Anti-Asian-Male Radio Shows & Podcasts

Hollywood Unlocked (2016- ) – POC woman says “he’s built like an Asian” to talk about a certain football player’s allegedly small dick. Everyone in the room thinks it’s funny. The kicker: There’s an actual Asian dude in the same room.
The Joe Rogan Experience (2009- ) – Fuck him for having anti-Asian-male trash like this on the show. The hatred of Asian men from the two white men on either side of Rogan is palpable (source). But let’s not let Rogan off the hook. He, like other comedians, compares being Asian to having Down’s Syndrome (both should be respected) (source).

The Kyle and Jackie O Show
(2000- )

In 2017, “Kyle calls Guy Sebastian a ‘fat Asian’ and grills Jules [white female] on the night she lost her virginity to him.” His white male fragility is leaking…

The hosts have also shown some anti-Asian sadism in 2016. Read more at YOMYOMF.

The Howard Stern Show (1979- )

Amy Schumer attacks Asian men again (last time she mocked Asians on twitter).

This time, Amy Schumer says Asian men are unfuckable, after talking about an attractive African American man. A couple seconds later, she talks about anti-semitism.

The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon (1935) – “Ming the Merciless.”

[Dishonorable Mentions]

The Adam Carolla Show (2009- )

Adam Carolla says Pacquiao, because he’s Filipino, is getting preferential treatment over white and black fighters (lol). He says Pacquiao “prays to chicken bones.” He then goes on to bash the Filipino people in general. Unfortunately, this show is currently the #1 podcast of all time (according to Guinness World Records).

And of course anti-Asian-male The Young Turks (see: News & Articles list) defends Carolla, using selective evidence.

ABC Radio Melbourne Breakfast Slot – “‘What’s the deal with Asians?’ Red Symons under fire over controversial interview.” Jun 16, 2017.

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