Anti-Asian-Male Songs

[This list is incomplete.]

“Alive” Sia (2015) – Song art tries (not the song itself) to emasculate an Asian man. This attempt is even more obvious when you realize that the music video version features a young girl (source). Asian man is also used for shock value. Once again, an Asian man is used as a means for an end, like an object. 
“Meet the Flockers” 
– YG ft. Teecee4800 (2014) – This is not stricty anti-Asian-male. Rapper promotes violence against Asians. Update: ‘Burglars Say YG’s Song “Meet the Flockers” Inspired Them to Rob Homes in Los Angeles’ (source: r/aznidentity).
“Bonfire” – Childish Gambino (2011) – Childish Gambino sings about cuckolding an Asian man. His lyrics often revolve around his love of Asian women as well.
“We’re All Asian” – Rucka Rucka Ali (2011) – The whole song is just Asian-bashing, including a line about small Asian dicks (from r/asianamerican). This man essentially built his career out of mocking Asians. He used his “DJ Not Nice” persona to just bash Asians in several songs (source).
“Backpackers” – Childish Gambino (2011) – Asian/Virginia Tech joke (web source).
“Love Me Long Time” (Jin Diss) – Dizaster (2009) – Rapper’s song written to diss Asian rapper MC Jin (source: r/hapas).

[Dishonorable Mentions]


“Get Right Witcha” Migos (2017) – “Goin’ to Chi-land with them chinks (chinks)” (source: aznidentity).
“Les Menottes” (Tching Tchang Tchong)
 – L’Algérino (2017) – Trending French song (from r/hapas).
“The Asian People Song”Z-FLO – (2016) – Over 7.1 million views.
“Gook”Denzel Curry – (2016) – “Gook” is not meant to be used as a slur here, but that still doesn’t mean it’s okay to use this word in such a carefree way. (source: r/aznidentity.)
“​untitled 03 | 05.28.2013.” – Kendrick Lamar – (2014) – This song (source: r/asianamerican) wasn’t really offensive. I also think Kendrick is doing something very necessary (bringing pro-minority racial conversations into rap.) However, I just think it’s a little unfortunate that the Asian man is comparatively desexualized and stereotyped. (It doesn’t matter if the Asian man is an “archetype.” See: Kick-Ass 2.)
“Bugatti” (Remix) (2013) – Ace Hood ft. DJ Khaled, Birdman, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. & Future (2013) – Wiz: “Get so high … Got my eyes like a Asian” (article source).
“Take It to the Head” (2012) – DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Lil Wayne: “Got my eyes closed like Asian persuasion” (article source).
“Kids” – Childish Gambino (2011) – “Finding you is like finding Asians” (article source).
“Burger” – Tyler, the Creator (2011) – “Still can’t tell the difference, just like Asians with their eyes shut” (article source).
“I’m the King” – The Game (2011) – “Eyes so low, they probably think I’m Asian” (article source).
“Marvin & Chardonnay” – Big Sean ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash (2011) –  Kanye: “When ya blazin’ … I swear you turn at least half-Asian” (article source).
“Back to the Topic” J. Cole (2011) – “Lost in my thoughts, so my eyes be Asian” (article source).


“Amazin” – Young Jeezy (2008) – “Eyes so low, yeah, I look Asian” (article source).
“Chingy Jackpot” – Chingy (2003) – “Why yo eyes so chinky” (article source).


“Yellow Fever”Bloodhound Gang (1996) – The guys behind the “ain’t nothing but mammals” song bring you a song that says “chinky” 57 times (source: r/asianamerican). The album art may possibly be an Asian male.
“Black Korea”Ice Cube (1991) – Inter-POC conflict is always unfortunate (source: r/EasternSunRising?)