Anti-Asian Male Web Series & Videos

This list is incomplete. I limit myself to not post every offense I see. The criteria for this list is not as stringent as those of the Films list. Music Videos and Ads have separate lists.


Quick D (2010- )

In “Quick D: The Magic of Will Tsai” (2017), white male “CaptainDisillusion” tries really hard to make an Asian man look bad. In no other video does he use three pictures of the same individual. Of course racist redditors went nuts, bringing this video to the frontpage.

The white male also made the “Quick D – The Method Robot” (2017).

Trollzous – “What RiceGum’s iDubbbz DissTrack Lyrics ACTUALLY Mean” – Oct 11, 2017. Racist thumbnail.
Pyrocynical – “Ricegum’s Response to iDubbbz: Good or Bad?” – Oct 9, 2017. “Rice is just a dumb little Vietnam boy.” 
No Bullshit
– “RiceGum’s Failed Response to iDubbbz Content Cop” – Oct 5, 2017. Commenter garethmagis summarizes the extreme anti-Asian and anti-Asian male racism from the video.


“Content Cop – Jake Paul” – Oct 3, 2017. iDubbbz”Niggerfaggot”TV gets a little help from some of the biggest whites on YouTube (Pewdie”NIGGER!”Pie, h3″niggerfaggot”h3, boyinaband, HowToBasic, and JacksFilms and others. It’s always never one-on-one with them) to create a half hour-long anti-Asian and emasculating anti-Asian male video.

The whole video makes Asian jokes and emphasizes RiceGum’s race. The most anti-Asian male content is reserved for the diss track “Asian Jake Paul” at the end.

This video was the most trending video on YouTube in the US and was on the top-trending list for several other countries.

Predictably, the video has unleashed a fury of racist hate against RiceGum. Just look at all the hate speech in the comments section of RiceGum’s response to the new “Content Cop” installment. *Please note that this is not an endorsement of RiceGum’s content or the way he treats people.*

LtCorbis – “THIS YELLOW TWINKIE MUST BE STOPPED???” – Jan 18, 2017. The thumbnail for the video is still “THIS CHINK MUST BE STOPPED” although the title was changed.
Saberspark – “Is Pixar FAILING? (Are They Making TOO Many Sequels?)” – Jun 30, 2016. Stereotype about Asian students using picture of an Asian boy.
h3h3 Productions – “Psychics, Mediums, and Gurus” – Apr 30, 2016. Ethan switches the L and the R on purpose while talking to an Asian man. Really scummy, sly move there.
CinemaSins – “Everything Wrong With Chappie In 16 Minutes Or Less” – Aug 4, 2015. Video shows still from Swordfish (2001) where Asian man restrains Hugh Jackman. Why was this specific still used?
h3h3Productions – “Alison Gold – Chinese Food — h3h3 reaction video” – Jan 3, 2015. Host says Asian cook in the beginning of Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” uses “big sticks.” Subliminal irony regarding Asian penises. Host also has a bit where he talks in Gold’s hypothetical voice in the video; through the voice he describes the Asian man as “little Chinese cook” and as a rapist. There’s definitely some subconscious racism, in terms of how the white male host sees the Asian man, at display here.
h3h3productions – “The Surprise Kiss” – Jun 29, 2014. Host emphasizes man’s being Asian. Host then calls Asian man in the background “little Asian dude,” which is a gut reaction of emasculation to seeing an Asian man, not the Asian man being far away from the camera. The “little Asian dude” is then juxtaposed to the Asian man from before because, well, they’re both Asian men.


Corridor – “ANIME FIDGET SPINNERS” – Jul 13, 2017. Video features Asian male main antagonist. Makes joke about how Asian (men) can’t drive. One of YouTube’s top-trending.
Michelle Khare – “Why I Left Buzzfeed” – May 16, 2017 – POC female’s cinematic video features stereotypical Asian henchman that work for a white man. They attack her (Asian Male Misogyny Myth) and get beat by her (emasculation). Looks like she’s trying to emulate white actresses by doing this. One of YouTube’s top trending videos.
Elite Daily – ‘If “The Leftovers” Was Just About Leftover Chinese Food‘ – Apr 16, 2017. Video shows how white liberalism is poison (source: r/aznidentity).
MysticGotJokes – “RICEGUM DM’d MY GIRL!” – Jun 21, 2016. Mystic’s (influential YouTuber) girlfriend postulates that Asian-male YouTuber Ricegum has a small dick, while Mystic himself concern trolls. Also features obligatory token Uncle Chan to deflect criticisms of racism.
Logan Paul – “Made in China” – May 2015. White male comedically objectifies Asian male who is most likely Vietnamese (source).
Collegehumor – “Diet Racism” – Aug 28, 2014. Video tries to address anti-Asian-male racism, but just fails by airing out dirty laundry and using a stereotypical Asian actor and mocking him. Note that the same actor was the target of anti-Asian-male comedic ojectification in The Big Short (2015).
The Onion – “Reporter Goes Undercover In Chinatown By Wearing Silk Robe” – Jun 22, 2012. Speechless.


NELK – “BUYING DRUGS FROM HARVARD STUDENTS” – Oct 10, 2017. Asian man used as comedic object in thumbnail. Another Asian man used as a joke.
Cherdleys – “HOW I APPROACH WOMEN” – Sep 19, 2017. White male mocks Asian man. He most likely uses this as a “hook” for the video because he knows mocking Asian men will grab people’s attention.  
hampton brandon
– “Live Pranking People | Hampton Brandon Live Stream” – Sep 9, 2017. Hapa male redditor points out a white male’s internalization of the Asian Male Perpetual Foreigner stereotype.
whatever – “SEX TOY DROP PRANK 2” – Mar 20, 2017. At 2:17, white male YouTuber makes small dick jokes while talking to Asian men who are helping him.
whatever – “ASKING 100 GUYS FOR SEX (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT)” – Apr 20, 2015. Ha ha, Asian men are asexual! So funny. The same joke is made again. Viewed by over 21 million people. They do this stuff again in another video as well; I am currently unable to find it.


Honest Trailers (2012- )

A series created by the Screen Junkies channel on YouTube. Extremely popular.

In their Honest Trailer for Dragonball Evolution ft. TeamFourStar, a white male who dons the persona of Vegeta calls the Asian male actor who plays Yamcha a “beta male.” Is “Vegeta” calling himself a beta male to Goku, or is it a racist commenting on what he thinks of Asian men? (Hint: it’s both).

The man who plays Vegeta then says the Asian male looks like he has Down’s Syndrome. This isn’t a new insult. Let’s also not forget the usage of the word how “mongoloid” was synonymous with having Down’s syndrome. People still make these “jokes”: Louis C.K. implied being Chinese was a deformity (source) and Joe Rogan did the same as well (source). (Note that there is nothing wrong with Down Syndrome; I simply recognize that it is used as an insult in our society.)

And add in obligatory Hiroshima “joke” for good measure.

In their video on the anti-Asian-male film Inception (2010) which has over 11 million views, they mock Ken Watanabe for his accent. The speaker than alludes to an Asian-eye joke, while explicitly making the L-R joke (“Reonardo Dicaprio“) in an Asian accent. The speaker then, of course, makes a “joke,” referring to Ken Watanabe as “George Takei.” Wow, all this in a fuckin’ 3-minute video.

In “Hulk (2003),” they can’t help but make an L-R joke against director Ang Lee.

Oh, and the channel’s video on the Mortal Kombat movies is hilarious. The white butthurt is real. Just watch it.


Epic Rap Battles of History (2010- )

This series has a massive audience; they are currently sitting on way over 2 billion views. Most of the lyrics here have been written by Peter Shukoff. Lloyd Ahlquist is also a performative accomplice.

“Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin” (2016) – In this video, they (semi-)white-wash Ash. ERB has a lot of issues with semi- and fully white-washing their Asian characters, all the while featuring full Asian characters in demeaning videos like “Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers” and “Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim.”

“Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers” (2015) – White men (Peter, Lloyd , Zach Sherwin) vs. a gaggle of Uncle Chans. I am not even going to talk about the racial implications in the video, much less all the stereotypical jokes. Watch it for yourself.

“Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters” (2014) – Disclaimer: This video is not explicitly anti-Asian-male. However, predictably enough, the Asian man, out of 9 men, gets the least lines and the least screen time.

“Goku vs Superman” (2014) – In this video, they use a non-Asian-man (Ray William Johnson) to play Goku (just like they did for the Dragon Ball Z film adaptation). And of course, they couldn’t stop themselves from making a Hiroshima “joke.” They also make a small-dick “joke.” the Somehow when the white guy (Lloyd) talks about Goku’s “measly species,” I don’t think he’s talking about Saiyans.

“Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood” (2012) – Did you expect this video to not be on the list? In this video, white guy (Lloyd) tells Bruce Lee to go work in a sweatshop. Then, after calling marial arts “little dances,” the white guy tells Bruce Lee that he squints better than Bruce. And of course, the white guy can’t forget to make a small dick “joke.” The actor for Bruce Lee also does not look as Asian as Bruce Lee.

“Columbus vs Captain Kirk” (2011) – Right after referring to the Wrath of Khan, whereby Khan is an outgrowth of Yellow Peril, the white guy (Peter) simply smacks a non-Asian-male actor, but stabs the (part-?)Asian-male actor playing Spock (Spock in Star Trek, is an approximation to Asian men). They are always willing to be more violent with Asian men than with any one else.

“Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny” (2011) – In this video, a white man (Lloyd) dons Yellow-Face. Very reminiscent of John Wayne’s The Conqueror (1956).

“Hulk Hogan and Macho Man VS Kim” (2011) – White men (Peter and Lloyd) vs. an Uncle Chan. Too many Asian jokes to count. Watch it yourself.

iBattleTV – “A-CLASS vs COMPLEX- iBattleTV/Bear Armz” – Jun 9, 2017. White male with disturbing haircut dresses up as Negan who killed Glenn in TWD to intimidate Asian man.


FragHero – “10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated” – May 9, 2017. Thumbnail is an Asian guy. They exploited a stereotype that Asian men are shifty cheaters to gain views. Millions of views.


Unbox Therapy – “The Newest Member of Unbox Therapy – Jul 5, 2017. Why does this grown white male still behave like a third grader?
TechfastLunch&Dinner – “Apple AirPods – 1 Month Later” – Jan 19, 2017. Asian man is comedically objectified. Asian man represents goofiness, compared to egotistical host. Hmmm


Hot Ones (2015- )

In First We Feast’s “James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings” (2016) installment of “Hot Ones,” Bryan Cranston talks about how despicable of a human being his coworker chef “Peter Wong” was,  how he said he wanted to slice him up and stir fry him in a wok, implies that he had a small dick, and laughs with two other whites about Wong actually being murdered by a hooker and her accomplice. Over 3 million views.

“Hasan Minhaj Has an Out-of-Body Experience Eating Spicy Wings” (2016) – This one isn’t that bad, but out of all the images they could have used, why use this one? Why use this one? Other POC already have a problem with us.

“Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings” (2017) – Show forgets to cite 2016 UN study proving Japan has better gender equality (21st) than America (43rd) while (study from r/aznidentity). Joji also mocks a male Korean rapper’s accent.

Good Mythical Morning – “Can You Guess Where They Are Now?” – Mar 27, 2017. One of Youtube’s top trending videos. The channel made a video talking about and poking light fun at William Hung.
RoomieOfficial – “It’s not just Autotune – how singers cheat today (Pop Theory)” – Jan 3, 2017 – Clip of Asian man included as a joke making fun of Asians.
Simple Programmer – “My Trip To China: First Impressions, Economy & The Future” – Aug 12, 2016. Yellowface of an Asian man in the thumbnail. (Credit to Anglophobia967 for finding this.)
PewDiePie – “YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE #4 (episode 200)” – Apr 26, 2016. Pewdiepie is the most subscribed YouTuber of all time. Just look at the thumbnail for this video. Not surprised. He did make a racist joke against Asian-male YouTuber RiceGum.
AWE me – “Green Destiny (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED” – Apr 18, 2016. White males add traditional Asian-male hair to dummy that they brutally destroy. Even if it was in reference to the movie, still extremely inappropriate.


The Infographics Channel – “American Behaviors Considered Rude In Other Countries”  – Sep 6, 2017. Vid (from u/Anglophobia967) makes a reference to stereotype of obnoxious Asian male tourist. Later on, Asian tourists are generalized
Be Amazed
– “10 More Foods You Eat That Are A Lie” – Jun 30, 2017. Out of all the humorous cinnamon challenge videos out there, of course he had to pick this video (emasculation). They think they’re so sly. Bonus: He uses a racist Fu Manchu emoji to represent Asian men.


zegodhand – “Eleven Reasons Why Berserk is Bad” – Dec 3, 2016. Completely needless joke about Asian man having a small dick
VEGA – “‘Sad Hoshi’ Game Grumps Animated” – Sep 23, 2013. Why do racists do this?
sWooZie – “Cheating in College” – Mar 27, 2012. “Tiny little Asian man” joke (from u/Anglophobia967), reference to Ocean’s Eleven.


Clevver Style – “Best & Worst Dressed Billboard Music Awards 2017 (Dirty Laundry)” – May 22, 2017. White female emasculates Asian men, calls them “little.” 
The Hollywood Reporter
– “John/Cho, Haley/Lu/Richardson, Parker/Posey, & Rory/Culkin Talk ‘Columbus’ | Sundance 2017” – Jan 23, 2017. Of course THR uses this image as the thumbnail for the video. Look at that body language. So sly.
GQ – “Matt Stonie Reveals What It’s Like to Eat for a Living” – Jan 31, 2016. Erasure of the Straight (Half-)Asian Male Identity. Might be as bad as the Ken Jeong photoshoot.
Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (2013) – “Mandarin” (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Squatters (2010) – Small Asian man cast as “Hung.”


The Young Turks – “Guy Explains Why He Won’t Date Hot Women” – Apr 13, 2017.  Liberal (anti-Asian-male) commentators talk about how racist Korean men are to darker woman. Colorism is fine to talk about but to then immediately talk about how accepting Israeli men are is disingenuous, unwoke, and/or ignorant.
ThinkTank – “‘Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts’ Signs Rock UCLA!” – Dec 7, 2012. The Young Turks off-shoot online news channel with over 1.3 million subscribers talks about UCLA incident where Asian women were demeaned for their white-worship via message written on a stall wall. White man concludes that it was done by an Asian man, despite having no proof. Stupid white man doesn’t know his boss’ (Cenk Uygur) son is half-Asian. Liberals are worse than Conservatives when it comes to Asian men.

Dishonorable Mentions

Overwatch Animated Shorts (2016- )

In “Dragons” (2016), Asian male characters “Hanzo” and “Genji” occasionally speak Japanese (Perpertual Foreigner). They are also brothers who are in conflict with each other.  When’s the last time you saw an Asian family with functional interrelationships in white media? Probably never (for examples, see movies like 21 & OverUpPicture BrideMr. Wu [1927], etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8HeroesBoJack HorsemanGleeLostAmerican Dad!, BaywatchFringeCriminal MindsFuturama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero DawnPrey [2017], XCOM 2: Shen’s Last GiftJust Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man). In an audio clip, they talk about how their father would be disappointed in them (stereotype).

Stereotypical Asian gangsters also make an appearance in this short.

Bonus: Is the first guy out of various races to be beaten up in “Alive” (2016) Asian?

iDubbbzTV – “Content Deputy – AJP” – Oct 11, 2017. After the very racist Content Cop on RiceGum, Carter makes a video with a possible Asian eye joke and very disturbing, violent and racially-charged imagery against what appears to be RiceGum himself. In the end, Carter brings in Post. You know, the culture-appropriating, NRA card-carrying white rapper?
– “Crowdfunding, explained by Exploding Kittens” – Sep 29, 2017. Wouldn’t be a Vox video without Asia/China-bashing
– “Why Marvel’s Inhumans Was Such A Flop” – Sep 12, 2017 – Asian male saying “we’re Inhumans” synced up with negative comment. 
– “Keith Controls His Friend’s Life In The Sims 4” – Aug 24, 2017. White male tries to make virtual representation of an Asian male into a “public enemy” and a serial misogynist. Making him into a public enemy was probably for making the video entertaining, but it’s still a stereotype for Asian men. I think making him into a serial misogynist could have been a result of subconscious stereotyping, however. 
Screen Junkies
– “What Movie Character Would Have the Best Instagram Account? – MOVIE FIGHTS!” – Aug 17, 2017 – A possible connection between Asians and aliens is made when the Men in Black franchise is being discussed (MIB 3 is one of the most anti-Asian male films of all time). This may also be a possible reference to Chinatown, which was also very anti-Asian male. “The Interview” is also lauded for some mysterious reason. 
“Little Boy (Official Music Video) – Aug 13, 2017. Uhm, wtf? It doesn’t matter even if it means something else. 
– “Steam Winner’s Collection” – Aug 4, 2017. “Ma-Chinko” is not how you say his name (I looked it up). It doesn’t help that the game he’s talking about is anti-Asian male? And it looks like he has a history of using the term (source).
Casually Explained
– “Video Games” – Jul 29, 2017. Stereotypical joke about Koreans. 
– “Splatoon 2” – Jul 27, 2017. Dunkey uses Asian man as comic relief.
The Young Turks – “WATCH Prisoners Escape From Jail” – Jul 27, 2017. TYT‘s at it again. The guy who made the joke has a hapa son. 
The Nostalgia Critic
– “Hulk (2003) – Nostalgia Critic” – Jul 19, 2017. The Nostalgia Critic uses ambiguous language in which “that” can be referring to success, Ang Lee’s directing or Ang Lee himself. Subconscious racism, perhaps? He jabs Ang Lee way too much. He fixates way too much on the Asian male. Stick to the fucking movie, dude.
Vox – “Japan’s rising right-wing nationalism” – May 26, 2017. – Liberal mouthpiece Vox is at it again with anti-Asian propaganda. This time, Japan. This redditor explains the bullshit behind the video.
Clickhole – “Heartbreaking: Hibachi Chef Tries To Make Meal On A Regular Table” – May 23, 2017. One of YouTube’s top trending videos. His silent, Asian-maleness contributed to the comedy.
Reaction Time – “Guess The Asian ft. My Cousin” – May 4, 2017. Asian sound effects.
Sernandoe – “kid spends $400 on dad’s credit card in GameStop!! MUST WATCH!!!” – Jan 27, 2017. Thumbnail uses picture of an Asian father and son, hyping up the dysfunctional Asian family trope to get views. The Asians aren’t even in the video. (See: FragHero’s “10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated.”)
Looper – “Movies Hollywood Was Forced to Change For China” – Apr 17, 2017. White liberals at it again; this time, they hate on China and do the whole “Hurr durr China so sensitive and oppressive” shtick. Comments section is carcinogenic.
iDubbbzTV – “Content Cop – AMATEUR FOOD REVIEWERS” – Dec 23, 2015. Edgy white male mentions an “Asian guy.” Video talks about subjects from various races, but only brings race into the picture when he’s talking about the Asian male (selective otherization).
BCC Trolling – “ASIAN MAN ROASTS RACIST on Call of Duty! (Voice Trolling)” – Aug 18, 2016. So dumb.
iDubbbzTV – “Kickstarter Crap – The Movie Box” – Jan 22, 2015. Apparently, Asian eye jokes are still funny to his audience. He has also shown racist attitudes towards other minorities, especially African Americans.
Tested – “Adam Savage’s Samurai Armor Costume!” – Oct 1, 2014. Lmao.
Phocuswright – “Ctrip Co-Founder James Liang on Strengths and Customer Loyalty in China” – Nov 24, 2014. Look at the thumbnail they chose.
Smithsonian Channel – “This Decorated War Hero Single-Handedly Saved 8,000 Men” – Mar 5, 2014 (source). Propaganda via a Mega-Chan.
Baby Mentalist (2013) – The fourth episode features Japanese drug lords (villification) who speak Japanese (Perpetual Foreigner), and all get killed by a white man. In the fifth episode, an Asian man does a white actor’s makeup and is told to leave. Episode 2, which deals with neo-nazis, got taken down on YouTube.
CollegeHumor – “Mythbusters: Does God Exist?” – Oct 16, 2012. Asian-male Imahara is hapa-washed.
videogamedunkey – “Puzzle Team Building Exercise” – May 14, 2012. White males calls Asian child a “little chink” (source). Five years later, he says this. That is not how you pronounce his name.
IKEA Heights (2009-2010) – This is a series uploaded to the YouTube channels “ThisIsChannel101” and “IKEA Heights.” In the series, Asian-male protagonist “James Melville” (Randall Park) has issues with his wife. She cheats on him with a white man. The white man says it’s because he’s more well-endowed and sexy, and she says it’s because the white man’s more manly. This occurs after they make out right in front of James. She tells him that she still loves him, but just doesn’t want to make love to him. She in fact, has an orgy as well in another episode. In episode 4, as James goes into the room, he says, “please don’t be bed with somebody, please.” Despite his wife cheating on him, he still loves her and tries to win her back by finding a treasure (stereotype as the Asian-male beta provider). In episode 5, he is directed to be super awkward around women, as he searches for a new partner due to his wife’s death; he fails. James also has an Asian brother, who suffers from amnesia. He gets caught by criminals, and so James must get the help of a white man to save his brother. James’ brother has a white girlfriend who is taller than both brothers; this is obviously a point of comedy. James’ brother has also slept with James’ wife. Considering the whiteness of the name “James Melville,” it’s wholly possible that the casting director for this series is more responsible for the anti-Asian-male racism than the writers. The series continues on a different channel. In episode 6, Jame is told to get back to work, and it is revealed that all prior events were in his mind; he has no wife. In episode 7, the actor who portrayed James (Randall Park) plays a different character in the same universe; even in a different role, he has a wife that has sex with another man. She tells him that the child is not his but he is ecstatic.