Anti-Asian-Male Music Videos


“Still Feel Like Your Man” (2017) – John Mayer – Mayer, who has been criticized for his racism in the past attacks Asian men in this video. Once it hit the top-trending videos list, YouTube even gave it a dedicated blurb. In the work, like everything created by whites, the scowling Asian man is the main antagonist. The Asian male crime boss (stereotype, villification), surrounded by subservient women (Asian Male Misogyny myth), is a significant figure in the work. He continually gives disapproving glances throughout the entire video, and seems especially disgusted by the white man’s ability to self-express (stereotype). The video also is soaked in cultural appropriation, confusing Chinese and Japanese referents.
“Drink Up” (2017) – Train  – Ken Jeong’s at it again, this time as an Asian man that women find unpleasant.
“Wherever I Go” (2016) – One Republic – In this video, Korean businessman leads a purposeless life. Seen sniffing an Asian woman he finds attractive. He breaks free from his mental constraints and starts dancing, only to receive disapproving glances from scowling Asian-male coworkers. Then every one starts dancing. A stereotypical Asian man is seen protecting his neko charm from the protagonist’s reckless dancing. Lead singer puts his hand together and bows to the protagonist. Stereotypical Asian guy also plays with yo-yos. Asian men dancing is meant to be weird and funny. Anime art (Japanese) used for a Korean setting. In the end, it turns out everything was a dream and the Asian woman angrily rebukes him. Directed by Joseph Kahn. Over 63 million views.
“Fine China” (2013) – Chris Brown – Brown makes an anti-Asian male MV about evil Asian Male Patriarchy featuring the obligatory Asian female ally/love interest (source).
“Chinese Food” (2013) – Alison Gold – In the beginning, the Chinese man is both a stereotypes and an object of foreignness.
“Love You Like a Love Song” (2011) – Selena Gomez & The Scene – MV opens with an Asian man being used as an object of emasculated comedy. Over 410 million views on YouTube.
“Graduation (Friends Forever)”
 (2000) – Vitamin C – Asian nerd is a) shown to be clumsy/metaphorically beat up, and b) is not receptive to female attention, while Asian female students are shown to be social.


“Your Best American Girl” (2016) – Mitski – Self-hating Asian woman basically says she’d fuck her own hand rather than fuck a non-white male. Disclaimer: This MV isn’t explicitly anti-AM.
“Let’s Go” (2012) – Stuck in the Sound – French band. In the MV, a Chinese child is drawn extremely stereotypically. Asian men in general here are drawn extremely grotesquely compared to Asian women. There’s even the obligatory nose hair. Said child grows up and cruelly rejects advances from a woman and only cares about work (stereotypes). He eventually becomes an astronaut and plants a Chinese flag on the moon only to have the earth explode on him. He rages because he knows he’ll never get to fuck; however, he sees a blonde white woman on a monitor, obsesses over her, and goes through obstacles to get to her at the ISS, intent on having a child with her. Turns out the woman is actually an American man; the Chinese man rages and punches him. Asians are also drawn magenta (when their faces are shown) while white men are drawn normally. 13.7 million views on YouTube. 


Hi Bich (2017) Bhad Babie – Asian male lawyer with glasses is aggressive towards POC woman. POC cop pulls him back. 
RiceGum Diss Track
(2017) – Woahh Vicky – “Rapper” says RiceGum has a small dick and makes anti-Asian jokes (from r/aznidentity). 
(2016) – Lil Yachty Weak offense. Bespectacled Asian man included in a number of shots to add humor to the video. He becomes an object of humor due to his Asian-maleness. (Credit to Asian male redditor “Anglophobia967” who suggested “1 NIGHT” for investigation.)
“Party” (2016) – Chris Brown – In the beginning of this video, the first and the main antagonistic character is set up to be an Asian child. Not only is having an Asian-male be the main antagonist a trope, but this is also an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Westerners cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Think Short Round, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, Up, etc.) They also manage to squeeze a joke about Asian neoteny, which is especially damaging for Asian men.
“In the Night”
(2015) – The Weeknd – The Weeknd hates on Asian men. TL;DR: (Sexual) Yellow Peril.
“All Falls Down” (2004) – Kanye West – West insults Asian men. (Desexualization via infantilization and geriatrification).

[Dishonorable Mentions]

“A L I E N S” (2017) – Coldplay – Speculation: Are they Asian?
“DNA.” (2017) – Kendrick Lamar Nothing really offensive about this. Him wearing the traditional Chinese dress wasn’t very problematic. But would a mainstream Chinese rapper (probably won’t ever happen for racial reasons) ever be allowed to do something like this, but with traditional African clothes?