm 
  44. Shadow Warrior
  45. Marvel Heroes
  46. XCOM: Enemy Unknown 
  47. XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Slingshot 
  48. Call of Duty: Black Ops II 
  49. Mass Effect 3 
  50. Diablo III 
  51. 007 Legends 
  52. Marvel: Avengers Alliance
  53. Sleeping Dogs 
  54. Homefront 
  55. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 
  56. Heavy Rain 
  57. DC Universe Online
  58. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 
  59. Mafia II 
  60. Just Cause 2 
  61. Call of Duty: Black Ops 
  62. Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy 
  63. Battlefield 2: Bad Company: Vietnam 
  64. Red Dead Redemption 
  65. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 
  66. Alpha Protocol 
  67. James Bond 007: Blood Stone 
  68. Battlefield 1943 
  69. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 
  70. Rogue Warrior
  71. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 
  72. Pacific Liberator 
  73. Dexter: The Game 
  74. Crysis Warhead 
  75. Call of Duty: World at War 
  76. Grand Theft Auto IV 
  77. Crysis 
  78. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 
  79. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men 
  80. Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike 
  81. Def Jam: Icon 
  82. E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate 
  83. ARMA: Armed Assault 
  84. Battlefield 2142 
  85. Gears of War 
  86. Battlefield 2: Euro Force 
  87. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
  88. Battlefield 2: Armored Fury 
  89. Bully 
  90. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
  91. Vietcong 2 
  92. Battlefield 2 
  93. Battlefield Vietnam 
  94. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat 
  95. Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction 
  96. True Crime: New York
  97. Predator: Concrete Jungle 
  98. Hitman: Contracts 
  99. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 
  100. Goldeneye: Rogue Agent 
  101. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb
  102. True Crime: Streets of LA 
  103. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun 
  104. Vietcong 
  105. Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu 
  106. Enter the Matrix 
  107. James Bond 007: Nightfire 
  108. Hitman 2: Silent Assassins 
  109. Battlefield 1942 
  110. Grand Theft Auto III 
  111. Hitman: Codename 47 
  112. Deus Ex 
  113. Fallout 
  114. Blade Runner