List of Anti-Asian-Male TV Shows

This list contains [231] items. Check out the lists for movies and games too. 


American Crime Story (TBA) – This entry does not add to the list count. Season 3 will be dedicated to the story of a half-Asian Filipino serial killer (r/hapas). As if the Yellow Peril garbage in media wasn’t already enough.
13 Reasons Why
(2017- ) – Asian guy “Zach Dempsey” is an antagonistic bully on the show; in one episode, he emotionally abuses the white female lead “Hannah” for refusing to go out with him (this episode was directed by a Chan. I wonder if the cruel bastards made him do this). It was one of the reasons she killed herself (source). Was pretty funny how Asian guys thought this was going to a be good role. Thanks, Netflix.
Riverdale (2017- ) – Asian guy “Reggie” is the white lead’s rival. Of course he is.
The Sinner (2017) – “East Asian male on dating site, likes European female, who doesn’t like how he looks but goes on a date with him to steal his money” – Ethnic Muse
Tomorrow, When the War Began
(2016- ) – Aussie show masturbates to fantasies of the Asian Invasion for the continent’s natural resources necessary to feed their growing population. *Dies from too much irony.* Token Asian man treated like shit.
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016- ) – Gives a hapa male a good role (cus at least he has some white in him), while perpetuating Asian-male stereotypes. Thanks, CBS. (See: Criminal Minds [2005- ]). 
Pure Genius
(2016- ) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Five (2016- ) – Erasure of Straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
American Gothic (2016- ) – “Asian male police officer sleeps while tasked with guarding a family” – Ethnic Muse
Young Pope
(2016-) – Main character talks about how much he hates tourists. Sees Asian boy and immediately closes door.
Blindspot (2015- ) – White female lead beats up dehumanized, evil Asian men. Again. Asian symbols are also ominous, as it was in Manhunter (1986) and Sherlock (2010- ). Brought to you by NBC, who doesn’t believe “chink” is a racial slur.
Quantico (2015- ) – White man beats up Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse). Also features Asian-male hacker and Asian-male henchman (source: Ethnic Muse).
Madam Secretary (2014- ) – White woman punches President of the Philippines when he expresses his heterosexuality and makes his nose bleed (from r/asianamerican).
True Detective (2014- ) – Asian man (Geldof) is a corrupt man running for a governorship (source).
House of Cards (2013- ) – “Xander Feng” is an antagonistic figure that is implied to have been executed at the end (Asian guy always dies). He does everything at the behest of a white man. They also add a nice little detail about Feng’s grandfather having fought for, gulp, Mao (America vs. China fear-stoking). China is a Yellow Peril state on the show. Thanks, Netflix.
Blacklist (2013- ) – “Wujing” is an assassin working for the Chinese. He is the second son in his family (the show’s “fuck you” to the oppressive One-Child-Policy law). The white male lead convinces him to not kill a white woman protagonist after she kills Asian man “Jin Sun” (emasculation). Wujing is arrested. An Asian man also plays the role of a coroner (because Asian men are creepy).
Bates Motel (2013- ) – Asian man incompetent and enforces stereotype (source: Ethnic Muse).
Elementary (2012- ) – Show about WMAF that features Asian male criminals (source: Ethnic Muse).

Sherlock (2010- )

“The Blind Banker” is probably the worst offender. It portrays Asian men as being misogynistic, cruel, inhumane, of small stature, having “small feet,” weak, unfair, corrupt, servile, tourists, alien, having accents, emotionally sterile, easily brainwashed and, as usual, being violence fodder. They even have an Asian man kill his sister. The sister is someone we’re supposed to identify with since the first parts of the episode fixate on her. They also have a fixation with the Asian-male eye (which is the case throughout the show). The Asian henchman are also lead by an Asian woman, since an Asian-male leader is unfathomable (see other examples, such as the show Z-Nation or the game Watch Dogs 2.

In “The Hounds of Baskerville,” a hapa male is nothing but gullible (such an unoriginal anti-Asian-male trope), while in “Many Happy Returns,” Asians are just mystical monks. Additionally, in “The Empty Hearse,” Asian men are portrayed as conventionally unattractive criminals/”rats.”

“The Sign of Three” is one of the better episodes, but it devolves into portraying Asian men as the perpetual foreigners/tourists, while also insulting little people.

A note about the “Blind Baker” in which an Asian brother kills his sister: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Criminal MindsSense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Castle, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

In Between Men (2010- ) – Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity and very negative depiction of said Asian male. Read more at Kulture.
(2010- ) – “Wo Fat” is based on Fu Manchu (source). Additionally, features Tagawa as “Noshimuri,” a businessman with Yakuza ties. And have you heard about how the Asian actors were given less pay than than the white ones?

Criminal Minds (2005- )

Asian-male serial killer and stalker “Justin Leu” who is demented kills people in horrific ways with religious undertones. When he was younger, his dad drank and locked him up, and beat him if he didn’t got less than an A.

He is assisted by a mentally-ill college student and former student “Nathan Chow.” Asians all hang out with each other… and kill people.

A note about Leu and his father: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Criminal MindsBaywatch, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Hand of God (2014-2017) – Only Asian man an accountant (stereotype) who embezzles (villainization). He uses a prostitute (because how else would an Asian man get laid?) and gets punched in the face by her (emasculation). Thanks, Amazon.
One Child (2016) – Westernized Asian woman protagonist. Asian men are all perverts and immoral. Brought to you by the BBC (See: Sherlock [2010- ]).
CSI: Cyber (2015-2016) – Asian man stalks daughter (source: Ethnic Muse).
Banshee (2013-2016) I am not anti-LGBT. I support them. However, what does transgender depiction of the Asian man here say? Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity.
Hell on Wheels (2011-2016) – Asian man runs brothels and opium dens.

Castle (2009-2016)

Asians are drug-dealing gangsters in the show. “Ben Lee” falls in love with a white woman “Jane.” She is killed. I’ve noticed death always gets in the way of AMWF couples (see: The Fast and the Furious franchise, Grave Encounters 2, Bioshock Infinite, etc.)

Ben’s brother, “Philip Lee” is a drug-dealing gangster. He killed “Jane” to prevent Ben from essentially eloping with Jane. Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media (usually due to the men): see the entry for Criminal Minds for some examples.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Shannon Kook as “Zane Park” (source: r/hapas). Erasure of the Straight Asian Male identity. Because straight Asian men are intolerable.

(See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Entourage, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)

Sons of Anarchy
(2008-2014) – Asian men are Triads. As per usual.
Dexter (2006-2013) – Asian man “Vince Masuka” is a semi-side kick and pervert. Has low EQ and makes inappropriate jokes, causing people to dislike him, and unsuccessfully shows slight interest in white woman (source).
Serangoon Road (2003) – Australian man is the protagonist in a show about Singapore. Poor white guy was a child when he was in a Japanese internment camp (source).
House M.D. (2004-2012) – White male protagonist decides to become doctor because of how racist the Japs are (source: Ethnic Muse).
Lie to Me (2009-2011) – Asian man shot at wedding and a problem with (source: Ethnic Muse).
Entourage (2004-2011) – “Lloyd Lee.” Erasure of Asian-male identity. (See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001-2011) – Reference to Asian man who uses prostitutes (source: Ethnic Muse).
Lost (2004-2010) – Daniel Dae Kim as “Jin-Soo Kwon” (Perpetual Foreigner). Also, perpetuates stereotype of “Asian Male Misogyny” (source: Ethnic Muse) and trope of the Dysfunctional Asian Family. Asian man dies trope (source: r/hapas).
The Pacific (2010) – Americans kill Japs. The finer points of the capacity of cruelty of all humans is lost. Seriously, go check the audience response to seeing Japs getting killed yourself. HBO mini-series. Apparently they’ve ridden the Yellow Peril train too; the focus groups have given a thumbs up to this, which is why more studios are investing in them.
Law & Order (1990-2010) – In one episode, white woman kills Asian boss because he forced her into prostitution, and abused her. In another episode, Asian men are shown to racist against African Americans (source: Ethnic Muse). Bonus: S18E1 deals with the stereotype of China making shitty products (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Unit (2006-2009) – Male Asian danger to society killed (source: Ethnic Muse).
ER (1994-2009) – The man who played “Long Duk Dong” plays a gay male nurse (Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity, emasculation) “Yosh Takata.” “Yosh Takata” is literally as believable as “Long Duk Dong.” (See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation, Entourage, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)
Cashmere Mafia (2008) – Asian woman dates Asian man to make her white ex-boyfriend jealous. Features other scenes of Desexualization (source: Ethnic Muse).
Las Vegas (2003-2008) – Hapa male gets sexually humiliated (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Shield (2002-2008) – Four Asian men have sex with and pimp 12-year-old Asian girl (source: Ethnic Muse).
Alias (2001-2006)Ric Young as “Zhang Lee.” Combination of Chinese and Korean names. Zhang Lee is a torturer. Only job.
JAG (1995-2005) – Asian man under suspicion of human trafficking (source: Ethnic Muse).
New York Undercover (1994-1999) – Asian criminal killed by woman (source: Ethnic Muse).
Pointman (1995) – Grotesque perpetuation of “Asian Male Misogyny (source: Ethnic Muse).

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

White woman wears Yellowface to pose as a Japanese businessman named “Tojamura” (source). They give him glasses (stereotype) and long hair (emasculation). Another pic.(S.O. to Asian male redditor who showed me this example of Yellowface.)

But don’t worry! A real Asian man is cast as… “Asian man.” He is shot in the head by a–you guessed it–Asian woman who is married to an old white man.  I mean, he also does have a name: “Jonathan Kumagai.”

21 Jump Street (1987-1991) – Vietnamese man cast as “Harry Truman Ioki.” Writers thought it was sooo funny to name the Japanese character after the guy who dropped the atomic bomb. Classy.
Tenko (1981-1985) – White women of various nationalities captured by evil Japanese men and put into a fictional concentration camp (source). Produced by the BBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (source). Series created by a white woman (source). 
Hawaii Five-O
(1968-1980) – “Wo Fat” is based upon Fu Manchu (source).
Bonanza (1959-1973) – Chinese are killers and misogynistic (source: Ethnic Muse).


Gap Year (2017- ) – Whites and an Asian girl take a trip to China (of course there’s no Asian male). They all go to a bar. Asian girl is treated unfairly by evil Asian-male bartender. When the Asian girl gets a banana-drink, they all think it’s an insult of the girl being a “banana” even though jokes about this were made prior; in reality it was drink for another client. White girl, who made a “banana” joke, comes to the rescue; this angers another evil misogynistic Asian male. Another case of Evil Asian Male Misogyny. All info from reddit post by Asian redditor dalt0kk1 (who has deleted her account).

Dear White People (2017- )

The show has noble and necessary goals, but it’s still hilariously unwoke. In ep. 3, stud “Troy” runs for student body president, and convinces Asian students, mostly male, to vote for him by making dumplings. In ep. 2, the show talks about how the rich white students of the ivy “Winchester” had racially insensitive parties, such as the “Injun,” “wetback,” and “Dear Black People” (blackface) parties. Predictably, there was no Yellowface party. Did the writers forget about Duke’s Asian-themed party? This oversight, intentional or not, is pretty pathetic. The inclusion of “James Lee,” who may or may not be Asian, as one of the participants of the “Dear Black People” party is also disconcerting.

In ep. 10, the Af-Am protagonists stage a protest against the school. In the first shot in which cops appear in this episode, one of two is an Asian male. He is the only one shown in another scene. In another shot, he is the only whose face you can make out clearly. He is in almost every shot involving policemen in this episode (what is this Black-ish/Peter Liang bullshit?). Asian men are always unnecessarily lumped in with the real oppressors.

In that same episode, there is also an Asian male student counter protesting the Af-Am protest. He is part of the mostly white anti-binge-drinking protest, protesting in memory of “Thane,” a white student who died after jumping while intoxicated.

In ep. 5, they introduce a token Asian female character “Ikumi” who is clearly an “ally” to the black cause. Why can’t Asian men be allies? She also promotes the film adaptation of the Joy Luck Club as being good for Asian representation, which is an extremely self-hating and disgusting anti-Asian-male film. The show says white women, white men, and Asian women can be allies, but not Asian men. That’s hilarious, considering those three are the three most privileged members of Western society. Another minor protagonist (Af-Am) makes a Chinese child labor joke. Ep. 7 features another Asian-female ally (“Annie”). Lmao. Ep. 8 briefly mentions the fetishization and racism gay Asian men face. Of course, they ignore the racist treatment of straight Asian men.

Generally speaking, I’ve noticed a sore lack of Asian men in general on campus. Winchester must be one of those ivies with a relatively high anti-Asian affirmative action standards. And no, I do not take solace in the fact that a Chan directed ep. 6.

Louis C.K.: 2017 (2017)

At one point, Louis C.K. squints his eyes, puts his hands together, and bows while donning a stereotypical Chinese accent. This was in a bit about how widespread the Gregorian calendar is. It’s so widespread, that even the Chinese use it. Because Asian men are furthest thing from Western civilization (see: 2017 Tide Superbowl adLimitless [2011], Minority Report [2002], The Truman Show [1998], Rosemary’s Baby [1968], Spectre [2015], etc.).

Way later, after talking in what is clearly a Southern accent, he apologizes for speaking in a Chinese accent (punchline). He then continues about how he is from Beijing and Shanghai, and uses chopsticks. He says doing “voices” are offensive, but funny. I guess he doesn’t know that ironic racism is racism, as an ironic slap is a slap. Thanks Netflix.

I’m not surprised, though. He did laugh at Sacha Baron Cohen’s joke about how Asian men are like Minions because they’re yellow, work hard, and have tiny “dongs” at the 2016 Oscars.

Also see: Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater (2011).

(2016- ) – Asian man called referred to as “Jackie Chan” is rejected for a non-Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse). Asian man also assigned traditionally feminine occupation (Emasculation) (source: Ethnic Muse). Thanks, HBO. 
Lady Dynamite (2016- ) – Asian male cast as “Giant Penis” (source). Yes, we get the joke, and it’s not funny. 
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
(2015- ) – Ki Hong Lee as accented “Dong Nyuen” who’s good at math. Also they have the audacity to mock organizations that ask for better portrayal of Asians, and depict Asian men as overly insensitive. Read more at Kulture. And fuck Tina Fey.
Difficult People (2015- ) – Casts straight John Cho as gay male. Erasure of Straight Asian Male Identity.
The Last Man on Earth (2015- ) – Amateur Asian pilot “Lewis” dies during his maiden voyage (Asian guy always dies). He is also depicted as being gay (Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity). (Source.)
iZombie (2015- ) – “East Asian male feminization (dead gangster, another states he is into ‘white girls’, physically assaults European female, gets beaten by European female, said female states ‘… you got your ass kicked by a girl, get over it’, Daniel Lim credited as ‘Whimpering Asian Skell’, Andy Yu credited as ‘Humorless Clerk’)” – Ethnic Muse.
Superstore (2015- ) – Erasure of the Straight-Asian-Male Identity via a prominent character (source: r/aznidentity).
Red Oaks (2015- ) – Mocks Asian men through stereotyping. Read more at Kulture. Brought to you by Amazon, who also produced the adaptation of Man in the High Castle (2015- ).
Dr. Ken (2015- ) – One of the worst Uncle Chans in existence plays a doctor (stereotype). Read more at Kulture.
Black-ish (2014- ) – In the episode about police brutality, an Asian man was used to represent it. He is the only “antagonist” in this episode, and says that the black victim was “no angel.” Asian men are always used as scapegoats for white society’s ills, when in fact, Asian have zero power when it comes to setting up social institutions. Once again, African-American media is showing its strong anti-Asian-male racism. And white media loved it. Pathetic.
Silicon Valley (2014- ) – “Jian Yang” (Perpetual Foreigner) is unable to socially function and is extremely clueless all the time. Basically inhuman object for making jokes.  According to a fellow activist, there is another Asian male on the show called “Ed Chen.” Predictably, he plays an antagonistic character and is devoid of sexuality. Typical Hollywood and their pathetic base… And not surprising that T.J. Miller thinks ‘ironic racism’ is a thing (according to IGN interview about the anti-Asian-male Deadpool). Update: Kulture’s take on the show can be found here. Bonus: Miller actually said “Hey, look, Asians aren’t supposed to be this entitled in the United States.”
Fargo (2014- ) – Asian man is an henchman to a white man (source). He kills several people, and is ultimately killed himself by a white male (source). His odd name, “Meemo,” is also an attempt at otherizing the character. Another Asian-male character is an ex-con. (See Fargo [1996], an extremely anti-Asian-male film, on the films list.)
How to Get Away with Murder (2014- ) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
Nathan For You (2013- ) – One of the most racist moments on TV (source: r/aznidentity). The Asian man is the only group of people you can be racist against with no consequence.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. An Asian-Male Extra was allegedly refused food on set; all the others got food and they mocked him (from r/asianamerican). Better source. Lawsuit pending.
Veep (2012- ) – Asian man is used as but a vehicle for a joke about white men with yellow fever (source: r/hapas). He explains how the word “Chinaman” is considered inappropriate, but the final joke is about white men with yellow fever, not a commentary on the usage of “Chinaman’s chance.”
Making it in America (2010- ) – Title sequence features stereotypical Old Asian Cook.
The Middle (2009- ) – Matthew Moy as incredibly stereotypical foreign exchange student “Takayuki” (source).
The Big Bang Theory (2007- ) – “Chen” is a stingy waiter at a Chinese restaurant in one episode. In another, Sheldon believes the restaurant’s tangerine chicken is deceptively being presented as orange chicken (stereotype of Chinese messing with food; knock-off stereotype). Sheldon also speaks Mandarin to him and Chen can’t understand him.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005- ) – In “Flowers for Charlie,” the Asian man “Tang-See” is more or a less a prop for comedy. He’s a scientist (stereotype) with a thick Chinese accent. The actor in real life has no such accent. Charlie Day speaks gibberish Chinese to this man.
Arrested Development (2003- ) “Ahn-Young” is over-used as the butt-end of a joke. Treats him like an accessory. Also features William Hung.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000- )

The title of the episode “The Korean Bookie” is, no doubt, a racist callback to the film “The Killing of a Chinese Bookie” (1976). In the episode Bobby Lee plays an accented Asian man who is suspected of eating a dog, which causes trouble for the protagonist.

In another episode, the show makes fun of Japanese cooks. Larry David then goes on to otherize an awkward Japanese guy by making a big deal about bowing and how people “in this country” don’t do so anymore. He also makes a reference to a “big penis“; his reasons for doing so are obvious in this context. The man also becomes extremely shifty and nervous as soon as Larry David prods further into the Japanese man’s grandfather being a kamikaze pilot (of course he was). Larry also calls the Japanese grandfather “chicken” for failing to die as kamikaze pilot. (S.O. to the r/hapas user who showed me this scene).

Update: Asian male comedian also talks about the anti-Asian (male) racism in this show.

SNL (1975- ) – Asian jokes, and gags revolving around Asian men to this day. Here are a couple of examples of anti-Asian-maleness I’ve come across randomly from mid-2017 onward. Note that some of these transgressions are pretty mild in comparison to other entries on this list. 1) Oh, and several instances of white-washing. 2) This skit involving parents touring Harvard only includes whites, African-Americans, and South Asians, but doesn’t include East Asians. 3) Asian man objectified for his Asianness for comedic effect. 4) Old (asexualization via geriatrification) Asian man objectified for his Asianness. Read more at YOMYOMF. 5) Of course they make one of the evil scientists an Asian male. 6) White kid is warned that he will be raped by a “freaky Chinese dude” in prison.
2 Broke Girls (2011-2017) – Asian man depicted as extremely unmanly and undesirable (emasculation, asexualization). This show is famous for this amongst Asian men. Bonus.
Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas (2017) – Chappelle (married to a Filipino), excludes Asians from the racial “hot seat.” Essentially implying our racial plights are not worthy of mentioning, as they don’t even exist. Brought to you by Netflix.
Workaholics (2011-2017) – Waymond Lee as “Waymond.” However, I did appreciate the atypical casting of three Asian men as the “Neo-Greasers,” but it’s unfortunate that as always they were the antagonists in that episode.
Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
(2016) – Asian woman tells the world that she fucked white men before marrying her Asian husband. Even a homeless one. Basically, outing herself as bananarang (an Asian woman who only has sex with white men in her youth, then settles down with a financially secure Asian man). Brought to you by Netflix.
Kev & Gad: Tout Est Possible (2016) – Yellowface of Asian men and mocking Asians by white French comedians (source: r/aznidentity). Article about the act.
Mad TV (1995-2016) – Bobby Lee is the proto-Ken Jeong. Sometimes he brings along his brother into this mess.
(2009-2015) – “Sr. Chang” and his Channerisms.
Glee (2009-2015) – Asian obstetrician (associating him with the feminine) “Dr. Wu” (Chinese) is stereotypical irritable and serious that sometimes gets threatened with malpractice lawsuits and tends to his bonsai tree (Japanese) to relax. He is played by Kenneth Choi (Korean). “Mike Chang, Sr.” plays a stereotypical, repressive Asian father who talks about honor, rejecting childish dreams and focusing on studying (Dysfunctional Asian Family trope).

Peep Show (2003-2015)

Popular British sitcom. In the first episode, the protagonists “Mark” and “Jez” talk about a “Chinese doctor.” Jokingly, Jez refers to the doctor as “Doctor Ying Fu Yip… Wang Shong… Pang Fang Wang… Dang Dong Ning Po Ku” (source).

In another episode, Mark overlooks the fact that his new friend talks about his dislike for “chink food.” In two separate episodes, Mark makes sinophobic jokes about Chinese industrial pollution and the invading Chinese army (that last part involving the army, which is mostly of men is what qualifies this entry for the list count).

Neal Brennan: Women and Black Dudes (2014) – Insecure white male bashes Asian men and makes Asian jokes (source: r/hapas). His hatred of Asian men is palpable
(2011-2014) – “Mr. Wolfe.” Erasure of Straight-Asian-Male Identity.
How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) – Ted Mosby does quasi-Yellowface.
Animal Practice (2012-2013) – Emasculation of Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
The It Crowd (2006-2013) – Japanese businessmen called “Japs” and compared to Godzilla (source: Ethnic Muse).

The Office (2005-2013)

In this knock-off of the British original, the main lead is inspired by Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961).

And in another scene, all kinds of subliminal Asian emasculation rears its ugly head (plus “ironic driving joke”).

What white “creators” do not seem to get that is, even if you preface a joke with an understanding that it’s racist, if you make the joke at the expense of Asian men, it is still racist against Asian men. “Ironic” racist jokes are racist jokes. If you stab me ironically, I am still bleeding as I would if I were stabbed.

Bonus: “Hidetoshi Hasagawa” is a Yakuza, Perpetual Foreigner (male), and surgeon (stereotypes) (saw this character on this thread).

Chuck (2007-2012) – “Harry Tang” is generally just a bad human being. Easily manipulated, blames others, is a worry-wart, and is smug after he gets promoted. Tang is promoted by an black-male character because he and Tang’s wife had an affair. Of course, Tang doesn’t know, and unidirectionally loves his wife as the cuck he is. He antagonizes one of the main characters.

Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater (2011)

This entry does not add to the list count. Louis considers being Chinese a deformity in this joke (source: Anglophobia967). I guess he doesn’t know that ironic racism is racism, as an ironic slap is a slap.

The same impulse that made him associate Asianness with deformity has been noticed elsewhere. For example, let’s remember how the “Nazis ‘handpicked Asian-looking prisoners and wanted to exhibit them … they called them untermenschen and hoped that once the Dutch saw what the Soviets looked like, they would join the Germans’” (source from r/hapas). Let’s also not forget the usage of the word “mongoloid,” and how it was synonymous with having Down’s syndrome. (Note that there is nothing wrong with Down Syndrome; I simply recognize that it is used as an insult in our society.)

Bonus: Joe Rogan makes the same “joke” (source: r/hapas).

Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen (2011) – A joke about “Charlies” during the Vietnam War is made (source). The term should not be thrown around that lightly.
Trevor Noah: Daywalker 2.0 (2010) – Noah makes several anti-Asian male jokes (source: r/aznidentity). DVD release. (See: Crazy Normal.)
Scrubs (2001-2010) – Asian man of very small stature plays “Trang.” He is a stereotypical Asian medical student. The fact that he slept with an attractive white woman is meant to be funny to audiences.

Pushing Daisies

Fambing Woo” is a fictional, Chinese male who stole a white man’s name, stole a Confederate soldier’s uniform, and became a Confederate war hero. His descendants admire the Confederate man. This is just another piece of Hollywood propaganda that tries to pit Asian men against African Americans and deflect white guilt onto Asian men. In reality, we know that the vast majority of Asian men who fought in the Civil War were Union soldiers (source). The propaganda also tries to erase anti-Asian male racism in America by having him become a “hero.”

“Woodruff IV,” a descendant of Woo, accidentally causes a white man to die and tries to frame the white male protagonist (source). Woodruff is arrested. Woodruff seems to either revere the Confederate sword or values it for its monetary worth. The character of “Woodruff” may also seem to be a jab against Asian male attempts at assimilation. (Found this show on r/asianamerican.)

Live at Gotham (2006-2009) – The Asian-male dating situation is not a joke.
Mind of Mencia (2005-2008) – In one episode (S4E8, 2008), Asian man (Matthew Moy) is literally credited as “short man.”
The Andy Milnonakis Show (2005-2007) – Asian deliveryman’s Asianness/foreignness used to render him an object of comedy. Sad, cos Asian deliverymen get the brunt of anti-Asian-male violence.
Pablo Francisco: Ouch! Live from San Jose (2006) – A barrage of pathetic, stale jokes about Asian men.
Friends (1994-2004) – “Hoshi” is a UFC trainer. When Pete reveals that Hoshi was an assassin, he berates him in Chinese (source). Hoshi, a la other Asian men in media, are used as a foil against sexuality. When Pete and Monica imply they’re going to have sex, Hoshi says, “No! No boom-boom before big fight!” (source). 
Just Shoot Me (1997-2003) – Making out with an Asian man is “having Chinese” (source: Ethnic Muse).
Popular (1999-2001) – Asian male nerd (source: asamnews).
The Nanny (1993-1999) – Asian eye joke about Asians at a fucking funeral (source: Ethnic Muse).

Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Asian male redditor gives example of how Asian male “Ping” (Male Perpetual Foreigner) is an antagonist towards white female protagonist Elaine. Compare that to the Americanized “Cheryl.” He also points out how an Asian male extra has an accent/speaks in Chinese while “Cheryl” does not.

Kramer drops coins in front of a Chinese restaurant, as pointed out by hapa redditor. Disgusting attempt at slyly (they are master at this) recreating the “How do Chinese parents name their children? They throw their pots down the stairs-‘Ching,’ ‘chang,’ ‘chong.'”

In another episode, a whole subplot is dedicated to mocking the antics of Kramer and some Japanese tourists (perpetual foreigner). It’s no surprise when the Asian men are objectified as objects of comedy (example).

Additinally, Opium is called “Chinaman’s cap” (source: Ethnic Muse).

The Weird Al Show (1997) – The Asian actor who played “Long Duk Dong” here plays a stereotypical martial artist. With an overblown accent… even though the actor speaks perfect English.
Gilligan’s Island
(1964-1967) – Man in Yellowface beat up by white woman (source: Ethnic Muse).


Westworld (2016- ) – Asian tourists (source). And, Asian male character gets harshly berated and scolded way too many times (source).
The Good Place (2016- ) – Asian man can’t get a real woman. He gets a robot instead. See, there’s always a catch. (See: Bionic Woman [2007].)
Shadowhunters (2016- ) – Erasure of Straight-Asian-male identity (“Magnus Bane”).
Shannara Chronicles (2016- ) – Asian male elf killed (source: Ethnic Muse).
Limitless (2016- ) – White man out-musicians an Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
Man in the High Castle (2015- ) – Adaptation. An Amazon Original that explores the question: ‘What if the Allied Powers lost WWII?’ Japanese are amoral antagonists, and they’ve taken over the West Coast (Yellow Peril). Very sly way of peddling Yellow Peril, as this is an adaptation of 60’s novel. But why adapt it? Now? Because focus groups ate up Yellow Peril. The source material itself reeks of white fragility. Why would the Japanese ever wastes resources maintaining an American colony. Pathetic.

Sense8 (2015- )

Features a misogynistic Asian man who don’t value his daughter as much as his son and commits suicide, an emasculated Asian men getting beat up by his sister, and is lazy and also embezzles money, and the Asian sister who falls for the sins of the father and brother. Very reminiscent of the family dynamic of Heroes and the games XCOM 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Read more at Kulture. Brought to you by Netflix.

Sidenote about the Asian family in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpThe Joy Luck ClubPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal MindsHeroes, Castle, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Fringe, Futurama, The Expanse, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

The Expanse (2015- )

Evil Asian father who indirectly causes her daughter to die. Inhuman in every way and develops dangerous virus. Found this show on this thread.

Side note about the Asian family in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpThe Joy Luck ClubPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Castle, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Mr. Robot (2015- ) – B. D. Wong plays transgender (I am not anti-trans) woman who pisses on grave (source). Part of a systemic erasure the straight-Asian-male identity. (See: Banshee [2013]). (See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Entourage, Degrassi: The Next Generation, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Superstore [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)
Supergirl (2015- ) – Asian men work under white female boss (cross-racial emasculation). (Source: Ethnic Muse.)
Zoo (2015- ) – Asian male animal hunter (source: Ethnic Muse). IRL, Asian men aren’t the ones killing animals for fun.
Z Nation (2014- ) – Stereotypical, one-dimensional Asian army guys are killed off. For example, “Lt. Mong” is stabbed and then turned into a zombie, only to be killed off by an Asian woman. The trope of Asian men being led by an Asian woman also makes an appearance (see other examples of this in the media such as Sherlock [2010- ] and Watch Dogs 2). Because Asian men cannot be leaders. There’s even a scene Lt. Mong bows down and subserviently presents an object of interest to a white woman (emasculation). Read more at Kulture.
The Originals (2013- ) – Asian men either attack white woman, are killed by white men, killed by white woman, manipulated, or evil (source: Ethnic Muse). Other Asian men are henchmen. Update: Another Asian male (witch) killed. Show has a weird fascination with hating on Asian men.

Black Mirror (2011- )

“Black Mirror: White Christmas”? More like “Yellow Peril.” White man gets “his” woman stolen by a lying Asian man.

This is not the only Yellow Peril episode. See “The Entire History of You” (according to these writers, millionaire perverts had to be Chinese) and “Playtest.” Along with negative portrayals in “Nosedive” (Asian male otaku mocked) and “Hated in the Nation.”

Lmao. 6/13 eps, basically half the show.

Seriously, fuck this show.

Teen Wolf 
(2011- ) – White man “Chris Argent,” while doing a deal with the Yakuza, manages to save an Asian man (“Silverfinger“), as an “Oni” kills a bunch of Asian men. (The episode also feature an Asian man with monstrous looking silver teeth and weird white eyes; the silver teeth remind me of the men that get killed by Scarjo in GITS [2017].) Silverfinger also pulls a gun on Chris.
The Walking Dead (2010- ) – A white male protagonist called “Daryl Dixon” tells “Glen Rhee” that he’s “got some balls for a Chinaman.” Glen corrects him by saying he’s Korean. You might think this is some pro-Asian-male scene, especially since Daryl corrects a man in a later episode when the man also assumes Glen is Chinese. But what’s really going on is that the general audience identifies with a overt racist like Daryl. And Glen doesn’t make a big deal out of it, contributing to the stereotype of the docile Asian man. Later on, Glen is brutally killed by white man. Asian guy always dies. Idgaf if it’s an adaptation. Alterations are still possible. AMWF never works out either (Castle, Grave Encounters 2, Bioshock Infinite, etc.). Trivia: “Rhee” is also extremely outdated, but this likely L-R joke is more of the author’s doing than anyone else’s.
Dark Matter (2015-2017) – According to Ethnic Muse, 2 seperate Asian men are killed in one episode. Not surprised, since this show was produced in Canada.
Lost Girl (2010-2016) – Horrific-looking Asian man, referred to as “it,” tries to eat 2 women (source: Ethnic Muse).
Hemlock Grove (2013-2015) – Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Neighbors (2012-2014) – Asian male character is actually an alien and embodies several stereotypes. Tremendous effort is used to make this character as feminine as possible (emasculation).

Fringe (2008-2013)

Asian man “Dashiell Kim” gets kidnapped, goes crazy, and kills his wife.

In another episode, Asian MIT Professor “Neil Chung” goes crazy (cause even established normies can turn crazy if they’re Asian-male), focusing on strange equations, and kills people. He shoots his gun at the white female protagonist, but is killed by her. It turns out he let her do this because he wanted to become an angel via non-suicidal death. His father and brother died in a car accident, and his mother doesn’t like him (source).

Side note about the Asian families in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Castle, Futurama, The Expanse, Fringe, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Heroes (2006-2010)

Hiro Nakamura” is an extremely stereotypical depiction of Asian men. He has a thick accent (Perpetual Foreigner) for a portion of the show, is a comic nerd, and has glasses. He gets cockblocked by his own time-travelling abilities (de-sexualization) when he tries to kiss a white female. Later on however, he is allowed to kiss “Yaeko,” perhaps implying a latent disapproval of race-mixing. He has a number of reductive nicknames as well, such as “Pikachu,” “Sulu,” “Chinese Guy,” “Littleman” (emasculation), “Samurai Warrior” and others. He also has issues with his sister and father, reminiscent of games like XCOM2 and Horizon Zero Dawn, and shows like Sense8. Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media.

Other Asian-male characters and stereotypes populate the show. Hiro’s good friend “Ando” is a similar embodiment of the Perpetual Foreigner, as are others. “Kaito,” Hiro’s father, is killed (too many Asian men is unacceptable). “Tadashi” tries to kill himself (stereotype) and succeeds in one instance and has severe issues with his family. “Ren Shimosawa” is a gamer (stereotype). “Hachiro Otomo” is a video game designer. Takezo Kensei’s double is a coward. Other Asian-male principal extras also are stereotypical.

Side note about the Asian families in this show: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpThe Joy Luck ClubPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Baywatch, Fringe, Castle, Futurama, The Expanse, etc.; like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Flash Gordon (2007-2008) – This entry does not add to the list count. Remake of extremely anti-Asian-male show. “Ming” has been recast as a white man because “Ming the Merciless” is even too anti-Asian-male for Canadians. Should not have been remade, especially when “Ming” still rules “Mongo,” a reference to “Mongoloids.”
Bionic Woman
(2007) – Asian man gets a (white) woman but she is a bionic woman called “Sarah Corvus” (source). (See: The Good Place [2016- ].)
Brimstone (1998-1999) – Emasculation & Yellow Peril (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Tomorrow People (1973-1979) – “Lee Wan” (source). Asian guy always dies and Incompetent Asian man tropes.

[Adult Animation]

Pacific Heat (2016- ) – Aussie Yellow Peril is fucking sickening. Just watch the fucking trailer. Look at the thumbnail Netflix used to sell the trailer. The trailer doesn’t even begin to touch the full extent of its anti-Asian-male racist content. Thanks, Netflix.

BoJack Horseman (2014- )

One of the protagonists “Diane Nguyen,” who has dated a non-Asian man (unsurprisingly)… and is engaged to blonde dog bro, doesn’t care at all that her dad dies in S1E5 (Asian guy always dies). According to her, it’s because her dad was old and was “the worst.” She calls him a “mean, sadistic alcoholic who never supported anything I did and actively delighted in seeing me fail.” When she goes to the funeral home because her lazy brothers tell her to take care of the whole thing, she gets her dad the “piece-of-shit-dad-package-would-be-too-good-for-him package.” Asian Male Body Horror also rears its head when there’s a sight gag of Diane’s father’s corpse on the couch. It has dicks drawn all over its face. Diane’s brothers don’t even show up to the funeral. They went out drinking. They made him into fish food (chum). After BoJack tells Diane that her father can’t hurt anyone anymore, the barrel of chum rolls down a hill and knocks out an old goat lady.

In the same episode, Diane calls her brothers “narrow-minded, mean-spirited dirtbags.” They turn out to be extremely unattractive, socially inept, controlling, lazy (Diane says nothing would ever get done if she was like her brothers), uneducated (“we didn’t go to college, we’re not smart like you”), immature, and obnoxious. Even their voices are excruciating to hear. Their teeth are either missing or drawn weird, to make them look infantile and/or dumb. One of the brothers even asks Diane to get him a beer (Myth of Asian Misogyny). Another one complains about immigrants and says he and his brothers are “American as fuck.” Diane tries to talk some sense into her brother, saying that they themselves are immigrants. Hollywood always pushes this lie of the Racist Asian Man (yeah, that’s why most neo-nazis marry Asian women).

The brothers also emotionally bullied Diane for entertainment by posing as a fake pen pal when they were younger. They hired a homeless man to pretend to be the pen pal and take Diane to the school dance. They shot a video of Diane crying after learning the truth of her pen pal, and they watch it everyday (stereotype of sadistic Asian men). When the main protagonist “BoJack” visits them for the first time, he asks if any one speaks English (because Asian men are the Perpetual Foreigners while Asian women are not). One of the brothers replies in English, and BoJack asks the same question (so funny!). BoJack ends up being the one to cheer Diane back up when she’s had enough of her brothers. Diane, a protagonist, is humanized, unlike Asian men in white media.

The trope of Asian women having dysfunctional relationships with their Asian-male family members pops up in a lot of media like in Sherlock (2010- ), Horizon Zero Dawn, XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Heroes, Sense8 (Netflix), Fringe, The ExpanseHeroes, Lost, Baywatch, The Joy Luck Club, Picture Bride, Futurama, Fringe, Up, Y: The Last ManMr. Wu (1927), etc.

Sidenote: AMWF is harshly lampooned in the media, and it was pretty funny how Diane’s father’s new wife was a Jewish white woman. Reminds me of Real Steel (2011) whose whole purpose was to bash AM who work with WF. Also thought this white male with a hapa son was unsurprising in the ending shot of season 1. In the same shot, there is an XMAF couple.

In S1E11, Ken Jeong makes an appearance as “Dr. Hu,” whose name is used for an unfunny, extended joke. He deals and uses drugs. (See: Dallas Buyer’s Club and Dirty Pretty Things. Besides representation as civilian doctors who deal drugs, white media often associates Asian men as criminals who peddle drugs or uses opium.)

This guy from S1E7 also pissed me off. He’s also doing martial arts in S1E10.

Thanks, Netflix.

Review of more episodes coming soon. 

Rick and Morty (2013- )

Whites look for man who is 5′ 3″. They find an Asian man that fits this stereotypical description (source: r/aznidentity), replete with him putting his hair up to look taller and compensate. He also has glasses (stereotype). And he has no lines (source). He is called by his last name “Chang” to highlight his foreignness (idgaf about the Community homage). This is an example of an Asian man being comedically objectified.

Other observations: S1E3 deems China a threat to the world and makes fun of Asian food. In S3E1, The “Galactic Federation” (race of insects) could be stand-ins for Asian men. They took over earth (source) and are trying to steal advanced technology. One of them who wears a suit is seen enjoying sezchuan sauce from a Chinese takeout container. These aliens are eventually ousted from earth. Xenophobia runs through the episode: “No longer will the insects have domain over surface-world!” yells one man. “Oh my god, Nany says they’re drawing and quartering aliens in the school courtyard, and it technically counts as patriotism,” says one of the protagonists. In S1E4, you can see an Asian man frozen in time, drinking water from a water fountain (imagery for the possible Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity.) In S1E2, you can see an Asian man screams in a plane during at attack.

Archer (2009- )

Season 3 started off with a three-episode-long exploration of Archer’s antics as the king of a group of Malaysian pirates who immediately become antagonists (the antagonists in white media are always antagonists). In the beginning, many of the drunk pirates are killed, and they surrender to Archer, hailing him as King (racial emasculation).

Bucky” is a very important character for season 3. The old, weird-looking, bucktoothed Asian male is first seen singing in a funny Southeast Asian language during karaoke night. Archer comes in with his arms wrapped around a young Southeast Asian woman, and pushes him out of the way to get the mic (emasculation). Archer again, with the Southeast Asian girl in his arms, abuses Bucky by knocking a food plate out of Bucky’s hands. Later, Archer body slams Bucky during lacrosse and teabags him.

Archer says Bucky is “bucktoothed little shit [that] doesn’t even speak English.” Bucky does speak English, but always switches his L’s and R’s. The show at one point tries to paint “Bucky” as “racist” against whites (white fragility).

Bucky also has a “girlfriend.” The “girlfriend” is actually a man. In fact, none of the Malaysian pirates are seen with any women (asexual Asian male trope). Just like the game Just Cause 2, which took place in a Southeast Asian nation, homophobic writers try to insult Asian men by depicting them as being gay. The problem is not depicting characters as gay. Unlike the writers, I don’t belive being gay is bad. Therefore, depicting Asian men as being gay is not an insult. What I am detesting is the Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity in white media. Society tolerates gay Asian men, and that is why this depiction is heavily over-represented.

Emasculation and the Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity also rears its head in the scene when the a young Malaysian “twink” is shown giving a gay white male character a foot massage. The white male thought about buying him. The boy is said to have a “narrow twinkie ass.”

(See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Entourage, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)

Other stereotypes encountered in these episodes include one of the protagonists saying “Orientals” like fireworks, rice, and opium. The pirates are asked if they speak English (Asian men are Perpetual Foreigners in white media). An Asian character is also bribed (amoral Asian trope).

The above only reports on S3E1 and S3E2. Report on the S3E3 coming soon. 

In S1E3, antagonist “Conway” plans on selling secrets to the Chinese (Yellow Peril). He says he can’t to have “tiny little Chinese boots” stomp all over the protagonists (emasculation, Yellow Peril). In the same episode, “Agent Pak” is killed (Good Asian Guy Always Dies trope). “Sterling Archer” makes a possibly racist joke at him. In the scene featuring Agent Pak, Asian men are stereotypical military antagonists.

In S1E4, Archer is shown having killed a bunch of Viet men in a game of Russian Roulette. Archer is shown wearing blood-red headband in reference to anti-Asian-male Deerhunter. They fell for his simple trick which even Archer didn’t know would work (Incompetent Asian Men). A similar Deer Hunter-style occurrence is depicted in S2E9, but this time, Archer did it for fun. In S1E9, Archer’s mother, “Malory,” also plays Russian Roulette with Asian men in a seedy room Deerhunter-style. She calls the men “yellow sons-of-bitches.” Would this show ever have said “black sons-of-bitches”? Nope.

In S2E4, Archer says “Chinese alligators are smaller,” which is true but did they have to write this? No. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Side note: In S2E6, a white-male character is worried that the Chinese restaurant may have served “chicken toes.” Chinese banks are “stupid” and aren’t “real bank[s].”

Some of the racism in this show tries to be “ironic,” and others are just subconsious spillage (pure). None of it is okay at the end of the day.

Review of more episodes coming soon. I also heard S6E1 is about a Japanese WWII solider who still thinks the war’s going on. Sigh. 

American Dad!
(2005- )

In one episode, two white protagonists get preferential treatment by sushi chef “Haruki.” His son, “Hisashi” (an Asian-eye gag is made), is pissed since he was never afforded the culinary secrets given to the white amateurs; the white men eventually take over the restaurant and Hisashi is fired (source). Brought to you by Seth McFarlane (See: Family Guy [1999- ] and Ted [2012]).

There is also an Asian character called “Chad” who is dead for no apparent narrative reason (Asian guy always dies trope).

Vince Chung” is another problematic character. He is an antagonistic character (as always for Asian men) in many episodes. The writers thought it was funny to have an Asian male be a jock (because we could never be). One character even says, “Yeah, he’s so cool and popular, you forget he’s Asian” (source). Chung’s debut in the show is in an episode where he grows an interest in white protagonist Steve’s developing breasts. It is revealed that he was molested (source). He also appears in an episode called “1600 candles” (as a bully), which is a reference to the film Sixteen Candles that introduced us to “Long Duk Dong.”

Side note about the “Haruki” and “Hisashi”: Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like 21 & OverUpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Criminal Minds, Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, Baywatch, Fringe, Futurama, The Expanse, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.

Robot Chicken (2005- ) – Asian man kills himself. Ha ha!

Venture Bros. (2003- )

Evil Asian scientist “Dr. Z/Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril, and has been transferred over from the show 60’s cartoon Johnny Quest. 

Steve Park voices another evil Asian scientist “Mike Sorayama.” He holds a grudge against several characters (including the lead) because they played pranks on him and mocked his love of Leslie, a white woman. Obsessed, he made robotic copies of her and himself before his death. The robotic version of Sorayama, as revenge against several characters (including the lead) for their interference with his pursuit of Leslie, kidnaps them. The robot is ultimately destroyed and vanquished. Note that Steve Park plays another character who fumbles with a white woman in a major way in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo (1996).

Family Guy (1999- )

Seth McFarlane’s career is built on hating on Asian men. Zero satire.

You have to be mentally deficient to not see that when Seth McFarlane makes jokes about non-Asian-male minorities, he pokes fun at racists and racism. Whereas for Asian men, he is racist and participates in racism. It is quite clear that he believes that Asian men to be a subspecies of humans.

The single most insulted group (sans satire) of people on this show are Asian men.

South Park (1997-)

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s career is built on hating on Asian men. Zero satire.

You have to be mentally deficient to not see that when Matt Stone and Trey Parker makes jokes about non-Asian-male minorities, he pokes fun at racists and racism. Whereas for Asian men, they are racist and participate in racism. It is quite clear that they believe that Asian men to be a subspecies of humans.

The single most insulted (sans satire) group of people on this show are Asian men.

The Simpsons (1989- ) – Asian man “Akira” is drawn and written stereotypically (source). Japanese gangs (stereotype) also make an appearance
The Boondocks (2005-2014) – The episode called “The Red Ball” is Yellow Peril. The show humanizes an Asian female character but not the other Asian male antagonists. The episode also features a Tibetan man as one of the good guys and participates in the white liberalist exploitation of the Tibet crisis for its evocation of Yellow Peril. There is also another episode with a stereotypical Asian martial artist. 
King of the Hill
(1997-2010) – “Kahn” (Laotian) is a main antagonist of the show. Voiced by a white male. Stereotypes (Perpetual Foreigner, Yellow Peril) abound in the depiction. Also, don’t forget about the “Ted” and “Chane Wassanasong” (another group of antagonists). Look at what one viewer had to say about the Wassanasongs. The hatred isn’t for just the characters. It’s for real Asian men. Clear as day.
The Awesomes (2013-2015) – Bobby Lee plays a Sumo (stereotype).
Black Dynamite (2012-2015) – Protagonist beats up Asian men. Show had lots of Chan involvement. The movie which is about Fu Manchus working with Nixon to shrink Black men’s dicks is way worse, however.

Futurama (1999-2013)

Americanized Amy Wong (who is romantically paired with a green Alien) has an accented, irritable father who often takes on the role and antagonistic character (Dysfunctional Asian Family trope).

Drawn Together (2004-2007) – Asians have slanted eyes, and Asian men look alike. There’s also this scene, which depicts Asian men negatively. Show tries way to be edgy but ends up being racist garbage.
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000-2007) – “Dr. Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril, and has been transferred over from the show 60’s cartoon Johnny Quest.
The Flintstones (1960-1966) – “Mr. Hashimoto.”

[Cartoons & Children’s Shows]

Andi Mack (2017- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. AMWF hapa actress plays the role of WMAF lead (WMAF-washing) (source: r/hapas). Lots of white worship on the show. Pathetic.
Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-2017) – “Mr. Negative” (“Martin Lee”) is one of the villains. In the comics, he operates a soup kitchen but is also a crime boss that smuggles Chinese people into the US. His goons are called the “Inner Demons.”
Regular Show (2009-2017) – “Chong” is the main antagonist of S3E1. He kills a character because he was about to lose a game of table hockey (dishonorable/cheating Asian stereotype) (source). The “Translator” is a stereotypical Asian male character with an accent and glasses. “Coffee Bean” is also implied to be an Asian male (otherization). 
Samurai Jack
(2001-2017) – When “Jack” and “The Scotsman” meet for the first time, the latter makes a joke about how his sword is bigger (phallic joke). Jack also gets mocked for wearing a “dress” (emasculation) by the other Scotsmen. Additionally, one episode features a grotesque caricaturization of a Japanese man. Another in season 5 features one of a Buddhist monk. Several stereotypes about the Japanese are perpetuated. Jack also seems to eschew females (stereotype). He does get the girl in 2017, but he is still quite awkward (it’s also implied that he’s a virgin). A lot of viewers were butthurt that his relationship with the female “Ashi” wasn’t more father-daughter. The idea of a hetero-romantic Asian man upsets them, I guess. Some people were hoping that Ashi died. This wish came true in the finale of the show. After Jack refuses an offering of one of the Scotsman’s daughters, Ashi literally disappears into nothingness during her and Jack’s wedding. Making Asian men seem like they’re unwilling to date “out” and be “foreveralone?” Nothing new there. This leaves Jack depressed for a while. Trivia: Jack is voiced by a non-Asian male.
Make it Pop (2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “TV Producer: ‘Asian guys in my show? Not gonna happen!'” Also see: “VP of ABC News ‘I get queasy in my stomach when I see an Asian male face’ but ‘feel comfortable with a Asian female face.’
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
(2012- ) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
SpongeBob SquarePants (1999- ) – Really?
Kickin’ It (2011-2015) – In a show steeped in appropriation, Asian man plays one of the worst Asian-male roles in Disney history. Brought to you by Disney.
Big Time Rush (2009-2013) – Asian man plays overly stereotypical character “Deke.” He is a blogger that is antagonistic. He is noted for his small stature. Brought to you by Nickelodeon.
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2009-2012) – “Mandarin” (source). The show features the stereotypical Asian family drama between the males (source). American and French co-production (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).

iCarly (2007-2012)

Asian man plays the role of a mathlete (“Shawn“) who desperately asks Carly to be his girlfriend (in the show, he does this either because he likes her or because his overbearing mother keeps questioning Shawn if he might be gay). Of course she rejects him. Brought to you by Nickelodeon.

Another Asian male character, “Yuki,” is an “evil” villain.

Chowder (2007-2010) – Asian man voices “Lo Mein,” a short old Asian man (emasculation).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2009) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
Zoey 101 (2005-2008) – The best role they could give to Rex Lee is the maitre d’ (source).
Jake Long: American Dragon (2005-2007) – Stereotypes.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (English dub) (2005-2007) – Japanese anime. In the first episode for the English dub, one of the “hair hunters” has a stereotypical Chinese accent, switching L’s and R’s. Another character, who was the main antagonist of this episode, is also given a stereotypical Chinese accent. Of course they give a Chinese accent to the male character with feminine eyelashes and painted nails (Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity). Amazing how Americans can’t even keep their anti-Asian-male sentiments out of an anime. Unreal.
Kim Possible (2002-2007) – Asian-male scientist “Bob Chen” (stereotype) gets captured and needs rescuing (emasculation).
Teen Titans (2003-2006) – Professor Chang is a stereotypical Chinese-scientist supervillain.
Xaolin Showdown (2003-2006) – Asian kid is literally a tiny yellow humanoid, while Asian girl and other protagonists are normal human beings. 
Ben 10
(2005-2008) – Sterotypes (source: Ethnic Muse). Conditions children.
Proud Family (2001-2005) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse). Conditions children.
Power Puff Girls (1998-2005) – The main antagonist, “Mojo Jojo” is undeniably represenative of Asian men. Watch this video if you need convincing. Dangerous message to children. Also, stereotypical Asian male monk.

Batman Beyond (1999-2001)

Scientist “Dr. Suzuki” tries to make money off of a technology he and a non-Asian-male scientist created (stereotype). He thinks the scientist won’t comply so he forges his signature to develop the weapon. He then becomes a mercenary called “The Repeller” (villification). He then works for a terrorist group.

After fighting off Batman, he tries to kill the scientist and a person that could be an Asian woman. Batman comes back and wins.

There’s also “Principal Nakamura” who acts like a weakling and takes orders from both the school board and white-woman Barbara Gordon (emasculation).

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (1997-1998) – Live-action makes it much worse. Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (1996-1997) – “Dr. Zin.”
Iron Man (1994-1996) – “Mandarin” is the main antagonist (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source). This show is still being broadcast (source).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987-1996) – Yellow Peril is central to the show. Teaches children to relate with talking green turtles more than Asian men.
Flash Gordon (1996) – “Ming the Merciless.”
Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (1989-1990) – Various stereotypes about Asian men. Read more at Cracked, whose editor-in-chief is a white man in Yellowname who calls himself “David Wong.” I’ve also seen one of the characters wearing a conical hat and doing Asian gestures (I can’t confirm if it was from this particular show or not).
Defenders of the Earth (1986-1987) – “Ming the Merciless.”
The New Adventures of Johnny Quest (1986-1987) – “Dr. Zin.”
The New Adventures of Flash Gordon (1979) – “Ming the Merciless.” The planet “Mongo” refers to “Mongoloids.”
The Super 6 (1966-1969) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse). Conditions children.
The Marvel Super Heroes (1966) – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Johnny Quest (1964-1965) – “Dr. Zin” is an example of Yellow Peril. He has made appearances in Harvey Birdman (2000-2007), Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015), and Venture Bros. (2003- ).
The Dick Tracy Show (1961-1962) – “Joe Jitsu” (source: Ethnic Muse).


MacGyver (2016- ) – Minor Asian male antagonist (source: Ethnic Muse).
Rush Hour (2016) – Main antagonist is an Old Asian man. Partial Asian actor cast because full Asian faces are unmarketable.
Baywatch (1989-2001) – Asian-male-antagonist “Sato” vs. lead protagonist (Hasselhoff). Asian man harasses protagonist and threatens protagonist’s son. Asian man on parole also stabs his ex-wife (Dysfunctional Asian Family trope, Myth of Asian-Male Misogyny). Takes people hostage. Loses fight with protagonist and goes back to jail.
Vanishing Son (1995) – Asian male criminal has white fetish (source: Ethnic Muse).
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993-1997) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse).
Noble House (1988) – Yellowface of a villain called “Four Finger Wu” (source: Ethnic Muse).
Kung Fu (1972-1975) – Stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse).
Mission: Impossible (1966-1973) – Leonard Nimoy dons Yellowface (source: Ethnic Muse).


Iron Fist (2017- ) – White savior/white man (and part-Asian woman) vs. Asian men. Asian-male antagonist. And to make the Asian male more palatable, they of course use a hapa. Brought to you by Netflix and Marvel. Read more at Kulture.
Inhumans (2017- ) – Marvel casts Ken Leung as karate expert “Karnak” (steretotype), and Mike Moh as a fucking fish-human hybrid (dehumanization). All this kinda makes sense. Americans do not see Asian men as humans. Newly released pic doesn’t looks promising. They’ve got a short, almost bald martial arts Asian man next to a tall Af-Am male, a comparison lauded by American men. Short and bald are qualities deemed negative by society. The Asian-male one is also the only member with facial markings (otherization). Update: The Asian fish-man says “We’re inhumans.” Yes, that is how white society sees us. The leader of the men pursuing the good guys is an Asian male.
The Defenders (2017- ) – Obligatory Asian-male henchman (at least one). He also has glasses (stereotype), a requirement for Asian men on screen. Update: At least one major villain is an Asian male (source: Bitch MediaAngry Asian Man).
Legends of Tomorrow (2016- ) – In the episode entitled “Shogun,” two white guys pull a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and go back to past to Samurai times. One of these has sexual tension with an Oppressed Asian Woman betrothed to the shogun. White man must save her from this Evil Asian Man. More non-Asian men show up and they defend a village from the shogun’s Evil Asian Men. As per happy endings, white guys vanquish the Evil Asian Man in a way that highlights his stupidity. Brought to you by DC.
(2015- ) – A show about white men fighting evil Asian men. Thanks, Marvel. Also, check this out. Brought to by Netflix and Marvel.

Gotham (2014- )

Asian man plays “Dr. Hugo Strange.” (3 stereotypes in 1!)

From Asian male redditor XenoSphereWarrior: In Season 2, Asian woman tries to pry info out from stereotypically evil and creepy Asian male who helps run an evil company. In S1E4, Catwoman beats up a bunch of Asian men. Thanks, DC.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013- ) – Asian guy (“Scorch”) always dies. Always. Thanks, Marvel. Meanwhile, part-Asian women are central to the show. Typical disparity.

(2012- )

Show uses Asian man “Yao Fei Gulong” to bash China. China used him as a scapegoat to slaughter innocents and because he was too much to handle to keep locked up, they put the man on an extremely dangerous island. He of course is a character that dies. Brought to you by DC.

Another Asian man Maseo “Yamashiro” dies. Along with his very young son “Akio.”

Wonder Woman (1975-1979) – Asian man is a villain (stereotype) and another is emasculated (by a white woman). Read more at YOMYOMF
The Green Hornet
(1966-1967) – Bruce Lee… is a white man’s sidekick… What? (Emasculation.)

[Talk/Talent/Reality Shows]

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014- ) – Way too many Asian (male) jokes. Also featured Asian male con artist. They also had a whole episode dedicated to perpetuating Yellow Peril.
The Steve Harvey Show (2012- ) – Says Asian men are undesirable by black and white women. Audience members, featuring Asian women, laugh along with him.
The Eric Andre Show (2012- ) – There are several anti-Asian-male moments: Asian man (as hulk) is used as object of comedy on account of race. It’s even more funny because of his race. Stereotypical Japanese swordsmen attack guest Mac Demarco (Perpetual Foreigner). Another Asian man is the subject of a random visual cutaway joke; it’s just the man, nothing else. Other cutaway extras actually do something funny. Once again, just the sight of an old Asian man is funny. The hosts also make Hadouken jokes when they had Harry Shum, Jr. on.

Conan (2010- )

Way too many Asian jokes. Here are two examples.

Triumph the Insult Comic talks about Black vs. Asian penises in front of foreign Asians.

Here’s a very good example of Conan making a racist, anti-Asian male small dick joke (just like Triumph the Insult Comic did on Conan’s show) (source: r/aznidentity).

Tosh.0 (2009- ) – Pretty sad and amazing how people think these shit-tier Asian (guy) jokes are funny.
Holland’s Got Talent (2008- ) – White man displays one of the most racist unplanned moments on television against an Asian man.
Bounce (2007- ) – Read more at YOMYOMF. This adds to the list count because an Asian male is being imitated.
Real Time with Bill Maher (2003- ) – Bill Maher claims that the racism of Oscars is the the fault of Asians.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003- )

He airs a clip on his show of a kid saying we should kill all the Chinese, which he thinks is funny. Not surprised considering his gf Sarah Silverman doesn’t think “chink” is a real slur.

He and his audience also think the Chinese man being beaten and dragged off the plan is funny. In fact, it was so funny, they made a parody United ad where Matt Damon plays Dr. Dao (sorta). I kid you not, the white savior quasi-white-washes Dr. Dao; I found it disturbing that they actually used an audio clip of Dr. Dao screaming near the end. They would have never done this if the passenger wasn’t an Asian man. The video, btw, was on the YouTube top-trending list.

It was also problematic how he asked Randall Park where he was from (Perpetual Foreigner stereotype).

The Amazing Race (2001- ) – Stereotypical Asian man Vanck Zhu is selected because showrunners know that stereotypes of Asian men sell well (season 29, 2017) (from r/asianamerican). For example, he studies in the car during the show. It’s working; people love bashing this guy.
WWE SmackDown (1999- ) – Read more here.

The O’ Reilly Factor (1996- )

In 2016, a segment on the show called “Watters’ World” mocks the Chinese with outdated stereotypical jokes and cutaway gags from movies like Karate Kid. You can clearly tell that, like all Westerners, Watters doesn’t see Asian men as human beings.

In 2017, you got O’ Reilly laughing about a Chinese man that was unfairly targeted and bloodied. Would he have laughed if the man was white or black? He’s anti-black, but he would have at least maintained his composure and would have verbally said that the whole thing was funny due to its absurdity.

WWE Raw (1993- ) – Read more here
Australia’s Got Talent
(2007-2016) – Aussies mock Leon Lee.
MythBusters (2003-2016) – This entry does not add to the list count. In one episode, they test a sniper scope myth based on a historical account of an American soldier hitting a VietCong by shooting a bullet through the latter’s sniper scope. For the target, they use a ballistics gel in the shape of Grant (Imahara). They shoot at it after Savage slaps it around for a bit. In “Which Is Faster: Weaving in Traffic or Staying in One Lane?” Imahara is the only one that is not driving while his two white colleagues do in the initial rounds.
American Idol (2002-2016) – William Hung. It’s crazy how whites still think this is funny. Bonus: Whites say young Asian male singer (source: r/aznidentity) is emotionless, a “copycat,” and doesn’t belong in the industry.
The Pete Holmes Show (2013-2014) – Asian man from Streetfighter is whitewashed by white male actor. But even these guys know whitewashing “Chun-Li” and “Dhalsim” would not be OK.
Chelsea Lately (2007-2014) – Implies Asian penises are small (source: Ethnic Muse). Bonus: OP uses strong and inappropriate language. Please focus on the content which talks about hypocritical, the show’s hypocritical, anti-Asian male piece of shit host.
Colbert Report (2005-2014) – Colbert pretends to be Asian man in one instance. Several anti-Asian jokes, e.g., “ching chong/dick” joke (source). Again, not “satire.”
Late Night with Conan O’ Brien (1993-2009) – In an episode from 2001, the network asked Sarah Silverman to change a joke using the word “nigger” to “chink” instead. This bit was aired.
Ruth Jones’ Easter Treat (2011) – Tim Minchin feminizes China (which has been going on since the time of the ancient Greeks) in an “ironic” joke. Elements of Yellow Peril also included.
Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (1993-2002) – Bill Maher doesn’t think using the word “chink” is a big deal.

[Awards Shows]

89th Academy Awards (2017) – Jimmy Kimmel mocks Matt Damon for working with the Chinese. Mentions bit about “Chinese ponytail[s],” ignorant behind the discrimination involved with queues.
88th Academy Awards (2016) – Chris Rock mocks Asian children, while Sacha Baron Cohen makes a joke about Minions being Asians because they’re tiny, work hard, and have small “dongs.” For the Chris Rock joke, the Oscars issued a non-apology (aka insult).
ESPY Awards (2015) – Ken Jeong tells everyone he has no body hair and has a small dick. Brought to you by ABC.
MTV Movie Awards Reloaded 2003 – You are expected to scoff at the Asian man (Key Master) for showing heterosexual interest in women.

[Cooking Shows]

Kitchen Nightmares (2007-2014) – In S1E3, Gordon Ramsay asks an old AMWF couple “What’s the connection?” When they tell him that their married, he incredulously parrots them saying “Are you married to each other?” (white male fragility). Credit to redditor MraBob for bringing to this to r/hapas’ attention. MraBob also correctly points out that Gordon Ramsay would have totally known about this, since the episode is about this couple. When I saw a clip of the episode, I and other viewers have also noticed that unnecessary subtitles were applied to the Asian male (Perpetual Foreigner Myth). 
Good Eats
(1999-2012) – Read more at Kulture. It’s not yellowface as they claim, but it is anti-Asian-male.


Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence (2017) – “History” Channel airs Yellow Peril claims with false evidence. Blogger calls them out and proves them wrong. Read more at YOMYOMF.

[Dishonorable Mentions]

The Joy Luck Club (TBA) – This entry does not add to the list count. The Joy Luck Club novel and film have a special place in the annals of Anti-Asian-male media.
Titans (2018- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “Teen Titan[s] casting call looking for ‘self deprecating’ Asian [male] actors” (source: r/aznidentity). I’m not surprised at the Asian guy is green and turns into animals.
RunawaysThis entry does not add to the list count. Likely Asian male villain (source: r/aznidentity). Thanks, Marvel.
DuckTales (2017- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Chinese male dragon is greedy for gold (stereotype). He is destroyed.
Luke Cage (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Helpless old Asian man must be saved by an African-American man. However, will note that Asian man is shown in a sympathetic light, unlike hundreds of other depictions in modern media. But he still must be saved and is desexualized via geriatrification. Brought to you by Netflix and Marvel.
Stranger Things (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Weak, but tired and critical offense. White female asks, “Am I speaking Chinese” to denote others’ incomprehension. Implication: Asianness is the farthest thing from Western Civilization.
United Shades of America (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. In a CNN show exploring the racial struggles of minorities, an Asian woman allegedly tried to brush off the horrific desexualization and emasculation of Asian men in the West.
The Family Law (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian-male lead is a nerd. Asian dad cheats.
The Crown (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. In S1E2, a Japanese broadcaster is used to show how far-reaching the news of the King’s death is (Perpetual Foreigner). In S1E3, the Queen says that the “situation in Korea” is something unimportant, a nuisance almost. Netflix original. Look at what she did IRL lol. Dat entitlement. She may be under the assumption that China forgot about Hong Kong and the Opium Wars. S1E8 includes a bit of semi-subliminal messaging, needlessly mentioning the Chinese supplying the Viets with weapons.
Bull (2016- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “East Asian male juror intimidated by persons with upscale clothing.” Read more at Ethnic Muse.
Make Happy (2016) – This entry does not add to the list count. Bo Burnham rhymes “Mandarin” with “Mandolin.” An intelligent wordsmith like Bo Burnham would have known that he was doing (implied lallation). He also uses trope of the Chinese otherization (because the farthest thing from Western civilization is China). Brought to you by Netflix. 
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
(2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian joke every 5 minutes.
Younger (2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man “Roman” is “childish” (source). Of course the Wikipedia writer places him at the bottom. Reminds me of this. And this. Note that there “Roman” is also the name of a stereotypical Asian-male character from 21 Jump Street (2012). Possible in-joke?
Master of None
(2015- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. I won’t deny that this show has some noble goals in mind. Nonetheless, let’s look at season 2. I took some issue with the second-long scene of the nerdy Asian male being rejected on the dating app (why air out dirty laundry with no solution?), the joke about the Old Asian Man licking a lollipop (otherization), about half of all Asian men whose faces you can distinguish being culinary servants of some sort, the Patriarchal Asian Dad joke at the tapas restaurant, and Asians being unable to distinguish African-Americans. C’mon, Alan. Let’s also all admit that there’s something a little less revolutionary about giving Hollywood (metonym) giving a caucasoid his own show rather than to an Asian man.
Late Night: Seth Meyers (2014- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Too many Asian jokes.
@midnight with Chris Hardwick (2013- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Show invites people to be racist with #JapanAMovie.
The Pioneer Woman (2011- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. White woman presents Asian wings to everyone, prompting someone to say, “I don’t trust ’em.” She says she was just kidding and presents the “real” (American) wings, and says that she would never dish out the punishment of feeding everyone Asian wings (source).
Mock the Week (2005- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. One of the performers says Korean meatballs are the “dog’s bollocks.” Wildly clever, but still relies on stereotypes. At least it was clever.
The Bachlorette (2003- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Kulture talks about the poor representation of Asian men on this popular reality TV show.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. “Larry Tang” in S3E8 has glasses (stereotype).
The Footy Show (1994- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Aussie assholes make a dog-eating joke in 2016. Read more at YOMYOMF.
Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (2017) – This entry does not add to the list count. Really powerful stuff here. Very moving. But his joke involving Mr. Miyagi, and another involving Korean exchange students was unfortunate. Overall, amazing performance. Now the real question is, will Ronny Chieng (co-host at The Daily Show) get his own Netflix comedy special? (Probably not.)
Game of Thrones (2011-2017) – This entry does not add to the list count.Varys” is obviously meant to be an Asian male-monk-type character. He is played by a white male. There is an Asian character, however. Predictably, the character is female.
Community (2009-2015) – Bonus
The Real Beauty and the Beast
(2014) – This entry does not add to the list count. When the narrator starts to talk about monsters, they show a shot of a sign that says “Chinese.”
Selfie (2014) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian male redditor presents interesting analysis of Selfie. (Excuse the homophobic-sounding language. Remember that there is a difference between actual homophobia and being against the systematic Erasure of the Asian Male Identity.)
Louis C.K.: Oh My God (2013) – This entry does not add to the list count. Much like slavery, the pain suffered by Chinese railroad workers and mine canaries is no subject for any joke by a racist white.
Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man plays stereotypical role of a martial arts “sensei.”
Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal (2011) – This entry does not add to the list count. Noah does one of those “ironic” racist jokes about the Chinese language (source: r/aznidentity). (See: Daywalker 2.0.)
Uncommon Courage: Breakout an Chosin (2010) – This entry does not add to the list count. Propaganda via a Mega-Chan (from r/aznidentity).
Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes (2009) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian L-R joke.
Jeff Ross: No Offense (2008) – This entry does not add to the list count. Watch the excerpt here.
Codename: Kids Next Door (2002-2008) – This entry does not add to the list count. Yellow Peril via “Cheese Shogun Roquefort.” The way the Cheese ninjas are drawn is disconcerting.
Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner 2006 – This entry does not add to the list count. Greg Giraldo makes L-R/Japanese internment joke for George Takei.
The View (1997- ) – This entry does not add to the list count. Rosie O’ Donnell makes an ass out of herself. This happened in 2006.
The Chinese Puzzle (1974) – This entry does not add to the list count. Story about “kidnapping and blackmail” is associated with the Orient (source). Made for children (source). You have to start brainwashing them early. An Asian man is cast as “China” (source).
Danger Man (1960-1968) – This entry does not add to the list count. Possible Yellowface of an Asian man.
The River Flows East (1962) – This entry does not add to the list count. Asian man is cast as “Chinaman” (source).

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List of Anti-Asian-Male TV Shows (Counted)

  1. 13 Reasons Why 
  2. Riverdale
  3. The Sinner
  4. Tomorrow, When the War Began 
  5. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders 
  6. Pure Genius 
  7. The Five 
  8. American Gothic
  9. Young Pope
  10. Blindspot 
  11. Quantico 
  12. Madam Secretary 
  13. True Detective 
  14. House of Cards 
  15. Blacklist 
  16. Bates Motel 
  17. Elementary 
  18. Sherlock 
  19. In Between Men
  20. Hawaii-Five-O 
  21. Criminal Minds 
  22. Hand of God 
  23. One Child 
  24. CSI: Cyber 
  25. Banshee 
  26. Hell on Wheels 
  27. Castle
  28. Degrassi: The Next Generation 
  29. Sons of Anarchy 
  30. Dexter 
  31. Serangoon Road 
  32. House M.D. 
  33. Lie to Me 
  34. Entourage 
  35. Law & Order: Criminal Intent 
  36. Lost 
  37. The Pacific 
  38. Law & Order 
  39. The Unit 
  40. ER 
  41. Cashmere Mafia 
  42. Las Vegas 
  43. The Shield 
  44. Alias 
  45. JAG 
  46. New York Undercover 
  47. Pointman 
  48. Twin Peaks 
  49. 21 Jump Street
  50. Tenko
  51. Hawaii Five-O 
  52. Bonanza 
  53. Gap Year 
  54. Dear White People
  55. Louis C.K.: 2017 
  56. Insecure
  57. Lady Dynamite
  58. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
  59. Difficult People 
  60. The Last Man on Earth 
  61. Superstore
  62. iZombie
  63. Red Oaks 
  64. Ken
  65. Black-ish 
  66. Silicon Valley 
  67. Fargo
  68. How to Get Away with Murder 
  69. Nathan For You
  70. Veep 
  71. 2 Broke Girls 
  72. Workaholics 
  73. Making it in America 
  74. The Middle 
  75. The Big Bang Theory 
  76. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 
  77. Arrested Development 
  78. Curb Your Enthusiasm 
  79. SNL 
  80. Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas 
  81. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra 
  82. Kev & Gad: Tout Est Possible
  83. Mad TV 
  84. Community 
  85. Glee 
  86. Peep Show
  87. Neal Brennan: Women and Black Dudes
  88. Suburgatory 
  89. How I Met Your Mother 
  90. Animal Practice
  91. The IT Crowd
  92. The Office 
  93. Chuck 
  94. Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen
  95. Trevor Noah: Daywalker 2.0
  96. Scrubs 
  97. Pushing Daisies
  98. Live at Gotham
  99. Mind of Mencia 
  100. The Andy Milnonakis Show
  101. Pablo Francisco: Ouch! Live from San Jose 
  102. Friends 
  103. Just Shoot Me 
  104. Popular
  105. The Nanny 
  106. Seinfeld 
  107. The Weird Al Show 
  108. Gilligan’s Island 
  109. Westworld 
  110. The Good Place 
  111. Shadowhunters 
  112. Shannara Chronicles 
  113. Limitless 
  114. Man in the High Castle 
  115. Sense8 
  116. The Expanse 
  117. Robot 
  118. Supergirl 
  119. Zoo 
  120. Z Nation 
  121. The Originals 
  122. Black Mirror 
  123. Teen Wolf 
  124. The Walking Dead
  125. Dark Matter
  126. Lost Girl 
  127. Hemlock Grove 
  128. The Neighbors 
  129. Fringe 
  130. Heroes 
  131. Bionic Woman 
  132. Brimstone 
  133. The Tomorrow People
  134. Pacific Heat 
  135. BoJack Horseman
  136. Rick and Morty
  137. Archer
  138. American Dad! 
  139. Robot Chicken 
  140. Venture Bros. 
  141. Family Guy 
  142. South Park 
  143. The Boondocks
  144. The Simpsons
  145. King of the Hill 
  146. The Awesomes 
  147. Black Dynamite
  148. Futurama 
  149. Drawn Together
  150. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law 
  151. The Flintstones
  152. Ultimate Spider-Man
  153. Regular Show
  154. Samurai Jack 
  155. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  156. SpongeBob SquarePants 
  157. Kickin’ It 
  158. Big Time Rush
  159. Iron Man: Armored Adventures 
  160. iCarly 
  161. Chowder 
  162. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  163. Zoey 101  
  164. Jake Long: American Dragon 
  165. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (English dub)
  166. Kim Possible 
  167. Teen Titans 
  168. Xaolin Showdown 
  169. Ben 10 
  170. Proud Family
  171. Power Puff Girls 
  172. Batman Beyond 
  173. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation 
  174. The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
  175. Iron Man 
  176. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  177. Flash Gordon 
  178. Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers
  179. Defenders of the Earth 
  180. The New Adventures of Johnny Quest 
  181. The New Adventures of Flash Gordon
  182. The Super 6 
  183. The Marvel Super Heroes
  184. Johnny Quest 
  185. The Dick Tracy Show
  186. MacGyver 
  187. Rush Hour 
  188. Baywatch 
  189. Vanishing Son 
  190. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 
  191. Noble House 
  192. Kung Fu 
  193. Mission: Impossible 
  194. Iron Fist 
  195. Inhumans 
  196. The Defenders
  197. Legends of Tomorrow 
  198. Daredevil 
  199. Gotham 
  200. Agents of Shield
  201. Arrow 
  202. Wonder Woman
  203. The Green Hornet 
  204. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 
  205. The Steve Harvey Show 
  206. The Eric Andre Show 
  207. Conan 
  208. Tosh.0 
  209. Holland’s Got Talent 
  210. Bounce
  211. Real Time with Bill Maher 
  212. Jimmy Kimmel Live! 
  213. The Amazing Race 
  214. WWE SmackDown
  215. The O’ Reilly Factor 
  216. WWE Raw
  217. Australia’s Got Talent 
  218. American Idol 
  219. The Pete Holmes Show
  220. Chelsea Lately 
  221. Colbert Report 
  222. Late Night with Conan O’ Brien 
  223. Ruth Jones’ Easter Treat 
  224. Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher 
  225. 89th Academy Awards 
  226. 88th Academy Awards 
  227. ESPY Awards 
  228. MTV Movie Awards Reloaded 
  229. Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence
  230. Kitchen Nightmares
  231. Good Eats 
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